Summer Breeze

Note: Hi guys! I appreciated the kind words after posting 'The River' a lot and decided to start writing a new story. I'm being kind of mean here since this is the prologue and I'm leaving for a week tomorrow, without any internet... Just consider this a little something before I leave, and I promise to update as soon as I can when I get back home ;) !
Summary: So, kind of an AU this is… Reba moves to the suburbs with her eight year old daughter Kyra after her divorce. Reba regrets her decision initially, but things change when she runs into her neighbor, Brock Hart. Brock has his own problems with his wife Barbra Jean and fifteen year old daughter Cheyenne. Brock and Reba soon find themselves to be enjoying the other's company. But how did things work out with Barbra Jean, who sees Reba as her new best friend, and the return of Reba's ex-husband Jack?
Rating: T


The wind blew softly as Reba took her first steps outside of her house, enjoying the early morning summer breeze, knowing she'd probably be the only person outside in the quiet suburbs. It was before six in the morning , on a Saturday, yet Reba couldn't continue sleeping. Things were so quiet in the suburbs of Houston, far from what she was used to. The thing that she did enjoy however, was the fact that she was now smelling flowers and grass instead of the smoke she was used to breathing in back in her hometown, which was filthy. The lovely morning scent made her feel a lot brighter.

She slowly wandered through the streets, making sure to not get too far away from her house, knowing her eight year old daughter Kyra was sill soundly asleep. Reba didn't want the little girl to wake up, upset about missing her mother. Reba'd just needed some fresh air though. Moving to another place with a daughter where she'd start a new job and where her daughter had to go to a new school. Yesterday had been moving-in day, and today had been the first day of Reba's job at a real estate company, while Kyra had been off to school. Luckily, Kyra had enjoyed her day perfectly fine and Reba's day hadn't been bad either.

It was tough though, adjusting to a new neighborhood, filled with new people and new standards. Reba sighed as she sat down in on the swing in front of her house, rocking herself slightly as her thoughts wandered off to her former husband, Jack Morgan. Therapist Jack Morgan, who was able to save pretty much every marriage. Except his own. It still hurt Reba when she thought of how her marriage had failed. Her marriage had been great until three years ago, when she and Jack had slowly started to fade away from each other. And then, almost six months ago, she'd ran into him having sex with one of his clients. Jack had tried to talk his way out of it, apologizing, telling her it had been a one time thing and that he only loved her. When she walked in on him having sex with that same woman again, Reba had known things were over. It had been hard, leaving the man she'd spent a huge part of her life with, the father of her beautiful daughter… But it had been for the best. The feeling of regret did come along often though. Reba often wondered if leaving Jack and moving away had been the right thing to do.

Reba's thoughts got interrupted when she heard some rattling close to her and Reba looked around to see what was causing that sound. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

A voice popped up in front of her, and Reba saw a man approaching her. The first thing that went through her head was that if he was about to murder her, no one would be able to hear a thing. Stupid suburbs. Luckily, the man spoke up again. "Again, don't mean to scare you… I live next-door. I was about to take a walk when I saw you sitting there. You're the new neighbor, huh?"

A tall, blonde man with tanned skin appeared now in full sight and Reba smiled slightly. "Yeah, sorry, I haven't had time for introductions. I'm Reba McKinney."

Their hands met as the man said: "Nice to meet you, Reba. I'm Brock Hart. How do you like this street so far?"

Reba shrugged. "It's… Quiet. But very beautiful."

"Where you're from then, with this being so quiet?"

Brock Hart listened as the redhead in front of him spoke. She was pretty. Pale, freckled skin. Red hair way passed her shoulders, beautiful in contrast with her blue eyes. Thin, curves on the right places. Yes, she was gorgeous.

"I did live in Houston… Just not in the suburbs. It's just strange, to suddenly have all this space. Flowers, silence… I just have to get used to it, I guess."

Brock was about to reply when the voice of a small girl was heard from within the house. Reba immediately got up and said: "Sorry… I have to go, that's my daughter."

Brock nodded, wondering if the father of the girl and the woman's husband wasn't there yet, as he said: "Of course. It was nice meeting you, Reba, I'll see you around."

Reba smiled. "Sure."

She disappeared inside her house, finding her daughter next to the stairs as she said: "Hey baby."

"I was looking for you, mommy."

"I heard, I'm sorry, I was outside. You can get back to bed, tons of time to sleep."

The little girl –the spitting image of Reba with her long, red hair,- sighed and said: "I miss daddy."

"I know, baby, I'm sorry. He'll come pick you up soon, you know that, after his conference."

When Kyra was sound asleep again, Reba curled up in her own bed as well. She hoped she'd been honest to her daughter, that her father indeed would come see her in a bit. With Jack, you never knew. Her thoughts slowly drifted away to the man she'd just met, Brock. Seemed to be a nice guy. Quite handsome, too. Perhaps he and his wife would have children too?

While Reba slowly drifted off to sleep again, Brock sat down with a cup of coffee on his own porch. It wasn't like he was gonna get any sleep now anyway. His wife, Barbra Jean, had been snoring loudly when he got upstairs after his talk with his new neighbor. He knew he wouldn't be sleeping because of it anymore, and instead of lying on the couch, he decided to sit outside and think.

His marriage sucked. It was that simple. Brock had been in love with Barbra Jean, definitely. She was a great mom for their daughter, Cheyenne. But his feelings for her were gone. Absolutely gone. He hated how she could be over –excited about pretty much everything. How she had a Beanie Babies collection bigger than most kids. How she would flirt with every single good-looking guy and be upset about him not being upset about it. Yes, their marriage was slowly crumbling down in a million pieces. Leaving Cheyenne without her mother or himself seemed awful though. He didn't want his daughter to grow up with either one of them missing. But being stuck in a loveless marriage seemed to be far from ideal though.

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