"We will find a way... we will find a way." he said mostly repeating the encouragement he needed for himself.
Caroline controlled her sobs and rested her hands on each side of his neck. "We will find a way." she said reassuring him.

Klaus kissed her tasting the salt in her lips and taking that final strength he needed and that she always gave him, she stroked his neck kissing him back.
He breathed against her lips, his forehead against hers.

"What are we going to do now?" Caroline asked him. For sure he had a plan and she wanted to be involved in it.
There were footsteps growing closer and she looked behind her, Stefan and Yana came in front of a large group of men.

Caroline wasn't sure if she felt more frightened now or before; sure, they were all under Klaus' command but they also were a powerful omen to war.
This is what Mikael craved for; he wanted the natural power that Klaus had to lead packs of werewolves that sired themselves to him easily and without raising any questions.

Mikael wanted this but he also wanted to be able to sire vampires as well, to become the most powerful and strong creature on this planet.
Klaus was happy to see his friend again and quickly let him in on everything that was happening.

"I got a call from the pack keeping watch on Bonnie's house, Mikael has been there with Elena, he was looking for something."
Klaus nodded. "I know what he was after, let him leave... I know where he is doing the ritual."

"You think he's doing it now?" Stefan asked.
"He doesn't have much time, I bit my mother and she doesn't have long to live."

"But he doesn't have a witch." Caroline said walking closely behind them.
"He might not need one." Klaus said and she realized they were near the Old Witch house.

It was said that a group of witches had died in this house and that their presence and spirit was kept inside after the violent death. Just like their magic.
"Why would they help him?" Caroline asked fearing his answer.

Stefan and Yana walked ahead, giving them some privacy and taking knives out of their pockets, Mikael's pack was around.
Klaus faced Caroline, there was a lost and confused expression on her features. "I killed Emily, they hate me and they will help him because he will promise to kill me in return." He said slowly.

"You don't know that." she whispered.
He smiled at her. "Sweetheart… he wants this and he will not stop until he gets what he wants and I don't intend to stop him."

"What?" she asked gulping down.
"There is only one way to kill Mikael, when he's half way through the ritual, he will be weak and vulnerable and I will have my chance then."

She shook her head softly. "You are going to get hurt."
"I am half werewolf sweetheart, I have a beating heart that can be destroyed as easily as a human heart."

Caroline clutched his shirt in her hands reacting to his aching words.
"It doesn't mean that I will die if it stops, I am half vampire as well." he said with a smirk.

She couldn't smile with his words; she couldn't be ok with the thought of losing him.
"Caroline…" he stroked her face with his thumbs. "I love you, as a doomed human or a cursed Hybrid I have only belonged to one woman."

She slowly traced her bottom lip with her tongue; this was already killing her. "I can't lose you." she said locking her eyes with his.
"The legend says that the woman I love, that made me feel, will be the last one to listen to my heart beat, that she will kill me."

"It's a lie, it's a fake legend that Elijah made up." she hastily fought where he was going with this.
"He also kept Elena's and Katherine's true purpose from me; he didn't want me to be able to make more hybrids."

Caroline fought not to cry. "This is suicide, you are talking like you know that you are walking into certain death."
"I have found you twice throughout my existence, that is more than any common man is blessed with. That's what's important to me, no matter what happens today, know that I have loved you more than any man ever could."

Caroline gulped down her tears and answered his kiss, she answered with all her love and passion and wanting to hold him here with her, forever. But Klaus pulled away and left a kiss on her lips; before he left, he took one last look at her and smiled.
"One way or another I don't regret anything I did for you Caroline." he said serious and stepping into that soldier mood of his.

She tried to hold his hand but he walked away determined.
"Don't let her inside that house. Hurt her if you have to." he told Stefan that looked at Caroline.

She was clutching her necklace, she had to get past Stefan now but she was not going to sit outside calmly while Klaus went face to face with his monstrous father, she kept her tears tamed. Yana smiled at Caroline knowing she wasn't of any comfort for the worried vampire.

Caroline tensed when a group of men showed up ready to fight.
Both packs sized each other, knowing on which side of loyalty they stood.

Yana was the first to go at them with her sharp blade and a loud snarl, her men followed her into battle. Caroline eyed Stefan that stood between her and Klaus.

