Kingdom Hearts: War of the Undead

Chapter 1: Preparations for the Trip

Years have passed since the Epic Battle against Xehanort and the Celestial order, they were lucky that they've made new friends ever since Sora and the others started the journey to stop Celestial order's Ambitions while recruiting new Generation Keyblade Wielders and the Warriors as such, as our heroes are enjoying the Vacation at Destiny Islands, Sora then think about what the new Adventure looks like as he gets his stuff ready for the Trip when he heard the Door Knocking.

"Who is it?" Sora asked.

"Alicia." Alicia said.

"Come in." Sora replied as Alicia opened the Door and went inside to check up on Sora.

"Watcha doing Sora?" Alicia asked.

"I'm getting my stuff ready for the Trip because my Vision was saying that the new Universes have arrived at the World order." Sora said.

"What kind of new Universes?" Alicia asked.

"Let's see, the new Universes arrived at the World order are as follows, the Dead Rising 2 Universe, Kung fu Panda Universe, Sonic's Universe, Shadow of the Colossus Universe, the Incredibles Universe, the Road to El dorado Universe, Great Mouse Detective Universe, Lord of the Rings the 3rd age Universe, Punch out Universe, and the other new Universes I think." Sora said.

"Hmm, sounds like it's time for the new adventure, I'll tell you what, while I get your stuff ready, you go and get our friends ready for the Trip to the new Universes, take this Walky-talky, that way we'll keep in touch." Alicia said as she hands Sora the Walky-talky.

"Thanks Alicia, I'll get the others ready, wish me luck." Sora said.

"Good Luck Sora, I'll meet you at the Land of Departure after you get our entire friends ready from Destiny Islands to Radiant Garden I believe, alright, good luck." Alicia replied as Sora goes outside to get the others while Alicia gets Sora's stuff ready.

As Sora was outside of his home, he saw Riela looking at the sky as he walks up to her and asks her that it's time for the new adventure.

"So, what you're saying is that we need to get our entire friends ready for the trip to the new Universes right?" Riela asked.

"That's right, my Vision told me to about it." Sora nodded.

"Alright then, let's get our friends ready, I think Shulk and the others are at the Underground Coliseum underneath Destiny Islands which is here, you get them ready, I'll get Kairi and Riku ready while you're at it." Riela said.

"Okay then." Sora replied as he went inside the Underground Coliseum located underneath Destiny Islands through the secret passage that leads to the Underground Coliseum while Riela gets Kairi and Riku ready.

When Sora is inside the Underground Coliseum, he saw Shulk and the others sparring and learning new Attacks and new techniques as Sora calls them.

"Hey guys, you got a minute?" Sora asked as Shulk and the others saw Sora.

"Sure Sora, what is it?" Shulk asked.

"Just to let you guys know, it's time for the new adventure because the new Universes has just arrived at the World order, so we're getting everybody ready for the trip." Sora said.

"Okay, we'll get our things ready, in the meantime, Fiora will help you out on getting our entire friends ready for the Trip, and don't forget about your Reploid partners Sora, they will help you out also." Shulk replied as he and the others are getting their things ready for the trip.

"Alright, Rise and shine Ramph, it's time to get ready." Sora said as he calls forth Ultimate Dino Ramph.

"(Yawns.) Hey Sora, what's new?" Ultimate Dino Ramph asked.

"It's time for the new adventure, try and get the Dino knights ready while we get our entire friends ready for the Trip to the new Universes." Sora said.

"Alright, I'll get the Dino Knights ready while you and the others get our entire friends ready, while you're at it, try and find Drowned Ophelia, I saw her at the outside entrance to the secret cave." Ultimate Dino Ramph replied as Sora and the others went inside the secret cave to get Drowned Ophelia ready.

"Oh Sora, I didn't see you there, what's new?" Drowned Ophelia asked.

"We're just letting you know that the new Universes arrived at the World Order so we're getting our entire friends ready for the trip." Sora said.

"New Adventure huh? Sounds like an awesome idea, I'll help you guys out on getting our entire friends ready for the Trip." Drowned Ophelia smiled as she joins Sora and the others.

"Sora, I've got Kairi and Riku ready." Riela said.

"Okay, it's the others ready also?" Sora asked Riela.

"They sure did, whenever you're ready, we'll leave anytime, take your time Sora, no hurry." Riela smiled and nodded as Sora and the others are ready for the Biggest new Adventure ever in the history of Kingdom hearts.

End of Chapter 1