Hey everyone. I have a little idea for an Etharah one-shot, so here it goes.

For some reason she couldn't get over it, he was the only thing on her mind now a days. The way his chocolate brown eyes makes her heart melt, the way his sweet smile can light up a room, the way his voice calls out to her in the dead of the night.

It's his presence that kills her, that makes her weak. Whenever he's around her, she can feel her knees go weak, and her body shiver. This was the effect that he had on her.

Although they'd both deny it, they've been getting closer. More friendlier, more happy, more in love with each other.

17 year-old Sarah Fox was standing on the Morgan's front porch, her arms holding her up from the railing, looking over at the street. She let out a small, soft sigh.

As the wind blew through her hair, she could feel a chill shiver down her spine. She quickly glanced down at the ground, closed her eyes, and started to pray.

"Dear lord, if you can here me, what are you doing to me? Why is this happening to me?" She whispered.

"You don't understand what I have to go through, and it seems that you're not helping me."

"I've fallen in love, deeply in love, and I'm afraid that if I say something, I'll lose him forever."

"So, please, I beg you, help me with this. Help me to understand if he loves me the way I love him. Send me my Angel."

A small tear falls from Sarah's face, falling to a small plant on the ground. Her hands are still folded, and her head is now buried in her arms.

A small whisper is heard from her left, as she turns around and quickly wipes the tears from her eyes. "Oh, Ethan, hi."

Ethan began to make his way closer to Sarah, a worried look on his face. "Sarah," Ethan softy said. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing Ethan," Sarah replied, trying to avoid his gaze, but she could feel his eyes on her. "Just talking to myself."

Ethan paused for a minute. "Didn't sound like you were talking to yourself. It sounded like you were praying."

Sarah let out another soft sigh. "Yeah, I was actually." Removing her arms from the railing, she walked over to the swing near her, and sat down. The breeze still blew through her hair, and caused her to shiver once more.

Ethan bit his lip and walked back inside for a moment, then came back out with one of his jackets, and quickly wrapped it around Sarah. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked softly

Sarah shook her head. "No, because you'll think it's stupid." She replied, looking down at her lap, her hands still connected.

"Sarah," Ethan whispered. "I won't think it's stupid." He flashed her a sweet, lop-sided smile to assure her.

After hearing Ethan's words, Sarah took a long, deep breath, and opened her mouth. "There's this… guy. I'm completely and utterly in love with him, and I'm afraid that if I tell him, I'll scare him away. But, if I don't tell him, I may never get the chance too."

Ethan searched Sarah's eyes for something, he didn't know exactly what, he was just looking for something. "Do I know him?" Came Ethan's question.

"Yeah, you do." Sarah softly chuckled. "You see him everyday, you know him the best, and he's the sweetest guy I've ever met." She looked up into Ethan's eyes, returning the favor.

"Is it… Rory?" Ethan asks, chuckling as well. Sarah shook her head and giggled under her breath. "Benny?"

Sarah shook her head once more, continuing to giggle. "No and no. He's with me, right now."

At that exact moment, Ethan knew exactly who Sarah was talking about. Ethan saw himself almost everyday, he knew himself the best, and he was really sweet. So he has been told.

He could feel his heart race, his cheeks burning, and his hand slowly creeping towards hers. Once he had reached them, he quickly embraced them with his.

This caught Sarah's attention. She could feel herself blush, like Ethan was. "Y-You're holding my hand Ethan.." She whispered, looking down at their hands.

"Y-Yeah, I know." Ethan replied softly. Then it happened. Ethan took on of his hands, and lifted up Sarah's head, so he was looking straight into her eyes once more.

A soft breeze blew through both of their faces right now, as Ethan inched closer. The closer he got, the more his heart started to race.

Sarah could feel Ethan's breathing on her lips as they grew closer. She could also feel his body heat, quickly warming her up.

In an instant, Ethan quickly pressed his lips to Sarah's, in a soft and slow kiss. Now, both of his hands were holding her face, and pulling her closer to him, deepening the kiss.

Sarah's lips began to dance in sync with Ethan's, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling HIM closer to her. If that was even possible.

After a moment, they broke from their romantic kiss, and pressed their foreheads together. Sarah slowly smiled. "Looks like I found my angel."

Thanks for reading! And this is only 1 of the many Etharah one-shots I'll be writing. I hope you guys like it!

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