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I did ask if I could use it and was given permission. That said, if you continue to read my story I hope that you don't expect my story to stay like 'the world without me', though the first chapters are similar, by chapter 10 it will have lost any similarities to it.

$ Parseltongue $

* Fawkes Talking *

Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

The war, contrary to what was speculated, did not last long but it was immensely devastating.

After the battle at the ministry, that became know as the first battle, the Wizarding World divided itself, some against Voldemort others for. Those that were a part of the first rise to power of Voldemort stated that not even the first war was that violent and bloody. Loyalties became public knowledge and Death Eaters walked the streets with pride.

Muggle hunting became a daily occurrence and something like a sport for Tom's followers.

The Order of the Phoenix lead by Albus Dumbledore did everything it could to protect the people from Voldemort and his followers, however Dumbledore's reluctance in using deadly force cost the life of many members the first few months.

Some of the students having had enough of the devastation caused by the Death Eaters and having no way of fighting back started training and quickly Hogwarts classes were forgotten and they spent their time training and fighting.

After a few months those students were named "Hunters" by their adversaries, a name they lived up to.

It quickly changed from being a war between Good and Evil, Light and Dark, and started being a fight for survival. When you weren't the predator you were the pray, and when you weren't the pray you were the predator.

When Dumbledore fell, Voldemort believed he had free reign and went for Hogwarts. Knowing what he was planing all those that opposed him joined forces on Hogwarts grounds, and all those that could not fight because of age or injury, whether they were light or dark, seeked refuge inside Hogwarts believing it to be the only safe place left.

And so, a little more than a year after the first battle, what was left of the wizards and witches of Great-Britain were all assembled on Hogwarts grounds preparing for the Final Battle.

Voldemort had always liked dramatic entrances, so he decided to announce his arrival with a "bang" and in a matter of seconds Hogwarts, a castle that had existed for a millennium, together with all those inside were the first victims of the Final Battle. The fight that followed was long and bloody, and in the end all that was left were fields bathed in blood and covered by corpses. The Final Battle had ended, but the price payed was far too high.

Harry felt sore but he didn't really know why, until suddenly the last few hours came back to him. With difficulty he tried to stand up and look at the devastation that surrounded him. Corpses of friends and enemies were all around him, and for the first time in a long time he cried. His entire world was there, dead at his feet, what he wouldn't give to be one of them. What he wouldn't give not to be the only survivor, but all that was left was Death.

Devastated by the destruction he pointed his wand on himself and said the words that would grand him freedom and peace.

"Avada Ke..."

$ Human STOP! $

Without him noticing Voldemort's giant snake had sneaked up on him, apparently he wasn't the only survivor.

$ Nagini, did you come to kill me like your human ordered you to? $

$ Nagini? Who is Nagini? I don't have a human. I remember being hunting and suddenly I'm here. With death and blood everywhere. I remember a human, he told me to do things and I obeyed, but I didn't want to. $

Harry couldn't believe it, Voldemort had his snake under the imperius, the animal was just another innocent victim.

$ That human is dead. You can leave. $

$ You're going to leave me human? $

$ My name is Harry. And look around you. There is nobody left, it's better if I joined them... $

Faster than he believed possible the snake was around his torso and arm, making it impossible to move his wand hand.

$ I lived Harry. I don't want to be alone, without even a name. $

Before Harry had the chance to say anything, they heard a melody that broke his heart and left his soul felling lighter at the same time. With more tears in his eyes Harry looked to the sky where the majestic figure of the fire bird was. His song cried about the lives lost, and futures that would never be. He flew to them and Harry noticed that he had a egg in his claws. He stayed floating in front of them until Harry lifted his hands and Fawkes put the egg in them. As soon as the egg touched his hands he felt a wave of magic hit him and flow trough his body. Fawkes seemed satisfied and for the first time in his life Harry heard it's voice.

* Like all those that were lost today on these grounds, that creature will never have an opportunity to have a future if you decide to join them. *

"But Fawkes how can I stay? I lost everything."

* Harry you don't need to stay here. Do you remember a spell Albus told you about? It was right after Sirius's death... *

"But it's impossible!"

* Don't worry. I just need to merge with your other wand and you can use the spell, like that both you and the wand will be strong enough. *

"What about you?"

* I have already lived for thousand of years and part of me will live on in that egg, and the rest will always be with you in your wand.*

With a heavy heart Harry called for all of his belongings and from the ruins of Hogwarts came his trunk and to his surprise Hedwig was following it.

"Hey girl. I'm happy to see you are alright."

* Oh, it's almost time...*

Before Harry could ask what he meant he heard the egg crack. It took a few moments but Harry could see a little head start poking out of the egg. Harry thought the little bird looked a little like Fawkes after a burning day, but the little bird already had a few feathers, they appeared to be black and green and seemed to have an almost metallic sheen and a scale like pattern. It opened it's little eyes and Harry could see they were a brilliant green identical to his, they glowed red for a moment and went back to green. To Harry it looked like a really strange phoenix. As if reading his thoughts Fawkes said.

* She is a hybrid between a basilisk and a phoenix. The first of her kind, your new familiar. In a month she will be able to talk to you, she's to young now. Besides, it's time for you to leave. Name your new familiars and it's time to go. *

$ What do you think of the name Umbra? $

$ Can I really go with you? $

$ Of course. You are my familiar. $

$ Then I'll be Umbra from now on master. $

$ You can continue to call me Harry. $

"And you? What should I call you little one? What do you think of Licentia? Yes, Licentia fells right."

And so Harry was ready to leave. With his phoenix feather wand in his hand, his other wand in his wand holster, his trunk shrunk on a necklace around his neck and with Umbra around his torso, Hedwig on his shoulder and Licentia in his left hand close to his body Harry told Fawkes he was ready to go.

* Very well, don't forget that you will land where the me from that world will be and there is no way to return to this world. I hope you find peace Harry. *

Looking around himself one last time Harry chanted the spell.

"Astrum Perennis Libertos."

As soon as he finished Fawkes vanished in a bright light and Harry felt his wand grow hot and suddenly he felt like he was falling and the world around him was swallowed by darkness.