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He could hear footsteps coming near him, slowly he felt himself rise with two strong grips on his shoulder. He couldn't move and could barely even talk, let alone know what was happening around him. Someone had seated him upright and had cuffed his hands to the seat.

"What's going on? Where am I?"

He could see his hands were covered in bandages. He was treated? Was he drugged as well? Probably not. Though, he could feel the pain in his body and it wasn't receding. Whatever happened that time from where he was at, he was treated. He wasn't even drugged to treat the pain. He was in a position where he couldn't complain, even when he wanted to.

What the hell happened to him?

He was still disoriented, not sure whether things were still what they used to be. He opened his eyes and the light struck, he was forced to shut them tightly to avoid the blinding and irritating light.

"Where am I? How did I get here?"

He opened his eyes again, adjusting to the light. The room was small, all metal, there was a table in front of him and a chair opposite him. Pain surged through his body as he hissed in pain. Why was he here again? Last thing he remembered was waiting in the hotel for an interview.

But now, he was somewhere he didn't know.

He reacted as he raised his arms only to be stopped by a clanking noise. He looked down at his hands, he was handcuffed. Oh, yeah, he forgot about that. He took a deep breath and thought.

Did he do something wrong?

His thoughts were interrupted when someone entered the room. He shook silently, fearing for what was coming. Worried that he might cause more trouble than he was already in. He stared at the man in front of him, he was wearing a good suit. He had a communicator in his ear and was holding a file and a phone.

That was his, wasn't it? And a key?

That was his too.

The man sat in front of him, placed the things on the table as he eyed him wearily. Then the man reached for his earpiece and nodded, hearing some kind of communication behind the other line. The look on the mans face spelled horror, he was terrified of something but was strong enough not to show too much of it.

He acted as he should.

He could tell, the man was unease.

The man coughed and straightened himself, he almost looked like he was prepared for battle. Though, he did not. He was about to question him, he wasn't sure if he could answer the man's question though. The headache he was feeling was beginning to become unbearable.

If only the man knew this. Though, even with the pain, he tried to make the best of things. It was nerve-wracking enough to wake up somewhere you don't know, he didn't need to endure more problems.

What could the police want with him?

He wondered what the hell it was that he did wrong to end up this way. He felt beaten, badly. He felt weak and in pain. Did he get in a fight? Or was he robbed or something? Why couldn't he remember anything?

"Sir." The man said, ramming his thoughts.

"..." He lifted his head.

Silence was their issue here.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions." The man continued.

"Questions?" He thought, but let go immediately after feeling his head throb again. He nodded, hoping to let it be done with. The man was a bit shocked at his reaction. He wondered why? He inwardly shook his head. Never mind. Whatever it was to get him in this kind of trouble, was something he needed to know.

"Sir." He could barely focus on the man's words. "We'll start of with something easy. What's your name?"

He took a deep breath. "T-tom..."

"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that." The man wondered, a little shaken.

"My name is T-tom..." He stuttered a little, pain running through his systems. "Tom Hiddles."


(A few hours earlier)

The Avengers had assembled in one spot to see off one of their teammate. It was the God of Thunder and his brother, Loki, who was now gagged and magically handcuffed to prevent any more chaos. The battle of Mischief was over, they had saved the planet from being invaded by 'aliens.'

Everyone of the avengers were there, Tony Stark with his fashionable car and his suit inside the briefcase. Natasha at the side with her gun tucked in her jeans. Bruce right behind Tony. Clint standing beside Natasha. Steve watched as he eyed Loki, who was pissed off at the moment. Thor held his hammer and the tesseract on the other hand.

"See yah, big guy." Tony smiled, still wearing his sunglasses. "Be sure to send me a postcard. On second thought, make that a souvenir, that would be awesome!"

"You'll come back, right?" Natasha wondered.

"Someday perhaps, but I must fix things back in Asgard!" Thor concluded and looked at Loki, who didn't seem to care. "I hope that father will not be too disappointed at what Loki has become."

"Just keep Loki in line." Steve muttered. "See you soon, Thor."

"Like that would be a problem." Clint nudged 'Cap's' ribs. "Dude's gagged and cuffed. He'll be gone to Asgard prison before you know it."

"Bye, Thor." Banner smiled at the sidelines.

"Farewell my friends, though tis' not a real farewell. There are more battles to come." Thor raised the cylinder as Loki grabbed the other end. "I shall see you soon, tell Jane I shall return."

"Foolish brother." Loki thought. "This is your fault."

If only looks could kill.

"Sure thing." Tony crossed his arms. "Just make sure 'God of Mischief' here will behave. And please, Thor, more battles? Let's just hope they won't be as destructive as the last one."

"Tony." Steve wanted to protest but Loki seemed eager to leave.

He twisted the device and they all waited for something to happen. Although, none did. Confused, they still waited for the right moment but it didn't come. It caused them all to blink.

Even Loki was unsure, his eyes begin to focus on the tesseract inside the cylinder. Tony wanted to protest but something had caught their attention, the cube inside began to flicker on and off.

"Is that suppose to happen?" Clint asked, which was stating the obvious.

"Is something wrong, friends?" Thor blinked, not sure whether he understood or not.

Natasha was ready to pull out her gun. "It's flickering." She said. "Should it be doing that?"

Bruce cupped his chin, a little worried. "That's not normal, is it?"

He turned to the other guys who knew just as much as he did about things like these. Erik was also confused about this and moved away from them. Unsure if he should interact.

A moment of silence ensued them.

Tony eyed the tesseract. "No, guess not."

He said, turning to Steve. "Hey Cap, better call in Fury?"

"Yeah, do that." Steve eyed Thor. "Let go of it, We're not sure what's going on."

"Brother, we are told to let go!" Thor shouted at Loki who didn't seem to be responding. "What is wrong with my brother? You are not ill, are you? Loki? Let go, brother!"

Tony had called in Fury but almost dropped his phone when he saw the way Loki was.

"What's going on?" Nobody answered him.

Loki's eyes were glowing green and his hand was still holding the end of the cylinder. He seemed distant. The tesseract flicked again and the glow became wider and wider.

"Brother!" Thor let go of the tesseract as his hand shook.

It was cold, freezing himself as he felt a burning sensation near his heart. He could no longer hold it. He eyed his brother one last time, worrying never lost its way out of his eyes.

"Thor, you better tell your brother to let go!" Clint bit his lips. "I think that things gonna blow!"

Too late.

The tesseract glowed bright blue and it almost blinded them. They closed their eyes as the light tried to seep through. Loki had let go of the tesseract and was thrown feets away from them. Thor shouted but stopped when the tesseract went bright again. A circular portal appeared right where they were standing. They were too baffled to help Loki who appeared to be unconscious on the ground, feet away from them.

"Damn it, where the hell is Fury?" Tony moved backwards to shield himself from whatever was to come.

"Hey, Cap. Do we need to suit up or what?" He wondered out loud. "That portal there seems like the same one from where that invasion came from, so give an order! I don't want to be the hero that goes solo again in outer space! That wasn't very pleasant last time, Cap!"

"I'm..." Steve seemed lost for words. "I'm not sure either, just be ready with whatever comes out."

"That's your plan?" Clint snorted as Banner threw him his bow and arrow from Tony's car. He released it and pointed at the portal. "Do you have a better idea?"

"No not really." Steve mumbled. "What do you think will come out of there?"

"Not sure." Banner muttered. "Careful, we' don't know what the tesseract is reacting to."

Thor was swinging his hammer. "This is my brother's doing, is it not?"

"We're not sure about that yet, big guy." Tony walked to his car and waited.

"Tony Stark, do you wish to explain then."

No use giving the god a simple answer.

"If you want to know, Thor, judging from the glowing green eyes your brother just did, he may have dome something to make the tesseract react that way. It's that or the tesseract is unstable. We can't tell that yet, unless I can get to probing the damn thing for answers. You know how I like to probe."

Before anyone can make a sad excuse of a retort, the portal exploded and threw a person to the ground. The smoke cleared and they all coughed as they walked towards the man. They all gasped upon seeing the uncanny resemblance to the trickster.

Thor bravely knelt down to see if the man was alive. He was breathing and had minor injuries, a few scrapes and bruises but he seemed fine.

"Is it just me, or does he look just like Loki?" Tony wondered. "Only more, human?"

"I sense no magic in him." Thor stood up and eyes his friends. "It is not trickery, he had come from the tesseract himself. Perhaps my brother knows. This man, is nothing more than a mere mortal."

"Ouch! Talk about being a mortal." Everyone ignored Tony.

The man was lying, unconscious, on his back. He had brownish golden curly hair. He was wearing a tight jacket and pants, grey shirt as well as boots with his pants tucked inside. He seemed harmless and in need of medical attention. So did Loki, who got himself bruised from the tesseract's explosion earlier.

The man moaned in pain. "Uhh..."

"Where's Fury? He should have been here by now." Steve questioned as he tried to pick up Loki's look-alike. Clint came to help him, supporting the man on the other side.

Tony and Banner were looking at the tesseract.

"Beats me. He probably got a signal of power, better yet, he probably saw the whole thing himself via satellite? Fury's never one to come at the most amazing of moments, when it comes to saving the world."

"He better get here quick." Natasha whispered. "Loki's chains are fried, so's the gag."

"At least he's unconscious just like the other one." Banner said as he helped Tony.

"My brother is powerless now." The god spoke as he aided Loki. "He is asleep and is drained of his magic. He cannot fight us."

"That's good to know, I don't want to get thrown out of another window." Tony scoffed. "That's for sure- Alright- We're just waiting for Fury now. God knows why he's late."

Thor picked Loki up by the waist and hoisted him up, supporting him from the shoulder. They all needed answers and none of them were sure what happened exactly but they knew it was bad. Having one Loki was enough, having two was something they never wanted to think about.

Finally the helicarrier hovered above them. At least Fury came. They were in deep trouble for what just happened. Now all they needed to do was explain.

Tony took a second glance at Loki's look-alike. He looked the same but he had that more peaceful, happy vibe than that ridiculous killer intent the real Loki had. He had hoped that what he was thinking was true. He just needed a little proof when the guy would wake up.

He just hoped Fury would go easy on him. But knowing Fury, nothing was easy.


He flew both Loki's into the helicarrier and immediately placed the real Loki into a holding cell. The other one was cuffed to the bed in the medical bay. Wounds were being treated and he was being monitored by one of Stark's machines. Fury ordered everything the Loki-look alike had, to be taken away.

That included his cell phone and keys, for a hotel, maybe?

The Avengers assembled in the meeting room and everyone sat. Natasha and Clint sat to the right. Banner and Tony were next and then Thor and Steve. Fury was standing up, looking a bit worried. The tension in the room was wild, even Tony had considered keeping kept quiet.

"Tell me again how this happened." Fury cupped his chin and turned to his team.

"What do you think happened?" Tony sarcastically rolled his eyes. "Apparently the guy we found is not from here, did you guys ever think of Loki having a twin? If he had a twin that would make an excellent explanation to why they look alike-"

"Tony." Steve muttered. "No time for jokes. We've had enough of our fill with problems like these."

"Just lighting things up for a new topic, Cap."

"No, Loki does not have one." Thor retorted and batted an eyebrow. "I would have known and he does not feel the same way as my brother feels. He is different. Less powerful. Like I had said, he is mortal."

"Judging from the portal, What do you think could have gone wrong with the tesseract?" Banner adjusted himself on the seat.

Fury turned to him, "A number of things, Dr." he said as he walked behind Tony.

"We've looked into the tesseract before." Banner sighed. " And we didn't even activate it. We can only assume it was activated by Loki, which could be why we have a double just like him. He's from where that portal came from. A possible alternate timeline?"

"True." Tony mumbled. "But still, that doesn't explain what he's doing here. Even Loki's shocked from what happened and we can't get answers as long as he's still unconscious. And, no, no torture. That's just wrong! Don't give me that look, Fury. I speak from experience."

"What do you suggest, Stark?" Fury growled, running out of options. "I can't have another loose canon wrecking the city. It's either we get answers and send him back or you fight him off. Which is a hell lot harder than the first one."

"We're not even sure if he's evil or not." Natasha interfered. "I mean, Thor said he was mortal."

"He's human." Clint mumbled in agreement. "So he can't really put up a fight against one of us. Given how injured he is."

"Interrogate him then." Thor suggested. "If none wish to torture him, then result to questioning him. Perhaps he will answer them truthfully."

"And what if he starts lying to us?" Steve messed with his hair. "It's bad enough Loki can somewhat manipulate people with words, what more if he does the same to us? And who's going to interrogate him, I'm not."

"Not me." Clint raised his foot on the table which Natasha easily swatted off and said, "Not me either."

"Perhaps I will." Thor suggested. "He has a resemblance that is great to my brothers!"

"Make Green Bean here do it." Tony pointed at Banner.

"No, I'm not good at that."

"QUIET!" Fury shouted, causing a moment of sheer uncomfortable silence.

"Good one, Fury." Tony tapped the table.

"Shut up, Stark, or I'll make you do it."

Fury opened a hologram screen to Loki's cell and the look-alike's cell. Loki was in a newer version of the holding cell they held him in the first time. This time, it was magic proof and completely sealed shut. There was a comfy couch at the side which they lay him on. He was asleep, wounds healing abnormally fast despite the lack of magic.

On the other screen, the man was in the medical bay, oxygen strapped to his mouth, arms bandaged and wrists cuffed to the bed. He was sleeping as well, but the medical team predicted that he'd soon wake up.

"I'll have someone else interrogate him. For now, we all provide the questions. First of all is his name, if we can tap into that then we'll get more answers. We just have to make sure we don't go to a dead end where he'll suspect something and close down."

"He has a cell phone right?" Tony wondered. "Have you tapped into that?"

"Yes, and as far as we've got, all our faces were in that phone." Fury pressed a few things on the table and their pictures appeared.

"That's creepy." Clint bit his lips. "I don't look like that, do I?"

"What's with the names?" Natasha wondered as they all went to see the names at the side. Phone numbers were also there. "Sharlotte? Is that my name in that alternate timeline you said, Dr. Banner?"

"It's possible we have a different life." Banner muttered. "We can't be sure until we question him."

"There is such a thing as alternate timelines." Thor stood up, fiddling with his hammer. "I've heard stories that certain powerful things can manipulate timelines. If Asgard exists and so does other realms, their world might be no different."

"Huh?" Tony messed with his beard."I just understood what you said."

"That still doesn't explain things clearly." Steve wondered.

"It will in time, Steve." Tony went to his phone and downloaded the names for JARVIS to check. "I mean, there are still other possible theories but Thor's word may be true. So we'll hold onto that information for now."

"Do you see something funny, Mr. Stark?" Natasha frowned as Tony began to snicker in the sidelines.

"So my name is Rob Devan? I'm a Devan?"

"You do look like one." Clint smirked.

"Shut up Barton." Tony glared at the pictures. "How did he get the name Devan?"

Tony didn't need reminders of his past and it sure sounded like something from his childhood coming to haunt him. Fury looked pissed at the moment, not sure how to apprehend the situation and he didn't seem to care. It was exciting to actually tackle 'Alternate Universes' and curiosity was getting the best of him.

"Know what, nobody answer that." Tony bit his lips and pointed.

"So there's a Sharlotte and me, there's you Barton, named Jeremiah Rhod, someone with the name Evans C. and Chris Worth and a Russo also a Sammy Jayson. Cool, got to say they pick out nice names for babies."

"Or it's just a joke." Clint disagreed. "Loki could have made it up. But if you want to stick to alternate universes then be my guest."

"Hey, Fury, give me the phone later so I can tap it to JARVIS." Tony sat back. "Maybe the signal on the internet on that other world is still intact and I can get a better connection to it. Maybe find out more information about our alternate selves. Which will be so awesome to learn, what the difference is-"

"Later, Stark. Our guest is waking up." Fury raised a finger to his earpiece and stared at the screen where the Loki look-alike began sitting up.

"Get him into one of the interrogation rooms and I want my best man to question him. Right now."

"I hope you know what you're doing, Director." Steve said.


The man blinked at him as if he was mad. Was it something he said? Should he even bother to repeat what he said? These were the police so he might as well cooperate. He waited for the man in front of him to address him again, hoping that the man might recognize him for his previous works. But all he did had done was make the man more confused than he already was.

"Sir? I'm sorry did you say..." The man wondered, a little shaken.

"My name is T-tom..." He stuttered a little, pain running through his system. "Tom Hiddles."

Does he need to repeat it again for it to be clear? The pain on his forehead was already unbearable. He was injured and wondered why he wasn't left in the hospital bed and why the questions? Couldn't they have done that in the hospital room?

If it was a hospital room.

In the other room, the Avengers were watching him. All of them focused on the screen and Fury telling the interrogator what to say. They were shocked when they heard his name, it's just the same thing they saw in the cell phone. Tom Hiddles. It's very foreign to their tongues, especially since he looks just like Loki.

"Ask him how old he is." Fury questioned.

"Are you sure that's necessary?" Steve interjected. "I mean, he is a god? Right?"

"I have said many times before, he is but a mortal." Thor crossed his arms, waiting for the right moment to get answers. "May you ask him as well if he has siblings?"

"Hold your questions, guys." Tony smirked. "I have a few of my own.

Back to in the interrogation room. Tom felt dizzy and still disoriented. Confused, is more like it. He tried his best to find his composure but to no avail.

The man hesitated. "How old are you?"

"I'm 31." Tom focused his eyes on the man. He felt a little better than before. "E-excuse me for interrupting but, what am I d-doing here, exactly? I don't even remember moving away from my hotel. And, am I a suspect? On what charges?"

