Saving soulfinders

Chapter 12

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Sky P.O.V

I was amazed at how well Xav had healed Yves, he looked a lot better but he still had some scaring, "take me to Phee" he demanded and we told him where her room was, he marched down the hall but was stopped by a nurse "sir I have to tell you to get back to bed you need to rest" he informed Yves but Yves ignored him and walked past, but the nurse grabbed Yves' elbow to stop him but Yves punched the nurse in the face and he collapsed, I stood there in shock, Zed was holding me and trying to stop me from screaming, "he's fine now let's go!" Yves instructed and we followed him.

Yves P.O.V

I do feel bad for punching the guy in the face but I needed to see my wife, she needed me and I needed her, Sky looked traumatised and Zed was just shocked "what's wrong little bro, didn't think I had it in me?" I asked joking and we turned down the corridor and went to phoenix's room.

I stopped at the door and she was lying on the bed with her eyes closed and she had bandages on her arms, I walked over to the chair beside her bed and I took her hand in mine, her eyes began to flutter open she looked tired, when she saw me she smiled and then looked away, "what is Phee?" I asked her confused, "you must hate me right now for trying to kill myself" she said, and I just chuckled "oh Phee I could never hate you, and even if I could it wouldn't be for trying to kill yourself it would be for blaming this whole situation on yourself" I explained and she gave me a beautiful smile "now there is that beautiful smile I have been waiting to see" I said and kissed her gently but passionately on the lips.

Phoenix P.O.V

I was so happy to see my Yves again and I was even happier when he told me that it wasn't my fault, "you look great by the way, how is that possible?" I asked slightly confused, he looked hurt but why "ouch Phee are you saying that it is unusual for me to look good?" he asked playfully, I could tell because he laughed about it "no I meant how you heeled so fast" I explained and Yves looked over to Xav who was standing in the doorway, "oh yeah" I said just realising how stupid I must have sounded, 'you're not stupid Phee' Yves sent to me telepathically and that made me smile, "hey Xav once you have gotten your strength back from healing Yves can you heal me so we can get out of here please?" I asked and he nodded and walked over to me.

He put his hands on my arms and my cuts began to disappear. Once I was fully healed he stepped back "all done, why did I have to have this gift" he joked and we all knew he was because we knew he loved helping others, "you're the best in the business you should have your own hospital" I joked and Xav looked pretty smug "well I am better than all of these nurses put together" he gloated and I jumped out of bed.

"Right let's get out of here" I said and we all left the room, me and Yves hand in hand and Sky and Zed and in hand. We approached the waiting area and everyone was pleased to see me and Yves better but the nurses were just confused, so victor manipulated their minds, I shivered at the thought because it brought back memories of the community and the Seer.

Yves could tell I was remembering what happened so he pulled me in for a hug. Once we got our discharge papers sorted out we left the hospital and headed home.

When we walked through the front door there was a woman on the couch looking at a picture and Sky screamed and clung on to Zed, "hello darling good to see you again" the woman said and Sky sunk into Zeds arms and Zed growled at the mysterious woman.

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