Loki rolled over again on the hard metal pallet that served as a makeshift bed and huffed. It didn't matter how many times he rolled over, or which way he turned. It was still unbearably uncomfortable, and he could still see Tony Stark's reflection in the glass. Then again, the light shining out of Stark's chest piece was the only comfort in the dark room, so Loki was grateful. Stark yawned, and Loki could see him stretching behind him.

"Well then, Fairy Princess. I'm going to bed." Tony said mockingly, and started walking towards the door, the light from his chest getting fainter as he retreated. "Don't try anything stupid while I'm asleep. It won't work." Loki sat up and frowned, fearfully watching the fleeting light.

"Wait…Stark." Loki called after his quickly vanishing form. "GOD DAMMIT STARK!" The inventor turned around, looking considerably irritated in the darkness.

"…Can you…" He sputtered "Leave a night light or something?" Stark raised an eyebrow at the God. "I'm-I'm afraid of the dark."