The man ignored him and touched his earpiece again.

"Sorry. Can you tell us what happened or what you remember? Do you know how you got here? Before I answer some of your questions."

Tom looked confused.

"It's for information, Sir. Do you mind?" The man added.

"Uh, Yeah." Tom closed his eyes feeling the pain hit him again.


"I was waiting for one of my interviews for the movie. They wanted me to wait at the hotel in New York before I got to said interview. I was waiting and the whole ground shook and there was this bright blinding light. Then I woke up here."

"I see." The earpiece again was annoying. "For now just want to know what you can tell us. As for being held up here, we'll see what we can do. And nobody has press charges against you, yet."

"Thank goodness." He Tom bit his lip. "There's no chance of getting out of these handcuffs, is there? It's a bit painful. And I have a headache, badly."

Tony bit his lips waiting for 'Tom' to finish.

He was feeling a headache. It all seemed perfectly normal and he was sure that Thor's theory was correct and maybe they were just being paranoid for hating Loki. This 'Tom' guy, looked rather harmless. Maybe a few ups and downs could do the trick.

Tony let out a heavy sigh and poked at the director.

"Hey, Fury, think you can take the cuffs off him." Everyone stared at him as if he'd gone mad.

"What? He's in pain. Maybe it'll make him talk more- but don't you think- well- at most- he'll get suspicious as to why he doesn't seem to have any rights? I for one oppose to the decision to keep him locked up here in SHIELD forever! The hell is wrong with you people!"

"He did ask if he was being press charged." Clint mumbled.

"Yes, thank you, Barton!"

"It did seem normal and so far, it's not like he's lying. Right?" Steve did feel a similar thing to what Tony was feeling saying.

The guy was innocent, and Thor's theory of 'Alternate Universes' was just mad but it's not something to rule out. He looked very confused and it made him doubt a little whether the guy was faking or not.

"Agent." Fury called. "Take the cuffs off and tell him we'll give him pain killers when you're done. Ask him more about certain things we've discussed. Just don't mess this up or you're fired."

"Being grouchy to your agents now." Natasha crossed her arms.

The agent took off Tom's handcuffs. His wrists had red markings. Tom rubbed it them gently trying to ease the pain muttering a 'thank you'. He knew he wasn't going anywhere so might as well finish what they started. But first he had to ask something.

"Don't suspects normally get phone calls?" Tom looked at the guy agent. "A lawyer maybe? It's not so serious is it-"

"No. Not yet." The Agent interjected. "We'll get you some pain killers after out little talk. So could you still answer a few questions."

"Do you have any siblings or anyone you're close to for the matter?"

"Yes," Tom rubbed the back of his neck and ran a hand down through his curly hair. "I have two. I'm the middle child. Sorry, what does you need this information benefit for, anyway?"

"Classified. If we could continue. We found names on your phone listing people we know." He handed down a piece of paper with all the Avengers 'other' names. Tom eyed it for a second and gave the agent back the paper.

"They're my co-workers." He rubbed his temples.


"I work with them in the 'acting' business. They are also my friends. We've worked for a long time now, considering how successful the 'Avengers movie' was. I really don't mean to be rude but, what are these questions for? I don't think they're associated with whatever happened at the hotel."


Tom just sighed inwardly. What was he going to do? As far as he knew the government was kinda in on this. Because the police surely wouldn't be this secretive. He even made an inside joke that 'SHIELD' probably had him. He was probably going to being gagged too, or worse, everything was really happening and it wasn't just another fantasy dream, he created.

"R-right." Tom shook his head. "I can't leave, can't I?"

"No. you can't. You are to stay within our sight until we've figured a few things out."

"When can I leave then? When can I inform someone of my whereabouts?" Tom tapped the table.

"No, we can't have that."

"Not even my family? Or at least my manager. They can cancel a few trips that I'm due for in a few days. Just to straighten this whole mess up out."


Tom pointed at the objects on the table. "Can I get my phone back at least?"

Tom felt like clawing his way out, but he was a patient man. He felt sure he could talk his way out of this without causing any harm and he was a generous person indeed. He certainly wouldn't do anything that can want to cause any harm.

"Sorry, Sir." The agent sighed as he pressed a finger to the communicator. "I'm not cut out for this."

"If nobody's going to press charges, why am I still here?" Tom kept his voice calm, even though deep inside he was already panicking, his voice becoming shakier with every syllable.

"You can't leave until we've set a few things straight. And you can't inform anyone of your whereabouts as that is also classified. And we'll be using your phone to check for a few more information. So take your time, try and relax here for a while. Excuse me, I'll be back with those pain killers you asked for."

The man left him alone in the room.

"Where the hell am I? How did I get into this mess?" Tom sighed but need not say more.

That guy agent sounded almost like Agent Coulson. Apparently almost all the agents were supposed to sounded like that when they needed to get things,. Tom knew it all so well as he's been working with Clark for a while now too. And he had finished with the Avengers movie already so, how come he felt like he's in it again.

But this time, he really did feel like "Loki."

So... isolated. And trapped.l


"Was your Agent suppose to scare the crap out of him?" Tony chewed on some gum. "Did you see the look on his face- he was- hell- god!- he was panicking just then. What do you have to say for yourself, Fury?"

"We've concluded a few things." Fury turned off the screen.

"And pray tell, what is that?"

"Stark, one more word." Fury glared. "We've all confirmed it. He's apparently human as Thor says. Even Loki doesn't know much about Earth ways and politics much less police work. We can break it to him slowly, but for now we all keep an eye out."

"You're letting him stay then?" Steve was a bit in shock. "You're not saying that you put him in Stark's tower? Is it? That's your plan."

"Do you have a better idea, Captain?"

"But, Fury, what if he's not what we think he is? What if he's what Loki is?"

"That's why I'm putting him in the Avengers' care until we figure something out. For now, we let him get his rest and tomorrow, he'll be heading straight to Stark's humble abode."

"Great." Tony rolled his eyes.

"So, what, we have to tell him that he's in another world?" Natasha questioned. "That would make us insane to him, or more he'll think he's gone insane."

Thor spoke. "Surely he can believe if we show him what we are capable of. And this is far easier than seeing my brother destroy Midgard. Perhaps Tony Stark and Dr. Banner could fix the tesseract and we might be able to send him home."

"Get to work then." Fury rubbed his temples. "For now, you have rooms here on the helicarrier. We'll introduce ourselves to 'Tom' tomorrow. Stark, I want you to get as much as you can from his cell phone. Dr. Banner, could help as well. As for the rest of you, find something else to do and get out of my sight."


Tony stood up and left, followed by Banner. Steve stayed and so did Thor. Natasha and Clint were off left together finding something better to pass the time. Fury wondered why the two stayed behind but was glad that they did.

"Thor, mind telling me more about that story of yours."

"Asgard was known for many tales." Thor flipped his hammer.

"This was the tale from where Loki and I were still children. There were many objects that are powerful just like the 'tesseract'. Tis not a myth. Our people believed in that power and fear some of it as well. We were told that such powers contain portals that allow us to travel through different realms. Such as the Bifrost, which travels to your realm, Midgard, and others like, Jotunheim. The tesseract is something similar. Yet it can go through other alternate timelines such as what we have witnessed earlier."

"It's that powerful?" Steve wondered. "So you can basically, change the past, present and future, just as long as you know how to work the thing?"

"Yes, that can happen." Thor bit his lips. "But none can master such power, there is a limit to it. But we do believe in such things. This is proof that it can happen. The theories on which you speak of, all of it, in one containment. It is a power to behold. Strong, in which many have lost themselves in. My brother, might be one of them."

"You're probably happy, aren't you?" Steve smiled. "I mean, you're brother is, different in that world."

"Yes, I wish for the same here." Thor closed his eyes. "I wish to have my brother back."

"Thor, your brother is waking up." Fury eyed the screen, watching Loki stand up, still magically chained but healthy enough to walk around the room.

Fury turned back to see that Thor had gone. Steve was still sitting on one of the chairs facing the door. They would have a word with their current trickster soon. A truce was something they'll have to reconsider depending on what actions the liesmith will take.

"So much for a break."


The next morning came by quickly. The Avengers assembled once again in the same meeting room, only that Tony was late. He was 'fashionably late' as always, so nobody bothered him about being on time, he never follows through. When Tony walked through the door, nobody looked happy.

Tony took off his sunglasses and sat right next to Steve, who was currently messing with the hem of his shirt, looking unsure and uncomfortable. Thor was messing with his hammer like usual but he seemed more distant. Probably because of that talk he and Loki had yesterday, poor guy.

Banner was reading on a book about 'Alternate Realities theory' and another book placed on the circular table that was called 'Dimension Travel.' Banner was a fan of those. Tony, just wasn't interested in reading so much. He liked probing and messing with things.

Clint and Natasha were debating on 'Tom' the alternate universe Loki, as Tony liked to call him. It looks like Clint was winning, as he was defending the 'guys' rights of not being so bad, if they got to know him and muttering stuff about the polar opposite and alternate mumbo jumbo.

And last but not the least was their so called director of SHIELD, Fury. He seemed pissed off just like yesterday, as he was currently out numbered by the decisions of the Avengers team. What the hell happened yesterday? Tony and Banner obtained lots of information on the tesseract and Tom's cellphone. They finished late, last night and called it a day.

He wondered what else happened to the rest.

"Well this is a pretty sight to see." Tony smirked as he took out his phone and placed it on the table. "I had a great night, how 'bout you guys? No? Didn't think so. Captain?"

"None of us slept last night." Steve stopped messing with his shirt. "I blame it on too much thinking."

"What were you thinking about?" Tony glanced at the rest.

Whose eyes were on him except Fury's, who was watching the screen intently, featuring Loki pacing inside his cell.

"About Loki's look alike." Steve covered his face with his hands. "I just can't imagine there would be another Loki in the universe. I mean it's just..."

"Oh right, Man from a few years back." Tony nodded and went to caressing his beard. "It's just the way it is, you've got to believe it. Just try to picture it, he's there clear and visible. There's nothing we can do until, Banner and I figure things out."

"Is that so Mr. Stark?" Fury turned to him. "I hope you've gotten more information on our guest? As requested?"

"Oh yeah, got them all." Tony waved a hand to him as if saying 'whatever, I'm cool.'

"Dude, 'Tasha and I have been debating about that Tom person since last night." Clint rubbed his temples. "She just wouldn't let it go that he's just not where he belongs. The guys a freaking Universe traveler."

"I'm just saying not to trust him that's all." Natasha retorted. "Now you call him Universe Traveler, what about Alien transporter." Natasha chose to drop it. "What about you, Stark? Did you sleep well last night? Surely you did."

"Oh, me?" Tony smirked. "I'm glad you asked I was-"

Banner placed his book down, "I kept reading these books to see what we can do to help Tom." He said, cutting off Tony. "There's so much theory in here similar to what Thor said yesterday."

"Speaking of the big guy." Tony turned to Thor who was looking at the screen Fury was checking moments ago. He seemed to be really distant and the guy looked restless.

Thor turned as Steve's arm brushed his shoulder, he didn't realize that Steve moved towards him. He turned to his friends, placed the Hammer down and eyed them all. Tony repeated his question and Thor took a great deal of time contemplating on what to say. Apparently things didn't end so well on his part. They were all a bit disoriented with yesterdays event, so why should a 'god' be exempted?

"Rumor says your talk with your brother didn't end well." Clint mumbled.

"I take it, it went bad." Tony frowned as Steve elbowed his ribs. "Sorry, care to share?"

"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it Thor." Steve raised both hands. "We understand not to pry into your life. That right, Tony?"

"What? I love prying into people's lives."

"It was not very pleasant," Thor looked at the ground, silence erupted in the room as everyone listened to what he had to say.

So much for privacy.

"My brother did not like where our conversation had gone. I too, had to admit that I was wrong with what I said. He probably took it the wrong way. It wasn't very clear but I shall tell you what happened. You are my friends, you have the right to know."


(Flashback for yesterday - Loki and Thor)

Thor thundered the hallway with his steps as it echoed through out the place. He didn't care if he bumped into other SHIELD Agents on the way, as one thing was on his mind. Talk to his brother. He pushed the guard away fiercely away from the door of the cell.

The cell was exactly the same as the first one with glassed walls. Loki stopped pacing when he saw Thor enter the room. Only the glass was holding them apart for now. Loki frowned but quickly hid it with an intense glare. Thor stood his ground, trying to find the right words to say.

"Why have you come here Thor?" Loki hissed as he clenched his fists. "Did you come here to bask in your glory for defeating me?"

"No brother. I came to simply speak with you." Thor's voice had some sympathy, but Loki rejected the thought and saw it as pity. "Brother, you need to help us understand about-"

"Lies! You want more than just talking!" Loki glared and turned his back to Thor. "I'm not your brother! I never was. You know this, ask the Allfather. Perhaps he can enlighten you with the details."

"But brother-" Thor didn't want to hear it, he wished to deny it.

"I am a frost giant Thor!" Loki turned to him and screamed as if his heart were to give out. "I tried to destroy my own race just to make Odin proud! I attempted to rule Midgard yet I failed with such shame! Do you not understand that talking to me is useless by now?"

Thor did agree with him.

It was useless but never hopeless.

He still saw something that his brother had, it was wrenched deep inside of him, the brother he knew from his childhood. Thor held his hammer tightly, trying his hardest not to break something. One thing he learned here on earth, was that, nothing can be solved by simply breaking, one must seek answers for them to be solved.

"What do you want, Thor?" Loki lowered his head and bit his lips. "I am useless now, you won't be able to seek help from me. My magic is bound by Midgard's devices."

Thor saw that SHIELD had made a magic suppressing collar around Loki's neck. It seemed painful, to see his brother like this. Weak and vulnerable, just like he was when he had become mortal. Loki still had magic but it was not enough to help him escape, the only magic he had was to retain the spell 'Odin' had cast upon him to hide his Frost Giant form.

"We seek your knowledge." Thor raised his voice. "The stories we were told in Asgard. The powers that can unleash chaos through other timelines and other realms or universes. You know more than I do."

"And what if I do?" Loki narrowed his eyes. "What's in it for me? You plan on making deals to help petty mortals. Let them do their jobs and leave me be."

"Brother, the tesseract had caused this alternate you to come here to Earth." Thor spoke fast so Loki wouldn't interrupt him. "He is mortal, from Earth, and he is just like you in many ways. You have to help him return to his own realm."

"Why would I care?" Loki sat down on the couch/bed at the side of the wall. "For what I know, I am your enemy. I would not stoop so low as to help a mortal, more so if it was my other counterpart."

"He is in dire need brother."

"Make me a deal then!" Loki grinds his teeth. "I wish to be free to roam Midgard as I please!"

"But Brother I cannot make such decisions on my own!" Thor felt the need to beg but he knew his brother would only laugh at him for his stupidity. It never worked, not anymore. As children, it worked wonders, now there was no way to make amends of the past.

"Then leave me alone and never talk to me again if you cannot help me!" Loki lay down on the soft couch/bed and turned his back on Thor.

"Sorry, Loki."

Thor dropped his head, he would have to speak with his friends about the matter. Surely Loki knew a lot of things that he didn't. Thor wasn't much of a reader, but Loki was, and he was far smarter than him. He would have to ask his friends to get the information. He knew they wouldn't like where it was going but he was at least happy that Loki would offer help if his request was granted.


"Sorry Thor, but you know I can't do that." Fury eyed him furiously.

"I know." Thor hung his head in shame. "But I wish for you to reconsider, we know little about such travels and my brother knows more than any of us do. He has the collar of which Stark has made, surely you can reconsider with him as a mortal?"

"I like where this is going!" Tony sat back on the chair and relaxed. "Get Loki out of his cell and make him sleep in my tower and during the night, even if he is mortal, he can slit our throats and bye-bye Avengers! I love that, really Thor? I want to keep living."

"I don't agree with it either, I'd rather choose Tom." Natasha eyed Clint.

"Me too. Just keep him locked up."

"What about the information?" Banner piped up. "Isn't that important to send Tom back to where he belongs. And, Everyone in this room was exposed to the tesseract exploding. It's possible that the ones closest to the tesseract will experience the same thing Loki dealt with."

"Are you saying we'll be propelled feets away?" Tony raised an eyebrow. "And I still disagree with freeing Loki."

"No, I meant that," Banner ran a hand to his hair. "Since Loki was holding onto the tesseract, his double appeared. Thor was just standing there next to him, so there is a possibility that his double will appear as well. Depending on who were the ones closest. I've managed to figure that out."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier at the lab?" Tony felt alone and ignored. "I could've researched myself too! I have JARVIS with me."

"I wanted to confirm something on the books I've been reading and so far, it seems plausible." Banner looked at Fury. "What do you think, Fury?"

"Are you saying Dr. that another Thor will appear soon?" Fury raised an eyebrow to which Banner nodded to. "Great, then tell me who was standing the nearest after Thor? Just for us to see who we're up against."

Tony raised his hand like a school kid. "We're doomed."

He seemed pretty excited for his counterpart to come. The others look like they want to smack him in the head for it. "Alright Stark, your turn. Thor's given his information on Loki, Dr. Banner with the tesseract and now it's your turn about that cellphone."

"Fine." Tony pouted and hacked into SHIELD's main system and activated it. Touching numerous things on the hologram. A picture of Tom appeared on the screen.

"Okay, the information he said yesterday about him having siblings were true." Tony swallowed and started pressing again. "Apparently, he's an actor and his life is living in luxury, not really, more like, in the now kind of life. He travels a lot. Mostly stays in hotels nowadays because of his high raising career. Something like that."