Rebekah paced inside The Grill, her previous anger was giving way to the growing feeling that she should be with her brothers. They could be in danger and she was holding on to the feeble need to be loved and concern over losing them.
She had one more drink and left after them, she could really loathe them sometimes but she also loved them and she was worried about them.

She reached outside to find Damon parking his blue car.
"Where are you going?" he asked her still inside of it.

"To my family." she wasn't too kind in her voice but he didn't care.
He stepped outside cutting her strut, she gave him a mad look.

"I'm not letting you go so that you get hurt as well."
"Move Damon." she hissed.

"No." he said and frowned his blue eyes.
"You should listen to him Rebekah."

The female weak voice made her turn around, she was surprised to say the least.
"What do you want Katherine?"

The other vampire smiled. "I'm not Katherine love, I'm your mother."
Rebekah tilted her head. "You are hallucinating already." she spotted the werewolf bite.

"Your father brought my spirit back and placed it inside this woman."
"Why?" Rebekah asked and her voice came out in a slow pace.

"He wants to use me… I know that he doesn't love me and that he left me in the cave only to distract Nikalus and Kol enough for him to fetch for my heart."
"What happened to Nik and Kol?" Rebekah asked again slowly.

"They are all right, it's you that I'm worried about. My beautiful daughter." she took a step closer to her and Damon moved standing next to Rebekah protectively.
Esther gave him a vicious look. "I just want to talk to my daughter one last time before I die."

"You don't have to touch her for that" he said clenching his jaw.
"I didn't have the chance to watch her grow, become this amazing beautiful woman and I just want to… hug my daughter before I lay down and die." Esther was sweet and her words were full on pain and sorrow.

"Why didn't you do anything when he tried to kill us?" Rebekah asked with pain.
"I turned you all because I didn't want to lose you." she said and reached out her hand to Rebekah.

The blonde hesitated but took it, she smiled at Esther and then she was serious. There was a tension in her heart and she couldn't breathe, she touched her chest and felt her life being drained, all of her energy was going to the other woman. She looked at her mother with tears, how could she?

"Bekah?" Damon asked as the blonde fell to her knees, he supported her before she hit the ground and looked at Esther. "What did you do?"
"My final act as a mother, I killed all of my children." she said coldly.

Damon shook Rebekah but she didn't answer, she was slowly becoming grey and desiccated. He looked up at Esther and flashed gripping her throat ready to kill her, she simply looked at him and then she rolled her eyes agonizing and started shaking, he let her go and she fell to the ground spamming, after a few more agonizing fits, she was still as death took over her.

"Kol? KOL?" Bonnie called worried, she touched his cold skin, watched as he became grey and nested his head on her lap. She closed her eyes and invoked her magic, she needed him to be ok, the last time he had been like this it was because they were all linked.

She held Kol close to her and locked her fingers with his cold ones, she called upon his energy and used it to break the spell he was under. Blood started dripping on him from her nose but she kept going, she would save him even if that meant she would lose her own life in the process.

Tyler yelled in pain as his heart raced like mad, it was like it was about to jump off his chest, he looked at Elijah lying on the ground grey and maybe dead.
The pack members didn't know what to do, they just looked at Tyler and Elijah.

There was another yell from Tyler and he started panting, then he began to shift only to stop half way through. It all just made his heart strain even more. He knelt with his arms hanging from the chains that kept him in place and yelled again, his heart was pounding and his chest was about to explode.
He gasped as his heart seemed to implode inside of him and then he fell to the ground lifeless.

"It has started." Mikael said and released Elena's hand.
She clutched it and wrapped a piece of her shirt around her open wound.

Mikael dropped the blade happy that his own wound was closing up already, he was healing fast and that was a good sign. Elena silently cried, watching the box with the heart inside covered in her blood and Mikael's.
"What has?" she asked quietly.

Mikael smiled at her. "The witches are helping me, I can feel it. To hand me back what was supposed to be mine all along, they have to end every Original creature that exists so that a new kind can be born, a mix of both worlds, able to walk in the sun and enslave the moon. A new evil, there is only one thing missing…" he said with a dark smile and flung himself at the Doppelganger, snapping her neck easily.

Mikael could feel his body changing, the energy was strong all around him, he would be able to shift and create more hybrids; Mikael felt his hands change, his fingers getting long and smiled happy, he had missed his shifting days.

