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Chapter 20: Part Two

Sam's POV

My head ached from all the memories that were rushing in like a hurricane. Holding the sides of my head, I thrashed around on the ground, wishing it would all stop. The past week was replaying in my head, and it was just too painful to bear. Then it all started to melt away in a beautiful bliss, leaving me with only one thought. To hunt down the one who was truly responsible for this whole thing. To make him writhe in pain until he couldn't stand it anymore. Yes, that is what I wanted for him. To watch him suffer as I had.

Flying over the masses of black and white swarms was easy, but finding an individual in the chaos was harder. Let's just say his hair gave him away. The moment I spotted him, I shifted my gears into hyper drive and readied my fists the drive him into the ground as I descended upon him in record speed. And it worked.

No pain erupted from my fists as they slammed into the man, making sizable dents in his armor. By the time his screams reached my ears, I had already started using my fire powers to melt the black metal he wore. The man collapsed on the ground. Kicking him in the chest made him roll over, revealing his face. Icy blue skin, pure white teeth and sharp canines, black beard, glowing red eyes, and a black do that made him look like a Wolverine-wannabe.

"Vlad," I spat through gritted teeth. He choked a couple times and rose shakily from the ground.

"I see the c–" he coughed again "control has been released."

"Yeah, and now I know how involved you were with this!" At the last word, I fired a yellow bolt at him, which made him fly about seven yards. I sighed and flew over to him. "What I don't understand is how exactly you got back to Earth."

Vlad chuckled lightly. "Oh, yes. That is a rather fascinating tale. You see–"

"I do understand that I don't really care all that much," I snapped. "Why did you do all this?"

Vlad wiped some blood off the corner of his mouth. "It's actually simple," he said. "I wanted to live in Phantom Pavilion, but the Princes and Princesses told me that they didn't want me. Bunch of paranoid fools if you ask me." He inhaled and shook is head with tolerant amusement. "They didn't want to deal with another villain. I knew nothing of the first one, so I set out to find him. And I did," he said smugly. "I became aware of his plans to take over Phantom Pavilion, and I wanted in on it. We formed an alliance, and gathered all the ghosts in the Ghost Zone. Told them that they would be adding on to their realm, and they believed it." He let loose a roar of laughter, but quickly recollected himself. "So now here we are!"

"But, I don't understand where I come in at," I confessed.

"Oh!" Vlad guffawed. "You don't, do you? Allow me to shed some light on the subject. I've been paid a rather nice price for you and your boyfriend, Daniel. He's the one who planned all of this!" Vlad swept his hand towards the colliding Halfas and ghosts. I realized for the first time how many people had fallen as I look at the trampled, soaked ground. "You and Daniel are a special prize." I turned back to face him, trying not to let the confusion show on my face. "You wonder why you have certain powers that no other Halfas possess. There are some that you have yet to discover! You wonder why you learned how to use your powers so quickly, and I have all of the answers. Come with me, and I will tell you everything." He reached out an armored hand, and looked into my eyes, the sympathy clear on his face.

Vlad could explain everything to me. I wouldn't have to be in the dark. I could know everything. Everything. I stumbled forward, and reached out for his hand. I grasped it firmly, as Vlad smiled sickeningly.

Bolts of electricity sprung from my own hand. Vlad shrieked in pain as he fell backwards. He scrambled away and attempted to put up a shield, but a good ball of fire put a stop to that. I blasted him again and again with everything I had. Finally, he got smart and turned intangible. I waited for him to reappear.

I felt a soft nudge on my back. Whipping around, I saw that Vlad had tried blasting me with an ecto-ray. How had that not hurt me? Dumbfounded, I look to Vlad to see the same expression on his face. It seemed to slowly dawn on him.

"The spell. . . ." he muttered. He shook his head and a growl ripped from his throat. "Nothing can harm you. Make the most of your gifts before they become your curse." He snapped his fingers, and in a bright red flash, he vanished.