There was no point of still being at Harvard. So why did I go back after summer? I avoided most of the people that I used to talk to every day. I changed classes so I wasn't with Emmett in anything except debating, but I was always paired with Enid for that. Warner was in most of my classes unfortunately and was always sending notes and gestures to remind me that it only took one person to spread a rumour. And a rumour about the Malibu blonde was sure to spread fast. Despite people getting to know me and knowing that most of the rumours about me weren't true, people still opted for idol gossip. Every so often Vivienne would visit me in my room to see how I was coping, but I always tried to avoid it and instead be out studying or just be somewhere where no one would find me. Obviously I couldn't hide every time and she almost always had the patience to wait till I was back for sure, since she always done her homework without effort.

I was out on the grass one day, reading over a testimony we had been given to study, again, when I felt a hard hand on my shoulder. I froze. What would Warner want me to do in my attempts to keep my secret? "You can't hide from me forever, Elle."

"Emmett?" I turned to see the face I had tried so hard to avoid. "I'm trying to study."

"No you're not," he laughed, and sat down beside me, "you've been reading that testimony for 2 hours. You honestly expect me to believe you don't know it full out and have picked out every detail wrong with it?" I hated when he did this. "You're a smart girl Elle, we both know that. So what's wrong?" for his own safety I couldn't tell him. Callahan, while I no longer had him as a teacher, had such a huge hold over me. I told him nothing was wrong, but he didn't believe me. "Elle, what aren't you telling me? What's happened?" so much, but so little, I thought. If I could tell him even the tiniest detail of what happened that day I would.

"Ask Warner." Really? That was the best I could do? What was Emmett going to think?

"What's that straight coated bastard done now? If he even laid a finger on you I swear I'll break his-!"

"Emmett." I cut him off, "He hasn't done anything." I reassured him. He was sceptical for a moment, but reading the expression on my face told him that some part of me was telling the truth.

For the rest of the day I worried and worried about what Warner would say to Emmett. Would he tell him what I had done? Only time would tell.

Days grew into weeks, and weeks into months. It had been 3 months now since Brook's trial. Yet I still seemed to remember it as if it only happened yesterday. What had Warner told Emmett? Sure enough I was soon to find out, very late. And when I did, it seemed that it had come all too soon, and not from who I expected.

I was in my room on my bed, just staring at the ceiling when I heard two heavy bangs on the door. I snapped out of my daze. "Who is it?" I asked, curious and worried at the same time. No answer. I slowly made my way over to the door. My hand hovered over the handle deciphering whether or not to open it. In the end I decided it was probably best to. "Vivienne?" a rush of dark hair hurried past me in an angry manner and sat itself stiffly on the bed. "Vivienne, what is it?" I felt like Emmett, asking these questions. She stared at me intently. Unmoving, unflinching. Just sitting.

"You know, I really thought you could trust me, Elle," she said sharply. "But obviously you're too much of an idiot to tell me anything anymore!" what had made her so angry?

"Viv, what have I done?"

"Why didn't you tell me you were going out with Warner? Last time I checked you hated him. Now you're his arm candy? What's wrong with you Elle? Are you delusional or just plain blind? He's just gonna use you, like he did before!" I was both shocked and disgusted at what I had just heard. "Emmett doesn't know what to think. He's thinking of transferring to another school. He can't bear to look at you, and to be honest neither can I!" her arms were folded, not tense, but each hand was gripping the opposite elbow. I didn't want to go near her, but I was worried.

"Vivienne who told you this? Cause if it was Warner surely you should know he would-"

"It was Emmett." She said, looking up at me with a straight gaze. "Emmett told me." For once it seemed that Vivienne looked almost...upset. Why would Warner do this? What does he gain from spreading a rumour that I'm going out with him? On the contrary, what would he lose? And how could he have possibly convinced Emmett? He's far too smart to be tricked into believing this stupid idiocy. But I was to find out that, how he did it, and why he did it, were nothing compared to what was to come over the next few weeks.

People were looking at me differently. People I didn't even know. I heard Enid talking to her lesbian mate as I walked down the hall.

"Personally I think she should turn. I mean it's Warner. He could turn any girl gay!" the laughter stung a bit, but I was used to it from when I first joined Harvard. I always seemed to hear talking on every corner, down every corridor, and in every classroom. One girl, who I'm guessing was a first year, came up to me outside the school and asked if I thought Warner was 'cute', and I thought I was going to gag right there, but there was only so much you could say.

"Well, I guess so." Come on, I could do better. "But between you and me, he could shave the stubble." I whispered. She giggled and ran off, supposedly to tell her stupid first year friends that I was going out with the bastard of the school. I was shocked when I saw her walking back round the corner with her arm wrapped around Warner.

"So you do think I'm good looking then?" he asked with a smug grin spread across his face. My fists clenched, surely a quick punch should wipe that clean off, and hopefully knock out one or two of those too perfectly white teeth. "Are you ok Elle?" he said mockingly, "You look a bit tense."

"So would you be if you'd just found out you were dating a person you despise!" I said in a hushed tone just loud enough for him to here. The grin still held, which aggravated me all the more and I felt like my brain was going to burst due to the blood rushing to it in my rage. "Could you explain to me why there is a spread going round that I'm your new arm candy, when you clearly have someone who isn't me and looks nothing like me." I gestured to the girl attached to his arm, he laughed.

"Katy, go talk to your friends and let me deal with this. You know I told you not to get involved in my business when you got here." He told her.

"Jesus Warner, I'm not 12 anymore. I can do what I like." He glared at her intently. "Alright, alright. But can you at least give me a bit of leeway on eavesdropping on Vivienne once or twice?"

"You do that anyway, so what's the point on giving you permission? Now bugger off and let me talk to my girlfriend alone!" the girl once again disappeared around the corner, this time mumbling to herself in annoyed tones. Warner turned back to face me, "What would you rather have circulating around? That the Malibu Blonde is dating Warner Hunnington III? Or that that she got off with Professor Callahan to get an internship?" he had me, but what was he going to do with his power over me? I feared to think the worse. "And I'm sure you're wondering how I convinced your major crush, Emmett." I nodded, even though I didn't want to admit it. "Well to be honest, he is such a div sometimes. His self-esteem and confidence are way too low for Harvard material. I mean he's all wrong for you. I had to tell him the truth."

"You told him that I didn't love him and that you could offer me more in a relationship." I felt disgusted just saying it; the mental image was too much for me.

"Wow, that's impressive for a Delta Nu Malibu." He laughed at his fitting rhyme, "but you're only half way my darling." asking him the other half was useless. "If I told you that, the game would be over and the fun would end. Now where's the point in that? Now come along, gather your books up. We have evidence next."