A sharp pain went through him, his back started contorting in a grotesque way, the first shifting was always painful and hard but it was all worth it. He would be more powerful than Klaus ever was, he would have the ability to create an army like him and the power to sire both Vampires and Werewolves, he would be the true and only number one Alpha.

His screams echoed through the room and he bent down panting, he wanted to go outside and howl at the moon full and already slave to his will. He tried to shift completely and fast, by now Tyler, Esther and his children would be dead, he had killed Elena after using her blood; he closed his eyes but nothing happened, the pain was easing up and he looked at his hands that were no longer shifting but looking normal and human.

"NOOOOOO." he yelled mad. How was this possible? He had done everything right.
Klaus walked inside the room slowly, taking his time to let it all sync in with his father.

Mikael snarled at his unharmed son.
Klaus smiled. "Finding it hard to shift old man and to go out there and start siring everyone you find on your path?"

"Starting with your beloved pet would be a great start." he spat out.
But it would take Klaus a lot more to react this time. "By now you've realized that something went wrong."

"What did you do, you ungrateful, useless pathetic excuse of a son?"
"Nothing... nature did it for me." Klaus shrugged.

"Do not take me for a fool boy, I will beat you down like all the other times."
Klaus kept his smile. "You are short of a whip and I'm not that boy anymore, you can't use shame to cripple me before my siblings."

Mikael was amused by Klaus' subtle anger. "I only made sure they knew what a petty, little coward you were."
"It had the opposite effect you know? All the times you took out on me your frustration, it only made me stronger. Every time you pushed me, it only made me push harder, every time you punished me for being your son it only made me hate you as my father more, so you see, after a few years it gets into your bones, part of your bloodstream. I'm quite the master at this now." Klaus taunted him with a smile, though it was a sad one.

"If anything, I made you stronger and tougher than the idiotic boy who lost himself in silly drawings. You had everything to be a King among men and you wasted it all. From the day you saw that petulant human with no money in her family nor a name, you were a waste of power."

Klaus smiled. "I suppose that's why every one of you went after her… she wasn't my weakness, she became my strength the moment I saw her standing in that market and she became the reason I wanted to fight you and your wretch ways."
Mikael snarled again, his fangs exposed to Klaus. "You are not worthy of being related to me, after all I taught you and you still wouldn't trade love for the biggest power in the world."

"I had more than you ever will... you were never a father to me and I already killed dear mother so please… do enjoy when I remove your heart from your chest." Klaus said and his eyes changed into yellow.

Mikael flung himself at him, his fangs going hungry at him, eager to bite him but Klaus fought his father as an equal.
The flame in the candles inside the room became higher and Klaus smiled before a confused expression from the older hybrid.

Damon held Rebekah and stroked her cheek. "Come on Bex... I still need you to forgive me." Rebekah's skin became warmer and he smiled, he touched her beautiful long blonde hair. "That's it... fight it Bex."
Her skin became a natural color and he scanned her perfect face, he loved her so much.

There was a moan and she opened her eyes slowly, she wasn't sure what happened but liked when Damon rested her head against his chest and held her close to him. She smiled against his shirt, this was the closest Damon would be to her and she missed his vulnerable side, she missed everything about him but she couldn't tell him that.

She would make him work hard for it but for now she just enjoyed the way he smelled good and how strong his arms were.

Kol touched his chest, it was hurting and not in a good way. He looked up at Bonnie that cried and cleaned her face from all the blood and the tears with her sleeve.

"Are you all right?" he asked her concerned.
She laughed through it all. "Yes, I got you back."

Kol frowned. "What happened?"
"The witches backed away, I begged them to spare you and I think you were all linked. It's all up to Klaus now to kill Mikael."

"I need you to get me out of here." Kol sat up, even with an aching chest he needed to be with his brother.
"I can't Kol, not right now, this spell took a lot from me..." she said tired.

Kol closed his eyes, he should be with Klaus right now.
"I'm sorry..." Bonnie whispered and looked down on the ground.

Kol smiled and moved, he cupped her face and made her look at him. "I was the one that decided to play the hero card and locked myself in here with you."
She smiled at him. "That was kind of crazy..."

"Not hot?" he asked frowning.
She laughed softly and eased up. "Did you mean what you said?"

