I'm In Love With Someone Else

This is my first fanfiction that I've ever written so I'll do my best. I don't own anything and it's all made up. About Naya Rivera and Heather Morris RPF not Brittana! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

1 more hour of practice before she could just get out of the studio lot. It was killing her to listen to Naya singing and dancing so close to her when she doesn't know how she feels.

"Alright guys! That's a wrap!" shouted Ryan.

Heather left the room as quickly as possible and went to her trailer that she shared with Naya. She sat down on her couch and put her hands up to her face, failing to keep the tears from falling down her cheeks. Why was I so stupid to fall for my best friend? Heather's thoughts were broken when the trailer door opened.

"Heather!" Naya worried for her best friend. Naya walked over to the crying blonde on the couch and sat next to her. She put her arm around Heather and pulled her in close. Heather didn't want to be this close to the girl that's making her cry in the first place but Naya's arms were comforting so she buried her head into Naya's chest and her sobs slowly quieted.

Naya stroked her hand over Heather's back and after a few minutes decided she better speak up. "What's wrong sweety?"

"I don't know." Heather lied and buried her head in deeper so Naya wouldn't be able to tell.

"Come on, Heather, I know you better than that." Naya wiped a stray tear off the blonde's cheek.

"I don't love Taylor anymore." Heather decided to start with the basics.

"And are you sad because of that?" Naya asked.

"Well yes but that's not why I'm crying." Heather decided this was the time to tell Naya how she feels.

"Then why are you crying?" Naya was getting confused but still concerned for her best friend.

"Because I love someone else and I don't know if they love me back and I've felt this way for almost two years but now I can't take it anymore!" Heather started crying again.

"Hey gorgeous girl, don't cry." Naya cupped Heather's face with her hands and wiped away her tears. She made eye contact with her and asked with hope, "Who do you love?"

Heather went to answer when her phone rang. She exhaled deeply and pulled it out "Hey Taylor." She got up and walked outside to take the call, leaving Naya sitting alone on the couch.

Naya couldn't help but think that Heather was about to say she loved her. A swarm of jealousy flew over her as Heather talked to her boyfriend on the phone.

After several minutes of waiting, Naya grew impatient and a little bit angry. She stood up, grabbed her keys off the bench and walked out the door.

She started heading to her car since she didn't see Heather outside their trailer. As she walked past the end of the trailer and half way across to her car she felt a hand wrap around her wrist, stopping her in her tracks.

Naya knew who it was so she didn't want to turn and look at her. "Naya" The blonde got no reply from the brunette. "Naya, look at me."

Naya turned to look at Heather but couldn't say anything. She was afraid that if she spoke she'd cry. "We need to finish talking" Heather pulled Naya back to the trailer and sat her down on the couch so they were facing each other. Heather didn't drop Naya's hand as she spoke.

"As I was saying before... I've been in love with someone else for almost two years now. I've been too afraid to let this person know because I was scared that they wouldn't feel the same way. It's all too much for me to keep in anymore though. Anyway Naya… what I'm trying to say is, I…"

Heather got cut off by the door opening "Ladies! Thought you might be in here! Naya, Dianna sent me over to get you. She said you were driving her home today and that you promised her dinner and a movie." Lea burst in and like usual didn't knock.

Naya looked at Heather as if to get permission to leave. Heather nodded so Naya got up and walked out with Lea.