Sue's POV

I was very comfortable, and I didn't want to move. But I knew Bella would be up already, starting to make breakfast for the family. I didn't want her to have to do all that work alone, though I was sure Emily would be down to help her soon. Charlie still had his arm across my hip and snoring like he always does. I was so lucky to have fallen in love with him, though we were both scared too at first. Harry and he had been best friends since they were kids, and neither of us wanted to betray him. It was Bella and Leah, who had told us Harry would be happy for us.

They were right, at least I liked to think they were. Harry would want us to be happy, that we were able to move on and find happiness after losing so much. I kissed Charlie's cheek, before sliding out from under his arm. I made it to the bathroom and made myself presentable. It was warmer here in Virginia, than it is back in La Push. So, I put on a red flowing skirt, and a white thick strap tank top. An outfit Bella had bought me, for one of my birthdays. I placed a pair of sandals, that Leah had gotten me.

My jewelry was next, the one piece I always wore besides my wedding ring. Was a chain Charlie and the kids had bought me, and the chain held the rings Harry had given me when we got engaged and married. So that I could always have him close, and never forget the love we had shared. Along with the rings, is a locket that held pictures of Harry, Leah and Seth. They had given it to me, on my wedding day as my something new. It was the best present, they could have gotten me.

I walked out of the bedroom and found my way to the kitchen. I stopped just after I entered, because dear lord was this a dream kitchen. No wonder Bella said it was one of her favorites, along with the library. Just like I had thought, she was already working on making breakfast. "Morning mom, how did you sleep?"

"Morning sweetheart, I slept better than I ever have. It's nice to be away from home, it's even better to be here with you. Can I help?" I ask before just jumping in, knowing how territorial she can be about her kitchen. We have cooked together plenty of time back home, but this was officially her kitchen. This was her home, and all the times we've cooked before was in our family home.

"Absolutely, I've missed cooking with you. I'm glad you guys are here, hopefully we will be able to have more family gatherings." She is all too happy to let me help, she even stops shredding cheese to give me a hug. She grabbed me a mug of coffee, before telling me what we were making for breakfast. We were going to have an assortment of food; including homemade cinnamon rolls, blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit salad, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy, and buttered toast.

It sounded like a lot of work, but for the two of us and Emily who would be joining us shortly, we could get it done in no time. We were so used to cooking like this, that we didn't really think about it. As I drank my coffee, I looked around the kitchen to get familiarized with it. Finding everything I would need to make the buttermilk biscuits, I quickly finished my coffee and started sifting the flour onto a clean surface on the counter. Just as I was finished making the dough in the food processor, Emily finds her way into the kitchen. "Morning Bella, you wouldn't happen to have any tea, would you?"

"Morning Em, and sure let me make you cup." Bella quickly washed her hands, after slicing her fresh slab of bacon. I don't know how she gets these things, but it's always the best thing we've ever eaten. It must be the chef in her, that finds all the best ingredients where ever she goes. Even when she would come home for a visit, she would find someone who had grown their own vegetables. That was until Charlie and the pack, had grown us our own garden. Maybe that can be something we can do, as a wedding present for Bella and Damon.

I need to talk to Charlie and the pack about it, but I think we can add a garden behind the café and restaurant. It would take a while, and I know it gets cold here. So, we would need to possibly invest in a greenhouse, and a watering system and heat lamps. Emily grabs a stool and sits down and starts on the pancake batter. "Thanks, Bella. Morning Sue, how did you sleep?"

"Morning Emily! Oh, wonderfully. I might just steal the mattress, when we leave to go back home." I said jokingly, knowing it would get a laugh out of both Bella and Emily. I wasn't disappointed in the least, and I couldn't help but smile in delight. Bella finished making Emily tea, and brought it over to her. After setting the cheese aside in a bowl, she cleaned up her little work area. While Emily agreed with my statement, saying her and Sam fell asleep quickly.

Emily and I entertained Bella, with stories of the pack's antics. She told us what has been going on here, in a little more detail than she had over the phone or in an e-mail. We all giggled while she told us about her relationship with Damon, and how she had never been happier. You could see it too, and that made us extremely happy. She deserved all the happiness, after everything she has been through. Bella was placing her cinnamon rolls in the oven and was starting to crack the eggs into a bowl.