"Middle child. Wealthy. Good life. Happy one, too." Steve smiled. "He's not lying then, from what you're saying, Tony. So he's safe?"

"So it's true? That in his world we're just-" Natasha was cut off by Tony.

"Just actors who are hired to act out movies. He's in theatrical and other stuffs like Shakespeare and he became well known in his movie called 'Thor.'"

"There is a movie about us?" Thor's eyes widened.

"You know what a movie is?" Clint bit his lips. "You have movies in Asgard?"

"No, but Jane had mentioned it before. Darcy, had told me what it was that you Mortals watch." Thor smiled. "I am simply learning, still. Stark, this movie, what is it about?"

"It's about your life, Thor. As well as how you were banished and stuff." Tony ignored Thor's grunts. "Then, Tom was picked to star as bad guy in the Avengers Assemble movie. I've read it and the plot is the same as what happened to us earlier. He's really not lying, everything is in here. I just didn't want to mess with Youtube."

"What?" Steve wondered. "Are you saying we have videos there too?"

"Catching up on technology?" Tony smiled and pressed again.

"A little. The videos, Tony?"

"Yup," Tony grinned. "We have numerous videos about interviews but I didn't want to watch them because that would ruin the fun if we actually met them. Which is a good thing with what Bruce said to us earlier."

"Any more Stark?" Fury asked but Tony shook his head. "How do we break it to him?"

"How about telling it to him straight?" Clint suggested. "It'll be easier."

"You can't do that, that would leave him in shock!" Steve protested. "It's not even that easy."

"We show him proof, if he finds it hard to believe." Thor raised his hammer. "I could show him what I can do with Mjolnir."

"That would downright shock him even more." Natasha bit her lips. "Just tell it to him. You're making things complicated."

"He might not even believe us." Banner ignored the protest he got just by speaking up.

"Hey hold up!" Tony rose from his seat."HEY!"

"Do you have a suggestion then Stark?" Fury growled a little.

"Listen here, I think I can speak for Tom here myself. I can sort of relate to him in a way. How do you think he'll feel if we break it to him, nicely?"

"Good maybe?" Clint raised a brow. "I don't know."

"He wakes up somewhere he doesn't know, handcuffed, bruised, and interrogated. No constitutional right for anything whatsoever and then we just say 'You came from another world' and 'We're the Avengers'. How the hell do you think he'll react?"

"What do you propose we do?" Natasha face-palmed.

"I don't know, break the ice as slowly as can be. Without scaring the bejeebers out of him." Tony shrugged. "I just said that in a weird sentence. Along with a weird word. Never mind, I don't know what to do either."

"What now then?" Clint wondered, there's not much to do than confront the situation.

"We have no choice but to speak to him, if we cannot accomplish this task then we cannot accomplish anything." Thor frowned. "Is there any chance we can bring my brother into this as well?"

"What are you saying Thor?" Natasha piped up. "You want Loki to talk to Tom too?"

"Maybe Tom will believe us if he sees his other self?" Clint assured. "Thor's got a point."

"Perhaps it will help my brother reconsider?" Thor mumbled. "Perhaps he'll understand, that we truly mean no harm to him."

"I don't agree with it." Tony shrugged and turned to Thor. "If you want him here, you might as well gag him and then you can bring him in here. I want to feel safe."

"I can do that." Fury raised an eyebrow, turning to Thor. "He has to be gagged and handcuffed so he won't attack anyone. The collar has to stay on. Is that clear?"


"Fury, you're not going to do the same thing to Tom right?" Steve wondered.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because I will protest no matter what you say. It's wrong. I wouldn't do that."

"Sticking up to your principals." Tony smirked. "That's Captain America for you. He speaks for us all. But yeah, I don't want you to do the same thing to Tom. That would be bad, and Iron man will get you, tag teaming with Cap here."

"We can't cause anymore frightening situations for Tom." Banner straightened himself. "We don't want to risk looking like the bad guy."

"Yes. In his eyes, he'll probably see Loki as a good guy, if we ever do the same to him." Clint raised his foot on the table. "Besides, didn't Tony say that Tom played Loki in the movie. Surely, he can sympathize with him. Right?"

"True." Fury nodded.

"I'll go get Loki." Natasha stood up, offering to assist. "Stay here."

"Go and do that." Fury pressed his earpiece. "Bring our guest down to the meeting room. And let our power hungry villain know he'll be taken by Agent Romanov. Be careful not to scare our guest. We don't need any more problems, if one so dares rise, I will kill somebody."

Tony smirked. "This is going to be fun."

"More like chaos." Clint muttered.

"I hope you know what you're going to do, because I sure as hell won't help." Fury turned his back to the screen where Loki and Tom were being, taken care of.


Tom sat on the edge of his bed, he hated to admit that it was boring. He remembered that he was given pain killers yesterday and the man led him to the same medical room he was in before. Tom noticed the hallways were similar to that of SHIELD.

The suspicion quickly went away as he observed the wounds he had.

They were real and very painful. Nobody would go that far to prank him. His questions lingered though, why was he walking around the SHIELD set and how come it looked so real? No cameras were there and everyone had uniforms of black leather and weapons


He never questioned these things unless they were truly out of the ordinary. The hallway looked exactly the same as where they shot the scene where 'Loki' eyed 'Bruce Banner.' He noticed that very well. He was also accompanied by numerous police or Agents or whatever they were called, back to his room. That night he went to sleep, thinking that someone will come for him and people will wonder where he had gone. He just hoped it would be soon. There was fear lingering in his mind, but logic was there to reason it out. There was something he couldn't get out of his mind. Who was it that sent him to this place? Where was he and How did he get here?

"Maybe tomorrow, It'll just be some horrible nightmare and I'll wake up in that hotel."

When he woke up that very morning, he stiffened and frowned as he eyed the room he was in. Perhaps it wasn't a dream after all and that this was far worse than he expected, it was real. He sighed, so glad that he was given a bathroom and toothbrush and all other necessary things.

He cleaned himself and went back to the bed, only to find that he was given a tray of fresh fruits and some pain killers.

He didn't ask why or how it got there, instead he simply accepted and ate it. Whispering a thank you to whoever did so. He hated being rude even if there wasn't anyone there. It was still morning and he had nothing better to do but mess around with things, he had to at least admit that being bored out of his mind means being followed by curiosity.

"I wonder?" Tom smiled, he felt like a little child planning his escape.

"Perhaps a little peak won't hurt. If wherever I am is real, then I might as well make the best of it. Odd dream though, I would've chosen a better scenery."

He couldn't stay on the bed any longer as he stood up and took the jacket placed on top of the chair next to the bed. He put it on and walked to the door, maybe they won't mind some snooping around. After all, what could go wrong?

He turned the knob but it wouldn't budge. He grunted in annoyance.

"Great, it feels like I'm being held prisoner here. So far, they haven't even allowed me to call somebody." Tom sighed and sat back at the edge of the bed.

"No windows, nothing to do, no word, no nothing. Great, just great."

Tom felt like thrashing all over the room, demanding his rights. But he was smarter than that, the last thing he wanted was to be sedated for submission. He eyed the door intensely, he knew this room all too well. Wasn't this the room where Jeremiah and Sharlotte shot their scenes together after Jeremiah was controlled.

Tom brushed a hand down to his hair. He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. He was smart enough to know that rushing to things was never the answer. He looked at the room again, it was exactly the same but nobody was in sight and it was just a small room. No nothing, no camera crew and actors could fit in here all at once. There's got to be a trick in this. No wonder he felt familiar and attached to the place, he'd been here before. It was the SHIELD set, but what? Did they make major changes. Everything was so realistic and it felt like he was really in the helicarrier.

"What am I going to do?" He thought. "I know this isn't the police station or any kind jail, so where am I, exactly? Surely someone is worried about my disappearance."

The door opened to reveal the same Agent that interrogated him yesterday, but this time with no other guards accompanying him. The man opened the door wide enough and stood there, hands together.

The Agent stood stiffly. "You are released Sir."

"Thank goodness." Tom felt like jumping for joy for the news but was later accompanied by a distressing one.

"But before we officially release you. A few people would like to talk with you, about your current situation."

"Couldn't you just tell me what my situation is?" Tom patiently asked. "Surely, people are looking for me. Have you even contacted them?"

"No Sir. We found no need to contact anyone." The Agent motioned for him to get out of the room. "We'll talk more on the way to the meeting."

"Meeting?" Tom stood up and started walking by the Agents side. "What are you talking about? Why am I not entitled to tell anyone?"

"It's very classified." The Agent eyed him through the sunglasses.

"This isn't a joke is it?"

"No Sir. Why would you think that?" The Agent walked swiftly, causing Tom to try and catch up.

"Nothing, just curious." Tom mumbled as he often bit his lip on the trip. "Just like Coulson, but scarier."

Tom glanced at everything he could see that would prove his point that this was the SHIELD setting they acted on before in the movie. But everything was connected, every staircase, every wall and workers, even agents were roaming around to do their jobs. It's like fantasy land all in one place. Like one giant Avengers convention only everything and every prop was real.

Or seemed, real.

"Keep it together Tom, you're an actor, stay in character." Tom frowned slightly as his conversation with the Agent went nowhere. "This just proves everything I've been thinking off till now, was right. It must be a dream, surely something's causing me to feel this way. It's a nightmare. None of this is real."

"We're almost there."

They walked a long distance until they reached an elevator. Tom was practically shaking by now, he wasn't sure what these people wanted from him but he rather play along than get himself killed. Besides, the kid in him was simply enjoying this even if he seemed like he was about to hyperventilate. You never really get to have fun until you experience the real deal.

"If this is SHIELD, then where are the avengers?" Tom sighed and shook his head. "I'm going insane, why would I even think any of this is real. It's a dream. Just a dream. But why am I so excited?"


Loki sat on his couch/bed and eyed the glass reflecting his image. He could see the very soul left in himself. He frowned, all his ruthless effort, wasted. He tried everything to get the love he deserved by why wasn't it enough? Why do people love Thor more than him?

"Why did you have to come Brother?" Loki eyed his reflection again. "I know that you would never bask in glory. Not since you came back from Midgard and confronted me."

Yesterdays events made things worse than they already were and his situation was far better than he expected it to be. He would have thought that he would be sentenced to death by now, but he was alive and ticking all the same. Loki still admired Thor in a lot of ways. Growing up together and helping each other with their downfalls. He only wished to be Thor's equal, but nobody could understand that. He wanted to make Odin proud of him and feel that same warmth he felt as a child.

He could never accept being a Jotun.

"I'm still an Asgardian."

He could feel tears escaping but bit his lip to stop it, immediately closing his eyes.

"I hate you Thor! Why must you make me suffer?" Loki palmed his face and sighed.

Nothing he did ever impressed anyone, everyone just simply hated him. If he could at least find someone that truly understood him for what he was, it was enough for him. To find the right person that will give off the hint that he was confused and felt unloved.

He wouldn't admit it himself.

That would only make him look weak in the eyes of Mortals like us. The word Mortal escaped his lips. It felt funny and not in the good way. He remembered the help Thor was asking him, that his counterpart had come through the tesseract.

"Thor said he was Mortal." Loki wondered. "How did he fare without magic? Or ruling without a kingdom?"

His magic had reacted to the tesseract strangely, accidentally activating it without consciousness. Something else was off. His magic went haywire when he turned the cylinder of the tesseract, it was the handcuffs.

"That should be the reason." Loki stood up from his seat and paced. "The device of Stark's creation. It was blocking my magic. When the tesseract was reaching for it, it destroyed the device, causing my magic to explode at a rapid pace. Thus activating the portal of my counterpart without my knowledge."

That was it, he figured it out. Then again, it rendered him unconscious when the portal opened. He only realized it until it was too late. He unconsciously traced the device on his neck with his fingers. It was blocking his magic far better than the first one did.

For now, he was as mortal as any other. At least he had kept his Asgardian form. His counterpart was a mortal, how did he cope by being such. He wondered if the man was also adopted or that if he ever grew up alone or treated as a shadow.

Curiosity was simply killinghim, he had to know.

"Perhaps Thor would tell me." A smirk lingered on his lips. "The oaf, my brother is, he cannot simply shut his mouth."

Loki heard clicking noises, he turned to the door opening. There were numerous guards with stun guns and bullet proof outfits, surrounding his cell. A red-head stepped out of the shadow, walking towards him. He recognized her, she had interrogated her before, loss to his senses was the fact that he fell for it.

Loki gritted his teeth as he eyed Black Widow, her face shown of amusement.

"It's your lucky day." She said. "Get him out."

Something was off.

He didn't like not being told or being surprised. He felt a shiver run down his spine. To his vision, guards were surrounding him and noise fluttered his ears. He could see the smile she was pulling off in the corner. He knew it was all too good to be true. Question was, where were they taking him?


"We're here." The Agent stopped at the door and turned to Tom. "They would like for you to have this back."

The Agent gave him back his cell phone and hotel keys. Tom gave a tired smile to the man and thanked him. He placed the phone and key back into his pocket. Not wanting to risk it being taken. The Agent swiped at the door and it swiftly opened to reveal the Avengers sitting at the table.

"No way, it's got to be a dream." Tom stood there wide eyes. "Uh..." Shocked that he couldn't even move. "What am I going to do? Is it really them? It's a joke right? I fell for it."

"Hey, there he is!" Tony waved at him with a smile. "Glad you're okay. You are, are you? Because we cannot really reschedule anything as we want this to be done and it's not just nerve-wracking for you but for us as well. So be a sweetie and sit down and then we'll talk.

"Rob. That's Rob." Tom took a deep breath, eying everyone in the room.

They look sorta serious, well, Fury and Banner did but the rest looked pretty normal. What were they up to? Scaring him like that. He would have burst out laughing if it was someone else but, now, he just wanted closure.

"Pipe down, you're scaring him." Steve smiled to Tom. "Uh, take a seat. We'll explain."

"Way to break it to him, Tony." Banner spoke up from his book.

"Nice intro, Stark." Clint smirked, stopping himself from laughing. "If 'Tasha were here, she'd kick your ass. You just said you'd handle it and she even offered to help take out our bad guy from his cage, that was bad handling. "

"What part of handling don't you understand, Barton?" Tony protested, Tom was just confused.

Why were they calling each other by their character. He kept thinking in his head 'it's just a dream, go with it.' but it wasn't working.

"What about 'Hey, you're in an alternate universe' speech?" Clint laughed as he glanced at Tom and back to Tony. "If Natasha really was here, she'd be pissed at you for ruining the moment."

"She's not here, isn't she." Tony made a mocking face towards Clint. "I'm so happy. Mom won't have to smack me in the butt."

"I..." Tom wanted to speak but he was just, in turned to him, he felt a cold shiver down his spine. So much for proving he was wrong. "What the hell do they mean by Alternate Universe? It's a dream, right?"

"Easy there, Tiger." Tony stood up from his seat and walked towards Tom. "We won't hurt you."

"Won't hurt, what is he talking about? Was he planning on hurting me?" Panic spread across his face.

"D-don't... I..."

He stepped backwards in fright, bumping into someone from behind. He turned his heels and raised his head, only to see a giant Asgardian in front of him, wielding a hammer. He didn't register it at first and instincts told him to apologize. Force of habit, maybe?

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" He blinked. "Chris? You're in costume?" He turned to the others. "Everyone's in costume. What's going on?"

"Sorry, my Friend." Thor smiled. "But I know not of this Chris person. Tis I Thor, God of Thunder. I come from Asgard, son to Odin and Frigga and-"

"I think he gets it Thor." Tony laughed, Thor stopped, a little confused and flustered.

"And I'm Loki, God of Mischief." Of course, Tom kept it to himself. "What have I gotten myself into?" Not wanting to sound so rude but he was completely confused at the moment.

"Can someone please tell me what's going on? And how come, SHIELD is, well, completely in one set. It's all connected, and how did I get here?"

"We don't really know what to say." Steve rubbed the back of his neck, seeing Tom staring at him. "Well this is awkward."

"Look, Tom we're not really prepared." Tony pulled Tom and sat him next to Fury. "What we're saying is that, you don't belong here."

"What?" Tom blinked. "I don't get it? Is this a joke?"

"What no!" Steve raised an arm. "It's not joke, it's all real. Just, hear us out will you. It's hard for us to explain it as well. We're just, a little weirded out that you're not freaking out."

"What's there to freak out?" Tom wondered. "It's not like any of you are out to get me, right?"

"Right-" Banner smiled at him, Tom felt shivers again.

"You really don't belong here." Clint spoke up, glancing at Fury, who promised himself he wouldn't help. "You're from somewhere far away and you came here by accident and we don't know how to get you back and- oh, what the hell! Tony, do me the honors."

"Hah! knew you couldn't handle it." Tony smirked and chuckled at his victory.

"Then why am I here then?" Tom asked, still confused. "Why was I injured or why was I interrogated or something? Please, care to enlighten me, Rob."

"I won!" Clint burst out laughing. "That was funny! Call him that again."

"Well- wait- what? Rob? You think I'm that guy?" Tony glanced at his friends. "Okay, you're confused. Um... look, you're really not in your own world. Just think that you were in another-"

"Realm." Thor smiled, leaning on the wall with Mjolnir.

"-Realm," Tony repeated. "And that you were pulled into another one that was completely different from yours. Does that make sense- No, never mind I give up. Damn that was hard."

"It's got to be a dream then." Tom said. "You're all in my dream, I must have hit my head then or had an accident. Perhaps I'm hallucinating."

"Friend, it is true." Thor piped up again. "You have come from an Alternate Universe and into our world that only exists in yours as a movie. Find it in your heart that we are not lying to you, we speak of the truth."

"I can't believe this."

