Hey everybody.

I'm really sorry if you were expecting an update but I just have no motivation for this story. I don't like it anymore and it was just really stereotypical.

I won't be updating this anymore, in fact, I might delete it so I just thought I'd post this so you all can stop waiting.

I have started another story and I just updated chapter 8 on that so give that a read if you like. It's Brittana with slight Quinntana. Brittany is a teacher, Santana and Quinn are her students and yeah. Give that a go if you like. Here's the link for that s/9146331/1/The-New-Teacher

If you really would like me to post the wedding chapter and end it after that then I will do so. Just post a review to let me know and then I'll do it. Even if just one of you wants that.

I want to also quickly thank you for following, favouriting, reviewing and just reading it in general. You really motivated me to keep this going when I was into it and you motivated me to start the new story.

Thanks a million,