I was browning the sausage for the gravy, and Emily was placing bacon on baking sheets. Bella had explained that Damon was getting fresh fruit from the market, and that was all they were waiting on for the pancakes and fruit salad. We were all preoccupied with laughter and cooking, that we didn't notice when Charlie walked into the kitchen. "It's been awhile since, I've seen you three working in a kitchen together."

"Morning dad, let me grab you some coffee. The newspaper is over on the table, I made sure it had the sports section for you and Billy." Bella said after Charlie had kissed each of our cheeks, quickly making his way over to the table to start reading the paper. That man will always be so predictable, say anything about sports and he goes into his own world. Bella washes her hands, before grabbing a mug and pouring coffee into it.

Just as she finishes bringing Charlie his coffee, Damon walks into the kitchen with medium box filled to the brim with fruit. He says good morning to everyone, patting Charlie on the shoulder. Kissing Emily and I on the cheek, before reaching Bella and placing a gentle yet meaningful kiss on the lips. You could hear Charlie groan around his coffee mug, while Emily and I smiled brightly at the sight. "Everything smells great ladies, I have the blueberries for the pancakes. You all look very busy cooking away, I will take care of the fruit salad."

Before any of us could argue, he grabbed a cutting board and knife. He also grabbed two very large bowls and placed them on the other side of the cutting board. He went over to the box and started pulling out 2 large watermelons and 4 cantaloupes. Next was 4 honeydews, and about 6 large containers of strawberries. He started with cutting the watermelon, and you could smell how sweet it was going to be. We left him too it, as we finished what we were making. Charlie finished reading his paper and grabbed the dishes that were set out on the counter. Bella and I smiled at each other, knowing he was going to set the table out in the dining room.

Damon's POV

I was surprised to see Emily and Sue, in the kitchen helping Bella make breakfast. I know she had told me, they used to cook together all the time back in Forks and La Push. I didn't think they had still done that, especially since this should be a vacation for Emily and Sue. They were having so much fun talking and learning what they have all been up too. They pulled me into their conversations easily, and I felt truly welcomed into their family. When Charlie got up and grabbed the plates to take into the dining room. I was ready to stop him, until Bella shock her head to stop me. "Why didn't you let me stop your dad, from setting the table?"

"Back home, it's his job to set the table. The only time he doesn't do it, is if one of the boys get to it first. Whoever doesn't help prepare the food, must set the table. Dad burns water, except for when he makes coffee." Was her easy response, and I had to shake my own head at the ridiculousness of Charlie's cooking skills? I finished the fruit salad and grabbing the bags of oranges I bought at the farmer's market.

I grabbed a few pitchers, and by the time I had turned around Sue had already started cutting the oranges in half. Besides Bella and Stefan, I wasn't used to people helping me in the kitchen. Sue winked at me, and after she was done had left me to finish the orange juice. I watched as her and Bella went to the oven, each pulling something out. In Bella's hand were cinnamon rolls, and in Sue's biscuits to go with the gravy she made. Everything smelled delicious, and I couldn't wait to try a little bit of everything.

By the time we had made it to the dining room with all the food, the wolves and Stefan were ready to eat. I smacked Stefan on the back of the head, as I walked past him. I knew he was awake this morning, and he didn't get up to offer the ladies any help. He was an early riser, and I also heard him on the phone with Bonnie before I left for the market. The pack had varying reactions, majority laughed while others tried to hide it. "You could have at least asked them if they needed help, instead of writing in your journal this morning."

"You have a journal?" Paul was the one openly laughing at him, and slowly everyone around the table did as well. The only ones not laughing were the women around the table, they did smile though. Stefan blushed, and I was proud of myself. That was until I sat down next to Bella, who smacked me upside the head. She didn't even have to say anything, I knew it was for me embarrassing Stefan in front of the family.

Everyone calmed down and began passing the food around. Stefan and I were again, amazed by how much food the wolves could consume. Breakfast felt like a real family, joking and enjoying a meal together. Billy regaled Stefan and I with stories, of Bella beating the wolves for trying to steal food. The elders had apparently given her a metal bat, but it was heavier than a regular titanium bat. She had apparently gotten good at swinging it and hitting her target the more the wolves tried stealing food. Once she got good, the wolves had learned their lesson and stopped trying. "Bella, when did you want us to start working on the restaurant?"

