Kingdom Hearts: War of the Undead

Chapter 59: Keyblades and Lyoko

As our heroes are about to enter the new world, Bobby then told them that he's great friends with Team Code Lyoko members named Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita.

"So, you've been there before right?" Dark Dizzy asked.

"Yeah." Bobby nodded.

"Well, it would be nice to meet Jeremy and the others when we enter their world." Rhian said.

"Then let's head over there." Sora replied as Burn Rooster then pushed the button and our heroes beamed down to the new world.

As our heroes are now at the new world, they met with Team Code Lyoko, one of them remembers Bobby very well.

"Hey Bobby, we haven't see you for quite a while, how are you." a new hero name Odd (Code Lyoko.) said.

"I've been better, so, i like you guys to meet our 1st Leader of the Keyblade Regiment Army, Sora." Bobby nodded as he introduces Team Code Lyoko to Sora along with the rest of our heroes.

"It is very nice to meet you Sora." a new hero named Jeremy (Code Lyoko.) said.

"You too Jeremy." Sora nodded.

"Bobby told us all about you, you're the hero who punch the daylights out of Xenador and saved the world, now that is something we can get along as best friends quite well." a new hero named Yumi (Code Lyoko.) said.

"So, what are you guys doing while i was gone?" Bobby asked.

"We've been doing well actually, only this time, William was being possessed by Xena, an Evil shadow that summons monsters at Lyoko, so, it is our Job to go to Lyoko and deactivate the Towers each time Xena is launching an attack." a new hero named Ulrich (Code Lyoko.) said.

"And we've got a help from a nice person along with the rest of her friends who recently came here to help us out." a new hero named Aelita (Code Lyoko.) said.

"What did she look like?" Doggie Cruger asked.

"Well, she has green eyes, Long red Hair, a Blue bowtie on her head, 2 Silver wristbands on her wrists, White sleeveless shirt with a blue Jacket around it, Black Shorts, White Shinguards, and Black High-heeled Boots." Ulrich told Doggie Cruger, Rhian and Kohaku however, they know the person.

"I think we know that person, it's Kumiko, Master Tut-suma's Second in command." Kohaku smiled.

"Who's Kumiko?" Tigatron (Beast Wars.) asked.

"Kumiko is a true friend of ours, she's the ultimate reason we won the first War against Crimson years ago." Rhian told Tigatron.

"We're sure that Kumiko will be your true best friend Sora, she's very friendly once you get to know her." Kohaku smiled.

"So, where can we find Kumiko?" Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles.) asked.

"At the Lab, we'll take you guys to her." Yumi replied as our heroes are following Team Code Lyoko to the Lab where they will meet Kumiko, Master Tut-suma's Second in command.

When they're inside the lab, Kumiko was very happy to see Rhian and Kohaku again.

"Hi guys, good to see you again." Kumiko whose voice sounded Colleen O'Shaughnessey smiled.

"You too Kumiko, where's Master Tut-suma and the rest of our friends?" Kohaku asked.

"Well, Jeremy told me that Master Tut-suma and the others are at the Ice Sector fighting against Xena's Monsters." Kumiko told Kohaku.

"Are they okay?" Rhian asked.

"Yep, they're not hurt, they're waiting for our help so we need to go inside Lyoko and help them out." Kumiko told Rhian.

"Alright, we'll help them out, but first, the introductions, Kumiko, we like you to meet our new friend, Sora, the 1st Leader of the Keyblade Regiment Army." Kohaku said as her and Rhian then introduces the 1st Leader of the Keyblade Regiment Army to Kumiko.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Sora, i'm Kumiko, Master Tut-suma's second in command." Kumiko smiled as she shakes Sora's hand.

"The Pleasure is mine Kumiko." Sora nodded.

"So, Sora, tell me, what brings you guys here at Kadic Junier high?" Kumiko asked.

"We came to inform you that Crimson's army is planning to kill Sora and take his powers to destroy the Realms of Light." Trevor told Kumiko.

"What? Why?" Kumiko asked.

"We don't know, but whatever it is, we have to stop Crimson from doing so, that's why we Master Tut-suma, you, and the rest of our friends, we need you guys to help us protect Sora from Crimson's clutches, because Sora holds the power of King Gavin Whiteheart that gives Sora the power of Strong-Will." Rhian told Kumiko.

"Well, Crimson is not going to have Sora's powers as long as we're around, including Master Tut-suma, don't worry Sora, (Places her hands on Sora's Shoulders.) me, Master Tut-suma, and the rest of my friends will help you and your army out, you want to know why?" Kumiko asked.

"Why?" Sora asked as Kumiko embraces Sora in a hug.

"Because, i'm your true best friend, i will do everything i can to help you because i trust you, i promise." Kumiko smiled.

"We trust Sora also, he's going to need more help than ever, so, we're helping him out also." Kohaku smiled.

"As do i." Rhian nodded.

