Chapter 4: Curse

"P-Please. Just leave us alone..." A ten year old Shuichi begged.

The four children around him just snickered. One, the leader of the small group, walked forward. "Aw. Is the little freak scared? Ha!"

Shuichi clutched the squirming ball of fur with a passion. It cried within his grasp, startled at the sudden pressure around its body. "It is ok. They will not hurt you."

"Ha. You sure about that? Give me that thing!" The second in command pushed his way to the front, his switch-blade shining in the rising sun.

"No! Zwolf!" He yelled, grabbing out for his missing pet, but ended up ebing pushed into the back wall.

The brown head teen glared at the whining creature. The small puppy pawed at nothing but air as it tried to free itself from its captor. "You know, I wonder what would happen if this blade connected with this skin? Want to find out, freak?"

"Zwolf, just get free! Ignore them and run! Do not worry about me!" The small read head begged, tears rushing down the side of his face.

Suddenly, the pup stopped moving, as if taking into consideration what his master had just said.

"What the? He is a freak! He can talk to it! Let go of that thing, man!" The leader yelled, only a moment too late.

The small dog jumped from the arms that held it down, an unearthly growl filling the dark alleyway.

Smoke began to swarm the crowd, causing the teenagers to run, startled, dropping the red head onto the hard concrete.

At the pain of the impact, things began to become blurry to the young Shuichi. All that he could see were slight blotches of black and red. He could hear screams of pain and agony as they filled his ears.

Time seemed to come in slow motion for the next few seconds, as for the last thing he saw, would change him forever.

The cute, black and brown stripped Lab, had seemed to change in form. It could have been just a trick of his eyes, but Shuichi Minamino knew better than to think that was with the supernatural.

Its body had grown is length, its tail had ruffled out is many different places, and its ears, which normally stayed down and rounded, were now pricked high, and pointed. But what worried the young boy the most, were the eyes.

Golden yellow...

It is very real, my young friend.

Shuichi jumped up, startled at the sudden voice, but it was far too soon after the moment of impact on the ground. Grey and black swerved all around his vision.

Now is not the time to be scared. I am hear to protect you.

"W-who- w-where?"

My name is Youko. I am... Well, you can just call me your guardian angel.

It had almost sounded as if the voice had laughed, but the boy nearly shrugged it off.

"G-guardian angel?" The pup at his feet barked, as if in answer.

After that moment, luck would no longer be on their side...

Suddenly, the red headed teen's figure began to breath normally, for it had slowed down during his dream.

"Huh?" Kurama groaned as he sat up from his neck crunching pose. "What happened?"

You had a mental breakdown and had sex with a fire apparition, idiot.

Instantly, his eyes flashed open as he took in what his other form had just said. True enough, the back of his head pounded with pain, and the dark haired teen sat mere inches from his own body.

Light streamed in around them, indicating it was around noon. Hiei's weight shifted in the startled Shuichi's arms, his shirt no where to be seen. And with a glance, the red head found that his own shirt was covered in gravel and dust, causing the white to look a slight greyish color.

Ha. Never thought that weak little brat from the alley-way would end up gay.

So you did enter the Dream-Plane. I had thought that your energy had been a little more realistic than my memory would have been.

Just shut up. You might wish to get back to the school as soon as possible, seeing as how people will start coming out soon.

"True..." Kurama looked down at his friend, a sudden flash of red across his face.

Ha! I knew it! Oh you should see your face!

Ignoring the laughing fox at the back of his mind, the human cleared his throught and looked down at the fire apparition "Hiei. It is time for you to awaken."

The sleeping form dissapeared within a second, and reappeared a few feet away. "I had already been awake."

"Huh? Then why did you not move?" Shuichi asked, confused.

Hiei shrugged, kicking a pile of dirt, which instantly revealed a black school uniform. He slowly began to put it on, not even caring that he was moving slow for once.

Shuichi had to turn away to hide the heat forming around himself. "W-well then... How about we head back?"


Dang it. What is this? I should not be feeling this way. Mother would not approve.

Oh screw her!

N-Never! You truelly are a monster. You may not show it to the others, but it is as clear to me as the sky is bright.

Are you sure about that? Youko laughed.

Whatever do you me-?

"Kurama, look out!"


There was a loud slam as a white chess peice was moved.

"You have gotten one step closer. My plan will all fall perfectly." A dark voice muttered under his breath, in the shadows of the room.

A knock came, breaking the almost stone silence. "Lord Kaname, someone is here to see you."

"Send them in Hanabusa." Was the quiet reply.

"Of course sir."

The door creaked open, and several pairs of footsteps entered, although only one was familiar to the man.

"It is nice to see you again... Shizuka Hio." Another chess piece was moved with an echo of silence followed.

A young girl skipped into the slim ray of light in the room. "You know this isn't all there is. You could be out, caring, having fun with your sister."


"Hey, did you even hear me?"


"Of course I heard you. There is no possible way to shut you out... at the moment."

The teen that stood close behind to the greyish-purple haired girl's grip around the hilt of his sword tightened.

"Oh calm down Ichiru. He meant it as a joke. Right?"


"I am currently buisy. Come back later." Kaname said studdying the board in front of him intently, as he had been doing for the past three hours.

Things were too confusing to guess the next move at the moment, no matter how hard he tried.

"Oh come now. Just take a moment and talk to me!" She begged, grabbing on the pureblood's arm.

Ichiru flinched from his spot in the room. His mask began to shake in anger as the man his master spoke do, refused to answer.

Kaname shrugged off the child, not moving his garnet eyes from their spot. A flash of lightning appeared, illuminating the room for a mere second. But it was enough for Shizuka to see what she needed.

"Alright, mister grumpy. We'll be leaving... Come Ichiru. I need for you to fetch me something on our way."

"Yes mistress." Ichiru spoke for the first time since entering the school ground, as he ran after the girl in which he had vowed his life to protect.

The door closed behind them as they rushed out.

"Finally. Peace and silence." Kaname Kuran said looking up.

If he could perform the next part of his plan correctly, everything else would be perfect.

Pushing his chair back, the pureblood vampire stood up. He took two paces back and grabbed an antique glass filled with water, that suddenly became blood-water when a blood tablet was dropped into it.

The edge of the glass tipped slightly, and a few drops landed on each of the chess pieces on the board. When the last drop fell, the glass shattered, having served its purpose.

Kaname stared, calling forth his extraordinary powers. Instantly, a blueish flame surrounded four in particular, while the others shattered, the pieces flying in every direction.

"Knight by day." He began, a pulse began to form around the flame at each word, taking in its instructions.

"King by night.

Only by the eclipse's light.

The pawn will forever cease to fight.

Peace by day.

Chaos by night..."

Lord Kaname's voice seemed to leave him as his body was cut by invisible blades. It took only a minute for him to fall, his blood pouring on the floor, and silence to fill the air.

It was the small price for such dark magic.

Suddenly, a boy's voice began to speak.

"Do not trust the King.

He is not as he seems.

The human soul he shall redeem..."