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They were standing on the same spot where it all started, the very place where they were suppose to gather and see Thor and Loki off to Asgard. At first, they were enemies, seeing each other off to have Loki in prison but now, it had turned into something far more rewarding, now, they will see each other off with a better light.

The Avengers and Loki stood on the other side, while the counterparts stood opposite them.

Shield was somewhere around, monitoring their actions, just in case something goes wrong, they're prepared to take the worst hit.

Now, they were just going to say goodbye.

Each and every moment, they count preciously and they hadn't expected it to end like this. With the threat gone, what was stopping them from going home? Now, the only problem was Thanos, who was somewhere out there in the universe, waiting and preparing.

At least now, they have the Avengers.

And they are more prepared, not only that, but they have two gods that would come and help them, which meant that Earth had the favor of one of the realms, Asgard, the realm eternal.

Before they could all say their farewells, one of the Shield cars parked right next to the portal zone, as Tony called it. Unexpectedly, all of their gaze fell on the driver seat of the car, the windows were pitch black and when the engine stopped and someone took a step out of the vehicle, all of their eyes widened.

"Holy shit!" Tony said.

"боже мой" Natasha stares.

"I'll be damned." Clint grins.

"W-what?" Steve turns his head.

The said man strides towards them, and Loki felt himself shrink further behind Thor, not able to look at the man standing right there. The counterparts, however, didn't even seem shocked, it's like they expected it to happen but they were also intrigued as to how and why the said man is back.

"You're staring." Coulson said.

"No kidding." Clint crosses his arms. "Who wouldn't be?"

"Already on the job, after all of that." Natasha glares. "Why are you here?"

"I'm here to see you guys off." Coulson smiled at them.

"The more appropriate question, Agent Romanov, is, You're supposed to be dead, Phil." Tony tilts his head, pointing. "How are you even alive?"

"The knife through my chest, it didn't hit my heart. It was just close enough to keep me passed out until I was sent to someplace they could patch me up and recover."

"That means-" Bruce turned. "Loki didn't kill you."

Loki looked up, hearing his name mentioned.

Everyone noticed how frail Loki really was when they got out of that base, he'd been more silent and not targeting anyone with his sharp tongue. The god was really tired and pale, so far, Loki's been acknowledging questions and answers with small sentences and kept sticking to Thor like a life line.

Coulson looks at Loki, who immediately kept his gaze on the floor and away from everyone of them, trying his best to stick away from them and just hide and be left alone.

It wasn't working though.

Thor kept preventing it. You're not going to shy away from this, brother. His words unspoken, but his actions clearly stated so.

"No, he didn't." Coulson shook his head. "I came here because I wanted to properly give our guest a warm goodbye, I've missed out on a lot of action, I want to make it worth while."

"A warm goodbye is good." Bruce agrees.

"That's good, I mean, it's great, very great." Steve chuckled. "It's a miracle. That's nice, right?"

"There aren't any miracles, but coincidences." He answered back. "I'm lucky, or I wasn't in any danger at all, judging from the information we gathered."

"Loki is innocent." Natasha says, shrugging. "Partly innocent. You planned everything, or at least didn't intentionally did it."

Loki nods.

"It's all good." Coulson said. "You're cleared, not really a threat to Earth anymore."

"It is good to see you alive, son of Coul." Thor smiled, pushing his brother forward. "It makes things easier for us. I suppose it is not yet your time to travel to Valhalla, and we are blessed with your life. Isn't that right, brother?"

"Ah, yes." Loki averts his gaze. "Wonderful."

"Nice answer." Clint huffs.

"Don't mind him." Natasha preens. "Loki's still adjusting through everything that's been happening. Shield, papers to sign, contracts to build, information gathering. It's all been accounted for and his stories tally with everything we got. He's cleared and it's only been five days since the rescue mission. But anyways, we're all glad you're back on your feet."

"Good to be back." Coulson says.

"I knew he was alive, from the very beginning." Jeremiah stretched his arms. "Someone owes me fifty!"

"Nobody owes you fifty." Tom laughs at the side. "Everyone knows it."

"We all knew he was alive, actually, it was said he'd live." Chris tells them. "Remember?"

"I don't recall." Jeremiah shrugs.