Tom palmed his face and rubbed his temples. He sighed, this was not something he expected to happen. First he wakes up 'having not a single clue to where he was', being interrogated, injured and hauled into a room with nothing to do and now here he was talking to his friends as if they were still in character and they even claim to be the real avengers.

Typical morning? No.

"It's a dream." Tom closed his eyes tightly, dropping his head on the table. "Why won't I wake up from it?"

"Dude, don't hurt yourself." Clint patted him on the back. "It's real, trust us."

Tom opened his eyes and looked at them. "Prove it to me. If this is all real, then show me I'm not dreaming. Then I'll see if I'll freak out or not."

"What proof do you need?" Fury asked, he had to admit that this other "Loki" seemed really human.

"I don't know, anything would be fine." Tom placed his elbow on the table and rested his head on his palm.

"Like what?" Tony raised an eyebrow.

"How about Thor's hammer, if it can do that magnetic thing." Tom spoke. "Or Tony Stark's magnificent creations. Or Bruce turning green. Hawkeye's arrow shooting or Steve or Black Widow with her guns. Anything can be proof. Where is Black widow?"

"Natasha left to get our bad guy." Clint said.

"Bad guy?" Tom wondered. "Loki? You mean him right? Well that can be proof too."

"Uhh... we're not sure about that." Steve mumbled, unsure of what to say.

"I can do that, my Friend." Thor smiled, throwing the hammer up and down. "You will see my strength and it will lead you to believe. I can do much more than just throw it, shall I break something?"

"You're not breaking anything while you're in my helicarrier." Fury grunted in annoyance.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Tom crossed his arms. "Please, just to stop the confusion. It is getting quite, how do you put it, unsettling."

"Wait a minute, Tom!" Tony copied Tom, crossing his arms as well. "You think my tech is magnificent? That's priceless, I like him. Can I keep him? He can stay in my lab! I'll feed him too."

"Can we stick to the proving thing?" Banner placed his book down. "And, you wouldn't want to see the big guy anyway. Hulk's pretty angry at Loki. He might mistake you for him."

"That's very reassuring." Tom sarcastically said but with fear lingering, it still made him feel chills.

The door opened revealing Natasha while he was dragging a certain Norse God at her heels. He seemed pretty angry, there was a gag on him, his hands tied behind his back and there was a weird collar on his neck. Tom's eyes widened as he came face to face with his opposite. He did not expect this, sudden turn of events.

"That can't be him, can it?" Tom wondered.

"Release me you impudent Mortal!" Loki tried to voice out but was muffled by the gag. "I am a god, you will not-"

Loki stopped struggling when he saw his counterpart. Silence ensued. Loki seemed shock as well, apparently both of them didn't see it coming. They didn't expect to meet until, later. Loki thought of meeting this other him but not this soon. He had nothing to say, and he couldn't. Loki turned to Natasha, glaring at her, who quickly pulled him to a seat right next to Steve.

They all earned a few glares from Loki. "If only looks could kill. They would have all died by now."

Tony who was standing next to Tom, just muttered, "Aw, hell! Just when we're about to prove to Tom our tech, you decided to bring him in. Thanks Natasha, thanks so much. You've just made me so happy."

"You're welcome, Mr. Stark." Natasha said in her sweetest voice. "Now where were we?"

"You mean, where were we?" Clint said, smirking at her. "We is us, you were elsewhere."

"Shut up Clint."

Loki rolled his eyes at the sheer stupidity of mortals. He winced, he was still badly bruised and nobody bothered to help heal his injuries. He stared at his counterpart, observing him, just as Tom was doing the same thing. Thor was a little worried about the silence.

Nobody dare spoke up as the tension in the room was rising. Both Tom and Loki were intently keen on observing the other, and none of them were backing down. It was like a staring contest gone to hell. Tom broke the eye contact and shifted uncomfortably on the chair.

"I think I believe you guys already." Tom muttered loud enough for the others to hear. "This really isn't a dream."


"This mortal thinks it's all a dream?" Loki snorted inwardly. "One look at his counterpart and he suddenly believes. True, we have different preferences in looks but perhaps, he is the same as I, deep inside. Only time will tell if I ever get out of this mouth device. I might ask him questions myself."

Loki observed Tom, with that black jacket, the grey shirt and the tight pants and boots. The soft expression on his face, the patient atmosphere and kind nature he feels inside him. It's weird that there is almost no anger, no nothing in this man.

"Sorry this was so sudden." Natasha smiled.

"Uh, yes." Tom caressed his cheeks. "Is there a chance I could convince them to take the gag off Loki? It feels terribly uncomfortable. Not just for him, but for me as well."

Tom eyed Loki again just as Loki's gaze began to lighten. The gag probably hurt, after all, Tom knew Loki best. He acted just like him, read stories about him, he was sort of a fan. He liked Loki because of everything he's done, he's simply misunderstood. Maybe while he's here, he could get the villain to change sides.

No harm in trying, right?

"Great plan." Tom smiled inwardly. "This is going to be fun."

"Okay! The silence is killing me!" Tony piped up again, truly he can't shut his mouth. "Uh, great. What now? Because if you guys expect me to do something out of the ordinary, I'm leaving. What's the point if we're not going through with this."

Tom shifted his gaze. What was he suppose to do?

Everyone looked at him, feeling a bit content that he's starting to see the picture. Loki was still observing him and Tom was getting anxious. The cold stare bore through him like a dagger, he shifted uncomfortably on his seat, not knowing what to do next. He glanced back at Loki, who was still glaring. He sighed, whatever is happening to him, he simply didn't care anymore.

Tom took a deep breath. "Whether this is a dream or not, I might as well enjoy it. It's not like I can do anything to stop all this."

"So, Loki is proof enough for you?" Tony raised an eyebrow and smiled when Tom nodded. "That was easier than I thought. Alright, meetings done, we can all have some lunch! I'm going, see you guys later, I'll just-"

"Hold it there Stark." Fury narrowed his eyes. "We might as well prove our point further to," he paused. "to, Tom. And we need to get other information from our power hungry villain here."

"Misunderstood, you mean." Tom felt everyone's gaze. "I- well, I'm- I'm just saying."

"This Mortal?" Loki's eyes widened. "How did he- no- it's not possible for him to understand me."

"You're saying this bad guy is misunderstood." Clint ruffled his hair. "Well, you've gone out of your mind. He destroyed half of New York. He had aliens invade Earth! You call him misunderstood. More like on purpose!"

"It's not that I'm defending what he did." Tom cleared.

"Then why are you-" Steve was cut off.

"I'm simply saying that his reasons are different from what you think. You have to at least understand where he's going through after all the hardships he's faced. I mean, a villain isn't born, it's made. There are things which caused him to turn."

"Odd, that a Mortal like him would defend my rights." Loki stared at the other Avengers, simply observing. "I wonder if they'll understand what he's saying, the truth beneath my lies."

"I trust what you say, Friend, Son of hiddles." Thor said at the sidelines as Loki listened intently, his anger quickly gone and changed into curiosity.

"It's Tom, Thor." Tom chuckled at the nickname.


"You know little about your brother." He whispered, raising his hands. "You may think you're doing the best but you are probably making things worse. He only wanted to be equals, right?"

"He's not my brother, Mortal!" Loki frowned. "If only I could speak, I would have protested numerous times! But what you're saying is true, he does make my life worse... at times but somewhat still care... but nay... i would not admit to it."

"Wait, how would you know?" Natasha stood up. "You didn't live his life."

"I partly lived his life." Tom pouted and averted his gaze. "I don't really want to argue, can we just stop?"

Tom hated arguments, might as well keep quiet to avoid chairs being thrown at him for those reasons. He was in tight spot already, no need to make things worse than it already is. He doubted anything else, could go worse at this point. Everything was a mess. Why did he even bother?

"What did I do to deserve this?" Tom rubbed his head. "An incompatible yet agreeable team. What a wonder this day has been. Thank you for putting me through this."

"Easy there, guys." Steve tried to prevent a fight. "He's got a point."

"But, does that really justify into trusting Loki." Clint wondered and tilted his head. "Seriously, this is Loki. Dude, I know you understand him because of what you did with the whole acting thing, but this is Loki were talking about."

Loki glared at Clint. "You can be my next target after Thor."

He was just sitting there next to Steve, who was blocking him a little from getting near his double. Tom's his name? Right? Loki frowned under the gag, he wished to take it off for him to at least speak for himself. He didn't need this Tom person, defending his rights.

It felt, degrading.

"It's true." Banner smiled slightly. "Tony said he made a movie called 'Thor' and he was the antagonist. So it's likely he lived it. He's an actor after all. "

"Dude..." Clint protested. "You're not saying you agree."

Steve sighed. "I have to agree too."

"Great." Clint rolled his eyes.

"A movie he says." Loki wondered, he's heard of those before. "In his world, he is an actor? Odd choice of profession, but is likely the same as my shape-shifting ability. He acts as somebody he is not, something I've done before."

"How are we going to question Loki if he's gagged?" Tony wondered, so quick to change the topic.

"Un-gag him, maybe." Tom suggested but was later swamped by protests. "It's the only logical thing to do. And thank you, Iron man, for taking that off of my mind."

"I'm just saying, look at him." Tony pointed at Loki. "Does he look happy? Seriously, you agreed to bring him here for interrogation too and prove to Tom that this is all real. But adding that information gathering, seriously? You're out of your damn mind, Fury."

"Don't test me, Stark." Fury eyed Loki. "You proposed we gag him, here he is. Gagged. I'm not taking that off, who knows what damage he'll do with words."

"What?" Banner scoffed. "You're all scared he'll throw a verbal tantrum? The Avengers are all in here, there's nothing to be afraid off."

"Dude, nobody's scared." Clint snorted. "After all that invasion, do you think anyone's scared right now?"

"Just saying."

"It's a precaution." Natasha said. "I'm not agreeing to this."

"Free my brother." Thor shouted.

"Can't do that Thor." Tony winked at Tom, who felt his spine tingle. "We can't have green goblin here, running around the city."

Weird. Tom almost laughed with the 'green goblin' comment.

"Just to let him speak his mind," Thor shot a worried look at his brother. "I'm sure that my brother cannot harm us with his words. It is just... very painful to see him this way. He has the collar of which Stark has made, he cannot act without us knowing."

"Idiot, brother." Loki rolled his eyes. "Just take the device off me! It's all so simple!"

Everyone else began to argue in one corner of the room and Steve left his seat to stop them from arguing any further. Fury decided to intervene in the little avengers battle going on. Tom had this brilliant idea, why not mess with them?

"Finally a distraction." Tom smirked. "If I didn't know better, I'm putting everyone in danger."

Tom stood up, going unnoticed by the Avengers. He sat beside Loki, who was still staring at the little battle going on. Tom could see it in Loki's eyes that he was amused by all of this. It was his type of fun, and Tom decided to chuckle lightly at the scene.

"I wonder." Tom thought, a smile spreading across his face. "Maybe it'll make things more interesting. Never mind, who cares. It's my dream, I'll do what I want."

He tapped Loki's shoulder and the Norse god eyed him. Tom smiled and held up a small key, Loki wondered how he got it. Was he going to set him free, while the Avengers were distracted? That was, an unwise choice to do. Albeit, very risky as well.

The Avengers could put him in a jail cell too.

"What are you up to, Mortal?" Loki continued to stare as Tom whispered to him, "Turn around." with a smile. The god did as told and he felt his hands go limp. He raised his arms, seeing it free from the painful cuffs. He turned around, to face Tom.

"What is this Mortal doing?" Loki wondered. "Why aren't Thor and the others seeing this? Surely, this did not go unnoticed. I wonder, is it a trick?"

Loki never stopped staring. The heavy chains binding his hands were gone. Tom held up the chains and placed it on the table gently. Worried that he'll get caught. Tom placed a finger on his lips, "Shhh..." He turned to the Avengers, still arguing about the gag.

"He is... helping me?" Loki felt something wrenching his heart. "Why would he do such a thing? Knowing he could be punished for this."

He saw Tom hold the device in his mouth and tugged it. Tom managed to pull it off with a grunt as he toppled off his seat. The avengers stopped fighting and stared at both Loki and Tom, who was standing up rubbing his back.

"That went rather well." Tom placed the gag on the table, both of them didn't realize that people were already staring.

"I..." Loki rubbed his jaw. "Thank you, for your help."

"My pleasure." Tom smiled. "It hurts, doesn't it?"

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" Tony shouted and pointed. "Now he's going to kill us!"

Tony went to the back of the group as Natasha and Fury brought out their guns, Thor was preparing his hammer for a strike, Clint reached out for his bow, Steve made a stance and Banner at the sidelines if they ever have need of him.

"This isn't what I had in mind." If only Tom could sweat-drop. "Lord, help me."

"I would kill the rest of you, Thor first then one by one, you will all be gone." Loki glared and turned to Tom, sprouting his nice face.

"But not him. Thank you for taking that awful device out of my mouth, counterpart. It was a very unpleasant experience."

"You're welcome, call me Tom." He bit his lips, turning to the others. "May you please drop your weapons or- cast them aside- if you please. I don't like being pointed with something that can kill me. I simply did it because he looked uncomfortable."

"Uncomfortable?" Natasha spatted. "That's suppose to happen! That's why he has it! He deserves it."

"I agree with 'Tasha, that bastard mind-controlled me to do his dirty deeds." Clint muttered, pointing his arrow at Loki. "I say be done with it."

"Do not harm my brother," Thor piped up. "He is not doing any harm as of yet."

"You can't add more insult to injury." Tom politely spoke. "He's had enough punishments in his lifetime. Daddy and brother issues and what not. You should at least understand where he's coming from."

"Insufferable Mortal and your words." Loki bit his lips, this man knew too much about him.

Loki decided to ignore what Tom said. He may be speaking the truth but Loki would never admit it. Banner relaxed, having nothing to worry about and went back to his original seat as did Steve, taking Tom's seat. Natasha lowered her weapon and sat back down, as did Thor and Clint.

Fury, Tom and Tony still standing.

"How did you get him free?" Fury slightly lowered his weapon. "The key is with me."

Tom shrugged. "Key?"

Fury shook his head, wanting more answers.

"I took it from Thor, when I bumped into him. It got into my hands and I kept it in my pocket. I didn't know what it was for until I saw the keyhole, it's exactly the same. I wanted to give it back but, I couldn't."

"So you decided to set him free?" Fury narrowed his eyes, causing Tom to skip a beat of his heart. "That's your plan."

"I did it because it was uncomfortable looking at him." Tom turned to Loki. "And I wanted to ask him questions myself. I told you, I'm a bit curious about him." He added. "And Thor. I would have named Loki my superhero but he's not exactly hero material."

"Why would Thor have a key for Loki's cuffs?" Steve straightened himself. "Unless..."

"Unless?" Banner repeated.

"Unless what?" Natasha growled.

"Unless Thor was going to free Loki himself." Tony smirked and sat beside Loki. "Hey hot shot! Mind if I sit right next to you? Or, are you going to apologize for throwing me out the window even if you were recruiting me? Simple yes or no."

"Yes, I apologize that you were ever born with such high ego." Loki said flatly, causing Clint to break into a fit of giggle yet annoyed.

"Shut up, Barton! Or I'll roast you with my suit." Tony pouted. "Meany."

"So childish." Loki shook his head. "Why were you going to break me out of there, Thor? I would never suspect you to do such a thing. It's not in your nature to help me."


"Don't call me that!"

"Loki." Thor nervously laughed. "I did it for the deal we had yesterday. For wishing to trade secrets for your freedom. But this is all the freedom you can have, I cannot let you loose in Midgard. Friends, I'm sorry for doing this from behind."

"It's doing it behind our backs." Tony corrected and turned to Loki. "And I forgive you."

"I don't need your forgiveness, Stark." Loki frowned. "But I can tell you what happened earlier when the tesseract reacted if I am allowed to stay free for now."

"Are we really going to let him roam free in this room?" Clint asked. "Because if he touches me again, I'm going all Jackie chan on him."

"Jack-who?" Loki whispered to Tom.

"Leave it alone." Tom smiled. "It's nothing, man."

Loki rolled his eyes, his Mortal self was talking to him as if they were friends. And that man-thing was just, different. Fury had allowed it, but if he slipped up, he'd be sent back to his cell with no food and water. Torture, he didn't care.

The collar was keeping himself from using magic. He was useless for now, might as well use his knowledge like before. What does he have to lose?

Tom sat back down as Thor leaned on the wall, patiently listening to Loki. He explained what happened with the tesseract, trying to reach his magic, exploding the cuffs in the process. The magic and tesseract mixed opening the portal, without his knowledge. Loki began to explain other things, similar to what Thor said. He even mentioned the collar on his neck, how irritating it was.

He even informed them that there was no other way to reverse it, unless, if the portal finishes bringing people from one realm to another, then it will likely send them back on it's own. Only time will tell, but this was Loki's theory and Banner was intent on learning more.

"We got a lot of learning to do, Bruce." Tony slammed his head on the table.

"Magic learning." Banner sighed. "So much work."

"Oh, god! Why? Why the hell is magic so complicated?" Tony shouted, raising his head and thrashing his arms. "I hate magic. Stupid portals and curse my hunger! Annoying gods and their tricks."

"Mortals will never understand magic, it is a higher form of science you mortals study." Loki scrunched his nose, blushing at the sound of his stomach growling. "And I do agree, I feel famished."

"Me too." Tom mumbled, his stomach growled as well. "Is there any chance I can get food that's not from the medical room. It's not really food."

"This is not happening." Steve shook his head.

Fury rubbed his forehead. "I'm getting soft for my age. Go and eat."

