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1 B.C. (Before Calamity) – 100-200 A.D. (After Destruction): A great calamity almost wipes out humanity and nearly crushes all of civilization.

Much of humanity's great knowledge before this time is lost.

But, the human race rises from the ashes and begins rebuilding sometime in-between 100 and 200 years after the 'Dark Calamity'.

1957–1969: The Space Race begins with the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia launching Sputnik, the first ever artificial satellite into orbit, and ends with a joint project between NATO (National Alliance Treaty Organization) members, the Osean Federation and the United States of America landing the first men on the moon. American Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, along with Osean Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. return safely from the historic mission back to Earth.

During the space race, however, it was discovered that Earth was surrounded by seven energy rings with stange symbols within them. Many theorists speculated on the purpose of these rings, as well as the source of them. But no viable evidence was ever discovered about their purpose and their source.

Attempts to study the rings ended in failure, as the rings were fuelled by a mysterious energy that did not register on the current technology.

1974: On the Lunar Landing's fifth anniversary, Osea proposes the construction of a massive spacecraft in space, codenamed Arkbird. The plan is to have a defense matrix in space to protect against ICBMs from Russia and its ally the Union of Yuktobonian Republics. The European Federation declines involvement in the project, but America accepts the proposal. However the project is scrapped due to overwhelming costs.

1975: The Imperial Empire of Zaphias launches Brave Vesperia, the first weaponized satellite into orbit. International response is negative. NATO condemns the launch. The SA (Socialist Alliance), an ally of Zaphias, also condemns the launch, as they had no prior knowledge to the satellite's existence. The SA and NATO both order Zaphias to bring down the satellite. Zaphias refuses.

1976: A year after the launch of Brave Vesperia, Zaphias gives a demonstration of the satellite's power. The demonstration reveals that the satellite has two weapons. The first weapon is a powerful particle cannon, the second one being a rail gun that launches nuclear armed warheads. Months after the demonstration, NATO and the SA both send spies into Zaphias to locate Brave Vesperia's control center.

1979: The NATO and SA agents are both captured by Zaphias. Zaphias accuses both organizations of espionage. But NATO and the SA disavow any information regarding the spies.

1980: Zaphias launches spy operations into NATO and the SA. The spies are never found by either organization, and months after the operation ends, Zaphias declares war on NATO and the SA beginning World War III. At first, it was concluded that the joint forces between NATO and the SA would win, but Zaphias' military might is revealed to be much stronger than anticipated, especially with Brave Vesperia backing it up.

1981-1984: Zaphias' brutal campaign to occupy the main lands of America, Osea, Russia, and Yuktobonia is nearly completed. However, the invasion is pushed back when Europe enters the fray. The first thing the Europeans do is fire a chemical laser weapon, codenamed Excalibur, at Brave Vesperia, which disables it. This action gives NATO and the SA the extra push they need to fight back against the superior forces of Zaphias. Within two years, Zaphias' forces are pushed back by NATO, Europe, and the SA.

The Allies take the fight to the Zaphians the following month.

1985: NATO, SA, and European forces occupy two-thirds of Zaphias' mainland. However, right before the allied forces can reach the imperial capital; Zaphias is able to fix Brave Vesperia just enough for it to fire one last shot. They use it to fire the V2 MIRV (Multiple Independently targetable Re-entry Vehicle) on their own soil. Seven Zaphias cities are completely obliterated by the Nuclear Blasts. The cities destroyed were Tarqaron, Capua Nor, Capua Torim, Yormgin, Shaikos, Caer Brocram and Temza. The death toll is believed to reach more than 2 million. This action forces NATO, Europe, and the SA to stand back, but Zaphias officially surrenders the following day.

1986: NATO, the SA, and Europe sign the Firefall Treaty. The treaty calls for the discontinued development and for the dismantling of nuclear weapons. It is believed that 60% of all nuclear weapons are dismantled, with their warheads in storage, and their parts recycled while 40% are believed to remain in existence. The same year, Osea approaches Russia and Yuktobonia with a proposition to assist in the construction of the Arkbird. Yuktobonia agrees, but Russia declines. The following month, Osea, America, and Yuktobonia begin to develop plans in which to construct the Arkbird. The project will be used mostly for civilian purposes, but each country will contribute military purposes for the craft.

At the same time, the northwestern portion of Zaphias becomes the Union of Altosk, with Daghgrest as its capital, while the Southeastern portion becomes the Palestrale Federation, with Nordipolica as its capital, and the eastern most city, Myorzo, becomes a neutral city.

