Okay, so my birthday is coming up (in December) and I'm probably going to go to one of my favorite stores! Build-A-Bear Workshop! Yeah, I'm going on 14 here, and I'm still going to BABW. Oh well. I've been going since I was 7, so 7 years I've supported this company! You should too! It's so cute! I love it! Anyway, here's the next one-shot. I hope it's fluffy enough! I thought of this last night while playing my BABW video game on my DS. Yeah, I know, I'll shut up now.

"Come on Ethan! I wanna get there before all the other kids!" Jane exclaimed, pulling her older brother out of the door by the jacket.

"Whoa! Jane, slow down!" Ethan demanded. Jane swung the front door opened as wide as she could, but as soon as it was open, Ethan ran right into the person at the door. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." Ethan held out a hand to the sitter, helping her up.

"Hey, it's okay." Sarah chuckled and accepted Ethan's hand, lifting herself off the ground. "What's the hurry?"

"Jane wants to meet Benny at this store before any of the other kids get there." Ethan replied, glaring down at Jane, who returned his glare.

"Well, it sounds like fun. Can I come?" Sarah asked, smiling widely. She looked down at Jane, before glancing back up at Ethan.

"Uh, sure." Ethan smiled, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Let's go!" Yelled Jane. Ethan rolled his eyes and slipped his little sister's hand in his and they made their way to the White Chapel Mall. As soon as they enter, Jane's mouth drops. It had high glass ceilings, two escalators, and a giant food court.

"Jane, have you ever been to a mall?" Sarah asked, recognizing Jane's astonished look.

Jane shook her head, before her gaze landed on a store with two giant robotic teddy bears, then pulling Ethan as hard as she could.

"Whoa!" Ethan exclaimed.

Sarah giggled softly and followed the Morgan's towards the odd looking store. She glanced up at the sign and read. "Build-A-Bear Workshop. Where Best Friends Are Made. Very cute." [1]

"Hey Benny." Ethan greeted his best friend, who held out his wallet.

"Dude, guess who got fifty bucks for his birthday, and a certain store that is selling a collectors Star Wars bear suit!" Benny exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm guessing you." Ethan replied sharing Benny's grin.

"You guys shop here too?" Sarah asked as she joined the two boys. Ethan blushed madly, while Benny smirked.

"No we- yeah, kind of." Ethan said, glancing down at the floor.

"But, we mostly come here because of Jane." Benny added and continued to smile.

"Speaking of which, where is Jane?" Ethan asked, looking around the brightly colored store. Suddenly, she appeared next to Ethan with a tan colored bunny in her hands.

"Ethan, can I get this one? Please!" Jane put on the cutest face she could, knowing that her brother would probably fall for it.

"Yeah, you can." Ethan smiled. Bingo.

"Thank you!" Jane quickly hugged her brother before heading towards the stuffing station, dragging Benny with his camouflaged bear. [2]

Sarah rolled her eyes and lightly scoffed, before her gaze fell upon a tan bear, with a cute little brown nose, and brown eyes. The sitter walked over and grabbed the teddy bear and smiled.

"Do you want it?" Ethan asked, making Sarah jump.

"Oh, no. I was just looking at him. I'm a little too old to make a teddy bear." Sarah replied, placing the teddy bear back on shelf. [3]

"Well, it's okay if you wanted it. I'll pay." Ethan smiled, taking one of the unstuffed bear from the bin below.

"Really?" Sarah asked. Ethan nodded in response. "Thanks Ethan." Sarah took the bear from Ethan then joined Benny and Jane at the stuffing station.

Next was the washing station. To Sarah's surprise, it wasn't actual water, it was air. "You can't wash your bears with actual water. It will ruin their fur." Jane explained, smiling proudly.

"Says the girl who has twelve of them." Ethan retorted. [4]

Jane rolled her eyes and let Sarah brush her bear. After that was done, Sarah followed Jane towards the clothing section. "You dress your bears?" Sarah asked, glancing at the many clothing aisles and a few changing stations.

"Yeah, it's how you figure out the gender of your bear." Jane replied, smiling.

Sarah's lips made an O shape and nodded her head. After looking at many of the clothes, Sarah picked out a cute little green shirt, jeans, and a jean jacket. Taking her bear to the changing station, she slipped on the green shirt, pulled up the jeans, and put on the jean jacket. When she was done, Jane pulled Sarah towards the naming station.

"What are you gonna name your bear Sarah?" Jane asked, glancing over at Sarah's screen.

"Oh, I don't know." Sarah replied, blushing oh-so-slightly.

"I'm naming mine Katie." Jane smiled, typing away on the plastic covered keys. [5]

When everyone was done, the trio and Jane were in line. Benny first, putting his Star Wars bear on the counter and taking out his wallet. Behind the cashier was Benny's certificate, and was currently printing out more. Taking Benny's bear, certificate, and other things, she put them in the Cub Condo [6] and handed it to Benny.

"Thanks." Benny smiled and took the box.

Next was Sarah and Jane's bear. They put both on the counter as Ethan took out his wallet. The cashier did the same things with Sarah and Jane's bears as she did with Benny's. After Ethan paid, both girls' took their boxes and walked out.

"Thanks Ethan, that was so sweet. I feel like a kid again." Sarah replied, sighing happily.

"No problem Sarah." Ethan said, blushing slightly.

"Well, I best be going." Benny interrupted. "See you guys at school tomorrow."

Both Ethan and Sarah waved their friend off, before they entered the food court. "Ethan, can we get some pizza?" Jane asked.

Ethan nodded, before Jane took his hand and dragged him towards the food stands.

"Wait," Sarah called out. Ethan stopped and looked towards the vampiress.


Sarah smiled and took a few steps towards Ethan, pecking his cheek slightly. "I-I'll see you later Ethan." Sarah smiled bashfully, before making her way out of the mall.

Ethan tried to speak, but all that came out was a small squeak as he watched the sitter leave. Jane rolled her eyes and pulled her brother towards the food stands once again.

With Sarah

Once Sarah reached her house, she brought out her keys and unlocked her front door. Walking inside, she shut the door behind her and made her way up into her room.

Sitting the Cub Condo on her bed, she opened it and brought out her bear, along with its certificate. It read:

Date of Birth: 10/10/2012

Name: Ethan

Height: 15 inches

Weight: 7 ounces

Fur Color: Cream

Eye Color: Brown

Belongs To: Sarah

Sarah smiled and placed the bear beside her pillows, giving the bear a small kiss on its furry nose. Placing the box under her bed, she walked out and turned the lights out.

She leaned against her door and sighed happily to herself. "Where Best Friends Are Made." Sarah repeated to herself, smiling widely.

[1]: That's what it actually says. Don't believe me? Well, look on their website.

[2]: Well, here are the stages – first you choose you bear, then you pick out a sound, if you want one, then you stuff it, clean it, dress it and take it home. There's a code but I don't quite remember it.

[3]: I beg to differ Sarah! I'm turning 14, and I still make bears. Granite, I look a little weird, but I still do it!

[4]: That's actually a fact. I have 12, or 13. I'm not sure.

[5]: I actually don't know why they covered the keys in plastic, probably for germ reasons and others.

[6]: A Cub Condo is a card board box shaped in the image of a small apartment for the bears. It's really cute. You can take them home and color them with markers.

So, what did you guys think? Was it fluffy enough? I know, my brain is weird and it comes up with the craziest things. I just LOVE Build-A-Bear so much!

Sadly, I do not own My Babysitter's a Vampire or Build-A-Bear. If I did, I would have made a vampire bear already! Hehe! ^_^ But, I do own my idea and my writing. SO NO STEALING PEEPS.