"YES! Someone agrees with me." Tony stood up from his seat and pulled Tom. "You're coming with me."

Loki in shock grabbed Tom's other hand, pulling him back.

"What the hell- Loki! Let go of him, we're eating together and there's nothing you can do."

"Stop being such a child, Stark." Loki stood up with the same height as Tom. "I only wish to speak with, Tom, about matters important to me. He knows a lot of things about my life and I wish to know just how much. So, I suggest you let go."

"No, I got a hold of him first!"

"Quit being such a child! You are annoying, worthless human!"

"Let him go, brother." Thor walked towards him with Mjolnir.

"Why would I follow your orders, Thor?" Loki hissed and scowled. "And how many times, must I say it, I am not your, brother!"

"It is just a feast." Thor softly speak. "You may speak with him later if Fury, allows it."

"No." Fury rubbed his temples. "I'm not authorizing anything."

They all stared at him.

"But I am authorizing that you, Stark and the rest of the team, will be accompanying ,Tom, back to Stark tower. Give him his own personal bedroom and I want you out of my helicarrier, pronto."

"That's mean of you, Fury." Tony stopped pulling Tom and lowered his hand. "Seriously, it's just lunch. If you're jealous then come with us. There's plenty of Tony to go around and food in the helicarrier."

"I want you out of my helicarrier, you can have your lunch in your tower."

"But Fury..."

"Pathetic Mortal." Loki addressed Tony, who stuck his tongue out in response.

"Stupid sorcerer who throws people out of windows just because he didn't take it lightly that we have a damn hulk against his stupid army!"

"Childish, irresponsible, annoying... pathetic excuse for a mortal..." Loki muttered under his breath, but Tom could hear everything.

He chuckled, this was so much fun. Who knew spending time with the avengers meant giving his life a break. He felt relaxed and at ease, dream or not, he was having the time of his life. He was told that Thor's counterpart might soon come, but he never really worried about that. Having Chris Hemsworth along side him would be great, at least it's all real and that he had someone who shares the misery. Better yet, someone who will share the fun, Chris was a very fun man to be with.

Tom took a deep breath, casting aside his thoughts. "I like the offer but can I take my Norse god with me?" Boy, that sounded, dirty.

Tom shrugged, hoping at least he'll agree. He turned to Thor. "Is that alright with you, Thor? I wanted to ask him questions, as well. We're both curious to know."

"Information for information." Loki smiled genuinely this time. "I agree. Thor?"

Everyone blinked.

"Pardon?" Fury's eye widened. "You want me to what-now?"

"I agree with TOM AND MY BROTHER!" Thor shouted, he seemed, excited.

"Thor-" Clint got himself interrupted.

"If my brother is closer to us, we can watch him carefully, that way, he will not be destructive. I promise to watch him and he will be in my care. He was suppose to be when we were to leave for Asgard but tis another chance!"

"I cannot fight." Stunning silence erupted.

"This collar." Loki pointed at his neck.

"What of it?" Clint frowned. "It's perfectly designed for you."

"I made it myself, along with Bruce, he tweaked things." Tony smiled.

"It's restricting my magic to a full degree," Loki said. " Far better than the cuffs fared."

"So?" Natasha growled. "You're going to cause trouble without it."

"If I wished to cause trouble, Miss Romanov, I would have done it by now." Loki frowned. "But for now, my interests are of my own. I wish to learn more about my counterpart and how much he knows about my life. And some degrees to what being mortal is like."

"So, it's alright with you if we handed you to Thor?" Steve asked Loki, who nodded in response. "I've heard the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer and I have to agree that keeping Loki in our custody would help keep him out of trouble."

"Seriously?" Tony whined. "Doesn't anyone in this room care about my lunch? And fine, I don't care anymore. Loki can come with me to Stark towers."

"Okay." Banner sighed.

"You've got to be kidding me." Clint face-palmed. "He'll slit my throat before you know it. Goodbye world."

"You said it, this is worse than Budapest." Natasha winced.

"BROTHER DID YOU HEAR THAT!" Thor thundered, his booming voice echoed.

"ALRIGHT!" Fury shouted just as loud.

He turned and pressed the panel. "I'm putting Loki in your custody because you better, damn right, watch him or I'll all kick your ass personally. He cannot leave the building until I authorize it. Tom cannot leave it as well, unless there's someone watching him. I need to have cameras installed in every corner of the room and I want progress report of everything that's been happening! There so much trouble that happens, I will have all your heads. Do I make myself clear?"

Everyone nodded, Loki and Tom found themselves doing the same.

Off to Stark tower then.


When the Avengers left with Loki and Tom, Fury stood alone in the room until Agent Maria Hill came by handing out some papers. Agent Maria stood behind Fury, who was still pressing panel buttons, watching scientists work on the tesseract.

"You do know what you did is against what the people want."

"No choice." Fury muttered and heard a screeching noise on his earpiece.

Agent Maria also heard it, putting both their fingers on their earpiece, they patiently listened. The screen, flickered showing that the tesseract was yet again, active. Bad timing. The scientists were running away from the device as the screen flickered again, Fury was hoping that the connection won't be lost.

"Agent! What the hell is going on down there?"

"S..r... P...ro... lem... ssera...t"

"Agent, repeat that. Your signal is off." Fury shouted as he saw the tesseract open a huge portal in the base. "Damn it."

"Sir, the tesseract!"

"I know that Agent, report!"

"Nobody wa... touching it, we were monitoring..sshhhh... -nd got a sss-pike. It activated and we're evacuating the premises. Nobody's injured, Sir. But we don't know how to contain the tesseract."

"Careful, get everyone out safely. Prepare some SHIELD Agents when their done and wait for an explo-"

The tesseract exploded again and shot someone out of the portal. The man slid across the concrete, unconscious but breathing. Fury eyed the monitor, to see a blonde giant, he knew all too well.

Fury turned to Agent Maria. "Call in Dr. Selvig and his team." Fury went back to eying the screen. SHIELD Agents surrounded the blonde man on the floor.

"Inform Stark of his other, guest. Make sure he gets the message."


Agent Maria had called in Dr. Selvig and his team immediately after the incident occurred and contacted Agent Romanov. The blonde man from before was taken to the medical room until Tony got the message of the mans arrival. For now, the man will be under SHEILD's care. Natasha was called out of Stark towers for pick-up after finishing her lunch, she didn't really inform any of the Avengers of her whereabouts thanks to Fury.

Her duty was to take Dr. Selvig and his team to the helicarrier for some added research.

Once she got them into the helicarrier, she immediately ditched them to find their own way because of Fury's orders. The Agent that interrogated Tom was ordered to assist Dr. Selvig and his team to the room where the tesseract was held for observation.

Dark haired guy with the sunglasses, full black suit. His body was big and buff but hidden very well by the suit, he also has a thick jaw lining through his face. He looked really intimidating and albeit, a little annoying. He walked up to the three waiting in the hallway where Natasha left them.

"Sir." The Agent nodded at them, sunglasses beaming the light. "My name is Agent Blake, Sir."

"Nice to meet you."

"I'm here to take you and, your team to the tesseract. I will also be informing you of the information we've gathered about the incident yesterday. Will it be alright with you if I discussed it on the way to the tesseract?"

"Thank you." Erik nodded. "Call me, Erik, that's Jane and Darcy."

"Hey, um, Agent." Darcy eyed the man. "Do you always wear sunglasses even indoors?"


Blake didn't give any sign that he heard. Darcy frowned, she was only having a little fun. She hated boring people and much more those from SHIELD. They were the ones that always pry in peoples business even if it's not theirs to pry. Darcy frowned at the man, well, he's off her nice list. Permanently.

"Aw, fine. I'll answer for you, probably because you want to look cool." She muttered, averting her gaze elsewhere.

"Like all you other SHIELD Agents..."

Erik had managed to tell Jane and Darcy about what happened with SHIELD earlier about Loki and that portal. He managed to make conclusions of his own but they always went to a dead end. Darcy believed Erik but Jane was just, pissed. Especially after learning that it was Loki's counterpart that came through the portal. Hearing Loki destroy half of New York was just a big news.

Jane was angry for the destruction caused in New York, it was even worse than what happened in New Mexico.

She didn't care if Loki was a god or not, he tried to have Thor killed by that machine from Asgard and attempted to rule earth himself, thus creating the so-called Avengers team. Jane hadn't seen Thor since, she only saw him fighting in the news.

She swore that if she ever got her hands on Loki's throat, she'll try and kill him or ask him why he wanted to kill Thor. Thor, never really did say or explained. Since he left in such a rush back to Asgard and when he came back, he went straight to SHIELD and stayed there, without giving a single word.

Jane understood it though, Thor was a god, he had better things to do like save the world from his evil adopted brother, but it wouldn't hurt to say hello once in a while. Maybe she'd get a chance later on when they meet him. Surely, he's in SHIELD right now? Or, in Stark's Tower, wherever, she'd find a way to talk to him.

Erik on the other hand, didn't really pay into mind about Thor. He was more worried with Loki, the man controlled him like a puppet and had him do terrible things to have earth ruled. Erik was now, more cautious than ever. He told Jane numerous times to stop thinking about Thor and more about his brother and the tesseract.

But she just won't listen.

"Are you absolutely serious Erik?" Jane screeched. "This isn't some kind of joke, is it?"

"No, Jane!" Erik muttered as they walked through the hallways of SHIELD.


"I swear that Thor's brother or counterpart just came out of the portal. I'm trying to figure out what went wrong with the tesseract but, I'm sure that they'll tell us eventually."

"He's not the only one who came out of the tesseract." Agent Blake never turned back and kept a straight walk. Erik, Jane and Darcy followed swiftly.

"Dr. Banner and Thor states that whoever was near the blast radius of the tesseract is affected by it. The one holding it was our good and evil Norse gods. Tony Stark was said to have been very near it. So far, the theory proves true."

"What? Are you saying there's more?" Jane raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, Ms. Foster."

"Are they really from another type of universe or realm from what Thor says or are they artificial copies, like-like that-doubles or duplicates, a carbon copy. Surely, there's theories from things like that, right?"

"It's Thor's double." Agent Blake pressed the elevator door and pressed the down button."He was found after the tesseract activated an hour ago. He's sleeping in the medical room."

"Another Thor?" Darcy smiled, then teased. "If he has the same body, wow, Jane will have another nosebleed."

"Apparently," Agent Blake continued. "Director Fury wished me to tell you that it's both Loki and Thor that came in contact with the tesseract, therefore both their counterparts arrived. Also, Tom, the name of the other Loki. Is in the care of Tony Stark. The other Thor is in our custody."

"Whoa? Really, the rich famous guy?" Darcy smiled. "The, Tony Stark! Can I meet him? I've tried to find him on facebook and he won't even accept my friend request."

"You have Thor's counterpart?" Erik became curious. "Is this why we're called? To help figure out how to send them back home."


"Wait, what about Thor's brother? Loki?" Jane never wasted a breath, or a question. "He's secured isn't he. He won't be able to hurt anyone, right? After what he did to earth and declaring war, he's imprisoned for his criminal act."

"He is with Tony Stark, Thor has been given full responsibility to watch over them." Agent Blake stopped walking. "Apparently, Director Fury has refused to speak with this to the board of directors. The council. This is beyond, experimentation and without proper clearance for such acts. Illegal, perhaps."

"Council? What council?" Erik's eyes widened. "You don't mean-"

Agent Blake ignored Erik's questions.

"It proves time theories. It was also said that in their world, we're just simple 'Movie' characters. All of our lives are just fiction. None of it is real. And that we are merely actors and actresses paid a great fee."

"That's another weird possible theory." Jane nodded at Agent Blake. "But It could be real, there's other types of alternative worlds where different possibilities happen. Like, I could be a superhero myself in another world. There are numerous books out there that say the same things of other life, alternate universes and realms and such- that's a big discovery!"

"Right, we have to focus more on Loki and his double as well as Thor's." Erik concluded. "Jane."

"What does Thor's brother look like?" Darcy asked, trying to divert the Agent from talking. "Is he hot?"

"W-what?" Jane's eyes widened.

"You heard me."

"D-darcy! Why would you even think that? He declared a stupid war here on earth. Why would you even wonder if he's hot or not?"

"He looks the same only his hair is curlier." Erik shook his head at the girls. "Look, I saw him come out of the portal, I'm only stating what I saw."

"And I'm just asking. 'Sides, you have Thor." Darcy smirked and pointed at her bag. "I still have the taser. If he comes near me, I can shoot him. No harm done. I can take care of myself."

"We're not doing that." Erik muttered and rolled his eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"But if he does do something wrong with us just like what he did to me before, you can go ahead and be my guest. And keep him the hell away from me. All I'm saying is that, I have no clue what 'Loki's' counterpart acts like. I left when he was transported to the helicarrier."

"We'll find out, they said they need us to help." Jane smiled, hoping to see Thor.

Natasha appeared at the other hallway, intercepting them. She told Agent Blake to leave and that she'll handle things herself. Natasha didn't trust the guy at all.

She quickly turned the other hallway while the three of them followed in silence. Erik grew weary of the situation. Where was Agent Romanov taking them? They should have been in the basement of the helicarrier by now. He knew a little about the helicarrier but he knew this was not where they were suppose to go.

"Where are you taking us?" Erik whispered as Natasha stood in front of the door. "Agent? I asked you question."

"Fury's orders."

"Excuse me?" Jane raised an eyebrow.

"He said that you might be able to talk to Thor's counterpart." Natasha held the doorknob. "Thor knows you best, so Fury thinks you can do it. I object to the force interaction, but Loki's double isn't getting off easy, and neither will he, whatever his name is."

"Why don't you ask someone else?" Erik half-shouted. "Why us? We're not your Agents. We're simple people wanting to discover things. We're only here to figure out the tesseract, not, talk to other beings. He could be dangerous."

"And you will discover something, Dr. Selvig." Natasha narrowed her eyes. "Fury wouldn't let anybody else get near the guy." Natasha jabbed a thumb at the door. "He's awake but nobody's talked to him yet about how he got here."

"So he's not dangerous?" Darcy whispered.

"So far," Natasha continued, ignoring them. "Video feeds show he's sitting there thinking. He woke up an hour after getting thrown out the portal. Ms. Foster could ease the tension, Fury said you had a small yet growing relationship with Thor."

"W-wait you want me to..." Jane blushed a little.

"Yes, Ms. Foster. That is what we want."

"But this isn't Thor." Jane panicked. "I can handle Thor, but this guy isn't even from here. Who's to say that I was even in his life? What am I suppose to say to him?"

"How about 'sorry for hitting you with my car'? thing." Darcy spoke from the sidelines. "That could work again."

"That's different. He's not Thor"

"At some point in life, he was Thor." Natasha shook her head. "I'm not getting paid enough to do this, if Clint saw me now, I'll never hear the end of it."

"Never hurt to try, Ms. Foster." Natasha unlocked the door. "I'll come back in a few minutes. We'll be watching through the hidden surveillance in the room, if you're ever attacked."


"Break it to him slowly and try not to over do it. I'll be back in a few minutes to bring him to Stark's tower for a reunion with, Tom, Loki's double. If you excuse me, I'll be waiting in the hallway. Be quick about it, Fury's not a patient man."

Natasha quickly left, the door slightly open, and three people completely shaking in anxiety. Jane took a deep breath and opened the door to Chris's room.

"Nat? Katie? And Sten?" Chris's eyes widened.

"H-hey..." Jane waved, Darcy and Erik followed. "This is awkward. Okay what do I do? And what do I say? Come on, Jane. Your in a little relationship with a god, a simple look-alike talking to you won't hurt you.. oh, my, god!"

"Why are you all here?" Chris questioned. "I would have thought Lilie would come here first. Did I get into an accident? No doctors have seen me, and I feel normal."

"You, kinda did get into an accident." Jane stared at him. "He looks just like Thor, only more, human? Okay, doing good so far, now what..."

"Are you okay?" Erik asked, trying to ease the tension and get a good conversation. "I mean, you were..."

"My back's in a little pain." Chris laughed a little. "Lilie's gonna be worried about me, and the baby. Oh, what am I going to do? Which hospital am I in? There's nothing serious about me is there? Any, paparazzi outside, what? Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Definitely not, Thor." Darcy nudged Jane. "Is that our names? Who's Nat and Lilie? And a baby?"

"Umm, look." Jane smiled and walked towards Chris. "Y-you okay?"

"I'm fine, Nat." Chris smiled back at her. "Have you seen my cell phone? I'm going to call Lilie, how long was I asleep again?"

"An hour." Darcy piped up. "And we don't know where your phone is. Sorry."

"Oh, Thanks Katie."

'Oho..." Darcy turned to Erik and smirked. "So, I'm Katie. You must be, Ste-eeenn!"

"This is not happening." Erik shook his head. "Why did I have to be a scientist?"

"You're all acting, strange. I feel fine, if that's what you're all worrying about. I was heading to my car when this bright light appeared. My back hurts a bit, though. A-are you guys alright? You look like you've seen a ghost."


Chris waved a hand to them to get all their attention, it was odd they were acting that way. Way too in character for Chris's liking. It was as if he was in a weird dream. He kinda liked it, he always wondered what would happen if he were to go to that kind of world.

Odd. Is he? He wondered.

"Don't be alarmed but," Jane sighed. "You're not from this world."

"I've heard that many times before, from the scripts." Chris gave out a toothy grin. "Now's really not the time to talk about work."

"I don't know how to explain this to you, but it's true." Jane walked to the edge of the bed.

"What's true?"

"The people here in SHIELD, just told me to talk to you and I don't know how to, so I'm doing my best, so we could get out of here, fast! What's your name again, because I don't want to call you 'Thor's double or duplicate.' Do you even-understand a word I'm saying?"