1990: The SA, NATO, and Europe found the GDI (Global Defense Initiative). The organization's goal is to eliminate any potential threat to global peace. The organization can also act on its own accord, being able to take action without the approval of the founding nations.

The same year, the Arkbird is 35% complete. The craft is expected to be completed by 2000.

1995: The Chancellery of Fendel launches a full scale invasion of its neighboring country the Kingdom of Windor. But just before the Fendelians can breach past Lhant, the GDI launches an assault into Fendel's capital, and forces the Chancellor to surrender.

GDI forces occupy Fendel.

The Arkbird is 70% complete.

1996: Erusia launches a large offensive into its neighboring countries on the continent of Usea. GDI responds by launching a counter offensive against Erusia.

GDI is victorious within 13 months, and occupies Erusia.

The Arkbird is 75% complete.

1999: The king of Windor is assassinated. His only son, Richard, escapes. Richard is able to rally a third of Windor's military under his loyalty. Cedric, Richard's uncle, calls for support from GDI and the Republic of Strahta to assist in suppressing Richard's rebellion. GDI instead sends support to Richard, as the organization had uncovered 'Undeniable Evidence' that Cedric was responsible for the assassination, and Strahta refuses to take any part of the incident.

The incident lasts for only a month with minimal casualties. Richard personally kills Cedric and retakes the throne.

Richard gives his full support to the GDI, while Strahta chooses to remain neutral.

The Arkbird is 95% complete.

2000: The Arkbird is completed.

The craft is revealed to be the first step into the construction of an International Space Station. Europe brings in its support for the construction of the station. Windor also brings in its support for the station. Altosk and Palestrale also provide support for the station. Russia and Strahta decline to support the station.

The following month, a leak reveals that Russia is constructing a craft that they will launch from the sea and will fly into space. Russia claims that the craft doesn't exist. International response doesn't agree with Russia, but the lack of conclusive evidence prevents the GDI from taking any action.

2004: Vincent Harling becomes the president of Osea. His first act is to open up diplomatic relations with the politically isolated Zaphias. International response is mixed. There are those who support Harling's decision, and there are those who completely disagree with the president's decision.

In an international shock, Zaphias welcomes Osea with 'open arms'.

Zaphias agrees to support the International Space Station.

2005: The Tethe'allan Empire launches an invasion into the Sylveranti Dynasty. GDI intervenes, siding with Sylverant. Tethe'alla surrenders the instant GDI enters the war.

GDI occupies Tethe'alla.

Sylverant agrees to provide support to the International Space Station.

Mizuho, Exire, and Heimdall decline involvement.

2006: Alexei assassinates the Emperor of Zaphias, seizes control of the throne, severs all ties to the GDI, and discontinues support to the International Space Station. Alexei begins preparations to resurrect Brave Vesperia.

GDI sends an ultimatum to Alexei, to either stand down, or face total occupation. Alexei refuses, instead holding Princess Estellise and Prince Ioder as political hostages. GDI Special Operations infiltrate Zaphias, and are able to pull Ioder out of harm's way, but Alexei escapes with Estellise.

2007: GDI launches an occupation force into Zaphias, but surprisingly, they only encounter light resistance, as two thirds of Zaphias' remaining military was fiercely loyal to the royal family. Alexei tries to hide out in Baction, and threatens to end Estellise's life if GDI doesn't pull out of Zaphias. GDI Spec Ops are able to infiltrate the hideout, terminate Alexei, and are able to pull Estellise to safety.

Ioder is crowned Emperor, reestablishes connections to GDI, and returns support to the International Space Station. Ioder proposes that Brave Vesperia become part of the International Space Station. GDI agrees.

2008: The Federal Republic of Estovakia launches an invasion into its neighboring country the Republic of Emmaria. GDI enters the war on Emmeria's side and pushes back the Estovakians.

GDI occupies Estovakia.

2009: Several Videos showing GDI forces massacring civilians in the various countries that they currently occupy are leaked onto the internet. International response is outraged. GDI, however, finds proof that the videos are faked, but while the governments believe them the majority populace doesn't.

The organization falls under major scrutiny from the press, but despite the public outrage over the videos, the founding nations continue their support.

GDI begins investigating who created the videos.

2012: The Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lavendear invades the Malkuth Empire. Daath sides with Kimlasca, while GDI sides with Malkuth. Kimlasca and Daath are both defeated within a few short months.

GDI occupies both Daath and Kimlasca.

Malkuth declines to support the International Space Station.