"You knew and you didn't tell us?" Tony palmed his face. "That would've been helpful."

"We weren't sure." Sharlotte answers for him. "And none of you asked. It's been a tough few days, it never popped into our minds."

"Guess this comes as a happy ending." Russo rubs his neck.

"Yes!" Evans pumped his fists. "How awesome is it to get first hand information on your characters, it's brought in a new kind of perspective, which is amazing."

"Well said." Jeremiah says. "But I still want my fifty."

"I doubt someone will give you fifty. I'm not handing money over." Tom chuckles, earning a soft slap on the shoulder from Sharlotte. "What?"

"Play nice you two."

"So.. what now?" Rob asked. "I don't want to sound rude or anything, but I miss my family and I'm sure these guys," He points at his friends. "Feel the same way."

"My sweet daughter." Chris clasps his hands. "I have loads to tell them."

"You do know nobody will believe us, right?" Tom wonders, smiling. "It's too big to even go around telling people."

"Think of it this way." Thor adds to their thoughts. "It is an adventure you've spent learning and discovering. Something that changes what we all see in each other. It was either fate had planned this for us or we were just destined to learn from each others perspective, from each others world."

"That's a tongue full." Tony chuckles.

"That is the smartest thing I've heard you say in centuries." Loki murmurs, getting pulled into a hug from Thor.

"I have said many smart things, brother! You've just never heard them."

"I doubt it." Loki huffs, pulling away from Thor.

"Director Fury isn't happy that we're all stalling." Coulson chuckles. "But I'll keep him occupied in the comms. I'll wait by the car till you say your goodbyes. We have much to discuss later on."

"I'm taking you up on that offer! Pepper would want to hear from you." Tony pipes, then clasps his hands together. "Now, I guess this is goodbye."

Tony stepped towards them first, walking towards Rob.

"Stay cool man, and keep it up with whatever you're doing." He winks at him, keeping his signature grin on. "Keep me famous."

"Thanks. Don't forget me." Rob winked at the rest of the counterparts, who just smiled at him, the others laughed.

Those two were more alike than they thought.

"I don't think I ever will."

Everyone went to each of their counterparts to say their goodbyes. Tony awkwardly shifted from where he stood as he took out one of his hand from his pocket, Rob smiled and shook his hand.

"You know, you'd make a great dad." Rob teased him, as he thought about Iron man 3.

"Maybe, who knows?" Tony grinned.

"Pepper might."

"Right." He scoffs. "Thanks, even if you barely did anything and I'm still the awesome one with the real suit. You and..." He waved his hand. "The rest of them, you guys kinda changed our views of the world. And, just... thanks."

"Not a problem." He chuckles. "Take care and just, keep low on the alcohol and you should keep in mind that, you have friends." Rob told him. "People who care about you, just the same way you do about them. Don't push them away, I know, cause, you know."

"Got it." Tony nods at him awkwardly. "Fly safe."

"Will do, I guess."

Bruce crept silently at the side while Russo watched the others say their goodbyes. It was also awkward for them, because they barely knew each other and gotten to try and get to know each other, so it was difficult for them, especially for Bruce, because he really didn't want to Hulk out on Russo.

"This is goodbye then." Russo shook Bruce's hand. "I'm sure, you'll end up saving the world."

"Maybe. I'm not sure this is going as my job description."

"Perhaps not, but people do love the Hulk despite the fact that he's green and raging."

"Thanks. You have a family, right?" Bruce asked as Russo nodded. "Keep safe and Take care, I'm sure everything will work out just fine."

"Thanks, I guess, it will but I think you need the encouragement more than I do."

"I suppose." Bruce fixed his glasses. "I'm still trying to adjust, but Tony's doing well in helping me cope."

"I guess it's just the will to keep moving on."

"It is."

Steve rubbed his head as he walked forward, looking at the modern Steve in front of him. Evans, who still somewhat looked like a kid and slightly with Tony's attitude but not that worst.

"This is goodbye."

"You're a really awesome Captain." Evans raised his hand in defense. "Not that you weren't awesome before but seeing you up close, it's so totally cool."

"Um.. thank you."

"Keep being the leader you are, man. People love you." Evans pressed. "Your story, man out of time, it's too unbelievably but historically great too."