"You're kinda procrastinating in fear." Darcy whispered. "Kinda."

"If it's a joke, it's funny. You guys got me. Great joke. I always like a good laugh."

Chris smiled and threw the sheets away, he hung his feet on the edge. His hair was tied back, he was wearing blue-grey polo shirt and black pants and shoes. He took a moment to ponder where he was and saw that he was in SHIELD's medical room. The very same one Sharlotte and Jeremiah acted out that very one scene together.

"Their acting, out of the ordinary. I wonder what's wrong?"

He eyed Jane, Darcy and Erik, they don't look like they were going to greet him or tell him what was going on. He looked for cameras instead, hoping this wasn't just a prank gone wrong, he played a joke on Tom and Rob once and was a bit scared that they might take their revenge.

"This is a joke right?" Chris wondered, his voice a little panicked than he intended to. "W-what's going on? How did I get here?"

"You got here through the tesseract, lad." Erik pointed out.


"Your brother, Loki- or uh...Tom, he's here too. With the others from the Avengers. We're not lying, it's true. I'm Dr. Erik Selvig. That's Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis."

Chris shook his head.

"Tom's been missing from his interview, it was all over the news, yesterday. No, I can't believe it. This isn't real, how can you explain or even joke about this, mate? To even, take me away from my wife and kid for some silly joke."

"You're wife and kid?" Darcy's eyes widened. "Oh my god, you're married. Seriously?"

"Look, please calm down." Jane raised both arms. "I swear we're telling the truth, why would you even be in SHIELD's helicarrier if it weren't real. Why would we even be here trying to talk to you if it was a lie? We don't go joking around. It's true."

"You cannot honestly, expect me to believe this. Are you?" Chris was a little worried that all this might be too real for his liking. "Oh, god. What the hell happened?"

"I told you." Erik placed a hand on his shoulder.

"That's not something to take in so easily. To believe that I'm in a world that doesn't really exist. That's just hard to believe coming from someone that's not suppose to be real." Chris back-fired.

"The tesseract brought you here," Erik sighed. "Because Loki and Thor were exposed to the gamma radiation, and creating this portal and all that other damn thing SHIELD likes to keep secret. Try to understand, uh, what's your name?"

"Chris..." He closed his eyes and clasped his hands. "Chris Worth."

"Nice name." Jane smiled and wondered how much they can ask. "Age?"


"Oh, young." Darcy smirked. "So you're married."

"Yes, I am. And I have a kid too, just... look. Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead, just as long as we can answer it." Erik nodded.

"Is that why Tom was missing? Because of the tesseract." Chris raised an eyebrow.

"Can you keep going?" Jane wondered. "We can't really answer without knowing. Hmm.."

"The police," Chris eyed them. "Said that there were no break-ins in his hotel room. That he suddenly disappeared without a trace right before his interview. Is that the reason why?"

"We don't know about the interview." Darcy said.

"Oh." Chris frowned.

"But we do know that he came out of the tesseract just like you did. And we were ordered around by SHIELD Agents to talk to you and stuff and here we are. Yay!" Darcy said sarcastically as Chris rubbed his temples.

"Aw, man, it's real." Chris took a deep breath.

"That's what we've been trying to tell you." Darcy grinned.

"Let's say I believe you." Chris paused. "And I'll do what you want, if and only if, I could be granted something in return."

"Depends, what to you suggest?" Erik squinted his eyes.

"Could I see, Tom?"

"Yes, you can. And you're free to go, Mr. Worth."

A voice coming from the door spoke, and startled everyone in the room. There was Natasha, leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed. She was smiling and Chris could only stare at her. This was not something he ever expected.


Loki and Tom were sitting next to each other on Tony's couch. Thor was seated on one of the kitchen chairs, facing Loki, eying their conversation. Clint, Banner and Steve sat next to him, listening in on the question and answer portion and mostly looking after Loki, so he won't do anything bad.

Natasha gone moments later when lunch ended. Something about having to go pick someone up but she didn't say why. Clint was a little pissed that he was staying in the tower babysitting the evil bad guy, but at least he had his friends with him.

Tony was standing behind the couch, one arm draped on it and the other holding a drink. They could hear the whole conversation, but they didn't speak so much as to anger the Norse god. They haven't seen Loki this, curious about earth, especially when he's not out to destroy it.

He seemed, sane.

Thor said that Loki was a little like Tony himself, always loved discovering a few things. And that's the reason why Tony's so near the god that he isn't swatted away so easily. And they both verbally match each other. Both wits and an annoying thrive for mischief along the way.

Tom just sat there with his drink, watching Tony and Loki battle it out with words and how much they know about the universe. With Tony, knowing so much about science and Loki about the realms and magic that is unknown to humans.

They finished lunch a few minutes ago and before the verbal fight began again, JARVIS had decided to intervene. Relaying them a message from Fury. Silence.


"Yeah, JARVIS, what is it?" Tony drank, looking at Loki who was staring at the ceiling.

Sir. Director Fury relayed a message that another man had come out of the tesseract as predicted by Dr. Banner. Shall I show you the video feed?

"Go ahead, JARVIS."

"Might I ask before we watch, where the voice had come from?" Loki kept staring at the ceiling like he was trying to find out where it came from.

"Is this really Loki?" Tony eyed. "I wonder what everyone else thinks." Before Tony could speak and answer Loki's question, Tom beat him to it.

"It's JARVIS." Tom smiled. "It's Tony's computer, it's wired around the house. It talks when it's important. That about right?"

"A little." Tony smirked. "It's nothing, don't worry princess. You'll get used to it."

"I don't suppose you're implying that I stay here longer, Stark?" Loki smirked at Tony, who shivered at the look.

"Hey now, no flirting." Tony chuckled. "That's evil, more evil than what you did. If I didn't know better, you kinda like me- you do- don't you?"

"I am merely stating." Loki shrugged. "And if by liking you, is throwing you out the window, then yes, I do like you."

"Now that's mean." Tony pouted.

"Tony Stark, this video." Thor piped up from the side, he, Clint, Banner and Steve walked up closer that they were behind the couch. "Will you show it to us?"

"JARVIS, video feed."

Yes, Sir. This happened approximately 1hour 34 minutes and 18 seconds ago.

Tom was drinking while they were watching this and when the tesseract exploded and out came a blonde man, Tom nearly choked on his drink. Tony began to pat him in the back while the others stared in confusion. Loki was quite curious that this other Thor, nearly killed him by just being thrown out of the portal. What kind of relationship do they even have. Tom went into a hoarse coughing fit until it stopped and he managed to relax.

"You, okay? That wasn't really what we expected." Steve spoke up.

"That's Chris." Tom winced at the pain on his chest from the choking.

"Chris?" Thor raised his eyebrows. "Tis my counterpart, coming here to join us. I wish to meet him. I would love to know more about him."

"Is that really him?" Tom frowned but later turned to smile. "Guess I won't be alone after all."

"What do you mean?" Loki turned to questioning him. "What's your relationship with each other? That you saw fit to choke when you saw him."

"Just shocked." Tom blushed a little. "We're... well... The two of us work together and-"

Sir. Might I relay you another message from Director Fury. It is of utter most important.

"Go ahead JARVIS." Tony and the others waited.

Director Fury has gotten information about the man, his name is Chris Worth, Sir. He is approximately 29 years old. He is also married, from what he speaks of a child and a wife. He also spoke of Agent Romanov coming to bring him to Stark towers later.

"Is that why Natasha left?" Clint's eyes widened. "Well that's just great, as if two gods aren't enough! I mean, seriously? As if it wasn't enough..."

"I'm not that bad, am I?" Tom made a face.

"Ignore him." Banner smiled.

"Hey, JARVIS, can you get me other details about what's happening in SHIELD. Other video feeds or calls, messages from Fury?"

There was a call, Sir, made an hour ago before we were contacted. They have called in expert, Dr. Erik Selvig, and his team, Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis, to explore the tesseract's capabilities.

"Jane is there!" Thor raised his hammer. "I must go and see her!"

"That would not be wise Thor." Loki smirked, attempting one of his games. "You would not want to leave me in the hands of these mortals would you, and alone with Tom for that matter. You do remember what happened last time I was left alone."

"Aye, that would be bad." Thor frowned. "Then I shall see her another time."

Loki shook his head. "I cannot bear another Thor in my life."

"Chris isn't all that bad." Tom smiled at the Avengers and Loki.

"Why?" Steve wondered. "How different is he from Thor?"

"You'll see when you meet him. I'm just happy I won't be in all this alone. At least he'll get to experience the feeling. Though I wonder how he'll take the 'your not from this world' speech.'"

"From Natasha?" Clint shook his head. "Hell. Just plain hell."

"Oh, that's gotten me excited." Tony almost jumped for joy.

"Why?" Tom wondered, so did the others.

"If Thor's done, I get to meet my other double next. Isn't that so much fun. Hey, Tom? What's my other double like? Is he smart, come on tell me, I want to know. Is he good looking like me- famous- rich- playboy- philanthropist? Come on!"

"I will take it, you won't like him, but your friends will." Tom smirked from his drink.

"Excuse me? What did you just say, Tom? I won't like him."

"Just a bit of fun, I won't spoil." Tom looked the other way, god this was fun.

"..." Silence, then Tom chuckled.

"Same way I won't spoil Thor and Loki's fun. You got to meet me without any clues as to what I was like. Why would I ruin it for the others. Besides, it's fun to get to know a person, isn't that right? You're all trying to get to know me?"

"You evil person. You sound almost like Loki." Clint frowned. "Now I'm starting to worry."

"I told you, it's just a bit of fun." Tom mumbled. "It's not until later that he will arrive. So patience."

"Amazing how this Mortal could conjure such chaos without doing damage." Loki thought. "He is also good with words. I haven't asked him questions of his life yet, but perhaps later. I would be able to do so."

"If Tom's nice, I suppose the others won't hurt." Steve mumbled. "I'm worried about Tony. We don't really need someone like that..."

"Aw Cap, now your just putting me down."

"Might I interfere and ask questions then." Loki frowned. "You are, after all ruining my own fun. If you rather, I cause trouble than question, I am up for that as well."

"Ask away." Clint raised his hand. " But do remember he's killed innocent people."

They all surrounded Loki and Tom, both of them feeling a little uncomfortable with the closeness but they were sure the other were curious as well. So Tom straightened himself and his jacket and eyed Loki.

"You ask first." Tom smiled. "I'll ask when Chris gets here, he has a lot of questions too."

"Fine... then I will begin..." Loki took a deep breath. "How much do you know about me?"


They stared at each other for a moment. Tom placed his drink down on the table and searched for something in the eyes of the Avengers. There he saw that they were just as curious as Loki was. He took a deep breath, knowing this could end up somewhat horrible, he said it anyway.

"I know a lot about your life, but half of it, I know not whether it is true or a lie." Tom turned to Loki, who didn't have anything in response. "I could tell you what I know but that would be a little like asking whether it's true or not, it depends if you'll answer them truthfully though."

Loki flinched slightly after hearing those words come out of Tom's mouth. The mortal knew so much about him yet at the same time, knew little of the truth and lies among the facts. Loki averted his gaze from Tom, pondering over his question before speaking.

"And what is it that you knew that is the truth?" Loki narrowed his eyes. "I wish to know the things you've seen and heard. You are an actor, are you not?"

Tom nodded as Loki continued. "Then you have acted my part in life, what do you know?"

Tom turned to the others who were watching. "Are you sure they want to hear this? Because we could, talk elsewhere if this is too personal."

"No can do!" Tony shook his head. "If he's staying in my place, I have the right to hear this. Besides, we're not letting little princess here out of our sight. He's done enough damage already."

"I get to hear it as well, as I grew up with him." Thor raised his head proudly.

"I need to know too." Banner and Clint spoke.

"It's settled, we're hearing the story." Steve sat next to Loki as he was tired of just standing there.

Loki was pinned in the middle by Tom and Steve. Tony won't sit down and was behind the couch just hovering a little over Tom. Thor had settled himself on the small 2 step stairs next to the couch along with Clint and Banner. Loki shook his head, he did not want this but he had to deal with it so he could obtain answers he wished to seek.

Loki glared at Steve, but the man did not inch away. Loki rolled his eyes and turned to Tom. "If you could continue. That would be much appreciated."

"I know about Odin," Loki flinched and Thor moved uncomfortably in his seat.

"And how he took you away from Jotunheim when you were a baby. I knew about your heritage being the prince of Jotunheim and Asgard, but you are more known as the second prince to where you grew up in. Thor's banishment, I also know about. And the treatment you received in your time growing up."

"We know he was adopted, but the prince of another realm." Tony's eyes widened. "Who knew about that? Thor, why didn't you tell us?"

"What is there to tell?" Thor frowned.

"He is right." Loki glanced at Thor. "If you wish to know then I will be honest. I do not like to be related to the Jotuns. I hate the form that I change into when I touch something very cold. I also hate them for reasons of giving me up during my birth. Other reasons, I'd like to keep for myself."

"Well, there is something about Odin too that gives me the creeps." Tony spoke up. "Don't you think he was being hard when he banished Thor to this world. And I don't know, I've read a few Norse myths and I don't know how to describe him actually."

"You do not know my father well enough." Thor piped up. "He is a wise king."

"But not wise enough." Tom could hear the disgust in Loki's voice.

"Could you continue, Tom?" Clint waved a hand to him. "Just so we could finish, I want to question you too."

"Very well." Tom looked at the ceiling. "If you want to know, when I acted my role in the movie as 'Loki', I found it slightly hard to tamper into that broken soul."

"Broken? I am not broken, slightly, yes... but completely?" Loki stared as Tom continued to speak. Everyone stared at him as he told his story. Curious as to what the truths are in his world.

"I tried to relate some of it in my own life so I could get a good edge on the characters feelings. When I realized that I found it easy to do it, when I read about your life and did it, I felt great sympathy to Loki. I don't think he's the monster everyone thinks he is."

"He destroyed half of New York!" Clint raised his voice. "How can you feel sympathy?"

"How would you feel to be in the shadow of your own brother?" Tom raised his own voice. "What would you feel if you found out you were lied to all through out you life? As gods that meant thousands of years ago. He also became an outcast among Thor's friends, was constantly teased for magic and for his little mischief."

"You do know a lot about me." Loki lowered his head as he whispered. "Annoying mortal, I do not wish to hear this any longer. I know my life."

"I'm not justifying or defending what he did." Tom raised a hand and pointed at Clint.

"I'm only trying to point out that he suffered for so long, that he was at his limit already. To learn the truth in an awful way and for Odin to go to Odin-sleep when Loki needed his explanation the most was just downright horrible!"

"This mortal speaks the truth." Loki closed his eyes and placed a hand to his face. "It is undesirably, comforting to have someone, defend, my rights or rather understand them, the least."

The others were too busy protesting to everything Tom said about Loki, they couldn't even believe that he speaks the truth. Loki wished for this to stop, or wished it had never even started. He regrets that he ever asked that question. He hated talking about things like this, but at least it wasn't him talking.

Perhaps this was something intended in destiny. That someone else speak up for him, so that others may understand what he is going through. He stayed silent, hoping that some good would come out of it. He'll just speak up when he sees it fit.

"So you hate Odin too?" Banner questioned.

"I wanted to ask that too." Steve nodded.

"Father is kind." Thor spoke but all ignored him.

"So your biased because you acted Loki." Tony raised an eyebrow. "Because that's the only thing I'm getting there."

"No, I'm not biased. I just understand Loki better than any of you do. And I don't hate Odin, I just don't see reason as to why he did what he did. Especially when Loki decided to commit suicide. You knew this more than I do, Thor. I know it crossed your mind!"

Tom tried his best to calm down but he could feel what Loki was going through.

"Such a mortal, defending my rights. It's all too good to be true. Worry not, I'll speak when I see fit." Loki raised his head, and turned to Thor and locked eyes with him.

"Fathers actions have purpose." Thor defended. "As to what he did by banishing me. I changed because of him. His actions have purpose, I believe that."

"But not all of them are wise." Tom countered. "If it weren't for Loki, you would still have been arrogant and stubborn as the man you were before."

"It was fath-"

Tom intervened. "Loki brought the Frost giants into Asgard, on your coronation and you deemed it fit to attack Jotunheim because of the act when Loki only wanted Odin to see that you're not yet ready to rule!"

"I do not-"

"Loki did not know you were going to be banished and he was placed a great burden to rule over Asgard which he did not want." Tom pointed out.


"He only wished to be your equal, he had said so numerous times in your encounter with each other. I don't understand why you still don't get it. And I'm slightly mad because you caused him to turn awry."

"But Loki did want power." Steve protested. "Isn't that why he wanted to rule earth?"

"Yeah, he also abused his throne from what we heard from Thor." Clint said.

"I did not want the throne." Loki raised his voice, eyes stared at him. "Nor do I wish to rule earth."

"Then why did you do it?" Tony questioned.

"I did so because earth is dear to Thor. I only wanted him to suffer my own pains." Loki turned away. "Asgard was the same way, I am not meant to rule any place. If I was thought of as a monster, I might as well play the part."


"Ruling Asgard wasn't what you want." Tom told him. "Right?"

"Mother, wanted me to do so because the Allfather was sleeping."

"Damn that Odin-sleep. I've read about that too, he sleeps when things go wrong." Tony half-shouted but was ignored by the rest. He sat next to Thor on the 2 step stairs.

Loki continued his own explanation, not knowing why he was doing this but Tom's words were so alluring that he felt the need to speak out. Tom was himself in a way, somewhere inside Tom, was a part of Loki etched inside. They were somewhat connected, different life different world, yet same person.

