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Professor Albus Dumbledore looked around his office at the people gathered there. The remainders of the Order of the Phoenix from the last war were there, along with a few new faces. Severus Snape stood a slight distance from the rest of the group, his face schooled to indifference. Alistair Moody stood next to a young Auror, Nymphadora Tonks. The young half blood was a cousin of another former member of the Order, the traitor Sirius Black. Minerva McGonagall and Remus Lupin were seated in front of the headmaster's desk. Kingsley Shacklebolt stood behind Remus, his gold earring twinkling in the light. Leaning against the door was Rubeus Hagrid, a giant of a man who barely fit into the office. Letting himself fold into his chair, Dumbledore stroked his beard.

"Two weeks ago, Arabella Figg reported that the Dursleys left their home for a vacation and took Harry Potter with them. This morning they returned without Mr. Potter," he said. This caused immediate uproar among the Order until he slammed one fist to his desk. "Alastor, I want you to take Kingsley and young Miss Tonks to Privet Drive and find out precisely what happened. No matter what, the blood wards around the home have fully fallen, so his family is no longer a safe haven for Harry," he instructed. The three Aurors stood and left the room. Remus leaned forward with his head in his hands, breathing shakily.

"I told you Petunia Dursley wouldn't accept her nephew for long," he said, his eyes flickering yellow. Remus was a werewolf, and the full moon was the next night. Dumbledore glanced at Snape, who pulled a Calming Draught from his robes and grudgingly handed it over to his old enemy.

"Severus, I would like you to work with Minerva to employ the tracking spell attached to Mr. Potter to try and find him. We must move quickly before a Death Eater learns he is not protected any longer," Dumbledore said. Nodding stiffly, Snape left the office, followed shortly by Minerva. Hagrid helped Remus out of the office and Dumbledore slouched in his chair.

Several hundred miles away, Captain Narya Sparrow was walking along a quiet beach, singing to herself as she consulted an old compass in her hand. She had followed it almost two miles from her ship when it began to wiggle slightly. She looked up at her surroundings and saw a small copse of trees near the edge of the beach. The slightest twitch of a branch told her she was being watched.

"Hello? I won't hurt you, you can come out," she called softly. The trees rustled and a small boy stepped out. He was bone thin, wearing old clothes several sizes too big that hung off his body. His wild black hair stood out every which way, and round glasses patched clumsily with tape rested on his nose. Narya's heart went out to this small child. "Come on then, come sit down here. What's your name?" she asked, brushing her wild hair back from her face. Her skin held the deep golden hue of someone who spent a large amount of time outdoors, slightly almond eyes of dark blue twinkling out from her face. She pulled a bit of jerky from the pocket of the vest she wore and offered it to the boy. He scurried down to the beach and took the jerky, wolfing it down quickly. Narya was shocked at how ravenously he ate. When he had finished chewing the last bit of jerky, he looked shyly up at her with the most vivid green eyes she had ever seen.

"Harry Potter," he said meekly. Narya smiled warmly and held out her hand.

"Captain Narya Sparrow, at your service. How long have you been on your own?" she asked. Harry clutched his knees to his chest.

"A few days. My relatives brought me down here and just left me by the water, drove off. They said I was just too much of a freak and they wouldn't take it anymore," he confessed. Narya felt a surge of rage at the callous mistreatment of this child. She saw it often in some of the rougher ports she sailed to, but to see it here in England was almost too much to bear. She glanced down at her compass.

Narya Sparrow came from a long line of pirates and seafaring folk. One of her ancestors had made a bargain with a sea goddess and received an enchanted compass. The compass was spelled to lead the bearer to the one thing they wanted most at that moment. Her entire crew was very accepting of the mystical properties of the compass and willingly followed her as she sailed by it. Now that compass was pointing at the small boy huddled next to her in the sand. Moving carefully, Narya wrapped her arms around the boy in a comforting embrace. He went stiff for a moment, and then relaxed into her arms, the soothing weight reminding him of a faded feeling of security. After a few moments, Narya lifted her head and looked at the young boy.

