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Homely Percy strolled over the streets of New York while he avoided joggers and people in suits on the side walk. Once again he was early and the sun showed him that it should be half past five since it was a little above the East River.

Again it has been impossible for him to feel just the tiniest bit of snugness in the apartment of his father, despite the fact that the first day of school was today, he didn't get a nice breakfast with pancakes and a hot cup of coffee. No; something like that he didn't get since years in the hole, which in a legal point of view was called his home.

To be exact since four years, as Percy was just thirteen years old, because in this year his life went upside down due to the cancer diagnostic of his mother, Sally Jackson.

She was the nicest and kindest person in the whole universe and she met enough evil in this world, for example her husband: Gabe.

Percy clinched his fists by the thought of his father. He was a lazy idiot and hasn't spent one penny for the woman, who cooked and cared for him over years, even as she was taken to a cancer clinic.

Until today she was there and tried to fight against her disease flat-out but new metastases showed up again and again and the doctors handed her new medication and new chemo-plans. She was strong and a rebel, just like Percy and the two of them fought their way through life by hanging on for her son and he earned the money for her stay.

The world seemed to change as Percy turned into a little side road. The houses became dirtier and more sordid while the people looked more reticent with their hands shoved deeply in their pockets and hoods pulled on their faces.

To forestall all possibilities, Percy followed their examples and slipped the marine blue hood over his raven black hair. Where this hair color came from, he didn't know either. His mother's was long and light brown and his father's (or Gabe, how he calls him and Gabe want to be called by him) had about three thin hair, which he combed across his head to appeal more charming, what is destroyed irrevocably because of his fat build and his liability to alcohol and cigarettes.

Also his sea green eyes stuck out but since his grandparents died years ago and he didn't know any other relatives, he pinned it on some ancestor who resembled him.

Finally he reached the old Chinese restaurant and turned into the alley next to it. It was a dirty, winding alley with a giant dumpster on the right side, which belonged to a little esoterism store.

Percy walked to the end of an old brick-building before he knocked on a woodened door and leant with his rear against the wall. He gazes at the dirty plaster and thought about his life. It was far from usual with such a job.

But what should he do else? His mother needed the place in this clinic otherwise she would be dead for a long time and Percy just could not let her die.

She has the right to a life and there was always a tiny chance that the cancer disappears, that she wins the fight against it.

Hope. That was his life motto, hope for a better future.

"Hey, boy," a grim voice said and Percy turned his head to the, now opened, door. Joe, my supplier stood in the door frame. Like usual he wore a tatty shirt under his long, grey coat and brown cord pants. His facial features were hard and you were not able to say what he is thinking at the moment. He had a three-day beard and thick eye circles und his foggy-blue eyes. His hair was thin and you could not decide if the color was light-brown or dark-blond.

"Morning, Joe" Percy greeted and pushed himself off the wall so that he could look in his eyes. Again and again he asked himself why Joe has such a job, actually you could imagine him in a office with a suit and a shave. A Wife and children. But apparently Joe wasn't able to quit.

He lifted his arm and tossed a plastic bag from KFC in Percy's hand before he looked in his eyes. "My money is here at six."
Then he slammed the door shut and Percy heard how his steps got lost in his apartment. Joe never has been a man of words, if it's necessary he let speak his fists.

Sighing Percy pushed the dumpster at one side and pulled out some bricks from the front to expose a hole, which was filled with other plastic bags.

He insured himself if everything was still at place before he started to investigate the content of the new bag and dedicate it to the other bags.

Pot in the bag of In-N-Out Burger, coke in McDonalds, heroin in Burgerking, ecstasy in Taco Bell and supplies in Pizza Hut.

As he was done, he got up and walked to the other side of the dumpster so no costumer could see where he stored the dope to help oneself in the middle of the night.

He leant against the brick wall and waited for about ten minutes as the first one showed already up.

"Hey Glenn," Percy greeted with a blank expression.

The man in a sloppy grey coat fumbled with his long and scrawny fingers as his look wandered restless from one point to the other.

"Hey Jack," he answered nervously. Percy didn't tell him his real name that would only cause trouble and he most certainly did not need any trouble right now. "Do-Do you ha-have-"

Percy cut him off with a nod and rummaged in his stash in the brick wall. After a few minutes he handed him some new heroin. Glenn was a regular for Percy so he always gets the best.

Since he started this job Glenn came but over the years his appearance changed a lot.

He became skinnier, right now Percy almost could see the bones under his ailing shimmering skin and his face was shrunken while his dark eyes seemed dead and hollow.

"Here, that's seventy bucks," Percy told him. Glenn looked shocked and opened his mouth; thinking in silence.

Percy didn't feel good by doing this to him, helping him to get more addicted than he already was, but he had to focus on his mom.

"A week ago it was just fifty-"Glenn said.

Percy shrugged at him. "If you don't want it-"

"NO!" Glenn screamed and pulled a wallet out to hand Percy 70 dollar. Joe just wants fifty dollar for heroin so Percy could keep remain for his mom. Again, he wasn't proud on himself but this world is tough place.

"Here," Glenn said and Percy grabbed the money from his shaking hand to put it into a silver box. "And I need new syringes how-"
"Thirty for ten," Percy told him and without another word Glenn handed him another sixty dollar. Percy gave him the promised syringes and Glenn crammed the stuff in his big pockets.

Percy gazed at him pitifully. What happened to this poor guy that he's heroin-addicted with twenty-four. Non-reached dreams, unfilled love, hate and frustration.

Glenn nodded again before he stumbled out of the alley.

Percy sighed. He was glad that he wasn't addicted. For him it was more than easy to get the stuff but Joe would probably kill him if he takes just one pill. Besides he couldn't. His Mom needed him; she hadn't anyone else.

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