"Monday will be fine, by than the Cullen's should be back in town to irritate me." Bella was getting the pack to finish up the restaurant construction, apparently, they did a better job than the one I had hired previously. They would also get it up and running, in half the time. If we kept the windows covered, so humans didn't see them use their super strength. I had stopped controlling the weather since the family arrived, and since the plan was for a wolf to be with her always. It worked out very well, seeing as the Cullen's and the wolves don't like each other.

Bonnie and Stefan will have to go back to school soon, and they won't be able to stay with her when I can't. And with all the wedding planning happening, we didn't need to be caught off guard by them. We all talked about little things, and nothing overly serious. Keeping everything light, until after breakfast. Bella and I had agreed to take the pack to the restaurant, so they could take a better look at what they needed to do. Caroline had decided to tell her mom about vampires, and Liz was upset about being lied too for so long. I was meeting her at the Grill this afternoon, to talk to her about everything. Charlie had asked to tag along, saying having someone else in her position might be helpful. I was all too happy to have him come along, even happier when everyone else agreed to come along as well. Except for Stefan, who said he had plans with Bonnie.

Somehow, everyone but the parents had decided to have a pool tournament. The girls were coming to make the list, to see who plays who, seeing as I've never played pool with any of them, including Bella. Soon there was no food left on the table, so the pack quickly got to work on cleaning up the table. When the doorbell rang, Bella and I were confused. We weren't expecting anyone today, but it's something we should have. This is Mystic Falls, and there was bound to be something that happened that needed our attention. As Bella and I got closer to the door, I caught Mason's scent. Opening the door, he looked apprehensive. "Mason, is everything alright? You're still coming to dinner tonight, aren't you?"

"Relax Belle, I wouldn't miss dinner for anything. Everything's fine, Carol just sent me over. She wanted me to make sure, that you knew your family was welcome to the masquerade ball next weekend. I told her I would be seeing you tonight, but she insisted I tell you now." Mason told us with a roll of his eyes, that neither of us could blame him for. Carol really wasn't someone who liked to wait, she liked things to happen when she wants them too. I didn't see Charlie and Billy really liking to dress up, but Charlie might do it if Sue really wants to go. We will have to talk it over with the family, but I know the pack, especially the imprints would love too.

From what Bella tells me, they really don't get to do this kind of stuff back home. Let's give them an experience they will remember, even though we do plan on taking out Katherine while there doesn't mean we can't all have fun before and afterwards. Bella was going to take the girls out dress shopping tomorrow, she wanted to go look for a wedding dress. It would be the perfect time to find them all dresses for the ball, and maybe they could even find masks they could wear. "I'm not sure all of them will go, but we will make sure they know they are invited. Why don't you come in, and we can introduce you to everyone?"

"Guys, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine. You might remember me mentioning him, when I got back from studying abroad. This is Mason Lockwood, he is also the little brother of the Mayor here. Mason, I would like you to meet my family. You have my dad Charlie, and my step-mom Sue. Next to them is Billy, he happens to be my godfather. Than you have Sam, Paul, Embry, Quil, Jared, Colin and Brady. Where did the girls go?" Bella asks when she realizes that the girls weren't with everyone else, in the living room where they were waiting for us to leave.

Sam told her they went to grab some things, and they would be right back. Mason and the pack got along great, they quickly got to talking about the differences between shifter and werewolf. The pack agreed, that they prefer their change, then the one Mason has described. Billy was asking question after question, about how he triggered his change. The pack shifted after being exposed to cold ones, while werewolves had to kill someone accidently or on purpose. Mason explained that he had been compelled to kill someone, because Katherine wanted him the become a werewolf. The girls walked in and stopped in their places once they saw Mason. Bella was quick to introduce them to him, for some reason leaving Leah for last. "This is Sam's wife Emily, and Jared's fiancée Kim. Oh, and this is my sister Leah. My little brother isn't here, but he should be here with Paul's fiancée Rachel later this week. Ladies, this is Mason Lockwood, the werewolf I told you about."