"Thanks guys, alright, let's go help Master Tut-suma and his army out, but, the question is, how are we going to get inside Lyoko if there are 5 Transport Pods?" Sora asked.

"Leave it to us, we'll use our Alchemy powers to create a Large Transport big enough for all of us to enter Lyoko." Bobby said as our heroes are following Team Code Lyoko to the Basement where 5 Transport Pods are located so that Bobby, Ed, Al, and Aiden can use their Alchemy to create a Large Transport.

"Hmm, i guess you guys are ready to enter Lyoko, but remember, once you guys enter Lyoko, you all each have the same life as Ulrich and the others, when it hits Zero, you will be transported back here, so be careful, once you guys enter Sector 5 through the Ice Sector, i will upload the program and free William from Xena's control." Jeremy said to our heroes.

"We'll get the job done, let's go guys." Sora replied as our heroes are then entered the Large Pod.

"I will remain here with Jeremy while you guys rescue William and defeat Xena." Kumiko said to our heroes.

"No problem Kumiko, we'll be back in no time, let it rip Jeremy." Odd said.

"Okay, Tranfer Everyone, Scanning Everyone, Vertualization." Jeremy said as our heroes are now at Lyoko.

"Jumping Gyros, Wow, nice world we're in." Cheetor (Beast Wars.) said.

"Why thank you Cheetor, okay guys, head to the area at the Ice Sector and i will put in a code that will take you guys to Sector 5, but watch out for Xena's Monsters." Jeremy said as our heroes head to the area Jeremy talked about.

"Okay, i'll put in a code in now." Jeremy continued as he enters the code in order to send our heroes to Sector 5.

"Where are we?" Burn Rooster asked.

"Sector 5, now, we'll send Skidbladnir to your locations so you guys can get to Xena." Kumiko said from the speaker.

"No problem Kumiko." Kohaku nodded as the Skidbladnir then appeared from the port of Sector 5.

"Alright guys, let's go and stop Xena." Sora replied as our heroes are inside the skidbladnir.

As they're heading to Xena's location through the portal, a powerful Heartless appeared from out of nowhere.

"Heartless, looks like Xena knows where we're coming." Tess said.

"Yeah, we better stop it from damaging Skidbladnir, Crystal, you and the others keep the Heartless Boss busy while we enter the portal." Aiden said to her 20th Keyblade Regiment Army.

"You got it Master Aiden, we'll meet you guys on the other side after we stop the Heartless Boss, okay guys, let's Armor up!" Crystal whose voice sounded like Luci Christian nodded as her and the others activate their Keyblade Armor as they're ready to keep the Heartless Boss busy while our heroes will enter the Portal.

Boss Battle: Kolossal Shark

(Cue Boss Music: The Corrupted from Kingdom hearts 2.)

Kolossal Shark is a Heartless Boss who looked like a Great White Shark but with Claws on the Fins andsome Spikes on a Tail Fin, it has both the Heartless Emblem and a Xena Emblem on a forehead of Kolossal Shark, it was powerful, but luckily, Crystal and the others managed to dodge its attacks as they used their powerful attacks to defeat Kolossal Shark.

(End Boss Music.)

"Okay, let's go meet up with the others on the other side." Crystal said.

"Lead the way Crystal." Amei whose voice sounded like Dakota Fanning nodded as they managed to enter the portal.

"There they are, and it looks like they're fighting against Xena and the rest of the Heartless." Kiro whose voice sounded like Frankie Jones said.

(Cue Major Boss Battle: Bliztful Vengeance from No more Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.)

"Humph, that Loser Xena has no chance of defeating the Heroes of light." Kaen whose voice sounded like Elijah Wood said.

"Let's go Novato, they need our help." Acerus whose voice sounded like Gary Oldman said.

"You got it Master Acerus." Novato/Nova whose voice sounded like Logan Miller nodded as the others are now helping our heroes out on taking down Xena.

Major Boss Battle: Xena

"Your Skills are impressive, but you fools will not stop me from destroying the world of Lyoko." Xena said.

"Not this time Xena." the voice said as our heroes and Xena then saw Master Tut-suma and the rest of Rhian's, Kohaku's, and Kumiko's friends.

Tut-suma (Kingdom hearts/Mummies Alives.) is the 15th Leader of the Keyblade Regiment Army, he is a Mummy that has a Silver Eye Patch on his left eye, a Helmet that looked like a Dragon head, he also has the Emblem that looks like a Lion, he has Gold Shoulder Pads, Gold Chestplate, Gold Gauntlet, a Gold Keyblade Master Armor Gauntlet, Blue Jeans, Gold Shinguards, and Gold Greaves.

"Looks like you're outnumbered Xena." a new Hero named Phoenix whose voice sounded like Wendee Lee smirked.

Phoenix looks just like Kairi, but with Red features on her armor, Red Hair, and her appearance is the same as Kairi.