"Would you like to see my ship?" she asked. The boy nodded eagerly and she stood up, taking his hand and leading him along the shore to where her ship was waiting. It was a long walk, and partway there Narya lifted the small boy up onto her shoulders to rest his weak body. She sang a pirate song to keep him entertained as they walked until they came around a curve to a small cove. There, bobbing slightly in the small waves was a beautiful ship. Harry stared out at the ship in awe.

"The Black Pearl. The fastest sailing vessel on the Seven Seas. Eighty-five feet long, one of the last sailing cargo ships. What do you think?" she asked.

"It's brilliant!" he exclaimed. Narya laughed and swung Harry down onto the sand.

"Well then, how would you like to come aboard and take a better look? I can even offer you a bunk for the night and some good food," she offered. Harry looked up at her in surprise.

"But, why me? My relatives are right, I am a freak. Things happen around me, I can't control them," he protested. Narya knelt down next to the boy, her expression absolutely serious.

"Listen carefully to me Harry. You are not a freak. If things happen around you that you cannot control, well, then they happen. It is not your fault that strange things occur around you. You are a very special little boy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise," she said. Her earnest statement seemed to set the boy at ease, for he nodded in understanding and Narya grinned happily, leading him to the longboat beached on the shore. Harry climbed in and Narya pushed them into the water, her strong arms pulling the oars to quickly bring them to the side of the ship. As they got closer, Harry could see people moving around the deck, climbing the rigging, and shouting to each other, words he didn't understand. The longboat neared the side of the ship and Narya shouted up to the deck. A rope ladder was dropped down the side and more ropes were tossed down that Narya tied to the boat. She helped Harry begin the climb up to the deck and followed after him. When he reached the deck, he looked around warily. A number of men were standing around staring at him, some shirtless in the summer sun with many tattoos covering their flesh. Behind him, he could hear boots striking the deck as Narya hopped over the rail.

"Alright ye bilge rats, back to work!" she bellowed. The effect of her voice was immediate. Every crew member went right back to their work as one man walked forward. He had sandy hair tied back at the base of his skull, and smiling brown eyes. He wore a simple white linen shirt and brown pants tucked into brown leather boots.

"Captain, the cargo has been unloaded, and I've heard tell of another job in Bath," he said, offering Harry a small smile.

"Very good Mr. Turner. This is Master Potter. He will be joining us tonight in the least. Would you kindly take him below, get him cleaned up and properly clothed, and then leave him in Cook's care. She'll see that he's fed a good meal. Harry, I'll send for you once I'm done resupplying the ship. I promise you that no one on this ship will harm you," Narya said. Harry nodded and followed Mr. Turner down into the ship while Narya turned back to her crew and began bellowing orders. Down below, Mr. Turner and a young girl of about seventeen filled a tub and proceeded to scrub the small boy to within an inch of his life. Once he was cleaner than he had ever been in his young life, the girl, a South African native named Zola, found the smallest breeches and shirt she could find. They had no boots to fit his feet, so Harry kept his old trainers.

"Don't worry Harry. Captain will see to it that you have a full set of clothes before we leave port," Zola soothed. Mr. Turner then led Harry into the galley where an older woman was busy chopping onions and peppers to put into a huge pot that was giving off a rich aroma. She turned around to glare at Mr. Turner, but her face melted when she saw Harry standing next to the man.

