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One more thing: at the end of each chapter in the Games in which a tribute dies, the one of us that wrote for them the most will write a small eulogy for them in the form of a short letter. These are optional to read, but we recommend it.

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Alyssa Samrua's POV

I slip one arm in to the rough green jacket, sighing as it comes to rest across my shoulders. My heart beats fast against my chest, as I step into the glass tube that will pull me up into the unknown. Please God, don't let me die…..

Rolocot Humphrey's POV

Suddenly, the floor of the tube I've been imprisoned in shoots upward, launching me into the arena. The sun hits my face when it stops moving, temporarily blinding me with the bright light. When I look around, I see the other tributes on their platforms, looking either confident or terrified, and the massive clock on the Cornucopia beginning its countdown as we take in our surroundings. To my horror, all I can observe of our environment is that we're all on some kind of flat plateau of rock-hard dirt, large in diameter, but not huge. I know that come a few seconds, this patch of earth is not anywhere I'll want to be. However, while I can't see what's on the other sides, I'm guessing it's a pretty far fall….

Gisa Roth's POV

The Cornucopia clock has just struck 51 seconds to go when I see movement from my left side. Justen… He begins dancing slightly on his platform, apparently unable to wait.

"I'm gonna ROCK this Hunger Games!" he screams, barely taking a step away before the land mines detonate. I can't force myself to look back, but I know the scene won't be pretty. After a short pause, I hear the first cannon of the Games.

Runnet's POV

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

My feet begin to move before my mind. I find myself out farther then I thought I could have run. Stooping down, I grab the closest thing to me, a small knapsack. Clasping it tightly between my numb fingers, I turn to run, resulting in tripping over my own feet. Before I know it, that idiot girl from one stands right beside me, a deadly looking sword dangling from her fingers. I notice her gaze fixed on the golden cornucopia, her eyes wide, mouth gaping.

"Ooooooooh, shiny," is the last thing I hear as my eyes flit to the sword dropping from her unclenched fingers.

Platinum Fowley's POV

The Cornucopia's just so shiny, I can't seem to move my eyes off of it. I hear a faint sudden breath beside my feet, but don't think much of it. All I can concentrate on is the huge… shimmering… Cornucopia. I recognize Kern's scream for me to run off in the distance as swift footsteps approach me. Something is hurled through the air, and I feel the impact of a huge spear imbed itself in my chest. All I can feel is the blood, the pain, the knowledge that I will die, very shortly.

But… but, shiny…

Rhymer Wellwood's POV

Ignoring the girl from one's body fall to the ground with a dull thud, I shuffle forward, seizing the spear from her chest and freeing it. I take a second to wipe the drying blood from the tip of the spear and burst forward, eyes trained on a giant blue backpack several yards in front of me. The girl from four, black hair flying wildly around her face, starts shivering, she stumbles forward, hands covering her eyes. I grin, remembering Ambel's attacks, this must be one of them. I raise my spear up in the air, letting it fly towards the fragile girl, the spear lands evenly in her abdomen and I snicker.

Ambel Silver's POV

Tears stream down my face as I cry out in pain. I let myself sink into the ground, hands feeling the deep wound in my abdomen. Laying my head back and closing my eyes I think, At least I'll die like my mother did.

Marissa Wesley's POV

Ignoring all the death surrounding me, I know I must face the problem at hand: how to escape this plateau. There's got to be a way out of here, I reassure myself. The Gamemakers wouldn't have any fun if all of the non-Careers got killed right here and now. There must be some trick.

I know that it can't be just to jump off, as the fall to the ground must be at least 150 feet, hardly survivable without any kind of apparatus, which would be nearly impossible to build, especially for most of these morons, and in the heat of the bloodbath. The sides are also straight down and slick-looking, not really climbable. Unless…

Ignoring my fear, I grip the edge of the plateau and let the rest of my body dangle off. Just as I suspected, there are some ever-so-slightly darker patches in the sides. Perfect. Taking a chance, I kick at one with my left foot and am rewarded when the soft dirt inside it crumbles, leaving a nice little hole. These patches seem to go all the way down, so I kick out another and begin my slow descent, wondering if anyone else will notice what I'm doing.