"Let's Rock Xena's world." a new Hero named Saxor whose voice sounded like Jesse McCartney said.

"I'm with you on that one Saxor, let's help them out guys!" a new Hero named Lyle whose voice sounded like Colleen Clinkenbeard said as the 15th Keyblade Regiment Army and Master Tut-suma are the teaming up with our heroes out on defeating Xena.

(End Major Boss Music.)

"Alright, i'm going to put in a program that will free William from Xena's Control." Jeremy said as he uses the program to free William from Xena's Control.

"You think you fools know that i'm the only one, i think not, my Master will destroy you all with an Iron Fist." Xena said as the Evil Shadow was gone for good.

"What happen to me?" William asked.

"You're no longer under Xena's Control, Jeremy used the program to free you from Xena's Control." Ulrich told William.

"Huh, that figures, whoa, who are those guys?" William asked.

"They're the Heroes of Light, our new friends, we're sure you remember Bobby." Yumi told William.

"Oh, okay, well, thanks for freeing me from Xena's Control, i owe you guys big time." William said.

"You're welcome." a new Hero named Takeshi whose voice sounded like Ty Pentiz nodded.

"Okay guys, let's exit Lyoko so we can find the Keyhole." Sora replied as our heroes are about ready to exit Lyoko when Suddenly, a Crescent Slash went straight at them, but luckily, a new Hero named Kazu sensed it and somehow destroyed it.

"You fools won't be going nowhere." Suzaku said as he appeared from the Portal.

"General Suzaku!" they exclaimed.

"You guys know him?" Kazu whose voice sounded like Dave Wittenberg asked.

"Yeah, we know him, he's Crimson's 3rd General of his own army, we fought him the first time at the greenfields of Phaedra." Ventus said.

"Well, he's not gonna touch Sora as long as we're around." Tut-suma whose voice sounded like Gary Oldman said.

"We'll see about that, Arise, Android Mark-59!" Suzaku said as he call forth Android Mark-59, but the Heartless Boss is severely damaged during the 2nd fight.

"Hah, Looks like that Robot is almost run out of energy, you're in a disadventage Suzaku." Kaen smirked.

(Cue Major Boss Music: The Relic's Song from Rogue Galaxy.)

"Oh really, then let's see who's the strongest during this 2nd fight." Suzaku as he unsheathes his Dragon Katana and enters his battle stance.

"Be careful guys, this is the 2nd fight, don't let the Dragon Katana drain your health!" Sora said to the group.

"We'll make sure of it Sora, let's do this guys!" Lyle nodded as our heroes along with Team Fire Emblem and a new Hero named Saphira who appeared from the 2 Portals, the 2nd fight against General Suzaku and the 3rd and Final fight against Android Mark-59 begins.

Major Boss Battle: General Suzaku 2nd Battle and Android Mark-59 3rd Battle

The fight was powerful, but with the combine might of Tut-suma, the 15th Leader of the Keyblade Regiment Army, the rest of Rhian's and Kohaku's friends, Saphira, Team Code Lyoko, and Team Fire Emblem, our heroes managed to defeat General Suzaku the 2nd time, while Android Mark-59 was destroyed and it turned into a glass summoning stone of Android Mark-59.

(End Major Boss Music.)

"You all are very powerful since our 1st fight, but this is not over, the 3rd fight will begin at the different location, we will meet again." Suzaku said as he enters the Dark Portal and it closed behind him.

"Are you guys okay?" Kumiko asked from the speaker.

"We're okay Kumiko, we're ready to exit Lyoko." Kohaku nodded from the speaker.

"Okay, we'll send you guys back here." Kumiko replied as our heroes along with their new friends, they're now back at the world of Code Lyoko.

"Alright, let's find the keyhole and we'll enter the next world." Sora said to the group as our heroes managed to found the keyhole and they sealed it, and thus, the world of Code Lyoko is now with the Realms of Light, so now, our heroes along with Master Tut-suma, his 15th Keyblade Regiment Army, Rhian's, Kumiko's, and Kohaku's friends, Team Code Lyoko, Saphira, and Team Fire Emblem in the group, they're now ready to enter the next new world, the world of El Dorado.

"Sora, whoever you are, we're with you all the way, true best friends forever." a new Hero named Smile whose voice sounded like Amy Jo Johnson thought to herself while smiling.

"Goes double for me Sora, no matter what happens, i will protect you my true best friend, i promise." Kumiko also thought to herself while smiling.

"Me too Sora, regardless if you're the 1st Leader of the Keyblade Regiment Army, you're my best friend, we're with you guys all the way, and i will also protect you from Crimson, Believe it." Saphira whose voice sounded like Rachael Reigh Cook also thought to herself while smiling.

"Us too Sora, with us as your new best friends, we'll rock Crimson's world down to the core if he ever touches you and take your powers to destroy the Realms of light, that's a promise." Crystal also thought to herself while smiling.

End of Chapter 59