"Look at you, all skin and bones. You come over here and I'll fix that up," she said. Mr. Turner smiled and bid Harry goodbye. Cook dished out a large bowl of stew and set Harry on the counter with it. "You eat that and just let me know if you want some more," she said, turning back to her chopping. Harry tucked into his seafood stew with relish, amazed at the different flavors that filled his mouth. He asked Cook what was in it, and she happily told him the names of the different ocean life in the stew. When he had eaten all his malnourished stomach could hold, he took his bowl over to the bucket and began to wash the dishes there. When Cook turned around from her pot, he was already halfway done. Smiling gently at the boy, she moved to help him. Cook told him about her many years serving on the Pearl, first under Narya's father, Alexander, and then under Narya. She told tales about the precocious Narya scurrying up the rigging as a small girl, engaging in mock battles with the crew on the deck, and even the tale of her bravely manning the helm during a storm at sea when she was only twelve while her father helped the crew to tie everything down. By the time Mr. Turner arrived to bring Harry up to meet with Narya, the galley was sparkling clean. Harry followed Mr. Turner to a door under the stairs up to the helm and inside. Narya sat at an ornately carved desk, looking over a chart spread out before her. When she saw Harry standing before her, she smiled brilliantly.

"Well now, you look much better now that you've got some proper clothes and you've had a good meal. Mr. Turner, inform the crew that we will be leaving with the morning tide," she said. Mr. Turner nodded and left the two of them in the cabin. Narya sat back and looked over the young boy before her. "How old are you Harry?" she asked.

"I'll be seven on the 31st of July, Captain," he replied dutifully. Narya bit back a curse. No wonder the boy was so small.

"Harry, I would like to offer you a place on my ship. You will serve as cabin boy, which basically means that we will teach you how to do all the other jobs on the ship, and you will act as runner. If someone needs something from below deck, they will send you to get it. You will have to learn every inch of this ship, from stem to stern. Do you think you're up to the challenge?" she asked. Harry was practically bouncing with excitement.

"You mean I can stay?" he exclaimed. Narya smiled and nodded. Harry whooped in excitement and threw his arms around her neck. She returned the hug, feeling a sense of contentment for the first time in a long time. She moved back from the hug and brushed his wild bangs away from his forehead, her fingers tracing over the lightning bolt shaped scar on his brow. Harry frowned and moved to tug his bangs back over the scar but Narya stopped him.

"That is the symbol for the god Zeus. He ruled over Mount Olympus in the time of the ancient Greeks. Never be ashamed of such a proud mark. I'll take you to Greece and show you the temples they built," she said. Harry's eyes shone with excitement.

"Really?" he asked. Narya grinned.

"Harry. I'm Captain Narya Sparrow. Of course I will," she replied.

Snape fumed to himself as he stood in the shadow of an alley in Bath. The tracking spell had been hard to pin down, but they had finally tracked the boy to this town. Snape had followed the trail to the docks where a number of ships were docked, including one sailing ship that looked pulled from a history book. Men and women climbed the rigging and drew in the sails while others were working to move things about on the deck. Standing at the helm was a woman in form fitting pants, a billowing white shirt under a black vest, and leather boots. Her wild hair was a curious blend of brown, gold, red, and black. She called down to the deck, and one of the men responded. The woman, obviously the captain, came down to the deck and called up to the rigging. A small figure grabbed a rope and swung down to the deck. The wild black hair that so resembled James Potter told Snape he had found his target. The boy raced across the deck and took a flying leap into the captain's arms. She laughed and embraced the boy while the crew chuckled. Harry clambered onto her back like a monkey while she spoke to the crew for a moment, and then he slid to the deck and took her hand, the pair of them leading the way down to the docks. The crew separated to enjoy their time on shore while Harry and the captain walked toward the supply shops in town. Snape followed as close as he dared, trying to figure out what this woman's angle was. The pair went from shop to shop, ordering supplies for the ship, and then they went to an optometrist. Snape was frowning as he waited for them to emerge. The boy already had glasses; he had seen that quite clearly. When they finally came out, Harry was wearing new glasses. These were smaller and fit his face better, with copper colored frames that enhanced the vivid green in his eyes. The pair neared the alley where he had hidden himself, and he could make out what they were saying.

"What about your mum and dad? Did your relatives ever say what happened to them?" the woman's voice had a musical quality to it.