Bella's POV

"Hi Leah, Bella wasn't lying when she said you were gorgeous." Mason said when he finally got to Leah, after greeting Emily and Kim. I think this is the first time, I have ever seen Leah blush. I immediately knew Leah had imprinted on Mason, and if I didn't know better Mason practically mated with her. I knew werewolves had mates, and it was like how imprinting worked. I had a feeling they would hit it off, and I'm super happy for Leah.

She always felt like she would be alone forever, because she was the only female in the pack. Even with all of Jacob's pack members, she was still the only female wolf. Now she wouldn't be, and I knew from a recent conversation with Mason. That he was looking to find someone to settle down with, and now he had that. Sue looked to be holding back tears, but they were happy tears. I think she needed confirmation, that this is what she was thinking it was. "Did she just?"

"Oh yeah she just imprinted, and I think he kind of did too." Embry was the one to answer, remembering what some of the others looked like when they imprinted for the first time. He was more interested in Mason's reaction, seeing as he didn't know much about how they find soulmates. I don't think Mason knows a whole lot about them either, but he did know it was possible.

Of course, it's Quil who asks the question, that's on all their minds. He was never one for subtlety, I don't even think he understands the meaning. He's the goof ball of the family, and we love and hate it about him. He usually has the worst timing for it, and it usually got him in trouble. Luckily, this wasn't one of those times. "Is that even possible for a werewolf?"

"From what we've learned, it definitely is. They mate for life, just like regular wolves. Mason we were all going to head over to the grill, why don't you and Leah go on ahead. We will meet you there, try and reserve a few pool tables. We are planning on having a family competition, your welcome to join in if you want." I inform everyone and try and get the newly imprinted couple some alone time. Mason declines joining in on the competition but does say he will happily play Leah in a game afterwards.

They leave soon after, and that leaves me with answering all the packs questions. I hope Mason would explain the ball to Leah, and even ask her to be his date. As far as Katherine was aware, no one knew about the two of them. So, he was free to take a date, though she wouldn't be all that happy about it. I decide to explain what I've learned about werewolves mating, so none of them worry. "His inner wolf recognizes her as his mate, the man will take things slow and get to know each other and will figure everything out along the way."

"Will he be coming back to La Push with us, or will he want to stay here?" Was Sam's concern in this situation, because they've never had a wolf away from the pack for more than a week. Sam remembers me talking about Mason, when I first meet him. Sam had hoped it meant I was going to try having a relationship with him, but when I explained how he lived he understood why I didn't. So, he was worried that Mason would try to take Leah away, and I need to reassure him that nothing like that will happen.

"He's not very attached to Mystic Falls, he's mentioned looking for a permanent residence far away from here. I think this is just what he needs, and it's something Leah needs. You need to be supportive, of whatever they decide. He's a good guy, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt Leah or the pack." After I'm done talking, everyone looks more relaxed. Mason would love cliff-diving, I know he's done certain things like that before. He would find things to do in Washington, that he couldn't do here in Mystic Falls. If Bonnie can find a way to control Mason's shifting, he could help them with protecting the tribe.

Stefan left to meet up with Bonnie, after hearing all the exciting news to share with her while they did whatever they had planned for today. I didn't ask a lot of questions, they would tell us on they're own time. The rest of split into three different cars, Paul and Embry got into the Camaro with me and Damon. Embry opens about the car, and how Damon and I are really made for one another. "Dude this is car is awesome, no wonder Charlie thinks the two of you are perfect for each other. You both have a love for classic Chevy's."

"Her first car was 1963 Chevy StepSide C-10 pickup, when that thing finally died halfway through senior year she cried. A few days later we took her to get a new car, and of course what does she want? A 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS in black, Embry and I found all the parts and made sure the thing would never die on her. It still run to this day, and lucky for B here she will be driving it in a few days." Paul tells Damon, and surprising me seeing as I didn't know my car was being shipped. When I turned around in my seat, to look at them with shock written all over it. Paul, told me what I wanted to know. "Seth it is driving it as we speak, that's why he didn't come with us. When we talked to him this morning he was just entering Wisconsin. He should be here tomorrow or the next day, who knows with how many stops he makes."

