Taking off her cardigan, gripping the phone tightly in her hand, Lisa dumped the piece of white clothing into the bin. Adrenaline surged through her tired body, her mind was wrought with thoughts and fears. She could hear her shoes tap against the stone floor, her knees were light and weakened in her heightened state, the loudness of her breathing drowned out the noise of the airport. She spotted two security men, seeming to hasten somewhere.

'I must blend in!' she thought, suddenly. She spotted a clipboard out of the corner of her eye and a spur of the moment plan changed her tapping shoes toward the small restaurant.

The women looked slightly agitated and confused as she sat down.

"Hi, I'm Wendy for Airport Food Services, have you dined at this terminal before?" Lisa asked in a hasted but managerial tone. As the women began to turn their heads, she darted away, speed walking toward the duty-free shops. The phone in her hand became heavy, the weight of what she had done pressed on her chest. Suffocating her. She dialled for her hotel, his phone denied the call for lack of signal.

"No! Shit!." She exclaimed under a quiet breath, glancing upward, she spotted the barman, yet another idea forming in her mind. Taking in a deep breath, she approached, appearing flustered and worn out.

"Hi there, I'm so sorry to bother you, but my phone isn't working, is there anyway I can use the phone? Please it's an emergency!" She gasped, polite, placing a broad but false smile on her face. The barman looked just as tired as she did and by no means willing to do a good deed.

"Im sorry, Miss, but it isn't policy to do s-" He was interrupted by another man, sat on the stool to the left, peppered hair graced his temples, around the same age as her father.

"Here, please use mine." He stated in a hard but friendly tone, she suspected his gruff voice was from years of smoking. She pulled a dramatic sigh.

"Oh, Thank-you so much, sir! I can't tell you how important this call is!" She looked at him anxiously, the barman serving another woman next to her.

"I'm just gonna take this ov-" She motioned to where the tables were. He simply raised his hand an smiled.

Her breathing was erratic again, punching in the hotel's number with shaky hands, the dial-tone heightened her anticipation and made her feel nauseous, it felt like decade before her call was answered.

"Lux Atlantic Resort, this is Cyn-"

"Cynthia! Put me through to Keefe's room!" She interrupted, watching her surroundings carefully.

"Lisa?. What do you mean?" She anxiously replied.

"Evacuate the hotel, get everyone out, Keefe is a target, Cynthia, Keefe is a target!" Lisa said with a shrill like quality to her voice.


"Somebody is going to kill him Cynthia, please, get him OUT!" Lisa her a gasp before the phone went silent. Lisa closed her eyes, releasing a long breath.

"Excuse me, Miss?" A gruff voice asked. She opened her eyes to reveal the owner of the phone she was using.

"I'm sorry ,but I must catch my flight, I hope everything is OK now?" He continued kindly, Lisa gave a smile, forever grateful for his kindness.

"Yes, Thank-you so much, it's alright now." She replied happily, placing the phone into his hand.

"Have a good flight." She stated, a managerial tone seeping into her words.

"Thank-you, take care." He responded, already moving away.

Lisa turned and walked toward the exit, once again trying Jackson's phone.

"Dammit!" She cried, receiving a few wary stares from other passengers around her. She glanced at security security pounding up the escalators, quickly, she picked up a magazine, turning away from them and towards the small shop and awaited the footsteps to become distant before trailing backwards and looking after them. Her gazed landed on the lean figure of Jackson Rippner, recognition in his own eyes led to a malicious anger, his shoulders became tense. Blood pumped loudly in her ears, a gripping fear clutched at her chest making her dizzy. She did the only thing she could think of to do.

She dropped the magazine and ran full sprint to the exit.

Too afraid to look back, she continued on, as if Hades himself were chasing after her, up the flight of stairs, her legs burning with effort, she glanced downwards, seeing him just below, hair messed from his own sprint. Pushing past a mother and daughter with an 'I'm sorry', she pounded on, well aware of the concerned look from other passengers, but too afraid to shout out. All the could do was continue her pursuit.

"Heads up!" She shouted, gaining an uninterrupted path through a cluster of passengers. If it weren't for her loud breathing, she would have been able to hear Jackson's own footsteps echoing her own. Twisting, she tried to look back, just as her heel caught in the travelator, making her trip and fall clumsily onto the carpet, earning burns on her knees and elbows. Turning sideways, she watched him bound past a passenger, knocking him brutally out of the way. Standing up with effort as her legs ached and burned, she switched the phone into her other hand and moved on, well aware that she was close to leaving Miami airport.

Twisting round the corner, she barged into the monorail, making everyone alert and wary of her panicked gaze. Silently pleading with the doors to close.

"Come on, come on, Close!" She begged quietly, desperately. All at once, his dark figure came into view, a loud wheezing deafened her ears, a masculine hand wrapped it way around the edge of the door, followed by a foot. He grabbed at her, suddenly very aware of the other worried passengers, he watched them clutch at their luggage even harder. She could hear anger in his wheezing, something uncontrollable, something unleashed.

The doors closed.

"Jackson, please, N-" She began, her voice coated in terror and equally shaky. He pulled her into what she was sure was the look of a hug on the outside, but she knew, it was a way to make her know who was in control, that she would resent his closeness but he would still no longer allow her out of reach.

"Shhh." He whispered into her hair. She pushed against his chest but to no avail, both were breathing heavily. She felt him tilt her chin up and move her head to the side, in her fear, she found it difficult to breathe, a deadly weight rested upon her, crushing her struggles.

"Think you would get away did you?" He hissed into her ear, his hot breathe sending revulsion down her spine.

"You have no idea, what is coming your way.." He added enigmatically. She felt his head move again, tears burned in her eyes and refused to fall.

"Give me the phone, Leese." He demanded quietly, yet managing to convey violence in every letter. Her limbs were frozen in place, the movement of the monorail and the closeness of Jackson made her dizzy and nauseous, suddenly, a sob rose in her throat. For appearances sake, he began stroking her hair and then her cheek.

"Don't make me ask again." He warned. Numb limbs moved into action, raising her arm for him to take his phone from her hold.

"Good girl." He whispered as the monorail came to a stop.