2014: The Shrine of Maxwell is discovered in the Ymir Forest. The discovery sends shockwaves across the Archeological Community, as most people had dismissed the shrine's existence as a myth. The Shrine contains ancient books and scrolls with information on various ancient civilizations that predated the 'Dark Calamity'. The books reveal that the ancients were far more technologically advanced than previously thought. However, the authenticity of the information is sketchy at best, as it claims that the technology that the ancients processed was far more advanced than even modern civilization. Within the books and scrolls are 'Blueprints' for the 'Weapons of Jin', mythical weapons that according to legend are fuelled by the planet's life-force.

When GDI examines the 'Blueprints', the developers simply dismiss them as 'Delusional'. Despite the claims that the GDI made on the 'Blueprints' some actually believe that the weapons could work, the problem is, is that some of the key materials mentioned in the 'Blueprints' simply don't exist. However, more 'Blueprints' are found, revealing them to be devices that can forge these materials. Unlike the 'Weapons of Jin', these devices can be constructed with available materials. GDI forms a Research and Development branch specifically to study these 'Blueprints'.

Within several months, GDI has the devices constructed, and to everyone's surprise, the devices truly forge the key materials needed to construct the 'Weapons of Jin'. GDI covers up the existence of these 'Ancient Devices', along with the materials they forge, and begins development of the 'Weapons of Jin', to test to see if whether or not they truly work the way the 'Blueprints' claim.

GDI also discovers a 'Blueprint' that looks suspiciously similar to Brave Vesperia.

The 'Blueprints' also reveal a device that can be used to study the energy rings that surround the planet.

2015: NASA begins preparations to launch the final module from America to the International Space Station. However, right before the SSTO (Single Stage Take-Off) Vehicle can launch from the Florida Mass Driver, a bomb detonates on the craft, killing everyone on board, and destroying the module, costing millions of dollars in damage.

GDI finds 'Conclusive Evidence' that Europe was responsible for the attack. Europe denies involvement. The GDI launches an occupation force into Europe. However, right before they reach the European shoreline, Russian and Yuktobonian naval forces assault them, proclaiming that they have sided with Europe, and believe the nation to be innocent. Osea and America get involved, and assists the GDI, by holding back the Yuktobonians and Russians while GDI assaults Europe. Zaphias, WIndor, Sylverant, Emmeria, and Malkuth enter the war on the GDI's side, while rebel forces in Fendel, Kimlasca, Tethe'alla, Estovakia, and Erusia side with Europe, hoping to spread GDI's forces out too thin.

But the GDI has grown so powerful by this time that it doesn't need to worry about spreading its forces out too thin.

The Arkbird sees its first military use.

2016: GDI occupies Europe, while America and Osea are able to occupy two thirds of Yuktobonia and Russia. American forces discover that the spacecraft that Russia was believed to be constructing, does in fact exist, and that it was being built at the bottom of the Black Sea. The craft was also revealed to be 83% complete. The Russian Government faces criminal charges for the craft's construction.

However, a month after GDI finishes its occupation of Europe; further investigation reveals that Europe was indeed not responsible for the destruction of the SSTO. The evidence was falsified, as the bomb was indeed of European design, but the bomb's cereal number reveal that it was part of a shipment that went missing several months before the SSTO's launch.

When the evidence is presented to the countries that allied themselves with the GDI, their reaction is extremely negative. All of the founding nations, Europe especially, along with many of the support nations discontinue providing funds to the GDI. However, several multinational corporations continue providing funds and supplies to GDI, thanks to a contract they have with them, keeping the organization's power in check. For this reason, government funding to these corporations are reduced to a bare minimum, but this only takes away a tenth of GDI's power, and the corporations still continue making profits from their civilian customers.

The International Space Station has its construction is put on permanent hold. The corporations, meanwhile, decide to finish the station's construction.

GDI also confiscates the Burket, the Russian's answer to the Arkbird, and has the corporations finish its construction.

2020: The Burket is completed, and is launched from the Black Sea into orbit, and meets up with the Arkbird.

2025: The International Space Station is completed, but is heavily modified to become GDI's Headquarters. The GDI also has one of the 'Ancient Devices' installed into it, as it was revealed on the 'Blueprints' to be able to produce manipulate gravity.

The 'Weapons of Jin' are also completed by this time. However, during their testing, a terrorist organization attacks each of the testing sites, and the weapons are all stolen. An investigation reveals that these were the same terrorists that forged the 'GDI Massacre Videos', and were the same terrorists responsible for the destruction of the SSTO.

