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Chapter 3

"Brock!!!!!!" Brock heard Misty's voice and immediately turned his attention away from
the breakfast he was preparing and looked toward the lake.

"Misty?! What's wrong?!" Brock asked worriedly as he got up from his squatting
position near Pikachu.

"Pikachu pi?!" Pikachu asked just as worriedly.

"Nothing is wrong!" Misty said as she rushed into the campsite at full speed.

"In fact, everything is great!" Misty said, giggling gleefully.

"Misty!!!!" Ash screamed as he finally caught up with her after slightly overcoming his
distress from before. He wanted to get to her before she mentioned any of this to Brock.
Ash was still sure it wasn't all a dream, but just in case he had gone crazy he wanted to at
least prevent his getting teased.

"What is with you two?! Ash what did you do to Misty? I haven't seen her this excited
since you offered to catch her a Tentacruel as a birthday present."

"I didn't do anything to her!!! Did I, Misty?" Ash asked his redheaded companion

Misty just grinned and replied back calmly. "No...he didn't do anything to me..."

Ash breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Misty had finally come to her senses, and had
decided to quit playing around with him. At least, he thought that until...

"Not while he was awake anyway!!!!!" Misty belted out in joyousness.

"Huh?!" Brock was thoroughly confused, and a little annoyed as he wondered what was
going on, and why he still didn't have the firewood he had asked for.

Ash fumed in anger and embarrassment as Misty smile widened by the second.


"Oh come on, Ash. Don't be shy. It's only naturally that you would have those kind of
dreams about someone you loooooovvveeee!" Misty made sure to drag out the love part.

"LOVE?! Who do you love?" Brock asked, now becoming more interested in his younger
friends antics.


"Liar. Ash had a dream about me."

"I DID NOT!!! It wasn't a dream, it was real, now stop pretending that it wasn't! Brock,
you remember don't you? You remember the "Future Sight" machine, and how we saw
the future right?" Ash asked his older friend, desperately craving the answer he wanted to

""Future Sight"? Oh, you mean the machine that exploded."

"Told you so," Misty said cockily while she continued to grin.

"It did not explode! How could you say that?! I mean, you must remember. You saw your
future too!"

"My future? Well what was my future about?" Brock questioned skeptically as he raised
an eyebrow."

"You don't remember?! How could you of all people forget something like that?!"
Brock was now staring at him like he was insane.

Ash threw his fists down in frustration. "Fine! You want to play too? I'll play along. You
were in a breeding center, your breeding center, and you had a really great business going
on. And you had a girlfriend and you were going to go on vacation with..."

"You dream about Brock too?" Misty asked a little distressed.

Ash ignored her question as he focused on Brock, waiting for a reaction.

"You dream about me having a girlfriend?" Brock's tone expressed confusion.

"You weren't the girlfriend were you?" Misty asked seriously, and a little nervously.

Ash's eyes went wide in realization at what his friends were suggesting.

"WHAT?!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!"

"You sure." Misty wanted to be positive.

"Yes I'm sure!!!"

"Good! So....you only have dreams like that about me then?" Misty questioned, as the
grin once again crept to her lips.

Ash went to speak in protest when he was interrupted by Brock.

"What dreams are you talking about, Misty?"

"Oh, nothing, Ash just dreamed about kissing me and saying that he loves me. That's

"Wow! Really?! That's great, Ash! It seems you have finally come to terms with your
feelings. Well...at least in the dream world anyway. But you told Misty about it, now that
takes a lot of guts. Good for you!" Brock complimented.

"So, now tell me.....what did the girl you seem me with look like?.....Was she hot?"

Ash growled out loudly in exasperation. "All right! I'm sick of this!!!!! This isn't funny
anymore!!! Okay?! You've had your laugh at my expense, now stop kidding around! I'm
really getting pissed off here! Brock?!" Ash turned to Brock, expecting him to break out
in laughter, and tell him that they got him good. Or something like that. Just to put his
mind at ease. Just so he could know that he wasn't crazy....But Brock didn't laugh, he
didn't say it was all a joke, he didn't do anything in fact.

'What is going on here! Why are they doing this to me?!.....Unless, I really did dream the
whole thing. Pikachu! Pikachu wouldn't lie to me. Especially if I'm this upset. I'll ask

"Pikachu?" Pikachu scurried over to his master.

