It has been months since I've written for this story and I just cannot get myself back into the place where I want to write it anymore. I have been really missing Mark and Lexie and feeling very sad about how things ended on the show for them. I stopped watching GA after 9x02. Without Mark and Lexie, that show has nothing left for me.

I've been living in Grey's Anatomy 5x01 to 6x08. I have been re-watching episodes from this time period and reading tons of fan fics that don't deal with any of the crap Mark and Lexie went through on the show after episode 6x08.

I really don't think I can ever finish this story. I just hate Callie and the Sofia storyline so much. I just can't bring myself to go back into this story where they obviously exist.

Here's a quick summary of how I planned to finish this story:
- Mark wakes up the next morning with his daughters staring at him and feels completely content for the first time in many years
- Lexie and the girls "move" to Mark's and Lexie and Mark "reconcile" that night
- Mark threatened to quit and take all his revenue with him unless Owen lets Lexie back into the residency program
- Mark and Lexie went back to Boston to pack up her apartment while Meredith and Derek babysat
- There would be some sort of showdown between Mark & Lexie and Calle & Arizona before boundaries were set on their relationships with each other and Sofia
- In the epilogue, we would have seen Mark and Lexie married living in Seattle. Lexie was an attending, the twins would be about 4 and Lexie is pregnant with a son.

I thank each and every one who has read, reviewed and followed this story. I am very grateful and humbled by the response to this story. May Mark and Lexie always live on in our hearts and in fan fiction.