Joan looked at Don with a smile on her face; how did he cheer her up like this? All she wanted to do an hour ago was kill that receptionist at SCDP for letting the messenger with the divorce papers in. But at that moment, nothing was on her mind or in her heart except that thrill she felt every time she saw Don. It's like her heart skips a beat every time they lock eyes. And she was happy. For just that one moment, she felt okay - the world wasn't going to fall apart today.

And then Don looked at her, with a grin almost as broad as hers, "Do you wanna dance?" he asked.

"I don't think we should," she replied with a quirky laugh - a laugh of both embarrassment and want. She knew she wanted him to hold her close and sway her with the music. She knew she wanted his breath to tickle her neck. And she most certainly knew that she wanted her lips to touch his.

But should they?

"You sure look like you wanna dance," he really wanted to dance with her.

"You and me in Midtown? You with that look on your face?" She said it. She told him they can't. She told him they could be amazing together but that it would be wrong. She knew he'd understand even she hadn't actually spoken the words. And he did - because he knew exactly what she meant.

It wasn't the first time they flirted; it wasn't the first time he looked at her and felt utter euphoria. But he never took that chance with her because what they had was special - what they had was different - and he couldn't lose that. He would never admit it, but they were so alike. They had so much in common and they could talk for hours even if it was about nothing at all. He treasured those quick moments they shared at at the office - a look here, a smile there. He couldn't sacrifice that for one night in bed - as much as he wanted it.

He thought about all the times he could have had her. He thought about all the times he wanted to ask her to his office and all the times he shrugged them off. "Should I take the risk?" he thought.

But he could see the content in her eyes, and he knew she could see the content in his. And that was enough.

For now…