hey, as you know, i said oneshots from now on.

this is no exception.


so, drugs mentioned, sakakixkaorin, and its a story of hardship.

so, lets get going.

azy not mine.


there was a click of a lighter. a boiling sound, someone inhaling deep. quiteness, then exhaling.

sakaki kikoyano has been doing this since she dropped from college. the reason, bullying, pranks, even destroying her property. raiding her dorm, looking for sentimental and valuable stuff, selling it off for quick and easy money. she only had four items left.

maya, her iriomote cat, always by her side, in good and bad, sickness and health, with or without anyone.

her girlfriend, kaorin aida. she also was like sakaki, bullied, pranked, everything. the same reason too, they were lesbian. confessing their love just after high school, in the middle of the holidays.

her addictions, she was a marijuana user, a dope head as per se, alongside kaorin too, as it gave them the highs they needed to not worry about the world.

and last, her other best friend, dracula, her scalpel. she used him in the worst of times, when she needed it. not always, but once a week.

her life was a mess. she could only work at megaburger, cleaning the floors, restrooms, benches, and thats all. once, she went to the restroom, to hide, because her father and mother walked in. she walked out on them, they never cared about her love, her struggles, anything. they made her shy, inward, lonely, intimidating.

she clicked the disposable lighter again, lighting the end. she drew the smoke in, and held it there, exhaling after 15 seconds, her limit. she was waiting for kaorin inside the one bedroom apartment. her girlfriend went out to buy some food, their small wages making it enough for rent, power, water, food, and the substance they needed. kaorin is not doing better, working the same jobs as sakaki at another megaburger not far away. maya curled against his owner, on the worn carpet. the apartment was cramped and worn, the refridgerator broke a week ago, the tv is in pieces, the bed... there is none, only a matress and enough rugs for autumn, not winter. the walls were mouldy and flaking with paint, the shower was hardly going, and the kithen was a disaster, but all they afford is that. sakaki patted her cat, getting a mew and a cough. maya was eating half the time, but was not healthy enough. she knew it was a matter of time. he did too.

hearing a door unlatch, and a rusted creak from the hinges, kaorin came in. shutting the old crippled wooden door, she went to sakaki, who got up and walked to the kitchen. she got off work early, and managed to score some free food left over. two cheese burgers, some french fries, and two small juice boxes, both out of date by two days, but still consumable. this is what they had gotten used to. sakaki got some french fries for maya and fed him, kaorin opening the wrappers to the small cold burgers, their hunger diminishing only a bit. happy her hunger settled for the night, kaorin had climbed on to the matress, sakaki and maya following. by this time, it always gotten cold, and they had no heating. saying goodnight to her girlfriend and giving a kiss, sakaki fell asleep.


hey, i made this fic to remind everyone of the struggles, the hardship, the joy of life. every type of person reads fanfics, rich, poor, happy, sad, thin, fat, straight, homo, the list is endless.