"Pikapi?" Pikachu asked worriedly. His trainer was acting strangely ever since yesterday.

"Pikachu, you wouldn't lie to me, would you?" Ash asked gently as the furry rodent
shook it's head and crossed it paws over it's heart.

"Pika chuka"

Ash smiled slightly. "I knew I could count on you, Pikachu. All right, now...you
remember seeing all those things yesterday right? You remember seeing me, Misty, and
Brock all grown up on the "Future Sight" machine...right?"

Brock and Misty looked on as Pikachu turned it's eyes away from it's trainer and began
to stare at the ground.

"Pikachu?.....Buddy?" Ash asked on the brink of tears, already knowing the answer by
his Pokemon's reaction.

"......Pi." Pikachu responded sadly.

Ash wiped some sweat off his forehead as he stared sympathetically at Pikachu.

"It's okay Pikachu, you didn't do anything wrong." Pikachu looked up to see Ash smiling
lovingly at him.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu jumped into Ash's arms as Ash hugged him tightly.

Misty had now realized how upset Ash really was about this whole thing.

'If he was so uncomfortable about this then why did he even ell me in the first place?...He
must have known how I would react. And now this story he is making up to cover for his
mistake...it doesn't make sense. Maybe I shouldn't have teased him so much about
it......Could it be that he really thinks it actually happened?'

Misty walked over to Ash and Pikachu, and gently put her hand on his shoulder.

"Ash....look, maybe it was real." Misty stated unsurely.

Ash looked up at her with hopeful eyes.

'Finally, she's ending this stupid joke.'

"I mean, some of my dreams feel really real, and then I wake up and I have a hard time
distinguishing my dream from reality."

Ash's expression once again turned to one of anger.

"No!!!! Okay?! I've had dreams like that too, but this was totally different from those!
This was way too real! I don't care what any of you say. I am going to prove that it was
real!" Ash stated determinedly.

"What?! How are you going to do that, Ash?!" Brock questioned in surprise.

"Easy. We are going back to Johto stadium to ask Prof. Oak."

"What?!" Misty and Brock yelled in unison.

"Are you crazy, Ash?! I'm not walking all the way back there!" Misty made her
complaint heard.

"It isn't that far. Besides, I don't know if I'm crazy or not, that's what we are going to
find out," Ash said matter-of-factly as he grinned smugly.

"But Ash, we don't even know if Prof. Oak is still there." Brock tried to reason with him,
but when Ash got something in his head he knew there was no reasoning with him.

"So? Prof. Elm then! Look, someone there must be able to help. Someone must be able to
explain. If I am ever going to figure this out I'm going to have to go back to where it

"Ash, you don't need a Prof. to tell you what's wrong with you. I could tell you what's
wrong." Brock stated confidently.

"You can?"


Ash's eyes went wide once again as he huffed stubbornly while Misty broke into

"And how do hormones explain you and your girlfriend in your breeding center?" Ash
questioned annoyed.

Brock shrugged. "Bad Chinese food before bed? You know, once I had a really gross egg
roll right before I went to sleep and I ended up dreaming about James in a tutu with a-"

"Okay, okay!!! We get the point!!!" Misty and Ash said trying to block the images which
were bound to seep into their subconscious when they least expected it.

"Look, I have to know okay? This is really important to me." Ash looked at his friends
like he meant business.

".....Okay. Right after breakfast we'll start heading back."

"Yes!!! Great! So what are we waiting for? Let's start eating that delicious breakfast you
were talking about before!" Ash said excitedly.

Brock just stared at him in disbelief and another emotion that Ash couldn't put his finger
on at the moment.

"I would love to do that, Ash. But there is one little problem," Brock stated calmly but
still with that unreadable expression on his face.

"And that would be?" Ash looked confused as Misty smiled to herself, knowing what
was coming.


Ash jumped in shock at Brock's outburst. He knew now what the expression on Brock's
face was. Annoyance and anger mixed together. Some jumbled words came out of Ash's
mouth that sounded like....

"Right! I'll, yeah, I-uh dropped, be getting, yeah."

....or something like that.

And with that out Ash sped back in the direction of the lake where he had dropped the
firewood they had collected in his mad dash after Misty before.