"I wish I could say the same things to you because that's an awfully lot of praise coming from someone who's me." Steve laughs. "I barely know you and I wish I'd get to but we all have to say our goodbyes and it was a pleasure working with you."

"No worries, we're cool and my life is fine the way it is I guess."

"Yeah, that's good to hear." Steve thinks. "I guess, I'm still not able to catch up with modern things but I'll try."

"It'll be easy." Evans assured him. "You'll be dancing technology on your fingers in no time once you just try and have fun with it. That's all there is to it, I guess."

"Have fun." He nods. "I'll try."

"I'm sure you will, since you're living with the Avengers, things will play out just fine."

"I hope so."

"I'll see you in the next Captain America, I guess." Evans laughs. "That's probably how we'll keep touch."

Steve smiles.

Natasha and Clint went to their own counterparts who just stood there, watching them with grins. Clint was more enthusiastic to say his goodbyes to them than Natasha was.

She understood that keeping ties like this was hard, because they barely knew each other but she and Clint had managed to dig up information on them, which was necessary with all Agents and they've managed to get a few to understand.

"You need to get that fifty." Clint presses, earning an elbow from Natasha. "I'm just saying."

"I'll get it, somehow." Jeremiah grins. "It's a farewell then, wish we could stay but our world is waiting for our return."

"Yeah, wouldn't want to people to miss Jeremiah." Sharlotte smiles towards him. "They'd be broken-hearted."

"I have one question. By any chance, are you two-?" Natasha questions awkwardly. "Because you're so-"

"No." Sharlotte giggles. "Not really. We're just that close. Aren't we?"

"When have we not been close." Jeremiah laughs. "We've known each other for a while, and things get wild. Really wild when it comes to these things."

"Wilder." Sharlotte corrects.

"See what I mean."

"I think I do." Clint laughs, looking at Nat then back to them. "Anyways, keep people loving us or whatever it is you guys do as us, keep rocking, I suppose. I really got nothing more to say, Nat?"

"Let's just hope never to see each other again." Natasha says. "How's that?"

"Agreed." They all said.

"It's a goodbye then." Clint shakes his hand with Jeremiah and Natasha does the same to Sharlotte.

"It's one hell of a ride when you guys got here, and I think we all deserve a break." Natasha smiles faintly at them, giving them the warmest one she could give.

Last but not the least, was Thor and Loki with their opposites Chris and Tom. Thor momentarily let Loki away from his sight as he said his goodbyes to Chris. The two had become rather friendly with each other and agreed on many things.

"I guess I'll see the god of thunder around." Chris jokes. "Or not."

"Perhaps, friend. It is a farewell." Thor nods at him, clasping his shoulder. "Thank you for all you have done and the knowledge you and Tom have given."

"It's nothing and I guess we all needed a wake up call."

"Indeed we do, and now may we travel on different paths."

"That's nice."

"You have a family, yes?" Chris nods. "Keep them safe and I wish you all well, I have no doubts that you cannot do that. I have lived many centuries and not found the time to settle, so I suppose I cannot give much advice but I know you already know it."

"It's not easy to be a father." Chris admits. "But seeing your child, be happy, is one of the best things life can offer you. But I know you'll make a better father. No offense to yours though, but you'll be better than him."

"I understand your words, and I will, in time." Thor smiles at him. "But for now, I wish to focus more on my brother, Loki, for he needs me. I am sure that Jane will understand."

"She's patient, she will."

"Thank you again, friend."

Tom stood there, awkwardly staring at Loki, as the other stared almost impassively towards him. Tom knew that Loki was going through the toughest time since the very beginning. And when Loki had come back from being rescued, Thor was carrying him, his body limp and pale. Everyone was shocked and medical attention was brought to him.

Loki had woken up the next day and was asked a lot of thing, he didn't bother trying to weasel his way out, he just wanted them done, he had done so while Thor stayed by his side every minute.

Thor was an anchor.

And Tom knew that Loki wasn't going to let go of Thor and neither will Thor do the same. He had lost Loki more than enough times already and he wasn't about to do it again.

Tom stared at Loki, as he watched the god play with his sleeves.