"I told you, you would like the car I have back home. Let's get to the restaurant, so they can look what needs to be done before we head to Grill." I told Damon when he looked at me with his signature smirk, and I just smirked in a playful manner right back. He should know better than to doubt me by now, but I know that sometimes it will happen. Just like I will have my doubts on occasion, it was just something we would both have to work through. Damon pulled into a parking spot in front of the restaurant, the others pulled in on either side of us.

We all made our way into the restaurant, and I showed Sam what I wanted done in the kitchen to connect the café kitchen to this one. He said he would get right on it, so I didn't have to worry about it. Damon was surprised by my idea, but thought it was great. I wanted it to be easier to move between places, so we didn't have to constantly walk outside. After talking over a few more things, we all decided to leave the cars here and walk over to The Grill. We quickly took up two booths, and two pool tables while we were at it. Mason had opted out of our family tournament but promised to play Leah after she was done. Leah was knocked out of the tournament in the first round by Kim, who wasn't too bad. Sam was also taken out in the first round by Paul.

In the second round Paul was beat by Jared, while Kim was beat by Brady. Brady was doing good he beat Quil in the third round, but he was up against Emily who was a shark and took him out. Leaving Damon to play Emily, and he was up against the second-best pool player in the family. Embry was able to take out Jared and Colin, leaving me to play him. The pack laughed while Embry groaned in distaste. "Why doesn't he look happy to be playing Bella?"

"You've never played Bella in pool?" Paul asked with a laugh, while giving me a questioning look. I shrug my shoulders, silently reminding him of how busy our lives have been since I came to Mystic Falls. Damon shook his head, telling him we exactly what I was thinking. Embry broke and got one solid in, sadly he didn't really have any other shot now. As I was deciding what my first shot was going to be, Paul decided to inform him how I started saving money up for college. "In the middle of her senior year of high school, we took her to a pool hall. She had never played before, but she's very observant so she caught onto how the game worked very quickly. She ended up being amazing at pool and started to make bets with anyone who would dare to play her. She's undefeated from what I remember, unless someone in New York beat her."

"She's still undefeated, she took a good chunk of my trust fund from me back in New York. She also took a good amount from my friends, who were too drunk to realize they were losing so much to her." Mason informed them, of my skills back in New York. What Mason is not telling them, is that I tried giving some of the money I won off him back to him. He wouldn't hear of it, saying I had won it fair and square. Damon wasn't a bad pool player, but Emily was just that much better than him. He was watching me destroy Embry, that he didn't see that Emily was letting him win. She wanted to see us play each other, she wanted to see if I would let my new hubby win.

It wasn't going to happen, I was going to play him the same way I have with every other game. I knew how competitive my husband was, and he'd know if I went easy on him. He set the table up, while I took a sip of my drink at the table my father was sitting at. My dad stage whispered to me, to kick his ass. Damon faked being hurt, while everyone else laughed. Damon motioned for me to break, and I just smiled indulgently before taking my place on the other side of the pool table. It didn't take long for me to get the upper hand in the game, at the break I sunk 2 solids. I sunk another two, before missing my next try. Damon, finally spoke up while he looked for a good shot. "Your good, I can see how you took people's money."

"It paid for college, and my travel expenses while I was abroad. I didn't get to play a lot when I was abroad, I was busy learning as mush as I could about their food and culture." I started explaining to him, while I watched him sink two strips, and I slid past him with a light graze of my body against his. I lined up my shot and sunk my next solid. I could hear him groan as, I walked right in front of him, and bent over at my waist to line up my next shot. It was too low for normal people to hear, but the pack heard it and sniggered. I wiggle my ass a little, before finally taking the shot. After sinking another ball, Damon had another shot to try and catch up. I was winning quickly, which almost saddened me a little.

He caught up a little, when he sunk 3 stripes. As I aimed for the 7 ball I noticed Liz entering, and I decided to end this quickly, so we didn't keep her waiting. After sinking the last striped ball, I called the 8 ball into the right corner pocket closest to Damon. I was showing off just a little bit, because there were easier shots to make but I wanted to have a little bit more fun. I easily made it in and won the game. Leah was the first one, to say anything about my win. "Bella is still the undefeated winner, way to go sis."

