Sorry it took so long, my pets, I had writter's block. Next chapter in the works I want Katara to fall deeply in love with Ozai before this ends and the world to come to peace. Toph and Aang next.

Chapter Four: Welcoming

~ Katara POV ~

I sat looking up at the moon. It has been a month since I was married to Ozai and I was pregnant. My hand rested on my stomach. The door opened and I turned to see Ozai walk into the room. I stood and walked over to him.

"Katara" He said wrapping is arms around me protectively. "The Avatar and his friends wish to come visit you. I heard you brother is with them. They will be here in a week and we shall throw them a great welcoming party." he smiled hoping he did the right thing

"Thank you, I really appreciate it" I smiled approvingly I didn't love him, but i did not hate him as much. He is not what every one says he is. He would do anything for me, I was not sure until I told him about the child growing inside me. "Tomorrow can Azula and I go shopping fr cloths to wear?" I asked

"If that is what you wish" Ozai said then picked me up "You need to sleep Katara, you need energy for tomorrow" I nodded and fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me.

~ Ozai POV ~

I looked at my sleeping wife. I don't know when, but at some point during that month I fell in love with her. She did every thing to perfection. Most of the time she looked scared, but she soon began to warm up to me. I wanted nothing more then her to be happy. Whats more is that my child is growing inside her. I put my hand on her stomach and smiled. I could not believe that my child was inside her. When she told me I was shocked then I was happy. I nearly pulled her tightly into my arms but did not want t hurt her or the baby.

~ Sokka POV ~

We were on Appa on our way to the Fire Nation. Zuko looked nerves and a little scared. It has been a few days over a month since he left so I knd of under stood. His father, Firelord Ozai, said he may return with the Avatar. I rubbed my face trying to figure out why he allowed ues to visit Katara. Toph was a sleep and so was Aang. They were snuggled close together, they were falling for each other. They would not admit it, but Zuko and I knew they were. I hoped my sister was safe more then anything. Zuko as flying Appa so I looked up at the moon. We would be there soon. I closed my eyes, imagining Katara.

"Zuko, Do you think Ozai would hurt Katara?" I asked softly.

"I don't know, I wish I do but my father was never something I could understand." He said I nodded "You should go to sleep, we have a big day a head of us."

I nodded and fell asleep. Who would have thought I would ever be able to sleep in front of Zuko.

~ Zuko POV ~

I landed Appa in front of the palace, my old home. We were met by the sages. They looked at us as we got off of Appa. Aang stepped forward and smiled.

"Welcome we have been waiting for you Avatar, and friends." The Firelord is with our Queen waiting for you. Right this way." One of the sages said not looking at me.

We walked into the throne room and saw Firelord Ozai and Katara sitting next to each other. Katara's hand rested protectively on her stomach. She looked at each of us, but lowered her gaze when she looked at Sokka. The Firelord's arm was over Katara protectively.

"Firelord Ozai, It is great to meet you. I am Avatar Aang, the last airbender. My friends and I wished to come see if Katara was safe. Sokka was deeply worried about his dear sister." Aang said, Katara looked up at Sokka then.

"Avatar Aang, after so long I finally get to meet you. I see that my son has joined you, no doubt to train you in Firebending. My wife has told me how much she missed training you. If you would life, I would permit you all to stay here to complete your training. My wife needs some company," He paused to look at Katara to see if he did well then turned back when she smiled. "As I was told Sokka, you are a warrior. I can help you with training your skills. I also wish to discuss a treaty, as to end this war. I wish to take my wife out to see the world with out her getting harmed, but i must keep my image." He said

A smile spread across Katara's face. She whispered something in his ear and he nodded. Katara stood up and ran over to us. Firelord growled when Sokka squeezed her. Katara just laughed, but stepped back and looked at us. her smile faltered and she looked confused. Then she spook softly.

"Sokka, Aang, Toph, Zuko." She said "I have missed you all so much. I have something to tell you all. I cannot have you react rashly though" She said looking at me

"Of course, Katara, what is it" Sokka asked

I looked at her "Zuko, you will most likely react worse, and I want you to know that no matter what Ozai swore to allow you back. You will be crown prince, only the strongest benders could train the Avatar. I need yu to swear that you will not be mad at the news" I nodded unsure "I... I'm pregnant. You will have another sibling. I want you to protect the child." she said closing her eyes

I gasped then hugged her softly "Thank you, Katara, you brought love and compassion to my father's heart. I will always protect you and my baby sibling.

"Congratulations Katara, this child will bring forth a new era." Aang said softly.

"Interesting" Toph said

"Hey," Sokka said "My baby sister was not suppose to have a child before me. Gods now I really got to work to get Suki, I will marry before you give birth sister. I swear it." Sokka laughed