Chapter 13

"They only took her to the nursery for a few hours, but oh, I missed her so much," Jeannie smiled, eyes on Allison as she settled the sleeping bundle in her arms.

Tony nodded. He was sitting next to her on the bed; one arm draped around Jeannie and his other was stretched out to Allie, so he could stroke her soft cheek. To say he was crazy about her would be an understatement. The hospital had to all but tear him out of Jeannie's room when visiting hours were over; none of the staff were surprised to see him pacing in the waiting room while waiting for visiting hours to begin. "I had to spend my night missing both of you," Tony smiled, as he leaned in to kiss her.

He couldn't stay away from her; from them, and he had a feeling it was only going to get worse. He hadn't even wanted to be away from them to sign the birth certificate, however the nurses convinced him that the sooner she got her name, the sooner they could take her home. She was official now, Allison Amanda Nelson, an honor Mrs. Bellows had been speechless at receiving. "I am nervous to take her home," Jeannie breathed softly, eyes still locked on Allison.

"I am too," Tony nodded, "but I'm just as excited. We have nursery to add pink too."

"She is going to love it," She smiled, eyes sliding off Allie for the first time since her daughter had been brought into the room.

"Hopefully she'll love it so much she wants to sleep through the night in it," Tony said through a knowing smile. He was going to live up to his end of their bet, and at the present, he didn't see how either of them lost anything at all.

Jeannie nodded and turned her eyes on him, with a huge smile. She'd opened her mouth to reply, when she caught sight of the door opening slowly.

"Anyone home?" Roger smiled, peeking his head into the door.

"Major Healey," Jeannie beamed, and Tony nodded, motioning him in.

"I waited as long as I could," He told them with a proud smile, making his way toward the bed. He had a bouquet of pink roses for Jeannie, and a pink teddy bear for the baby.

Tony took the flowers and the bear, setting them aside so that Roger could focus on his niece. "You made it longer than I did," Tony teased. "She was just telling us how she couldn't wait to meet her Uncle Roger."

"Congratulations," Roger smiled, leaning down to drop a soft kiss on Jeannie's cheek, before moving to shake Tony's hand.

Tony nodded, and shook his best friend's hand. "How exactly did you manage to get back here?" Tony wondered, while Roger laughed lightly. Only immediate family were allowed into the hospital rooms, yet, Roger was with them and seemed to have no worries about being told to leave.

"Nurse Stephanie and I have a date this weekend," He shrugged, eyes sliding down to Allison. "I figured she was worth it, and Nurse Stephanie isn't too bad either."

"You bribed a nurse with a date just to get in here?" Jeannie smiled, and Roger nodded.

"My first act as Uncle," He told her, eye fixed on Allie. "So this is Allison?"

Jeannie nodded, eyes sliding down to her still sleeping daughter. "This is Allison."

"She's beautiful, just like her mother," Roger smiled, holding out a tentative hand so he could touch Allie's leg. "Thankfully I don't see any of her father," Roger teased, tossing Tony a smile.

"Would you like to hold her, Major Healey?" Jeannie asked looking up at him with a soft smile.

"I don't know…" Roger started, but he didn't have the chance to say anymore before Tony interrupted him.

"Oh, she will love you," Jeannie told him, moving so she could start to place the little girl into his arms.

Roger leaned in nervously, and held his arms out; watching with wide eyes and Jeannie settled Allie into his arms. "Don't go far, Ton, I'm not good with these…might drop her."

"You're doing great, Rog. She hasn't even stirred."

Jeannie nodded. "She likes you, Major Healey."

"Yeah, well, the feeling is mutual," Roger nodded eyes on Allie. She really was beautiful and tiny, and everything a baby was supposed to be and maybe more. "Is she…." He started, eyes sliding from Allison to Jeannie, before darting quickly to Tony, "you know…"

Jeannie shook her head and Tony let out a hard breath. "A genie," He admonished, "we won't know for months, maybe years. It's almost impossible to know until she has control over her thoughts and actions."

Roger nodded, eyes sliding back to the still sleeping little princess in his arms. "Either way, I have a feeling she's going to be spoiled rotten."

"I have no doubt," Tony smiled back, stepping toward Roger, who was handing him Allie.

"Speaking of," Roger told them, once Allie was safe in Tony's arms, "I have to get down to the gift shop. I have my eye on a few things; I don't want someone else to buy them first."

"You're racing off to the gift shop," Tony laughed, shaking his head.

"Yes. I don't want someone else walking out in "The World's Greatest Uncle" shirt. That would be false advertising." He gave Jeannie a quick kiss, and stroked Allison's cheek before making his way to the door. "I'll come by the house tomorrow, hopefully after the Bellows leave."

The Bellows…they hadn't thought of them in hours. Not since he'd gone into the waiting room to tell them Jeannie had given birth to a girl. He vaugely remembered them saying something about stopping by once Jeannie and the baby were home, but his mind was obviously elsewhere and he hadn't paid them much attention.

"I did not even think of the Bellows," Jeannie started, "I hope my powers will be under control."

Tony nodded, and flanked bed. "I do too. Let's not worry about that, alright?"

She tossed him a curious smile but nodded anyway. "That is all you worried about for the last nine months."

"I'm still worried about what's going to happen if your powers act up or if one day she pops out in front of the Bellows, but I can't let it rule our lives anymore. We deserve to be happy, Jeannie, to be a family and that's all we should focus on." It was amazing how life had changed over just a few hours. He would never stop worrying about Jeannie's powers or if Allison was a genie or not, he just had to make them his first priority. He wanted to worry about the smaller things - pink and purple being added to the nursery, midnight feedings, first laugh, first word, first step and every other first in between- he wanted to be a family and worry about everything else as it came.

She nodded and leaned in this time, so she could kiss his lips, and then Allie's forehead. "A family," She pushed out through a soft breath, "our family. That sounds so nice."

It did sound nice and he would never get tired of saying it or hearing it. He'd always wanted a family; he'd just never been able to imagine what it would be like or how he would feel.

This was better than anything he could have ever even tried to fathom and he would never let it go. No matter what he had to do to protect them, he would do it.

To be continued

Authors Notes:

I went with Amanda as her middle name, because as much of a busy body and gossip as Mrs. Bellows is, she's ultimately a good friend to them.

The next few chapters will skip ahead a bit, in order to move the story along. We all want to know if little Allie is a genie or not don't we?