"Did you actually think I was going to lose?" When Leah shook her head, saying she thought the opposite. Damon lost gracefully, giving me a kiss before handing the pool stick to Embry. I saw Liz making her way over, and she looked ready to grab her service weapon at the sight of the pack. Luckily, she was in her civilian clothes, and didn't have her service weapon on her. It would be hard to explain to everyone in here, how grown men turned into oversized wolves. "Sherriff, please relax no one's going to hurt you here. I would like to introduce you to my father, Chief of Police of Forks, Washington; Charlie Swan and my step-mother Sue. This is Billy Black, he's the Tribal Chief in La Push back home. We also have counsel members, Sam Uley and his wife Emily."

"It's nice to meet you all, I assume you all know what we are going to be talking about here. How are you okay with all of this?" Liz asked right away and fell into a seat looking exhausted. It wasn't every day you learn everything you were taught to be afraid of, were the same who happened to be helping you fight them. It's even harder to know, that you daughter is one. She needed to know everything, so she can figure out what to do with her new knowledge.

It took dad time, to come to terms with the supernatural existing let alone being a big part of his and my life. He wasn't super happy to know, that I had willingly dated Edward knowing he was a blood sucking being. Even after learning he was a vegetarian, dad just found he was even angrier with how he had treated me. He was even pissed off at Carlisle and Esme, for letting Edward act that way. "By no means was it easy, I didn't grow up knowing that everything I thought was fiction to be real. Not only did I learn that my daughter's high school boyfriend was a creature meant to kill her, but the boys who I watched grow up and play with my daughter turn into oversized wolves."

"What he's trying to tell you, is that we've learned to deal with finding out our children aren't normal. Bella might be human, but she's grown up surrounded by the supernatural. After all she's been through because of this world, she's still exactly who she's always been. We knew she's was bound to fall for another supernatural being, there's just no way she'd ever fall for someone who wasn't involved in some way. It's to much of a secret for her to keep, from someone who didn't know about anything in this world. Our tribe has a history of young men and now women, that change into wolves to protect our people from the vampires we know." Billy spoke to Liz with his wise tribal chief voice, and she began to understand that there was a grey area when it came to the supernatural. Billy went into detail about the tribal history, as Damon and I explained our pasts with the supernatural. Mason even let her know about werewolves, and how they are triggered.

Damon and I explain that there was nothing different about Caroline, other than she was stronger, faster and drank blood from blood bags a few times a day. She did say she didn't notice there was a difference, until Caroline had told her she was a vampire. Even than she didn't believe her, until she had seen the proof right before her eyes. We talked for awhile longer, before she decided she needed to see Caroline. I invited her to the family dinner, if she was up too it. Not long after Liz left, did we all get up to head back to the boarding house. I needed to get started on making dinner, it was going to take me a little bit of time.

Emily's POV

Bella was in the kitchen making her famous lasagna, Damon being the only one allowed in the kitchen to help her. She was very secretive about her lasagna recipe, even with the packs heightened sense of smell they couldn't figure out everything in it. I've been dying to talk to Bella about, her being the godmother to Sam's and my baby. I wanted to talk to her about it, before everyone arrived for dinner. I looked at Sam, silently telling him I was going to talk to Bella in the kitchen. I knew he would follow me, since he knew what I wanted to talk to her about. "Bella?"

"Emily, is everything okay? Do you need anything?" She asks me, while Damon puts the last tray of lasagna into the oven. He offers me an inviting smile, which calms my nerves a bit. Bella's concern for my wellbeing, warmed my heart. She has always been a caregiver, even more so to the younger members of the pack. I remember Claire only hanging onto Bella, when Quil would have to run off in wolf form because of Victoria skirting on the border of La Push. It came from years of taking care of Renee, and we all knew that. None of us liked it, but it wasn't something we could change. We did our best, to give her experiences she should have had growing up.

"Everything is great, I just had something I wanted to ask you." I knew silence would make her worry more, and she had nothing to worry about. I was really hoping she'd agree, there wasn't anyone else I wanted to be godmother. When I tried to explain to Leah why I choose Bella, she just stopped me and said everyone's had the same thought if they ever had kids. We all knew, she is the best person to help our kids understand the world we live in. Bella motioned to a chair for me to sit in and after I sit down, Sam finally enters the kitchen and sits next to me. Which only makes Bella more curious, about what I want to ask her. "Sam and I were hoping, you would be the baby's godmother?"