"Loki-" Tom whispered.

"Thor was still in banishment." Loki raised his head and turned to eye the Avengers. "I found it difficult to hold such a position when I am not ready to do so. All I've done was to help Thor understand what it takes to rule but-"

"Brother..." Thor thought. "I'm sorry I did not understand it the first time."

"But things have changed and I do not wish for them to go back to the way they were." Loki glared. "I've learned my lessons not to repeat feeling sympathy towards others. The... Allfather never did truly love me like he loved his real 'Son.' So leave it alone, Mortals!"

"Brother, I-"

"Save it Thor!" Loki shouted. "I do not want your pity! And I will never be your brother!"

Tony felt something hit the bottom of his stomach. Loki spatted the words 'Son' and he could clearly see his own life flash back to the times of his own father. Clearly, they both have something in common. Tony was suppose to come up with a come back but was beaten by Tom which made a very great stir up in the room. They all listened in at what he had to say.

"If it makes you feel better," Tom smiled slightly. "In my world you're very well loved."

Tony, Steve, Clint, Banner and Thor eyed him as if he was speaking of the end of the world. Did they hear right? Heck, even Loki was shocked by the thought of it. He pondered it a bit more but couldn't really grasp it.

Tom chuckled his 'hiddle laugh.'

"It's true." Tom raised his eyebrows. "You don't believe me?"

"Why do you say so?" Loki had a blank look on him and thought. "Weird Mortal. The foolishness in his words, how can mortals love me for what they know I did. That is impossible and unsettling."

"It's all over Tumblr or the internet, or any other roaming network in the entire world, you name it."

"You've got to be kidding me!" Tony face-palmed.

"You do not expect me to believe this, do you, mortal?" Loki frowned, was it all a lie to get him to open-up?

"You have fans that love you," Tom smiled. "And understand what you mean by being alone, being adopted or other stuff like that. They could grasp that energy you're giving out. Besides, who doesn't love a good villain."

"You're crazy." Tony blinked. "So, he has fans? Why? Do I have fans? Because if I do, then I'm totally awesome in both worlds. So, tell me. I hate waiting and being handed things but I guess you already know that."

"Yes, you have fans but we're talking about Loki." Tom shook his head, the smile never left his lips.

"Aye, we should continue." Thor said fiddling with Mjolnir.

"If Thor's counterpart, was well..." Tom licked his lips. "If Chris was here, he'd defend Loki too. The two of us have talked about your lives more than once. We did act it out, we have a few questions ourselves and opinions. You should hear his opinions too."

"Might I ask?" Loki frowned at this. "What is Thor like in your world?"

"You're asking that?" Clint's eyes widened. "Didn't think you cared."

"I do not!" Loki spatted and hissed at him. "I am merely curious! Are you not?"

"I told you, it's a surprise." Tom smiled.

"I shall ask a different question then." Loki rested his head on the couch, still annoyed. "I do not wish to ponder on this topic any longer. I find it uttermostly unsettling."

"Fine with me." Tom took a sip from his drink. "But we could resume the conversation about Thor and you later when Chris gets here, the more the merrier."

"I wonder what relationship those two mortal have that he speaks so great." Thor shook his head. "Continue! I wish to hear it as well!"

"What is it like in your world?" Loki hit a jackpot question, the Avengers were thinking of the same thing.

"What do you mean?" Tom tilted his head. "It's the same, just that you're all fictional and not real."

"He probably means if there's SHIELD or other things that's the same here." Banner spoke up. "Or, things with World War II or the attacks or experimentation, Government things."

"Oh, that." Tom smirked and started laughing.

Tony could feel himself getting anxious. What the hell was Tom hiding from them, and why the hell does he feel comfortable with Loki while the rest of them feel, violated and disturbed? Steve flinched at the mention of World War II but he had to admit he was curious about Red Skull and his plans. Clint was just plain curious what was in their world. Banner did it for science and theory or any other thing he could think of. Thor was wondering if there was another Asgard in Tom's world but he cancelled it out when he figured that Tom was mortal and that his other self was mortal. Asgard did not exists, it was but a myth.

Now this got everyone curious.

Loki frowned at the sight of his laughing double. He seemed so carefree, he had thought of another question that might dismantle the easiness that Tom was feeling. He was just hoping that the opportunity came soon enough, he did not want to be humiliated further.

"One things for sure, there are no helicarriers in my world." Tom grinned.

"Okay..." Tony could almost sweat-drop.

"No holo-screens yet, working on it maybe but not much introduced, only in the movies. Um, Captain America didn't really fight with Red Skull in the War, actually, there isn't any Red Skull at all."

"No?" Steve's eyes widened. "You're serious?"

"Yes, I'll spoil." Tom smiled. "In my world, your name is Evans C. you're the same age as me. You grew up in the modern world. No fighting from the past and being in ice. All that."

"Oh." Steve blinked. "That makes sense."

"There are no superhero's in our world. No hero, just modern people saving lives." Tom looked at them.

"The bad guys?" Clint wondered. "What about them?"

"Villains, are just simple criminals committing their acts of rebellion. Heroes are the police or others that keep peace. We have CIA and certain alien sighting on Area 51, but we're not sure if it's true or there's a cover story. But no, we don't have a genius billionaire that makes his own set of suits and armor. No, Thor or Hulk."

"Oh my god! You spoiled my fun!" Tony pointed at Tom. "So, in your world, I'm not a genius and I'm not rich! That's just horrible, I-"

"I didn't say that."

"You implied it, same thing." Tony rolled his eyes.

"No, and if what you said is true then your double is next. Robert will talk with you just fine, besides he's like you in many ways but he's not the rude type. You're not so rude when you try to be nice though, never mind." Tom smiled again, this was so much fun.

"Spoil-sport!" Tony couldn't resist sticking his tongue out.

"You're such a child, Stark." Loki rolled his eyes. "Why can you not act your age?"

"Why can't you?" Tony retorted.

"Pathetic mortal! I could still kill you with my bare hands if I wished! Do not take me so lightly just because I am curious!" Loki hissed.

"Don't give me that tone! And I still don't trust you!"

"Do you have more questions for me, your highness?" Tom smirked at Loki, intervening at just the right time before a fight ensued.

But before Loki could talk, Thor beat him to it. The God of Thunder raised his hammer and jabbed it to Tom.

"How do you handle being a mortal?" Thor shouted. "I wish to know! It is not easy to be so, requiring sustenance all the time and sleep and you grow weary in time."

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Loki growled.

Tom blinked as Loki continued to ask his question.

"Well, are you going to answer? Might I add something else, are you married and what is your life like or how did you get into your acting business? I am quite curious to know, it is not always that I get to do such questioning."

"No duh." Tony shook his head. "Could you? We're all curious here. It'll help ease up the tension, besides, we're already starting to get to know you. Might as well know all of it, just to prove that you're not another Loki and that you're actually safe to be with."

"You are not implying that you bed with my double?" Loki wondered.

Tom and Steve blushed crimson, Clint and Banner laughed. Thor's eyes widened and ready to strike at Tony. Tony raised his arms in defense. "NO THOR! THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M IMPLYING! YOUR DAMN BROTHER TWISTED MY WORDS!"

"Keep your thoughts and hands to yourself, Man of Iron! If you still wish to live." Thor sat back down as Clint and Banners laugh subsided.

"Yeah and Tony's itching to find out." Clint placed his elbows on his knees and rested his chin on his hand.

"Do you mind?" Loki stared blankly.

"I knew this would come eventually." Tom shook his head.

Tom took a deep breath, at least when he's done he could get the trust of these people. It was hard enough talking about Loki's life, which he feels a huge part of his own, but of his true life, to talk about it, was something he never thought of doing. Everyone was staring at him, he was sure that JARVIS was taping all of this, this is Stark's tower and JARVIS had every bit of control here. Tom sighed, no use getting away with it. He bit his lips and placed the drink down and began his only little life story.

"I was born in California. My mother loves art and anything interesting in that field. My father was a scientist."

"Scientist?" Tony's face wrinkled. "No wonder you talk smart."

"As I was saying, I grew up being the middle child and when I was 10, I went to study but my parents were already going through divorce. It wasn't easy and I found myself loving acting because I thought that it could help me with my emotions. Spending time in school helps me get away from the problems back home and about my parents divorce."

"Bummer dude." Clint frowned. "Didn't think it was that, you know. 10 man, that was... wow. Bad luck."

"Sorry to hear that." Steve muttered loudly enough for them to hear. "Sorry for-"

"Don't be," Tom said. "It was my choice."

"So you do understand Loki in a way. Sorry we doubted you." Tony mumbled. "I mean, with the whole family thing going on with you, you feel somewhat..."

"Unloved? I know I was loved." Tom took a sip from his drink. "I didn't need them to say it."

"There's someone out there who loves us no matter what." Banner said. "Is that what you're saying?"

"Exactly." Tom finished his drink.

Silence again.

It was starting to feel too personal, but he was different from Loki. He wished to prove that to the Avengers.

"I didn't need confirmation for that. I knew it all too well. But I was 13 at the time, still too young to understand so much in life. But I learned to let go. Things don't always work out the way you want them too but when my career raised to a high level, I was grateful for the opportunities."

"You do come of almost the same as I." Loki looked into Tom's eyes. "To play my character, you looked into yourself. Is that right?"

"True, and one of the things why I can sympathize with you." Tom smiled. "Any more questions because I want to ask a few myself. And I'm starting to feel a bit pushed for pressure here.

"I wanted to know if-"

Before Tom could ask the elevator opened only to reveal Natasha and Chris. Everyone's eyes widened as the other Thor emerged from the elevator looking so casual. Tom stood up and eyed Chris just as he did to Tom. The silence was nerve-wracking. Loki saw how different this Thor was, he was calmer, and much more human than his brother will ever be. Natasha was smirking at the side as she walked past Banner and went to sit next to Clint.

"Fill me in later." Natasha smiled.

Chris eyed the avengers and Loki sitting around but what got to him was Tom, who was standing there, staring at him. Chris felt his lips curving upright and his body all tingly in excitement. He wanted to run and hug the man, today was confusing but now, he had someone to share the misery.

"T-tom? Is that you?" Chris questioned.


Tony frowned. "JARVIS! Why didn't you warn us that they were coming?"

I'm sorry, Sir. But Agent Romanov distinctly said that I keep my mouth shut and surprise you. I believe the results are what she had expected.

"Don't get cute with me." Tony rolled his eyes. "Hey, other Thor and you." He pointed at Natasha. "Come join the feasting of stories and questions too personal for my own liking."

"Hey, Nat..." Clint raised a hand.

"Clint." Natasha muttered.

Chris and Tom stood there eying each other until Chris breaks the silence and starts laughing. Tom smiled at Chris, he was hoping this wouldn't start out this way but, oh well. Things are never normal in this world, the saying 'make the best of it' still stands.

Loki and Thor's eyes widened at the sight of Chris laughing and Tom shaking his head.

What was the mortal laughing about?

They couldn't quite grasp the situation yet, must be a mortal thing. Tony stared in disbelief, the man looked a lot like Thor but was as casual as Tom was. Steve couldn't really say anything at the moment. Clint and Natasha just waited for something to happen while Banner was taking down some notes about their behavior and how different they are from the Norse gods in the room.

Loki had enough. "What are you laughing about?"

Chris thought it was Tom who said it and ceased his laughing. He pointed at Tom and the silence began again, it was eerie and devoid.

Then he spoke up, voice as loud as Thor's was, only calmer and more human.

"Can you see yourself?" Chris grinned.

"And, your point?" Tom stared blankly.

"You're talking with Loki and the avengers, it's not something you do everyday is it? Or are you simply doing this for the fun of it?"

"You caught me." Tom smiled in return.

"I did, and?"

"It was fun while it lasted." Tom shrugged. "You don't seem to be taking this so hard. If I know better, you're being cautious about it."

"I have thought that you might have played a joke on me. For payback." Chris chuckled. "After what I did to you, I thought you would've attacked by now."

Now everyone was curious as to what the two, out of this world mortals, were talking about. They grasped the words 'joke' and 'attacked' but they couldn't quite get what they're saying. The silence still eerie until Tom took a pillow from the couch and made sure it was strong enough. Everyone blinked, what were they up to? Tom grinned mischievously.

Tony had one thought, this was going to end up in chaos!

"I wanted my revenge for that little joke." Tom averted his gaze slightly. "What?"

"Really? When are you going to do it?"

"Maybe I could do it now, since you don't really have any back-up with you."

"Well you seem to be so sure you can take me on." Chris smirked. "Don't think the avengers or Loki will help you. You're on your own, on this one."

"I won't need them. I'm more than enough."

"C'mon mate!" Chris hollered copying Thor. "What are you going to do? You are but a mere mortal."

"Last time I checked, so were you." Tom pointed, happily copying Loki.

Tony jumped onto the couch next to Loki, taking Tom's seat. He draped a hand to Loki's shoulders and Loki turned to glare at him. Tony raised an eyebrow and shook his head, turning to look at Tom who was still standing with the pillow at hand. Loki followed Tony's eyes and turned to stare as well.

"What do you think's going to happen?" Tony whispered. "He's you and Thor's him, you think their fighting over something?"

"It looks like it." Loki frowned. "Will you take your hand off me, Stark? It is unsettling."

"Why getting uncomfortable?" Tony winked.

"In honesty, yes, I am." Loki turned to Tony. "If I didn't know better, you are flirting with me."

"You didn't think I'd let you off easy with the 'I forgive you' basically, you owe me." Tony smirked, having a little fun won't hurt.

"What are you implying?" Loki's blank look was answer enough.

"NO! I'm not implying that! Pervert, geez! I'm saying that you help me learn about that magic of yours and I get to check how it works with technology. Learning and it's a discove-"

"I you wished to be thrown out of the window again, I will comply." Loki smirked. "And I will not agree that my magic should be tampered with."

"Fine, grumpy." Tony scowled. "Just checking. Let's just watch the show."

Tony released his hand from Loki's shoulder and took a giant sip from his drink and turned to watch. The two were still going on about nonsense but things became a little more interesting once action was involved. Tom was ready to strike at Chris, using the pillow as a weapon.

Not a good choice.

"What are you going to do with so puny a weapon?" Chris scrunched his nose and gave out a growl. "That cannot harm me."

"Punishment, dear boy." Tom menacingly said then turned his sweet voice. "But first, you believe in all this? It took me a while to trust them, let alone think this is all real. What difference, is it with you?"

"What's not to believe?" Chris shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Steve wondered.

"Natasha told me everything about what happened to Tom." Chris shook his head. "Got to say that your disappearance has lead your fans to search for you. Heck, everyone is looking for you. And then, I find myself here with you, in another world! I'm not shocked anymore."

"It just means I'm well loved. Like I said to Loki, here." Tom glanced at the god and the man simply shrugged. "So still cautious that I might, what, Russolize you? or Loki'd, as I might say."

Chris laughed, now everyone was confused.

"A little Mate." Chris made a face.

"Don't be that way."

"Nobody can be so sure when it's you. I'm just scared you planned something bigger than what I did, but you should know that is still a puny weapon. What kind of a man are you Tom? Even Loki can do better than to use a pillow as a weapon."

"I have to agree with this 'other' Thor." Loki shook his head. "But what else could he differ from him. He speaks like normal midgardians do, yet he sounds so proud and stubborn like Thor. I wonder..."

"They're gonna fight." Clint poked Natasha. "This is, a must see!"

"Quiet." Natasha shushed.

"I am a man to tear you apart in the future but will likely, not succeed." Tom looks to Loki. "If you get my point as none of you know-who's ever did. But perhaps I could, triumph, in this one at least."

"Funny, that I agree with you." Chris walked closer to the rest of them and poked at Thor. "Hey there big guy! Handsome are we? I like the hair."

Thor stood up and looked into Chris's eyes. "Hello there friend! I am Thor, God of Th-"

"Thunder, yes." Chris nodded and avoided the pillow Tom threw. "Jealous, are we? I didn't think you'd be the type to be that way, Tom. Looks like Loki has finally influenced you so much more within just the day. I'm shocked."

"We're not going there." Tom smiled.

"Then tell me what you were going on about before I got here."

"We just finished talking about my life and now I get to ask him questions."

"OKAY!" Tony shouted.

Tom and Chris stopped talking and turned to Tony. Everyone else did, shocked that he actually decided to shout. Steve shook his head, typical Tony, can't really keep his mouth shut for the good of the team but in this case, it was an exception. The conversation was going nowhere at this point and they needed to stop and start from the beginning.

Tony resumed to talking.

"I'm getting annoyed here but could we get to the conversation part, instead of the- we don't understand what you are talking about- thing. Because- that would be a whole lot easier than piecing things together-

-Now what do you say we get started- you two can take the couch there!"

Tony pointed opposite of their couch, Tom and Chris followed and sat next to each other. Chris was nudging Tom and Tom was fighting back, both of them grinning.

"I'm so excited." Chris spoke up. "I've been somewhat dreaming this day would come when I get to talk about this to you guys." He pointed at the Avengers.

"Same here." Tom spoke up.

"GOD! What just happened?" Tony blurted out.

"Dunno, man." Clint shook his head. "It happened pretty fast."

"First we question Tom," Tony counted. "Then Chris comes along and you start talking about nonsense and then you're all friends and Loki here loves to flirt with me- my head hurts!"

"Whatever did happen," Loki reasoned. "I do not like. And I do not flirt, it is you who does it to me, I don't understand why."

"It's because you're stubborn." Tony pouted. "And I get what I want, sweetheart. I'm learning about that magic of yours."

Loki shook his head. "Insufferable Mortal."

