Okay, if you follow me on Tumblr, you already know, but I just saw Part 2 of A Date To End All Dates. Oh my gosh, I think I'm gonna cry again. Pardon me for a moment….. okay I'm back. Here's the next one shot, and my tears again! –runs off and cries in a corner- WHYYYY!

As you all know, Benny and I made the hockey team for our school, but we didn't actually get the chance to play. Thankfully the coach was a crazy lunatic and that we were able to beat him. I still have nightmares of him trying to take my brain. Let me tell you, it's not fun.

Now, ever since I was little, my family would take Jane and me out to the local ice rink, where we'd skate for an hour. Then, we'd go down to the local café and our parents would buy us hot chocolate.

I haven't been to a skating rink since I was five, and to be honest, I'm deathly afraid of them. I heard on the news once that a kid my age was skating on a frozen pond, when the ice cracked and he fell in. Sadly, he didn't make it; he died of hypothermia.

So, whenever my family goes out on their ice skating trips, I never go with them. I value my life, thank you very much.

"Come on Ethan! You'll be fine." Benny exclaims, de-railing my train of thought. I look too see my best friend, bundled up in his green jacket, a snow cap, mittens and a scarf around his neck.

I chuckle and follow him. I bring my jacket up over my nose, and pull my snow cap down even more over my head. I tuck my hands into my jean pockets, trying to thaw them out. You guessed it. Its winter time and its freezing.

Benny and I make it too the skating rink and I see tons of people. A few families with their children, young couples holding hands, and some elderly people. I crack a small smile and watch them.

"Ethan, you have to get over this silly fear." Benny says, snapping me from my thoughts once more.

"Benny, you know I don't like ice skating. One, I don't like the cold. Two, I don't like blades on peoples feet. Three, what happens if the ice cracks and we all fall in? I value my life, I still have years to go. I'm not dying by the hand of - "

My protest is cut off short when Sarah appears in front of us, wearing a pink jacket, a white scarf and jeans. She smiles and greets us. "Hey guys. You gonna come skate?" She motions.

Benny looks at me and smirks. He knows I'd do anything to be with Sarah, but he's got to be crazy if he thinks I'm gonna – "Sure, just let us get our skates." I reply.

What the heck is wrong with you Morgan? You just agreed to skate! On ice! Which, may I remind you, you are deathly afraid of!

I know, but it's Sarah! We both know that I can't refuse an offer from her!

True, but do you even know how to skate?

It's been a while. I might be a little out of touch.

Fine. I'm not staying around to watch this though.

And that's when the battle between my subconscious is over. I sit on a nearby bench with Benny as we put on our ice skates. When Benny is done, he carefully makes his way to the rink. I watch as he catches up with Erica and Rory.

"Hey," a voice exclaims. I look to find Sarah motioning me towards her. I stand up as carefully as I can, and make my way over. Once my skates hits the ice, I fall to the ground.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asks, trying desperately to stifle her laughter.

I stand up, and nod. Sarah bends down and picks up my hat that had fallen off when I tripped. Yeah, tripped. She hands it too me and I stuff it in my pocket.

"Here," Sarah extends her hand out to me. "I'll help you."

I blush slightly and take her hand, and she slowly pulls me along with her. I feel sort of wobbly, and very unsteady, so I tighten my grip on her hand. I know she won't feel it, and I probably don't have that hard of a grip, but she looks at me and smiles. "It's okay, I've got you."

We continue in circles around the rink, when Rory passes us. "Hey Ethan! Hey Sarah! Don't you two look adorable? Well, bye." With that, Rory speeds off. Not the vampire speed though, that would probably draw to much attention.

Slowly, Sarah lets go of my hand and my eyes go wide. "Just relax Ethan. You're okay."

I start to get the hang of it after a few minutes, and next thing I know, I'm showing off moves in front of Sarah. Some of them cause her to laugh, which earns a chuckle from me.

An hour later, we're all in a little café, sitting around a small table, and laughing. I've never seen Erica laugh before, it's incredible.