Misty giggled as Brock shook his head in hopelessness, also letting a chuckle escape his


"It's such a shame. All that work. Such a wonderful machine. So useful. So brilliant. But
of course, it was my idea. Such a waste..." Prof. Elm mumbled to himself as he opened
the lab door and rejoined Prof. Oak who was looking at the "Future Sight" machine, deep
in thought.

"Prof. we tried to find out where Ash was headed, so we could get a hold of him, but
nobody.....Prof. Oak? Is something wrong?"

"Hmmm?" Prof. Oak snapped out of his daze as he noticed the younger Prof.'s concerned

"Oh no, I'm fine. It's just....."

"What is it? Are you having second thoughts about getting rid of the "Future Sight"
machine?! Because-" The Prof.'s excited rambling was cut off by Oak's thoughts.

"No...I just have been having a silly suspicion about something."

"About what?" Prof. Elm asked intrigued.

Prof. Oak once again turned his attention toward the machine, studying it.

"Did you test the machine on yourself?"

"Certainly I did. I was the first person I tested it on. I had to make sure it was safe, after
all. Besides, I mean, I was more than a little curious. How could someone not be tempted
to see there future," Prof. Elm stated honestly.

"Huh. Um...would it be all right if you told me what it was exactly that you saw?"

"I don't see why not. But....I would first like to warn you...you might not like what you
here," Prof. Elm said somewhat smugly.

Prof. Oak raised a eyebrow. "Try me."

"All right. Well, first I saw myself at some kind of press conference. Then I realized I
was in Indigo Central, and I was being interviewed by a bunch of reporters. Apparently I
am going to become the most famous, most respected, genius in Pokemon research this
world has ever seen. One of the reporters even said that I am highly respected, and they
all found it important to point out that I am even more brilliant, in every way, than you."

Prof. Oak just continued to stare, his eyebrow still raised, but now it was raised in
amusement, a smile dancing on his lips.

"I know this might come as a big blow to your ego, but that just seems how things play
out. What are you going to do? Can't change fate." Prof. Elm was a little confused as to
why Prof. Oak was smiling. He was sure this news would have angered, or upset him a

"We have to talk." The Prof. said as he led the younger Prof. in front of the "Future
Sight" machine.

"Okay...." Prof. said a little frightened.


Misty was helping Brock with the batter for the pancakes while Ash was off trying to
retrieve some new firewood because he had accidentally thrown the old pile into the lake
instead of on the ground. ^^;

Misty was mixing, the only part of cooking that she knew how to do without error.

"Hey, Misty, do you think Ash really did see the future? I mean, if it was just a dream,
and he was just trying to cover up what he let slip out about you and him, he wouldn't be
going this far. Especially so much as to want to go back and ask the Prof. about it," Brock

"I don't know, it all just seems a little farfetched, pardon the pun. Besides, why would
Prof. Oak lie to us like that?"

Misty shrugged and then a smile appeared on her lips. "Although, it works out great for
me either way. If he is lying that means he does have dreams about me, and if he is
telling the truth that means me and him end up together real soon."

Brock shook his head, chuckling lightly at the dreamy expression on his companion's

"You know, I kinda hope he is telling the truth....My own successful breeding center, a
hot girlfriend.....I wonder if she was blond, or brunette."

Brock snapped out of his daydream long enough to see Misty roll her eyes at him.

"What?! Those kind of things are important you know!"

"Only to you, Brock. Only to you," Misty said as she rolled her eyes again once she
noticed that he was off in daydream land.

Just then Ash came bursting into the campsite carrying a whole lot of wood.

The next words that came out of Ash's mouth were slowly paced, as he tried to catch his
breath. "Okay....I got it...let's start cooking.....The faster we cook....the faster we...eat."


"How farther do we have to go?" Misty asked for the fifth time now that they had started
walking after having stopped for lunch.

"We're almost there," Brock informed as he continued to look at the map.

"Good. The sooner we get there, the sooner everything gets straightened out," Ash said

"And you'll see that it wasn't a dream, and I have not been thinking about you....like
that." Ash looked in Misty's direction, waiting for a response.

"Whatever. Look, I told you that I'm not going to tease you anymore until we find out the
truth from Prof. Oak, and I'm sticking to my word.....unless you like me teasing you?"

Misty stated in a flirting manner while nudging his side with her elbow.

"NO!" Ash protested.