He looked normal, with those clothes on, green shirt and black pants, while his hair kept back and he just stood there, thin frame and pale skin in the sunlight.

Too human.

Tom wanted to thank him, because now, whatever happened, they both felt connected. Because of the tesseract, they practically shared something already.

He wanted to thank him for showing a deeper side of life and sort of trusting him, but Tom didn't know where to start on that. He watched as Loki's gaze turned to the others, they were all finishing up on saying their goodbyes while they barely even begun.

Loki swallowed hard, this human, this Tom, had shared part of himself already. He understood more than what Loki gives him credit for and he just wasn't sure.

"Listen, Loki I-" Tom was about to say something when Loki strode forward and embraced Tom, who was shocked at the action.

Loki embraced him!

Tony whistled at the sidelines, and Tom's face flushed, everyone was paying attention to the two of them and he was just glad that Loki didn't notice everyone watching.

The embrace was long, and there were no words needed to be said.

Thor watched his brother embrace the mortal, it was an action Loki never really did, but when he does, it had meant that there was something there, deep inside. Thank you. Thor couldn't help it and a laughter escaped his lips, he had his brother back and somewhere in there, those bonds had begun to mend again.

And it was all thanks to the mortals.

Their interference in this world and their words had changed the course of what should happen, and it brought out truth that Loki himself, couldn't bring out, in fear of lying and Thor was grateful for that.

While everyone else watched the embrace, they couldn't help but think about the difference of the Loki, who attacked New York and the Loki, who stood there now, locked in an embrace with his other worldly twin.

Tom was shocked but that didn't stop him from returning the embrace.

He could feel Loki moving his lips, slowly, then turning to him.

"Thank you for everything, Tom." Loki whispered in his ears, as the god pulled away, smiling.

Tom smiled in return, that was right.

There were no words that needed to be said, because they understood each other perfectly, or at least imperfectly perfect in a sense. Before Tom could say anything further as a return of Thanks, Loki walked away and crept back to Thor's side.

I guess, that was it.

Even if it wasn't said, Tom could hear it and so did Loki.

Somewhere, there was a faint whisper in both their ears.

Those faint words.


Tony and Bruce brought out the tesseract, which was contained in a weapon like structure. Tony held it, pressing the trigger and power shot through, opening a door that would lead them back to their world. With all the calculations they've done, it was sure that when the counterparts return, everything would go back to normal.

No time skipping.

No jokes.

It'll go back to Normal.

Before they knew it, the counterparts disappeared and they had gone back to their lives. Disappearing into the portal one by one, each and everyone of them, staring into their own eyes.

Good bye.


Tony turned off the tesseract and had Bruce help him with transferring the tesseract to the container Thor and Loki used. It was safer now and when they had done that, they gave it to Thor, who looked at his brother.

Loki gave a faint nod, glancing back at where Tom and the others had gone.

Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

He'd be going home...

And they would understand.

Loki wanted to make things right, he walked towards Coulson, who stayed by the car. Everyone looked at the god but didn't stop him, Thor was grinning widely.

"Agent." Loki began.

"Loki, it's not-"

"I have to." Loki shook his head. "No, I want to. And it is the right thing to do. I am, sorry for doing what I had done, almost taking your life."

"I'm clearly alive, and you know as well as I do that you didn't mean any of it."

"You knew."

Coulson nods.

"You knew that I lacked conviction, yet you still-"

"Call it from experience." He smiled. "But know that I don't hold anything against you. We were all worked up at that time, and we won. It doesn't matter anymore. It's in the past."

"Yet you will still remember it."

"It's not easy to forget but I understand where you're coming from. And I've long since forgiven you."

"Thank you Agent." Loki lowered his head, whispering.

"Call me Phil."

Loki smiled, lifting his head when he felt Thor touch him from the back. It was time to go home, he followed Thor, who walked by his side, they once again stand at where they stood before, where everything went to hell.

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

The Loki before, was in chains, angry and hurt and Thor was troubled but looking at it now. Loki was free and smiling, while Thor had a huge grin on his face.

Loki grabbed the other end of the tesseract just as Thor turned to the others.

"My friends." He said. "This is not the end, and we will return."


Thank you to everyone who stuck with me till the end. I love you all! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed.