I wrote this for my friend Yuki's birthday...sorry it's late Yuki Chan :(

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Captain Carriedo stepped onto the dock, his green eyes taking in everything, everything that it, except for two terrified Italian boys sneaking onto one of his best friend's boat, he was far to busy thinking of all of the things that he would need to do once he met up with his fellow captains, he needed to gather supplies with his crew and then he would need to figure out where he and his fellow captains were headed next or whether they would even stay together, if not then they needed to determine a time and a place to meet next, he fixed a grin onto his face and carried on through the bustling dock.

Lovino Vargas glared at his younger brother from within the confines of the hold of the ship

"Feliciano, this is the WORST idea you have ever had, EVER!" he fumed, they had been working on taking food inside the restaurant that they had managed to obtain work at, however Lovino had bumped into a random person when he was attempting to carry a large crate of tomatoes on his own, unfortunately he was not renowned for being apologetic, so he had immediately reeled off as many colourful insults as he possibly could, the result being that he and his brother had been chased, and of course Feliciano was convinced that he had found the best fucking hiding place, well obviously that hadn't worked out well for them, as apparently the man had followed them on board "where the fuck do you think we can hide?!, we're on a BOAT" he snapped, he watched Feliciano's face fall and felt immediately guilty,

"DAMMIT!" he muttered, looking around the cramped space for somewhere for them to hide, it was then that he saw the barrels...

It had been decided that the three captains would stay together, although the trio were still unsure of where they were headed, he was now back on board and was instructing various members of his crew to set sail, he saw that Francis' ship had already left the dock, but he could hear Gilbert in the next ship over yelling at his crew to get off of their lazy arses.

Antonio was fairly happy as he left the dock, content that he was back at sea where he belonged.

Lovino and Feliciano sat in their respective barrels, "Fratello?" Feliciano murmured, Lovino ignored him, he was still furious about the fact that they were sat in barrels waiting for the man to leave the ship so that they in turn could leave, "Fratello?" again Lovino ignored him "Fraaaaatelloooooo!" Feliciano whined,

"WHAT!" Lovino hissed angrily

"I think the ship's moving" he whimpered

"SHIT!" he swore "YOU'RE LYING!"

Feliciano shushed him

"don't shush me bastard, how the fuck do we get out of these?" in their haste to hide they had jammed the lids of the barrels on very tightly and now neither boy could escape,

"FUUUUUUUUCK" yelled Lovino, at that moment they heard a large number of thundering footsteps, and a very thick French accent saying "is there anyone down there?"

Antonio and Gilbert chuckled as Francis fumed "stop laughing" he groaned "you don't know what my little stowaways are like, sure they're cute, but the one with darker hair, every other word he says is a profanity, I can't take it much longer!. and the other one, yes, he's adorable, but I can't shut him up"

Gilbert continued to snigger "oh I don't know Francis, it sounds like you're having a wonderful time over there"

Francis rolled his eyes dramatically "they don't even acknowledge flirting, unless they yell at me" he moaned in an even more melodramatic fashion, Antonio decided to change the subject, much as he'd like to make fun of Francis' lack of ship security and his two stowaways, he wanted to make sure that they were all clear of what they were doing over the next few months "where are we headed next?" he asked,

Francis and Gilbert looked over at him, "well look at you making proper captains decision!" exclaimed Gilbert

"it's almost enough to bring a tear to your eye" sniffed Francis, Gilbert and Francis had become captains of their ships a few years before Antonio, and they still treated him like a novice,

"I can make decisions" he retorted curtly before there was a loud knock on the door,

"Captain" came a tentative voice from through the wood,

"which one?" asked Gilbert sarcastically, "the French one, the Spanish one, or the Awesome one?"

there was a long pause, clearly the poor man on the other side of the door had not idea what was going on "um, the French one" said the voice worriedly, Francis stood up and opened the door "what do you want, Mathew?"

the small man who had lilac eyes and longish pale blonde hair with a curl that stood out to the side of his head put his eyes shyly to the floor "um, you know you told us to set the stowaways to work in the Galley?" the man murmured, Francis nodded "unfortunately, there has been a bit of a problem"

Francis eyed the man suspiciously "what kind of a problem?"

"it's probably best that you see it for yourself captain".