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"Whoever named the Egg McMuffin should be shot."

This was the complaint currently falling from the lips of Motomiya Daisuke, also known as Davis. Bronzed skin from countless soccer games and outdoor activities, short, spiky maroon hair, and gentle russet eyes made up this boy's appearance.

"What kinda name is 'Egg McMuffin' anyway??" he exclaimed loudly. His companion stared steadily at him with his dark eyes, sweatdrops popping up along his forehead and one huge one rolling down behind his ear. Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi was his name. He was a boy genius with pure red hair that contrasted sharply with his light skin and black eyes.

He was, well, sort of getting embarrassed by Davis' raucous nitpicking on the hapless breakfast item. After all, there were kind of in the middle of the restaurant that sold Egg McMuffins at that moment, and Koushiro was sure that people miles around could hear Davis' criticizing voice..

"Davis, if you'll stop condemning your food for a second.." Koushiro started, motioning to the Egg McMuffin in the goggle-wearing boy's hands. "I'll explain to you why-" It was a nice offer, but Davis cut his friend's words off.

"I mean, LOOK at it! It's not a muffin! It's an egg on some weird bread with ham and cheese! They should call it a Ham-egg-cheese McBread!!"

Koushiro kindly made no comment on that, and shook his head slowly while he chewed on some hash browns. Tasty little potato rounds, but too greasy to be added to his favorite's list permanently.

"They're so weird.." Davis said suddenly, scratching the back of his neck. Koushiro peered at him, curiously arching an eyebrow. Davis sweatdropped at nothing. "I-I mean.. the bread looks like it's dusty..."


"..the egg is.... fluffy.."


"...and the ham is so FLAT! What is UP with that!?"

"Davis!" Koushiro barked sharply, clearly demanding attention from the other boy.

"............and the cheese is sticky!" Davis added, dropping the sandwich - which contained only one bite mark - onto the wrapper it came in. He crossed his arms, looking stubborn. The trademark gleam in his eyes meant he had something up his sleeve, which kept Koushiro on aware.

The redhead popped another hash brown into his mouth.

Davis began to fidget. His stomach growled and his eyes shifted from his barely touched Egg McMuffin to his friend. "Um.. Izzy...."

Koushiro glanced up at Davis before returning to quietly eating his breakfast.

Davis' fidgeting increased as he watched Koushiro consume his meal.


The boy genius paused in mid-chew, looking up at Davis' somewhat embarrassed face. "Mm?"

"I-I was just wondering... C-Can... I mean... Are..... you........" Davis choked on his words as if they were impossible to say. Or as if he were trying to cough up a mammothmon. Koushiro sweatdropped. His black eyes provoked Davis to finish his query.

"A-ah... Are-you-gonna-eat-all-that?" He finally blurted.

Koushiro facefalted.

~Sakana no Owari