Chapter One: The Battle

~Katara POV~

Aang, Toph, and Sokka had gone to find the Firelord Ozai. I stayed and fought against the Firebenders whose firebending was currently out of Commission. I used my waterbending talent to keep the sages that came towards me back. I looked up quickly to see the moon moving away from the sun slowly. I cursed and sent a silent prayer that Aang and the others left quickly. As the firebenders of their power over fire back, and the Appa was seen taking off, I turned to make a break for the ships with the other water tribe fighters. Three firebenders appeared before me i sent water shooting at them as more firebenders began attacking me I fought then felt some thing hit the back of my head hard. I feel to the ground and heard someone yell my name before passing out.

I woke up in a warm room. When i opened my eyes i sat up quickly and looked around the room. I was in a red room decorated with Fire Nation regalia and other such things. The next thing I noticed were three doors, one most likely leading out of the room. The other two I was not sure about. I stood brushing down my blue dress. Then I saw a glass door that lead to a balcony of sorts. I opened it and stepped to the edge looking down. "To far to jump." i said then there was a knock on the door. I walked back into the room "come in" i said

The door opened to reveal a girl not much older then herself "Firelord Ozai wishes that i help you bathe and dress then escort you to him" She said softly

I weight my options, not that i had many, and choose to nod to the girl who smiled and helped me bathe then dressed me in a red dress. I sighed then picked up my mother's necklace and putting it on. he girl tried to protest, but i shock my head. She sighed, but took me to see the Firelord anyway. I stood with my head held high as i entered what looked to be a war room.

"You wanted to see me" I said not looking at him or anyone in the room

"Yes, you are the waterbender girl from the southern water tribe." he stared "I thought your kind was extinct"

"You cannot kill the southern water tribe waterbenders that easily." I said "But I am the last alive today. That does not mean there wont be future waterbenders of the southern water tribe"

I heard him stand and walk closer to me standing in front of me "How is it a little girl like you escaped the raids?" he asked

My hand drifted involuntarily to the necklace, the action had not gone unnoticed. "I was hidden in a since." my hand dropping

"That necklace is not one of the Fire Nation why do you wear it?" he asked

I glared at him "I belonged to my dead mother, The very same person who died to protect me. She was murdered in a raid of my tribe. She was dead when my father, Chief of the Southern water tribe, by brother and i returned to the hut. It is all my fault that he is dead, though I will not let that rule my life. It is also your fault for allowing such barbaric thing things to happen. This may be a war, but to kill innocent women and children who have nothing more to do with the war then that they were born into this world, is intolerable. Such atrocities will not go unnoticed. No one wants this war not even you, but it will only continue if you allow your people to act in such a barbaric manner. You want to know why people fight back against you? Its because you have no respect for your people!" I finished looking him in the eye I heard gasps and smiled inwardly.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground and my cheek was throbbing. I was shocked, no one had ever hit me like that before. I looked up at him

"You will not speak to me in such a manner!" he hissed then smiled "not in front of others that is, if in private you choose to show me your fire fine, but never in front of others. Am I understood" I simply nodded holding my cheek "Good, now I called you hear to tell you what I decided to do with you. You will marry me, that way I can keep a better eye on you. Also I want a waterbender under my control. Better to control all if I have one." I gasped and stood

"What makes you think I will ever agree to marry you?" I asked he smirked and snapped his fingers. The doors behind me opened and I turned to see who entered. It was two Firebenders and between them was Hakoda, my father. "Dad!" She yelled and tried to move towards him only to beheld back by the Firelord.

"Agree to marry me, and he goes free. Choose not to marry me, and he dies" The Firelord says into my ear.

I freeze looking at my dad, then I lower my head in defeat. I had no other chose, I could not let Sokka loose every one in his family. "I'm sorry" I whisper to my dad who seemed to have heard

"No Katara don't, don't worry about me!" he yelled

I turned away and looked at the Firelord "Fine, I will do as you ask" I say "Just let Sokka and my father live" i say

"As you wish, My Dear." He smiled "Azula, take you soon-to-be mother back to her room" He said turning and walking away

Azula walked over to me and smiled "Come, Mommy Dearest" She said sickly sweet I followed.

When I got back to the room I sat on the Balcony staring at the sky "I'm sorry" I said again. every thing was gone. Aang would be my enemy. Toph would think I betrayed them. Sokka would never think of me as a sister again. My father would be turned as my enemy. My family was no longer mine to claim. I removed my mothers necklace. Azula told me that they already had everything ready for the wedding and it would be tomorrow. I wrapped the necklace in a piece of my old blue dress and took a ribbon from my hair to tie the little package. There was a knock on the door as I entered the room. "come in" I said

The door opened and Ozai my soon-to-be husband walked in "Your father will stay here until after the wedding ceremony in case you have second thoughts" he said bitter

"I expected nothing less" I said looking at the package. "is there any thing else?"

"Yes, dinner, Come" He said taking my arm I threw the package on my bed and went with him.

After Dinner i went to bed and fell asleep hoping that when I woke up it would all just be a dream