"And because Ethan was so embarrassed, it caused him to run into the bathrooms." Benny started laughing harshly. "What he didn't know, was that it was the girls' bathroom."

Everyone except for Sarah and I were bursting with laughter, while I just sat there and sipped on my hot chocolate. I put my cup down and smirked at Benny. "Oh and how could I forget when you were trying to flirt with one girl back in the seventh grade? He walked right into a pole while checking out a girl."

"Hey, I told you never to speak of that." Benny pointed his index finger at me.

I returned the favor by giving him my best smirk. "You tell my embarrassing stories, I tell yours. Only fair buddy."

Benny folded his lips and brought his cup up to drink. Erica and Rory's laughter came to a hold as they sipped on their hot chocolate.

"Uh Ethan," Sarah's voice causes me to turn my attention towards her.

"Yeah?" I ask curiously.

"You have some whipped cream," Sarah takes a napkin from the table and wipes the cream from the corner of my lip. "Right there."

I blush crazily and give her a lopsided smile. "T-Thanks."

Benny gives a small snicker, and I glance towards him. He chuckles and continues to sip on his chocolate. I turn towards Rory and Erica, who in turn, smirk in response.

Well, that was weird.

"Later, Benny." I wave too my friend as he makes his way home. He waves back and smiles. Now, it's just Sarah and I, on our way back to my house.

"Tonight was fun." I hear Sarah say softly. She turns to me and smiles, and I do the same.

"Yeah, it was. Thanks for helping me with my silly fear. I can't believe how much fun I was missing out on." I reply as I glance up into the stars. Suddenly, a small drop lands on my nose, then more and more start to fall. It's snowing!

Sarah gasps and looks up into the sky, then turns to me again and starts to laugh. My tongue is sticking out of my mouth, and currently trying to catch snowflakes. [1]

"You're so weird." Sarah giggles and I chuckle, closing my mouth.

On the way home it's an awkward silence. We're in the middle of the city, and it's like a ghost town. The street lights are off, and the stores are closed. The only light is the moon, and it's beautiful.

Suddenly, Sarah falls backwards, and instantly my reflexes catch her. "Whoa." I exclaim as I carefully help her back onto her feet.

"Thanks." Sarah says, almost like she lost her breath. Again, her feet slip and she starts to fall back again.

"Whoa! It's okay, I got you." I smile, and pull her away from the ice patch on the road. Sarah's back on her feet, and my arms are still wrapped around her.

Slowly, they descend down to her waist, as hers are placed on my arms. Sarah smiles, but it starts to fade as I lean in. Her hands are now placed on my chest and she grabs my jacket, pulling me closer, causing our lips to crash into one another.

The feeling is weird, mostly because of the butterflies in the pit of my stomach, but it's a wonderful feeling. Sarah pulls away, our lips making that popping sound as they disconnect, and I stand there, my eyes wide.

"Well, good night Ethan." Sarah says before making her way down the road.

Do it now you moron! Do it!

"Sarah!" I call after her. She spins around to face me. "Would you maybe, wanna go out to dinner, with me?"

Sarah smiles and nods her head. "Sure." With that, she continues her walk towards her house.

I wait until she's full out of sight before I pump my fists into the air, shouting a loud "Yes!" and running home.

Took you long enough.

No. All it took was today.

That doesn't make any sense.

Does it look like I really care?

Sarah's POV

As I turn the corner, I hear someone shout "Yes!" and I chuckle softly to myself. My heart was fluttering from the kiss, and I could still feel his warm lips. I smiled secretly, and kept my head down.

Softly, I exclaim to myself. "Yes!"

[1]: Okay, if you tell me you've never done that, you're lying. Lol, because I know a LOT of people do it.

So, I hope you liked this one. It's a cute little one-shot. I didn't really know what to call this one. Yeah, oh, and by the way, none of this is mine. The writing yes, the idea yes, the characters and show, sadly no.