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Chapter 12

"Who? Who's here?" Aiden called to Cassidy.

"Jim and Ned! with the police!" Cassidy yelled. "and we have a plan. I must go help!" Cassidy leaves for the moment.

"Sea what was that about?" Melinda asks.

Sea didn't answer for fear of getting hurt from the device attached to her. Melinda looked her in the eye and realized that.

"I understand." Melinda tells Sea. Sea gets zapped.

"What is going on?" Roy demanded coming in. "What ghost or shiny was that you were talking to?" He yells. No one answers and Sea gets zapped again. She cries out in pain.

Jim and Ned heard a cry and yelled at the police to get in there.

"That was Sea the little girl!" Jim yelled at the head officer. "Get in there! who knows what they are doing to her!"

"Sir you need to calm down we can't go in with out proof or something." the officer says.

"The proof is We inserted microchips into my wife, son, friend, and the little girl, Sea. This says they are in there!" Jim pushes grabbing the device from Ned.

"That isn't good enough..." the officer died down at hearing a piercing, deadly sounding, high pitched scream. "Men go in!" he yelled. About 50 men burst through the back.

"Jim!" Melinda cried at seeing Jim.

"Everyone hands where I can see them!" the officer yelled.

"Sir we can't. Sea, Aiden, Eli, and I have our hands tie behind our backs." Melinda informed.

"Very well."

"Make them take this shocky device off me!" Sea ordered.

"Take it off. You next to her. Then put your hands back where they were." the officer (O) said.

Roy did what he was told. "We are FBI and these people are in our care for questioning." Roy reported.

"Where is your badge?" O pushed.

"I left it at area 51." Roy stated.

"Sure. That's what they all say." O said. "Your all under arrest." says to Roy, Clark, and Ali. "Men. oh, yes and give me the key to whatever is holding them to the wall." Roy gave the key to the officer. As they were being lead away Sea stopped them.

She turned to Melinda and asked. "Can I swear?"


Sea turned to Ali. "Ali you are a word I can not say. Now please get him out of my site." Sea finished looking at the men holding Ali. After they left Melinda and Sea got down.

"Jim!" they cried running into his arms. Next came AIden and Eli.

"Sea we heard you screaming. Twice and loud. Why?" Jim immediately asks.

"I only yelled once..." Sea said slowly.

"That was my plan. Make it seem like you had a loud scream so the police couldn't ignore it." Cassidy said.

"Then what was the second one?" Jim questioned.

"Cassidy." Sea and Aiden said at once.


hours later back at the house.

Sea, Melinda, Aiden, Jim, Ned, Delia, and Eli were in deep conversation when Sea froze in the middle of a sentence.

"Sea, what's wrong?" Jim asked concerned.

"I have new memories..." Sea said as a girl with sandy curls appears in front of them. Then one by one, 4 boys and 9 more girls appear.

"Are you ghosts?" Melinda asks.

"No. I can see them." Jim says.

"Who are you?" Sea asks.

"Sea you know us. Don't you remember?" The girl asked.

"Sea who is this?" Melinda asked seeing Sea's eyes light up.

"Everybody." Sea says to Melinda, Aiden, Jim, Ned, Delia, and Eli. "This is..."

To be continued...
look out for intertwined. a crossover of Trixie belden and Ghost Whisperer. all of the info you will need will be at the top of the 1st chapter.