Bella was speechless by our request, and even Damon seemed a little shocked we had asked. He looked a little worried as well, and I can only think he thought this mean we wanted Bella to stay human if she does become our child's godmother. I'm sure the counsel thought about it, but I would never agree to those terms. I can see how happy Bella is, and I couldn't keep her from her mate just as she would never do that to anyone else. "Oh wow, I'm honored guys. Are you sure?"

"We've talked about it, and we both agree you are perfect." Sam finally spoke up on the subject, and I can see the loving smile of an older brother upon his face. He truly loved Bella, like she is his little sister. When he had found her that night in the woods, when Edward had left her to die. He came home, and explained to me, how she made him feel protective over her. He never meant to hurt her, with keeping Jake away from her. In the end, they both agreed it was the right thing to do. He might have tried kidnapping her a lot sooner, if Sam hadn't forbidden him from seeing her.

Sam and I had talked about choosing Bella to be godmother, it wasn't a very long conversation. After I explained why I wanted her, he was very quick to agree with my decision. She would be the one to teach our child, to see past someone's skin and into their soul. "Sam had asked me, why I had wanted to ask you. I told him, that you always saw past the surface. You saw past my scars, and the anger in Leah and Paul. You've pushed us all, to see past someone's outer shell. I want that for our child, and who better to teach them all that, then you!"

"You know I plan on being changed into a vampire, won't that be a problem?" Bella asked the question, that was burning inside of Damon. He didn't want to take this away from Bella, he wouldn't like losing her to death one day, but he would do this for her if this was what she wanted. If it weren't for Bella, I would never have been able to see that. I could also see it in Bella's eyes, that she wanted to say yes, but she didn't want to break Damon's heart either.

Before I can make either of them feel better, Sam beat me to the punch. He never did like seeing Bella hurt, and though she would be happy being our child's godmother her heart would ache over not being able to be with Damon forever. Neither of us wanted that for her, which is why we had gone over all the different scenarios that would stop her from accepting. "As long as you don't go getting staked, I see no reason for concern. Our child will learn the truth about the stories, the council agreed to our children knowing."

"I personally love the fact, that you will always be there for them." I said with a smile on my face, because I know eventually Sam would choose to stop phasing. Meaning we would begin to age, and when that happened we would inevitably die. Knowing that Bella will always be there for our kids, along with any other members of our growing family makes me feel better about all of this. Paul was to be the godfather, since as far as him and Rachel were concerned he will be phasing for a long time.

I saw both Bella and Damon relax at the news, and I'm so happy that we made them more comfortable about this. Sam and I watched as Damon moved closer to Bella, while they were having a silent conversation about what we were asking. He wrapped his arms around Bella's waist, and tenderly kissed her. When they pulled away, Bella had a one of the brightest smiles on her face. It really had been such a long time, since any of us had seen her this happy. Bella turned in Damon's arms to face us, and he just rested his head on top of hers. "I would be extremely happy to be the godmother to your baby, and I promise I will always be there for them no matter what."

"We never had any doubts about that, and we know Damon will be a great Uncle for them to have too. We will let you get back to cooking, I know the wolves will be clawing at the kitchen door soon enough." Bella and I laughed, while Damon stood there smirking at the pout o Sam's face. He finally laughed along with us, when the rest of pack yelled out that they would never do that. Which was true, but they would be standing by the door waiting like little puppies.

Damon's phone began to ring in his front pocket, and I watched as Bella just reached behind her into his pocket and answer his phone like this happened all the time. Which it probably did, because Damon didn't seem the least bit unnerved by it. She quickly answered it with a smile and placing it on speaker phone. "Hello Stefan, are you calling to tell me you won't be making it to dinner?"

"I would never miss out on your food, especially since I'm told this will be the best lasagna I will have ever tasted. I was calling in hopes that you could all meet me and Bonnie outside, there's something we were hoping to show you." Stefan had to know that would grab our attention and would get us all outside, just so we could see what was going on. Damon lets him know that we would all meet them outside, while Bella set the timers on the oven. Before we walked out of the kitchen, Bella gives Damon and Sam a look telling them to tell her when the timer goes off if we were still outside.

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