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„Zivaaaaaaaaaa!", Alison David cried. Ziva's eyes widened. "Ali!", she cried and ran straight across the airport to hug her niece.

"I can't believe you're here.", Ziva said smiling. Ali grinned. "Me neither.", she replied. Then she grabbed her huge hand bag and suitcase and they headed for Ziva's car.

"It's gonna be awesome!", Ali said on their way. Ziva nodded. Ali was not only her niece but also her best friend.

Even though she was only 15 years old she seemed to understand more than an adult. Ziva was always happy to have her around.

But this time was different. Ali wasn't over for vacation. She was over to start a new life. Ziva could understand her. The girl was simply tired of Israel and her family.

And Ziva was glad Ali had made her decision because that meant she wouldn't have to join Mossad. Ziva had decided to give Ali a very special teenage-life.

Something she'd never been able to experience. It was summer break in the United States so Ali had some time to settle in until High School started.

They'd planned to do lots of fun things. But besides the trip to Walt Disney World, Florida and New York City Ali had begged Ziva to take her with her to work.

Ziva had told her a lot about NCIS and Ali was so curious now. Thanks to Ziva's driving they reached her apartment in less than 10 minutes.

Ali had babbled all the time. When Ziva opened the door of the apartment Ali started to jump up and down. She ran in and turned on the radio.

It had become a ritual for her and Ziva to turn on the radio if something special happened. It was to memorize the moment with the song playing on the radio.

Ali turned the volume up. "Oh my god! I love that song.", she cried. She grabbed Ziva's hand and they started dancing and singing along.

It was one of Ziva's favorites too. "I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.", Ali sang and laughed. When the song ended Ali grabbed her luggage and looked at Ziva questioning.

Ziva smiled. "Put it in your room.", she ordered. "MY room?", Ali repeated in disbelieve. Ziva nodded. "Sure. Your room. I mean you're staying a little longer, aren't you?", she simply said.

Ali hugged her aunt and followed her to her room. "Do you like it?", Ziva asked when they entered. "I love it!", Ali admitted. Ziva's smile got even brighter.

Ali then started to unpack her suitcase and put everything into the cupboard. "Hey Ali? What about thai style take out tonight?", Ziva shouted from the living room.

Ali walked in looking stunning even in her pajamas. "Awesome!", she said and grinned. Only 15 minutes later they were sitting in front of their huge take out boxes on the couch.

"So, about tomorrow.", Ali started. "Yeah. Right. If you want to come with me to work you'll have to be ready at 7:55am.", Ziva replied.

Ali nodded. "Sure. No problem.", she said. Her aunt smiled. "So you're gonna meet the team.", she added. Ali's eyes widened.

"All of them? Abby. McGee. Palmer. Ducky. Tony. Gibbs.?", Ali asked. Ziva nodded: "Sure, Ali. All of them." Then she looked at the clock.

"I guess it's time to go to bed now.", she decided. Ali nodded. "Yeah. I'm so tired.", she admitted.

Ali looked at her clock. 6:30am. 'Time to get up', she thought. She grabbed her make-up case and hurried to the bathroom.

Five minutes later Ziva peeked in from the door. "Ali?", she asked sounding really tired. Ali smiled at her. "Good morning, Ziva!", she cried.

"Why are you up? We're leaving in an hour and a half.", Ziva said. Ali nodded: "Yeah I know. That's why I'm up. I need my time."

Ziva burst out laughing. Her niece was the complete opposite to her. While Ziva was sporty but always dressed pretty casual, Ali was wild and crazy and totally trendy.

She was a typical American It-girl. Now that she was officially an American citizen one could say that. "So what do you want for breakfast then?", Ziva asked.

Ali's eyes widened and she grinned. "A sandwich à la Ziva!", she cried and giggled. Ziva had to giggle too. Ali used to call every sandwich Ziva made "sandwich à la Ziva" when she was younger.

Since then it was their insider joke. "Okay. How long will it take you in here?", Ziva questioned. Ali rolled her eyes.

Ziva knew exactly that it would take her ages to get done. "Okay, okay. I'll be back in an hour.", Ziva teased and headed for the kitchen.

Ali took a shower and washed her long straight hair. She loved her hair and was glad it wasn't as curly and wild as Ziva's.

"Ziva? May I use your hairdryer?", Ali yelled questioning. "Sure. Go ahead.", came the answer. Ali took it and dried her hair so that it was totally straight.

After that she clipped her front hair away with a pink butterfly clip. She loved that clip. She'd bought it on a market in Israel.

But she hated thinking back. Her life in Israel was the past now. And her new life in America had just begun. Ali was sure that it was going to be awesome.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. What ever was going to happen, she would handle it. "I'm Alison David. And I'm fabulous.", she said confident.

Then she started doing her make-up. While doing that she started singing the song stuck in her head.

"I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. I'm so excited...", she sang. She grabbed her pallet and started doing her eye-make-up.

In her opinion that was the most important part. She chose a light brown of wish she knew would match her dark brown hair perfectly.

After she was done she checked her reflection again. She put the clip away and let her hair fall. Ali looked stunning and she knew it.

She went to her room and started looking through her clothes. After checking the weather forecast on her BlackBerry she pulled out her red dress and black heels.

Then she walked over to the kitchen where Ziva was already waiting for her. She was ready dressed and Ali wondered how her aunt could do that in 15 minutes.

Ziva looked at her niece and was deeply impressed. She was stunning. Her long dark straight hair fell perfectly, her make-up was flawless.

Her red dress matched her hair and showed exactly how skinny and sporty Ali was, her black heels and black big bag were totally fabulous.

Her whole appearance was fantastic. "Ready?", Ziva asked and grinned. Ali nodded and followed her.

When they reached the NCIS building Ali was truly impressed. It was huge and she loved it from first sight. At the entrance a man in uniform handed her a visitor's pass and Ali tugged it on her bag.

Then Ali and Ziva took the elevator to go to the office. Walking into the squad room everyone stared and whispered behind their backs. Ali gave them a confident smile.

She knew exactly what they were talking about. Ziva lead her to the bullpen and with a bright smile she said: "Good morning, Gibbs. Hey McGee. Hi Tony. May I introduce my niece Alison to you?"

They turned to look at Ali and she smiled. "Hey. Nice to meet you all. Ziva told me a lot about you.", she babbled. Gibbs stood up and walked towards her.

"It's a pleasure, Alison.", he said smiling mysteriously. Ali liked that smile. It was something special. Next was McGee.

He introduced himself: "Nice to meet you, Alison. I'm McGee but you can call me Tim." Oh so this was McGee, the computer freak.

He looked kinda like one. Ali grinned at that thought. "And I'm Tony.", said Tony. Ali looked at him curious. So this was Ziva's man.

Well not exactly but Ali knew there was something in store. Tony gave her a look that definitely had a second meaning. Gibbs smacked him on the head.

"She's 15, DiNozzo!", he said laughing. "Right Boss.", Tony replied and smiled at Ali apologizing. She smiled back. He was exactly the way she'd thought he'd be.

"So paperwork today, Gibbs?", Ziva asked. Gibbs nodded. "I'll give Ali a tour if that's okay with you, Ziva.", he added. Ziva smiled.

"Sure. Have fun.", she said. Ali smiled back and then followed Gibbs towards the elevator. "I'm so excited.", Ali thought and grinned.

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