"Uncle Vernon said they were drunks that died in a car crash," Harry's voice was soft, quiet. The pair stopped at the mouth of the alley and the woman kneeled before Harry.

"Don't you dare believe that Harry. They lied when they called you a freak and they lied when they said you were a waste of space. There's something special about you Harry, the whole crew can see it. I'd wager that what happened to your parents was far from what those blighted relatives of yours claimed. I can feel it in my bones, your parents loved you very much," she said.

"I like to think that my mum would have been just like you," Harry said. The woman gathered him into her arms, her blue eyes glistening with tears.

"I think she would have been even greater than me," she replied softly. Snape slid farther into the shadows and Apparated away, somehow feeling that the woman had seen him in the shadows. He arrived at the gates to the school and stormed up to the castle and into the headmaster's office.

"I've found the boy," he said. Dumbledore looked up at him just as his fireplace roared to life and the three Aurors appeared.

"Albus, those people are more deserving of Azkaban than any I have ever encountered!" Tonks exclaimed, her hair turning bright red in her anger.

"The Dursleys freely admitted to locking Potter inside a cupboard under the stairs for days at a time, barely feeding him, and working him like a slave. Apparently the boy's use of accidental magic was too much for their Muggle sensibilities, and they abandoned him on the shoreline," Alistair reported. Dumbledore looked stricken.

"By Merlin. I never would have imagined," he said.

"The boy is now under the care of someone with much more sense. His new caretaker has seen to it that he is properly clothed and fed, and she even purchased new glasses for him. This woman spoke to him of his parents and called his aunt and uncle liars. They told the boy James and Lily were drunks who were killed in a car crash," Snape said. Kinsley looked up at him in surprise.

"James and Lily Potter killed in something so pedestrian?" he asked incredulously.

"The Dursleys were trying to keep Harry from being like his parents. Any instance of accidental magic was met with severe beatings and he was locked in a cupboard for days. They wouldn't even let him use the loo. Then they would beat him when he came out for soiling himself," Tonks said, her hair turning a deep blue.

"Severus, what can you tell us about this new guardian of Harry's?" Dumbledore asked.

"She is captain of a sailing vessel. From what I observed, the crew is very loyal to her and they all watch out for Potter. However, they are all Muggles," Snape replied. Dumbledore looked thoughtful.

"Perhaps this ship is not the best place for Mr. Potter. After all, there is no telling how these sailors will react to any accidental magic," he said.

"What was the name of the ship?" Kingsley asked suddenly.

"The Black Pearl. It looked like an old style, but clearly in very good condition," Snape said. There was an uproar from one of the portraits on the wall. Dumbledore flicked his wand and the portrait lifted off the wall and descended to the desk. The witch in the portrait wore a gown from the 1600's of pale rose; her hair curled and styled high on her head.

"I have heard stories of such a ship. Tell me, was she made of black wood, perhaps with black sails?" she asked eagerly.

"The sails were normal canvas, but the ship was indeed made of black wood," Snape confirmed. The witch actually dimpled.

"It is the same ship. During my tenure as headmistress there were numerous reports of a black pirate ship faster than anything in the Royal Navy. Her captain was rather notorious, and had a surprisingly ingenious knack for seeing things we tried to keep hidden. One of my students actually found the ship and reported that the entire thing was imbued with strong magic. Any time the Aurors tried to find the ship and learn about the magic, it was already gone by the time they reached the dock. It appears the Black Pearl still holds its secrets," she said.

"Perhaps if someone were to meet with the captain, we can at least ensure that we will be able to contact Potter," Alistair suggested. Dumbledore appeared to think for a few moments.

"I'll ask Minerva to speak to this captain. All we have to do for now is ensure his safety until he can come to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said. Unfortunately for them, by the time Professor McGonagall arrived at the port, the ship had already sailed, taking young Harry Potter to parts unknown.

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