Calling themselves 'The Adephagos', named after an abomination in ancient myths believed to feed off of the planet's life-force, the terrorists use these weapons to cause major destruction across the world. The weapons do more than just blow stuff up, they also cause crops to fail, create abnormally strong weather patterns, turn entire cities into ghost towns, forests are withered, grasslands are reduced to desert, and many animals become unnaturally hostile, especially towards humans.

The various nations reestablish connections with the GDI in the hopes that they could assist them in repelling the terrorists.

With their support from the founding nations renewed, GDI officially declares war on the Adephagos.

The Arkbird sees its second military use, while the Burket sees its first. The cannon from Brave Vesperia on the GDI HQ, for the first time in decades, is reactivated to combat the terrorist.

The Yggdrasil War begins.

2026: GDI has fatally damaged Adephagos, and destroyed all but one of the 'Weapons of Jin', the Gleipner, the Spear of Kresnik, the Heracles, the Thor's Hammer, the Legacy, and the Stonehenge.

However, the terrorist forces have already gotten close to their ultimate goal, for before it was destroyed; Adephagos was able to fire seven shots from the Thor's Hammer at an unknown location in the Bermuda Triangle. The blasts revealed a hidden island in the middle of the triangle that was home to many fantastical creatures, and to a humongous tree that was bigger than any other tree in the world.

The terrorist organization launches its remaining forces towards the island to destroy the great tree that resided on the island. GDI intelligence discovers that the tree is in fact the Mythical World Tree; Yggdrasil. Legend has it, that the tree is the source of all life on Earth. GDI realizes the whole time that the Adephagos plan was to bring about another 'Dark Calamity' that was foretold in one of the scrolls found in the Shrine of Maxwell, which would begin with Yggdrasil's destruction.

The organization launches a desperate defense force to the island to hopefully beat back the terrorists. Despite taking heavy casualties, the GDI is able to prevent the Adephagos from destroying Yggdrasil, and destroys the last remaining 'Weapon of Jin', the Spell Bomb.

The Yggdrasil war ends and the second 'Dark Calamity' is averted.

2027-2048: GDI discontinues Research and Development on the 'Weapons of Jin', stating that they are too powerful, and too 'Ecology Unfriendly'.

The various nations decide to permanently provide support to the GDI.

Despite the damage that Yggdrasil took from the war, the tree begins its recovery, it is speculated that the tree will return to full power within 100 years.

The 'Weapons of Jin's power makes the GDI take much of what was read in the books found in the Shrine of Maxwell, much more seriously now, as many of the books contained strange glyphs that claimed to allow humans to manipulate the planet's life-force.

Studies reveal that the glyphs do in fact do what the books claimed them to do.

GDI opens three facilities, at three classified locations, to study three sets of three types of the glyphs. One facility in America studies the Fire, Water, and Wind glyphs, another facility in Yuktobonia studies Earth, Electricity, and Nature glyphs, and the last facility in Zaphias studies Light, Dark, and Arcane glyphs.

A further look into the books reveal that the ancients had hypothesized a way to develop means in which technology could run on the planet's life-force, without totally burning it up. The plan was to create crystals made entirely from the planet's life-force and introduce an electrical current into them that would absorb and expel the planet's life-force. Research and development is able to produce a crystal that recycles 75% of the life-force used by machinery, without sacrificing performance.

GDI has many of the corporations under its contract to produce technologies powered by these crystals. Within several years, almost every piece of human technology runs on the planet's life-force. The world, however, has no danger of slowly dying from this technology, as one of GDI's corporate contractors, that specializes in genetic plant alteration, is able to successfully create the Yggdrasil Minor, a new type of tree based on the Yggdrasil that also produces the planet's life-forces, although on a much smaller scale than the true Yggdrasil.

By 2048, with the world running on this new 'Magitechnology', the impossible has been achieved. The whole world is united under a single banner.

GDI has its named changed to UER, United Earth Republic. Johnson Harling, grandson of Vincent Harling, Demitri Nikonor, Leonard Kennedy, Francis Banquo, and Lucian Marcian are named the first Councilors of the UER.

2049: On the 80th anniversary of the moon landing, the UER launches the first manned expedition to Mars. The craft is codenamed Destiny, and instead of being launched from the planet, it is instead launched from a rail driver on the UER capital, Freedom Star, the former GDI Headquarters, the International Sapce Station, which has expanded into a city in space.

None are prepared for the historic event on this day that will reshape humanity's destiny.

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