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The sound of crying woke the blonde haired beauty and she immediately rose to check on the bairn. She quick stepped to the braided rug by the cradle to minimize her exposure to the cold stone floor. Bending over the cradle, she pulled the babe out and swiftly went to the rocking chair by the fireplace. Within a moment she had the wee baby suckling gently at her breast.

She hummed a soft lullaby to still the infant's restlessness. The baby had big, beautiful brown eyes and softly curling mahogany hair like her mother. A soft sigh of contentment escaped Esme Alice's lungs. The nurse maid smiled at the child of her heart, not her body. A few more minutes passed and the pretty lass was sleeping soundly again.

Rosalie gently laid the sleeping child back in the cradle and set it to rocking gently. As she quickly returned to her own bed in the corner, her mind was busy reminding her of memories she'd rather stayed hidden. The pain they brought her was too much and she angrily swiped the tears from her eyes. This night was going to be filled with nightmares again. She could never forget the feeling of loss and the heart-wrenching emptiness that consumed her.

Rosalie had decided months ago that she would never forgive herself. The loss she felt was less than she deserved. The hair shirt she donned daily to castigate herself for her own perceived crimes would never be enough punishment. She could only pray that God, if there really was one, would forgive her. She had flayed her flesh open many times with the flogging whip. Surely that punishment wasn't enough though. She thought herself condemned to hell. Even then, the fiery pits the priests spoke of may not be enough punishment for the crimes of her past.

The horrific screams in her nightmares kept her from sleep once again.


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