I usually a DC girl but, now after watching so, many episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I want to do a few couple stories mostly smut and some of them of the people being caught.

Couples are

-Tony and Pepper

-Clint and Tasha

- Pym and Janet

-Thor and Jane

-Captain America and OC (Elaina Smith aka Scarlet Lass)

-Hulk/Bruce Banner and OC (Maria Ross aka Hulkette)


Elaina Smith aka Scarlet Lass…

A 1940s woman who was capture by Hydra and frozen so, she just like Captain America Super strength and speed. Her uniform is a scarlet red with white stars on it. She had blue boots and mask with a shield like Captain Americas after he was 'dead' she took over but, didn't last long due to no training was done to help her out. When Elaina doesn't have her outfit on she usually has on a nice blue dress and her long blond hair down with her sparkling blue eyes that are very noticeable.

Maria Ross aka Hulkette….

A scientist that was kidnapped and was injected with intense amounts a radiation soon she turns into a hulk but, in girl form know she fights along the side of the Avengers as Hulkette. Hulkette wears purple shorts with a purple sports bra. When Maria is not Hulkette she either hangs out in the lab or goes fishing with Bruce when he's out as well. Maria has dark reddish brownish hair and bright grey eyes.