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Four months at sea...four-fucking-months! Lovino was tired, grumpy and sick of the sight of the Bastardy fucking sea!.

The only thing stopping Lovino from storming over to Antonio and screaming at him to take him back to land was Katyusha; they were only out for this long to help her find Natalia...she'd been close to finding her before but then she'd run into some trouble off the coast of Japan.

"Alright, Lovino?" grinned Mathew, he was just as tired as Lovino maybe more so because he didn't take Siestas.

"I hate the ocean" Lovino growled

"Nonononono, don't say that, Lovi!" Antonio yelled from near the ships wheel "The sea's keeping us fed and afloat!"

Lovino turned around to level a glare at Antonio "That's something else, I never realized how much I fucking hate the taste of fish!"

Mathew nodded in agreement not that anyone noticed, "He's got a point, we're going to need some more food soon, we can't survive on Fish, biscuits and grog"

Antonio looked perplexed "We'll make port the next chance we get"

Lovino scowled "Tell me, Captain, where the fuck are we?" he said sarcastically, knowing full well that they were lost, a series of terrible storms had seen to that.

"We're at sea, Lovi, and that's the best I can say" The Captain grinned.

Three more days at sea saw the end of Lovino's patience...and that meant that he'd been nearly three weeks without Pasta and two without Tomatoes. So was it really any wonder that Lovino was almost spitting mad by this point? Or rather, mad enough to essentially boycott Antonio until they got to shore or Antonio admitted he was lost; This meant that Lovino was sleeping with the rest of the crew and not in Antonio's quarters...he wasn't talking to him either.

"Lovi?" Someone wrapped their arms around Lovino's waist and rested their head on his shoulder

"The fuck do you want, Bastard?" Lovino didn't have it in him to call him a Tomato Bastard.

"Just that we're going to be able to go ashore in about a day and a half"

Lovino had never felt more like hugging and or kissing Antonio more in his whole life.

"I swear, if you're lying"

"Not lying, So can you please stop sleeping below decks with everyone else? Because I'm getting cold" Antonio complained hugging Lovino tighter.

"Bull shit are you cold!, You have a bed pan!" Lovino retorted

Antonio pouted "That type of warmth fades!, Yours doesn't!"

Lovino rolled his eyes "I'll sleep there again after I get tomatoes"

Antonio looked perplexed "I've been without tomatoes for just as long as you have, can't I just promise you will have tomatoes and then you can sleep in the bed again?"

"No, It serves as motivation, Bastard" Lovino smirked, breaking out of Antonio's hold and walking off to find Mathew.

"It doesn't, It just makes me saaaaad!" Antonio called.

Antonio had plans for when they made port, Lovi plans. Well...that and he had to go and help Francis who was currently without ship which meant that he was needing rescuing; But mostly they were Lovi plans!.

He'd been feeling neglected of late because Lovino was randomly mad at him, which was depressing because he had been denied his daily dose of hugs and kisses...granted Lovi wasn't usually the one giving them out but that didn't mean that Antonio couldn't.

So first things first he was going to help Francis, second things second he was going to get as may tomatoes as he could fit in the hold (Hopefully that would be enough to convince Lovi that he was deserving of all the hugs he'd missed over the past couple of weeks and he could retrieve them) and then he was going to go out somewhere with Lovi...he wasn't sure where but he hoped it would have food.

Sleeping below decks wasn't nice, it was horrible...and what made it worse was that Lovino was sleeping above the area where the rope from the anchor was stored, so it stank really really fucking stank! Mostly because the anchor had been up for weeks and the seaweed was rotting.

The other reason it was horrible was because it was stuffy and cramped and someone down there snored worse than Antonio.

The only plus about staying down with the rest of the crew was that Lovino didn't get kicked randomly by Antonio during his sleep; although he did miss the Bastard, not that he'd ever tell him that!...he didn't know why in the hell he was trying to hide it, Antonio knew how he felt and Lovino knew how he felt what with them being a thing now...No he was not going to say couple! No matter how much Antonio whined about it.


Lovino didn't remember asking for a wake up call, especially not from Mathew, He grumbled and turned over, tipping himself out of his hammock.

"The ship's moving faster than expected, it's all hands on deck"

Fan-fucking-tastic...no really it was!

Francis had been waiting in...well...wherever he was for about a month, his ship had been captured by the navy, Francis had fully intended to go down with his ship but he'd been dragged off by a member of his crew; Francis had been pretending to be a beggar.

A large number of his crew had gone missing and he'd been looking for them but there was no trace anywhere.

He thought his prayers had been answered when he'd found Pierre, he immediately sent word to whoever was closest to him; which turned out to be Antonio.

He should be arriving that afternoon.


Francis looked up to see Antonio waving energetically from by the dock, Francis ran towards the man "I'm so happy to seeeeeeeeee yoooooou!" Antonio hugged him, the first bit of friendly human contact in a month.

"I'm glad to see you too" Antonio grinned

On the way to get Francis, Antonio had seen a stall selling tomatoes, but he was going to collect Francis!.

But of course when he came back with Francis, the stall had run out.

"Noooooo!" Antonio yelled

"What's wrong?" Francis asked

"They sold out of tomatoes!, we ran out days ago and Lovi said he wouldn't sleep in my quarters again until we had tomatoes again!"

Francis raised an eyebrow "Calm down, it's not like you can't show him affection elsewhere on the ship?"

Antonio turned to face Francis with his bottom lip trembling

"Mon Dieu! He isn't"

Antonio nodded "He's not"

Francis frowned "Aren't you hugging him?"