"Here we are again." Brock said as they saw Johto stadium before them.

"Wow. When you said we're almost there, you meant it," Misty said as Ash nodded in


A lab assistant knocked on the pearly white door before opening it.

"Um...Prof.? There is a group of trainers here to see you. One of them is the boy you
were looking for...Ash Ketchum."

"Oh, send them in. Send them in." Prof. Oak ordered as the lab assistant stepped out of
the way and held the door open for Ash, Misty, and Brock to enter.

"Ash, I figured you'd show up eventually, seeing as how you must be really confused by
all that's happened." Prof. Oak stated knowingly.


"I'll take that as a yes to being confused."

"Um...Prof. what do mean all that's happened?....I really did see the future, didn't I?! I
knew it! Seeeeee?! Ha!" Ash said proudly as he grinned at Brock and Misty, but mostly

"Well....not exactly..." Prof. Oak began to say until he was cut off.

"Ha!" Misty countered as Ash cowered.

"Hey this is the machine isn't it? The "Future Sight" thing. I hardly remember seeing it,"
Brock said as he examined the machine.

"That is because we erased your memory."

"What?!" the trainers asked in unison.

"And your memory, Misty, and even Pikachu. In fact, we erased every trainer's memory
except Ash's."

"Why did you do that? And how come you didn't erase Ash's memory?"

"Yeah, what's so special about him?" Brock added.

"Well, we meant to erase Ash's memory too. In fact, he is the reason we erased
everyone's memory of the experiment. He had passed out because he couldn't handle
what he saw in the "future". So since he was already unconscious the "Forget Ray" didn't
work on him."

"So he retained his memory of everything, but since he was unconscious too you didn't
know that it didn't work on him."

"Right, Brock."

"I knew I wasn't crazy!" Ash stated triumphantly.

"So...does that mean that what Ash saw was really the future? That me and him..." Misty
was getting more excited by the second, and Ash was regretting his trip back here by the

"So can we see our futures again? Please?" Brock pleaded.

"That's the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. You see.....it turns out that the
machine doesn't work exactly the way it was meant to."

"What do you mean?" Ash asked cautiously.

"You see, it doesn't exactly tell the future, it's more like it shows you what you want the
future to be."


"So you mean it's more like a...-"

"Fantasy Machine." Prof. Elm walked through the door carrying several papers. "This is
even better than a "Future Sight" machine! Imagine the demand for something that will
allow your fantasies to be played out in front of you. It would be like you are starring in
your own TV show, only everything that you want to have happen to you, does. We're
going to make a fortune!"

Misty and Ash's eyes were wide in shock as Prof. Oak now started to talk.

"I figured it out after examining the machine myself. I mean, it was very convincing.
Who wouldn't want to believe that their future held everything that they had ever wished
for. But so many people, all being so happy with what they saw....It was just too good to
be true."

Ash's hand flew to his mouth as Misty laughed in delight.

Ash knew what was coming, and he found it in his best interests to run away. And that is
exactly what he planned on doing until Misty grabbed a hold of his collar.

"So....Ash. It looks like we were both wrong. You didn't see the future, and it wasn't a
dream.....IT WAS A FANTASY!!!!!! WHOOOOHOOO!!!!"

Ash managed to free his arms from his jacket as he raced out of the room, his face a dark
shade of red.

Misty stood still, his jacket hanging from her hand. She watched Ash run out the door,
Pikachu hanging onto his head for dear life.

She turned to Prof. Oak while grinning. "Prof. Oak, you are a genius! Ash!!! Come
back!!! I want to know what other fantasies you have about me!!!" and with that said she
ran out the door after her admirer, and soon to be catch.

Prof. Oak shook his head and laughed at the two teens antics. But after a few seconds he
began to wonder where the squinty-eyed companion had gone.

Prof. Elm then tapped his shoulder and diverted his attention to the fantasy machine, and
the young man sitting in front of it.

Brock sat excitedly watching the screen as his eyes went wide.

Girl on screen: Oh Brock.....Brock, OH YES, BROCK!!!!!!!

Prof. Oak rushed to turn off the machine. Brock didn't seem to notice as he continues to
stare at the blank screen while grinning like an idiot.

Prof. Oak turned to Prof. Elm.

"We are going to have to put an age limit on this thing."

Prof. Elm simply nodded in agreement.


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