What if Morgen was originally Evil and grew up with just Ciaran and his family?

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"Da?" I called. It seemed no-one was in the house but I don't trust my instincts around Da, so I just have to hope. I walked into the kitchen and peered around. No-one here either. "That's odd." I murmured to myself. I walked out into the garden and suddenly, I was knocked to the floor. Only then did I realise I was dreaming because last time I checked hawks with wings of fire didn't exist unless you actually burn their wings and even then the rest of their body would burn and how in the name of the Goddess could one knock you down? For some strange reason this was beginning to scare me so I started running back into the house. As I was running I tried to shoot a ball of crackling witch fire at the strange bird but my magic wasn't working. I was the most powerful witch in the world, I was the sgiurs dan for crying out loud and I can't stop a freaky animal from chasing me. Suddenly the door in front of me closed and locked and I banged into it. With that I woke up screaming something like "HELP!"

Da came running into my room and to my bed. "What happened?" he said, confusion and concern colouring his tone. We lived in a small house in New York, where we often held circles with Amyranth. "Seriously Da, I just had a bad dream, that's all go back to bed."I said annoyed because I didn't like others taking care of me. I was Morgen, Maeve Riorden and Ciaran MacEwans daughter, his concern was pointless.

"What was the dream about?"

"Can't remember now." I lied smoothly.

"Well if you happen to remember, tell me, I might understand its meaning." He said in his lilting Scottish accent.

"Yes, Da" He kissed the top of my head and left the room. I didn't sleep until the sun started rising.