"You should get used to it." Tom chuckled.

"Is this normal for you two?" Loki continued pointing at Chris and Tom. "Because seeing myself act this way is terribly uncomfortable. I just see no reason to-"

"We need something to calm us down." Steve spoke up. "Besides Tony's method.

"Hey!" Tony protested.

"Um..." Banner talked. "I think it's a relief that things are different in other worlds. It's not always you and Thor fighting. At least we get to see that you can actually stand each other, because at this point, I'm no longer shocked."

"I think it's cute." Natasha laughed. "First time seeing something like this happen."

"Nice to get everyone's opinion." Tony rolled his eyes.

"Chill man." Clint smiled. "It's not like the end of the world."

"I am already cold." Loki hissed at the statement, wrong choice of words. "I do not need to, chill. Filthy mortal! I only wish to know why these two are not clawing each others eye out, better yet I wish to know why, Tom, is not doing so."

"One things for sure," Chris relaxed himself. "He's not you."

"Excuse me." Loki glared at Chris.

"Don't get me wrong, I understand where you're coming from but Tom and I are good friends. We work together and although there are differences among us, we don't really care as long as we get along with each other and do our own fair share of work. Besides, it's kinda fun playing now and then."

"I remember that JARVIS said you were married." Banner piped up. "Is it true?"

"Aye, I did not hear that." Thor thundered and raised his hammer. "Is it Jane that you married? I wish to know! Speak up!"

"Alright, easy there." Chris closed his eyes. "Yes, I am married but it's not her. Natalie's married to someone else and has a baby of her own. I do too, and I love her."

"A she?" Thor's eyes widened. "That is marvelous! Is she happy then, Natalie-Jane? Are you happy?"

"Yes, I think she is." Tom spoke on Chris's behalf. "And of course Chris's happy."

"What were you questioning Loki about?" Tony wondered, trying to get back to the topic. "Because I'm quite curious and I don't want things to be awkward anymore. Trying to help here!" He raised his hands in defense.

"I wanted to know if-" Tom paused. "If it's true that Loki has kids. You know, Fenrir, Jormungand, Hel... and everything else... "

"Oh!" Chris clasped his hands. "I want to know if it's true that you were raped by a horse. I've always wanted to know that."

Tony spit his drink causing Loki squint at the incoming waters-spray. Loki glared at Tony, a little glad that it wasn't sprayed all over his face. He wiped it off and turned to Thor, who was laughing hysterically. Tony was on a coughing fit. Clint and Natasha were laughing just as much as Thor was and Banner was smiling. Steve was red by now, he didn't even know that could happen.

"He's a guy!" Tony coughed. "How can he bare children?"

"It's in the myths, don't you read it?" Tom wondered.

"I've heard of it." Banner smiled. "I'm curious to know if it's real."

"Thor's laughing." Clint wiped the tears off his eyes. "Does that mean it's true?"

"No, quite the opposite actually." Loki frowned and blushed at the same time. "Do I look like I could bare children?"

"Sort of..." Chris and Tom laughed together.

"It is of Thor's mockery!" Loki shouted, standing up and walking to the window.

"It is still harmless, Loki." Thor smiled. "I did it because he made lies about Sif and I, marrying each other. We are but simple friends. I admire her fighting too."

"He sees it as," Loki thought, looking at the buildings outside. "How do you mortals say it, ah, 'payback' for my own set of trickery. His own idea of mischief to take advantage of you gullible mortals. We were younger then, we thought everything was fun."

"Aye, we did!" Thor wiped the tears off his eyes. "It is not true, it is a joke."

"You let earth believe it was true?" Steve raised his eyebrows. "That's wrong isn't it."

"It is harmless." Thor assured.

"Surely, you do not believe that I let myself be defiled by such, low a creature." Loki scrunched his face. "Better yet that I gave birth to Odin's horse!"

"It's in the myths though-" Tom shrugged. "So it's not true?"

"No, Sleipnir was a gift to Odin." Loki pointed out.

"That's good." Chris smiled. "At least we know that Loki isn't the same as the comic books and the myths. I mean, he is a trickster but you can shape-shift, can you?"

"Yes, I can." Loki bit his lips and turned to him. "Is there any chance you can question me with something else that is not as personal as this?"


"I am not your brother!"

"Mine is for Thor!" Chris raised his hands. "Will you ever stop treating Loki this way?"

"Finally!" Tom smiled. "We could get back to Thor and Loki's topic."

"I call my him my brother, because I see it fit." Thor stood up pointing a hammer to Loki.

"That's not the point." Loki hissed. "I do not want to be called your brother, because I never was!"

"I do not care whether we are not of the same blood but I grew up with him and I wish to prove that nothing to destroy what we have. I would like to prove that what my brother has done to Midgard is wrong!"

"But do you even understand why he did it?" Chris managed to get Thor to shut up.

"What are you implying, Mortal?" Loki scowled. "How much do you know?"

"I know that Thor was stubborn and cocky when the coronation began." Chris said. "I also know that you hate being in Thor's shadow and I'd like to tell him that you hate being called brother because that makes you in his shadow even more. You wanted to be equals and you didn't want the throne, I'm trying to prove here that I defend Loki."

"You too!" Tony flailing his arms. "You keep justifying that-"

"What he did to earth was wrong!" Natasha shouted.

"Not to mention controlling me!" Clint started.

"He destroyed half of New York." Steve spoke.

"And trying to mess with the other guy." Banner chorused with them.

"My brother-"

"STOP!" Chris shouted. "I'm saying that Thor and Odin is what caused Loki to turn. Loki was only trying to impress Odin so that he can obtain love equally to Thor's. He tried to prove that by destroying his own race-"

"I've told them that." Tom pointed.

"And even did-what he did- to his real father! Laufey." Chris saw Loki flinch in the corner of his eye. "I'm saying that you should give him a chance. Thor at most should give Loki space, because all Thor ever done was best Loki at everything."

"Might I say, not everything." Loki frowned, eyes stared at him. "I excelled in magic and intelligence more than I wish to be stronger and more brash like Thor was. I found myself finding company in being secluded from the world than socializing with Thor's mocking friends."

"They are not as mocking as you think." Thor countered.

"Do, shut up!" Loki hissed, ignoring Thor and turning to the window.

"Yes." Tom relaxed himself. "This is getting hard to explain. Um... we told you everything, it's up to you to realize it on your own. As is the rest of you."

"I want to bail, mate." Chris whispered into Tom's ear. "It's hard to counsel these two. Let alone have the Avengers watch your every move, it's creepy."

"Got that right." Tom nodded, touching his chin.

Loki stared at the buildings again, in his mind he was comparing it to Asgard. It was completely different, he wasn't sight seeing before but now, the Avengers were setting him free but at a cost of his magic. He counted the cars he saw through the window and was fascinated by everything else, truly different from Asgard.

"One last question that I'm curious about." Tom cupped his chin.

Loki raised his eyebrows and glanced at Tom, wondering what the last question was about. Tony perked up wondering what else was there to ask about. Natasha and Clint straightened themselves from sitting and Banner looked up from his notes. Thor standing with his hammer at hand and glared at Tom and Chris. Thor had this feeling that he wouldn't like this last question. The feeling was there and it was nagging him to the very end, tension was getting to them. Steve shook his head, this will not end well for the team.

The silence was eerie.

Chris wasn't really sure what Tom's question was but he could likely defend him if Loki were to, cause harm. Tom felt the need that the Avengers should hear this, hear his question. He was sure that this one was true, given why Loki's mad at Thor and why it was hard for him to forgive his brother. Tom knew that if they heard this question, the story, they would at least rethink about what they're doing to Loki. And if they knew, they might reconsider treating him like the bad guy all the time, sometimes the bad guys were the victims. He will eventually regret doing this, but there was no other way to help them.

"Is it true that they sewed your mouth?" Tom knew it was personal.

Too, personal.

Loki's eyes widened, he didn't realize his hand went to touch his lips. He acted quickly, backing away and glaring at Tom. The Avengers team saw this, Thor was shaking slightly, sadness escaped his eyes. He tried to walk to Loki, but Loki raised a hand up to Thor, eyes begging for him to stay away. Loki's feature were that of someone reliving the memory, the horror, the pain. Every moment stuck to him like glue, a nightmare he can never live with, a pain, a suffering he had to endure for centuries. To be mocked. To be punished.

'Brother, stay still! It will be over soon.' He said, pushing Loki down on the table.

'NO, DON'T LET THEM DO THIS!' Loki trashed, tears escaping his eyes. 'I didn't do it, why would you not understand!'

'I cannot undo what is yet to be done, brother. You lie...'

'Please! I've learned my lesson!' He begged, not caring if he accepted the blame. 'Thor, don't... PLEASE!'

'I'm sorry.' He whispered as it began.

'Please, don't! I beg you, I promise this won't happen again... please! No! Nonono! THOOORR!'


So it was true? But the others, Asgard betrayed his trust already. Even before he knew of his heritage. He endured it even after they sewed his mouth, he endured the mockery, the pain, the loneliness. Waited for centuries for the right time for him to strike, to teach Thor a lesson. But to what extent did he have to go through to obtain it. Was it ever just? Was it worth it to be his equal?

'It serves you well.' They laughed. 'At least you won't tell lies anymore.'

'Finally, you cannot cause harm.'

'What you did was wrong! To cut off Sif's hair!'

'Silver-tongue, gone in an instant. I'm amazed you could still endure this.'

'Is this what it takes to keep you quiet? If I'd known, I would have done it a long time ago.'

'Thor shouldn't regret what he did, you deserve it.'

Loki tried his best to forget the memory, why did his mortal half had to come and babble his story. He began shaking, his body could feel and relive the memory. His mind was fighting it, trying to tell him that he was somewhere safe, where they could not touch his face. His lips. Where they could not harm him, but when Thor spoke, his mind went blank.

"Brother..." Thor softly spoke.

Blood dripping down to the cold hard floor.

The long, painful thread, shutting his lips.

Stained his life.

Anger, never flushed.

Pain, settled.

Trust, disappeared.

Darkness, lingered.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Loki shouted, hands defending him, hid body visibly shaking. "DO NOT DARE, TOUCH ME! DO NOT SPEAK TO ME AS IF I AM STILL YOUR BROTHER!"

'I cannot undo what is yet to be done'

It is done.

It cannot be undo.

The Avengers haven't seen Loki look this, vulnerable. Tony knew JARVIS was taping all this and he wasn't sure he'd want Fury to see this. If Fury could use it against Loki. Loki backed to the glass window, his body still shaking, eyes full of terror and pain. His lips quivering, hands touching his lips, searching for scars.

"Brother, listen-"

"Don't think I have forgiven you for it!" Loki shouted again. "It was your fault to begin with! I told you it was not my fault, but you chose otherwise, it was mine!"

"They sewed your mouth?" Tony repeated in a whisper, expression in 'awe'.

"It's true?" Banner wrinkled his brow. "I thought all of it was a myth or a joke?"

"YOU DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS THAT ARE TOO PERSONAL!" Loki shouted, he couldn't compose himself, couldn't stay calm. "LIES, LIES... I DO NOT ALWAYS SPEAK LIES!"




"Tis true.." Loki whispered. "Yet I do not wish to speak of it. It is one of the reasons why I have loathing for Asgardian people, why I hate Thor! I've dealt with it long enough, I do not want to bear it any longer! Leave it alone!"

Loki walked away from them and into the kitchen. The only place he knows of where to go. Glad that nobody followed him. Thor stood there sadness in his eyes. He couldn't bare to look at anyone. He dropped his hammer and the building slightly shook and took a seat next to Chris, his arms reached to cup his entire face and stay there, pondering of what just happened.

"Sorry I asked." Tom whispered.

"It is not your fault." Thor told him. "It is mine and I regret what I did."

"Should I be worried that Loki is in my kitchen?" Tony wondered. "Just trying to cut the tension! Sheesh!"

"What did happen, Thor?" Clint wondered.

"Yeah, why did they sew his mouth shut?" Natasha asked, curious just as everyone was.

Thor didn't want to speak so Banner cut in. "It said in the myths that Loki cut off Sif's hair and Thor demanded to have it replaced or he'll break Loki's bones. Loki went to two dwarves to replace the hair, they made bets and Loki lost thus demanding his head. But Loki talked them out of it saying something about his neck connected, so the dwarves took it that he should have his lips sewn shut. But I didn't know you were in it, Thor."

"My friends had deemed it fit that I should not be in the story." Thor quietly said.

"Loki said you were in it." Chris told him. "What happened?"

"It happened long ago." Thor said. "I was away that very morning and Sif had come crying to me. That her hair was cut. Everyone blamed it on, Loki. I went to his room, demanded that he undo what he did. He begged me to stop beating him up, he would not admit to his lies. He told me that he did not do it.-

-I could not accept it, until he admitted that he did. I stopped, set him free to change things. He went to the dwarves, did the bet, I was there. Holding him down, it was either they kill him or I do what they say. My brother begged me, told me to stop. The threads made him bleed, made him weak, he did not trust anymore. When the threads were off centuries later, things had gone back to normal. But my friends think it was best to inform you mortals of what happened to Loki. They just left me out of the story."

"GOD!" Tony shouted. "You held him down, that's torture. And your so-called friends thought it was fun to tell us that Loki's mouth was sewn shut because of a simple prank gone wrong?"

"How did you know it was Loki who did it?" Tom wondered. "Did you question him on his side of the story?"

"No." Thor admitted. "I did not. I beat him almost to death until he confessed what he did to Lady Sif."

"Don't you think he might have done that to stop you from beating him any further?" Steve piped up. "I've been beaten numerous times before. You'd say anything to get you out of the mess you were in."

"No wonder Loki hates you." Clint scowled. "You freaking let him get his mouth sewn than have protected him."

"Can we not talk about this?" Thor stood up, taking his hammer away. "I wish to be alone. Do not come near me!"

"This is messed up." Chris muttered.

He walked away to one of the rooms he had in Stark's tower. The silence threatened to stay and linger. Steve shook his head, he knew something like this was going to happen and in the tower, no less. He was going to stay here longer than he thought he would, having to watch over two gods battling it out. Tony sighed, that was torture, he could still feel Loki in a way. He still doesn't forgive him for what he did to New York but then again, when you think about it, Villains aren't born that way, they are made that way.

The point stuck to him.

Clint and Natasha thought it was worst than Budapest and even Prague. Worse that, a brother you look up to could somehow let something like that happen to you, was nerve-wracking. They could feel the shiver run down their backs. To know that even Loki had bad times in his life.

Banner stopped writing his notes. It was too personal to be written, he promised he's keep it in his mind. He had to rethink about Loki and always being the bad one, the guy was the victim in most of the myths. Even if none were true, but this, was all too real. Chris didn't expect Tom to bring out a question like that but if Tom hadn't asked first, he would have done so.

Tom on the other hand, felt that nagging feeling again, he lived part of Loki's life and could understand what he's going through, he couldn't help but feel the same emotions the god was. He had to admit that it was depressing to hear such a thing come out of the gods mouth. The whimpering sounds, Loki made. The fidgeting, the shaking. If he was in that position, he would have likely done the same.

"JARVIS!" Tony stood up, dusting himself.


"Delete the video feed about the conversations we had." Tony said. "Delete every video you had on us from this afternoon."

But Sir. Director Fury wanted to keep tabs on, Norse god, Loki. It is defying his or-

"I'm your creator, JARVIS." Tony grunted. "Now do what I say, or I'm selling you for scraps too. Now delete those, I don't care if Fury has my head. I want them gone, right now!"

Done, Sir.

"Give me a report."

Everything from this afternoon is wiped clean from the data. Do you wish for me to continue the video feeds for today, Sir? Or shall I shut off cameras activated in the room.

"Fury won't suspect a thing. Just replace the video feed with something from yesterday, loop it and reboot. Start from right now. If Fury found out about that conversation, who knows what he'll do.

The cameras, Sir.

"Keep it running." Tony decided to walk away.

"Hey, Tony." Clint muttered. "You do know, Fury will suspect this."

"He won't, he's too busy." Tony waved a goodbye. "If you're looking for me, I'll be at the lab. Care to come with me, Dr. Banner?"

"Sure." Banner walked with him.

Clint and Natasha went to the roof to talk about the recent events that took place and Clint filled her in with questions Loki asked Tom. Tom and Chris were left in the living room talking things through about his disappearance.

Loki was still in the kitchen, they found that he needs time and leaving him alone would help ease his troubled mind. Loki wouldn't attack them, so Clint and Natasha didn't need to worry. Loki on the other hand, was far from okay. He sat behind the large marbled table, connected to the floor. He sat there on the ground, knees together. He eyed the floor, pondering for a moment. He was sure that the kitchen was a bad place to stay in, since anyone could reach for him, but he was glad that none did. And he was left there alone, to think.

"Curse, this weakened form!" Loki wiped the tears out of his eyes. "It was never my fault!"


Back in SHIELD HQ, Agent Blake walked away to a nearby room and turned to look if anyone was following him. So far, none did. He shut the door to the room, it was dim inside and there were numerous screens. It all lightened up, one by one. Revealing the SHIELD council.

"What is it that you want to talk about, Agent?" The deeper voice spoke.

"I'm sure, Director Fury hasn't informed you yet." Agent Blake said. "I have information that Director Fury has been keeping from you. It's important that you should know..."

"Fury has defiled our orders more than once." Another man said. "You are taking great lengths to get in contact with us, Agent."

"Betraying his trust, aren't we?" A woman said.

"I'm only doing what's right." Agent Blake shook his head. "He's keeping from you, doubles of the Avengers and Loki. And the tesseract is activated once more."

"Explain." And so he did.