Extrinsic Souls

Author's Note: Thank you all for joining me for my fanfiction debut! I am dedicating this story to Lilith St. James who wrote the series of Danny Phantom: "For the Love of a Halfa". When those stories were published her pen name was MoonHawke, but all the same, her stories inspired me to create this one. This incredible author also created a character that I'm in love with. All credit of this character goes directly to Lilith St. James who has graciously allowed me to use this character that will come into this story later on. (No sneak peeks!)

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN DANNY PHANTOM. If I did, I'd mass produce glowing green contacts and Danny Phantom's Hazmat suit. Because cosplay.


My name is Danny Phantom, and I am dead.

Well, half dead...

When I was fourteen, I was involved in a lab accident. Of my own making, of course, but that's beside the point. I was messing around in my parent's lab, looking for something - my cellphone? I can't really remember.

Funny how something so small, so insignificant, can change your life forever. The choices we make define us, and now I must live with being a Halfa - a human who is half ghost. Now I am humanity's champion. I protected my town for years as Danny Phantom, but now my secret is out, and it seems I have to fend off the humans who idolize me as often as the ghosts who threaten us all.

Now, a new threat looms just over the horizon. A threat the likes of which I have never known before. A name not uttered in the barest of whispers. A power – the power – to destroy everything and everyone that I love. Clockwork tells me this threat comes for me soon, and even he has retreated to his own ghostly realm to weather this storm.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Chapter One: Adjustments

Dash Bash 2



Dusk til dawn

Dash had a party at the end of every school year. It was the party of the year. You know the party where everyone goes and gets drunk, but whoever can function the best after near alcohol poisoning is hailed as champion and forever popular? Yeah, that kind of party.

I folded the invitation in half and slipped it into my pocket. Last year, when I was celebrating the end of my freshman year, I'd decided against going to Dash's "Bash" because... A lot of reasons.

To name a few:

1) I wasn't that popular.

2) Something to do with the fact that every time I've tried to enjoy myself, a ghost shows up.

After that it's routine. Hide behind a trash can. Go ghost. Kick ass. Hide. Change back. Ask, "What did I miss?" Avoid questioning.

Simple... And exhausting.

Now the tables were turned. I felt good about not having to keep my biggest secret... Well, a secret. The attention, though. Could do without that.

On the last Saturday evening before the final week of school, Sam and I, my girlfriend of since-the-almost-apocalypse, had been enjoying time away from ghost hunting just hanging out in the park. Of course, the universe never let us simply, "enjoy time". Some random teenage girl shouted, "Look everyone! It's Danny!"

Abruptly, I had been surrounded by a group of at least two dozen people. Which begs the question, where in the helluvit did all those people come from? Sam had been pushed into the waiting arms of half a dozen onlookers asking her for her autograph.

Meanwhile, I was being mobbed by some girls from school asking me to sign their over-sized pictures of - you guessed it! - Danny Phantom. Various colored smudges that looked suspiciously of lipstick covered the posters. In the end, Sam and I escaped from all the rabid fans by me going ghost (which had only increased the deafening roar of screaming girls), turning invisible, grabbing Sam, and flying off to my house.

Since the whole "Phantom Planet" incident, as the inventive news anchors had begun calling it, things had been pretty screwed up. I thought the hero worship would be wicked. Wrong! Danny gets an F. Hero worship sucked. What the heck is up with teenage girls? Control your hormones, ladies! Tucker didn't seem to mind the attention he was scoring. Amity Park's youngest mayor in all history was practically an overnight superstar. Guess everyone enjoys red berets and geeky catch phrases.

Tucker had a lot on his plate these days. Being mayor wasn't exactly a piece of cake. Especially not when he was trying to balance school on top of it. It seemed as thought Vlad had royally screwed up the political side of Amity Park when he was in office. Sooner rather than later, some adjustments were going to be made.

What could use some adjusting is my English grade. Lancer had hit an all new level of douche-baggery. Guess who was ridiculed every class and given extra assignments when they had to leave the classroom to go save some kid from being bullied by a ghost? Yours truly. The old, "Can I go to bathroom?" trick didn't seem to do its magic quite like it used to.

But, come on! Appreciate the muscles over here!

Can't have it both ways...

And then that brings us back to square one. Dash's party. To go or not to go? There couldn't be any harm, could there? Plus, I'd be there with Sam.

Why not just take a leap? Take a risk. Nothing that bad could happen.

Update on June 2nd: Thanks for reading! This story is currently under reconstruction, so if some things seem a little messy, it's because it is. If you read this story a while ago, you'll see that the prologue is entirely different. Will the rest of this story be entirely different? Not entirely, no. I will post these "updates" after every chapter once I've gone through and made my changes.