"Of course I try!, he pushes me off, how am I going to cope another four months of no Lovi!, my nightmares are getting worse" Antonio mumbles, looking at the ground as he and Francis walked along the docks.

"Why don't you tell him that?"

"Because I don't want to worry him"

After searching virtually the entire port for tomatoes they found that there were only three stalls which sold tomatoes, all of which had been completely cleared out by someone. Antonio was furious, he was going to have to wake up from nightmares all alone with no one to hug and no one to sleepily tell him he was alright! And that just didn't sit well with Antonio, not at all!.

Lovino waited out side the ship, just casually sat on a barrel hoping to see – no, just waiting to see Antonio, certainly not because because he was hoping...ah Fuck it, he was hoping to see Antonio.

Antonio and Francis approached from the docks.

Antonio looked thoroughly miserable, he lit up when he saw Lovino though, holding out his arms for a hug and then thinking better of it and putting his arms back by his sides.

Well...that was definitely a first.

Antonio really did feel like he needed a hug, A Lovi hug, but Lovino was still all weird and he didn't have any tomatoes...for once in his life Antonio found himself being irritated with his favorite fruit.

He was about to go and find someone to keep watch whilst he went to sleep but instead he heard an argument, he hid behind the wall and listened.

"You unutterably cruel Bastard!, I'll never forgive you for doing that to my friend!" Francis?

"Doing what?" Lovino retorted furiously.

"You know Antonio's nightmares have been getting worse?"

"They are?"

"Of course they are!, and you know he's nearly had a heart attack trying to find your tomatoes just so he can have a hug!"

There was a chuckle

"What are you laughing at Lovino Vargas?"

"He won't find any tomatoes"

Antonio didn't listen anymore, he didn't think he could...did Lovi hate him? He couldn't cope with that, He loved his Lovi too much to even be able to think about that. He stumbled back on deck.

"You bought all the tomatoes?" Francis asked, alarmed

"Yes, I didn't want the Bastard to forget them...and I kindasortamissed him" Lovino replied

"So I didn't need to..."

"Corner me and bitch at me? No, no you didn't"

Antonio moped around above deck for as long as possible AKA until he fell asleep standing up and fell over side ways. He resigned himself to going to his empty quarters whilst the man he loved went to sleep down with the rest of the crew because he hated him so much that he took away his chance to get him back again.

He opened the door with his head down and was about to slump onto the bed when he noticed some things.

1- The room was full of tomatoes

2- The room wasn't silent, there was some gentle snoring coming from his bed

3-He was not alone.

Lovino was curled up in the bed, on what had become his side of the bed he was adorable on so many levels. But he still hated him...so why was he in Antonio's bed? Ugh it was too late for this much thinking, instead Antonio opted to fall asleep next to Lovi...it took everything in him not to pull Lovino into his arms.



Antonio was beginning to flail in his sleep but much more violently than he had before Lovino had gone.

"Oi, Oi Antonio"

Instead of calming Antonio as he'd hoped it would, Lovino's words made him flail more.


Lovino heaved a sigh, there was only one thing left to do...he kicked Antonio off the bed.


Lovino leaned over the side of the bed "You alright, Bastard?"

Antonio looked up at him with a confused look on his face which morphed into one of horror, he scrambled away from Lovino

"I've just got out of one nightmare, I don't need another"

Lovino scowled at him "What?"

"I know that real Lovi doesn't love me, I don't need dream Lovi to hate me too!" Antonio growled, pushing himself against the back wall as far from Lovino as it was possible for him to get.

"What the fuck are you talking about!" Lovino said, struggling to hide the hurt expression he could feel crossing his face.

"Real Lovi bought all the tomatoes in town so I couldn't get them so he would have an excuse not to see me" Antonio pouted

Lovino frowned and crossed his arms as he clambered down to sit on the floor "Firstly, I am real Lovi-fuck, Lovino!, secondly this isn't a fucking nightmare or dream or whatever the hell you think this is and finally I bought all the tomatoes so we'd have enough to get us home and and..." He trailed off into a mumble as his face turned Scarlett.

A look of realization crossed Antonio's face.

"Lovi? You don't hate me? Then why?"

"I never said you had to get the fucking tomatoes!"

A grin found it's way onto Antonio's face as he watched the bright red man opposite him go an even deeper shade whilst looking at the ground.

He scrambled over to Lovino and wound an arm around his shoulder and pulled him close "If you don't hate me, what do you feel?" He didn't need to ask, he knew the answer, he just liked to hear Lovino say it.

Lovino mumbled something "I can't hear you"

"I love you, you Bastard!"

Antonio pulled him into a bone crushing hug "I Looooooooove yoooooou!" He proclaimed loudly before kissing him on the lips

"Yeah, good to know" Lovino muttered, trying to control the colour of his face.

"Will you marry me?"

"That depends," Lovino replied, looking acutely embarrassed...emphasis on the cutely "Can you give me three meals and a nap every day?"

Antonio beamed at him "I think so"

Francis leaned against the side of the ship, Antonio came out from below decks looking beyond happy whilst whistling a tune.

"You look happy" Francis commented with a smile

Antonio flashed him a blinding grin "Why wouldn't I be, I have more tomatoes than I need and I just got engaged...sort of"

Francis stared at him "What?"

Antonio looked proud "I asked and Lovino just said I needed to give him three meals and a nap"

"CHIGI!" Lovino stormed out from below the deck "I told you not to say anything!"

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