Aiden Motivia's POV

I had managed to retrieve a knife and now I scan my surroundings. A few people lay dead on the ground, darting forward towards Rylan, I can see him closing in on the girl with the moustache, and I barrel forward.

"Let me have her!" I shriek as I pass him, he salutes me and I chase Daisy towards the side of the cliff. "Nice moustache!" I snicker, as she whirls around, eyes flitting towards the cornucopia. "You scared?" I taunt, advancing on her. Her eyes land on mine, as I thrust my knife towards her skinny frame, a smile is frozen on my lips as she drops to the ground, her eyes glazing over.

I spin around, smiling as I catch site of Rylan embedding a fishhook into Reggie Cawthorne's neck. Reggie curls into a fetal position and I see his body grow frigid. I wave to Rylan.

Aylau Breelin's POV

Running away from the Careers and that scary blonde girl from 7, who seem to already be dominating the field, I skid to the edge of the plateau, eyeing the massive drop to a desolate, abandoned village scene below. I take a deep breath, evaluating the risks. Even if I were to win the games, which honestly, would be impossible, what do I have left? My family back home who don't even care about me, and if I'm lucky, a couple more painful months with my liver disease.

Figuring it's worth the risk, I hurl myself over the edge, falling quickly to the ground. I don't even feel the huge impact that ends my life.

Tasi Merkava's POV

Luckily, none of the Careers have approached me yet, probably intimidated, but I know that as the body count goes up and people begin their escape, they're going to have fewer and fewer targets, which means I'm not safe for much longer. Panicked, I look around for Alyssa and Brooke, and thankfully, they're both alive, huddled together, watching something on the wall of the plateau. They turn around and see me, and although they both have a few cuts and bruises, neither one looks deathly injured. I walk swiftly over to them, wondering what in the world they're looking at.

"It's Marissa," Brooke says. "She's figured out how to get off this thing. And we can all do it too."

Sure enough, the redheaded girl is already almost to the ground, using some sort of system where she kicks out soft places in the wall and uses them as footrests and handgrips. I grin at the girls, knowing that due to Marissa's cleverness, we'll be alive another day.

And now, for the eulogies!

Justen Numbskull,

Even though I created you, I can't say that I'll miss you all that much. To be honest, you were really obnoxious, but very fun to write for. I just hope that wherever you may be in the land of deceased characters, the cows moo for your pathetic rapping, and your mother actually loves you.


To Runnet Greene,

You were never my favorite by a long shot, but I always did like you, even though I wasn't always the one that wrote for you (I just did it more often.) Also, I loved that you were always wearing pink, no matter where you were or what the situation was, that was kind of awesome. Lastly, I apologize completely for me and iloverueforever listening to Gangnam Style as we wrote your death.


My dearest Platinum Fowley,

I felt so terrible about killing you. So, so terrible. I seriously almost cried. Though I created you to hate you, making you a complete ditz and even giving you the last name of Fowley (Diana Fowley: arguably my least favorite X-Files character EVER), I grew to love you. You were so much fun to write, and I always looked forward to your chapters. I will wear shiny things in your honor for at least the next few weeks. Keep being awesome, girlfriend.


Dear Ambel Silver,

I will miss you so very terribly. You were always one of my favorite people to write for. I felt so bad for you because of your parents and your flashbacks. I am so sorry that we are leaving your brother uncared for. I hope for the best life for him. Goodbye for now,


Dear Daisy Moustache,

I felt really bad about killing you, as you were submitted by a dear friend of both me and iloverueforever, and were a combination of two of our bestest buds. You were also one of my favorite characters because you were funny and awesome, and the mustache was, well, an interesting touch, at least. Also, I know norberta772 is going to murder me for killing you. (Sorry!)


Reggie Cawthorne,

I can't think of much to say to you, except that I'm sorry we killed you. It kind of got on our nerves that you were essentially Taylor Lautner, but I promise we didn't hold that against you, at least not much.


Dear Aylau Breelin,

I will miss you even though you were never my favorite. I felt bad for you because of your liver disease. I also liked you because of your meager age of 12. I wish that you could have had a better chance of survival.