"Yes... did you?" he asked softly stroking her cheek.
"I need to get us out of here so I can properly say that I love you without doom hanging over us."

He smiled and leaned over to kiss her, his soft lips found hers and it was like a rush of energy.
She gasped and looked into his hazel eyes. "There's something about us Kol, my magic reacts to you."

There was a naughty smirk on his lips. "Well darling, my magic reacts to you as well."
She laughed and rolled her eyes with his silly ways but once she calmed down, she searched his lips again and kissed him deeply. Kol pressed her to him and took charge of the kiss, she pulled his hair with the intensity of it and the rock at the entrance started shaking.

Klaus fist came down hard on Mikael's face making him bleed, he grabbed the man by his suit jacket. "It all ends tonight, any final words… father?"
"Why didn't it work? I had everything…" he was still fighting to understand this.

"Elena had Elijah's blood in her system and Bonnie sacrificed herself to stop you, that counts a whole lot more for the dead witches than you asking for their help using my past actions." Klaus said and gripped the flesh around Mikael's heart.

"I failed…" Mikael said looking down from Klaus.
"In everything old man; through it all, Rebekah, Kol, Elijah and I stood above it all together. You only made us stronger and united. Nothing will ever break the bond we have between us and that is what I want you to take to your grave."

"You insolent boy..." Mikael hissed and punched Klaus.
They fought each other as two wolves trying to take each other down again.

Mikael crouched, his fangs ready to take Klaus into sweet death, he was ready for the kill but Klaus caught him and pressed his fingers into the old man's chest hard.
Mikael knelt, clutching Klaus' sleeve, he groaned in pain as Klaus made his way swiftly to the heart.

Klaus made its way deeper through the flesh, he could feel the heart in his hand and prepared to end it all.
"Niklaus… son…" The fragile tone in his voice made Klaus frown but not hesitate.

Mikael's hand rested on his arm, he gently squeezed his arm and Klaus gulped down, in that second he looked down at Mikael, their gaze meeting and Klaus felt more love in that single look than he ever did all his life where he was used as a punching bag to a mad man, blinded by power and greed.

He eased up his deadly grip and Mikael pulled a knife trapped in his belt behind his back. The move was swift and clean, Klaus looked down on his own chest, the knife piercing through his heart. He staggered letting Mikael go and fell to his knees looking at the blade, he couldn't breathe properly and the pain was settling in; quietly, like the silent death ripping him.

Caroline still tried to go past Stefan but he always managed to stop her, she knew there was a massive fight going around her with the hybrids but she only had eyes for that house where Klaus was.
"Just give up already Caroline, I don't want to hurt you..." Stefan said and pushed her away again.

But she didn't answer him, she was clutching her chest. He tilted his head. "Is this a trick Caroline?"
"No..." she said determined and tried even more eagerly to get around him.

He only touched her arms now, worried with her anxiety attack. "Caroline…"
"Listen to me, there's something wrong, I can feel it." she said barely keeping her tears away.

Stefan believed her and let her go following her to the house.

"Niklaus." she rushed as soon as she saw him falling to his knees.
She caught him and cradled him in her arms as he fell backwards. He was weak, his life was fading and she was shaking as she reached to touch his face.

Stefan looked with hate at the man who had done so much harm to his best friend and taking advantage of his weakness, he flashed and ended Klaus' work, Mikael tried to fight him but Yana and two other hybrids rushed inside and held the man for Stefan.
He took his time, making the man suffer with every slow pull of his heart, he finally yanked it out when he was done looking at him.

"What…" Caroline couldn't talk; she looked at the blade in Klaus' chest. "What can I do?" Caroline was in agony and touched the knife, he slowly nodded at her and she pulled it out, dropping it on the ground.
Klaus screamed in pain but then controlled himself and looked at her. "It's all right love…"

"Don't say that…" she was mad.
He smiled again. "The hybrid will be forever alone until he finds her. She will make his heart beat for the first time for she will be the last one to hear it beat."

Caroline shook her head upset. "Stop saying that. You will not die, I forbid you to die." she said between her clenched teeth. "You hear me? I forbid you to leave me." she stroked his stubble.
Klaus kept his smile but closed his eyes tired.

"Maybe our blood can help..." Stefan said as worried as she was.
Caroline easily bit her wrist but Stefan stopped her. "No, if he bites you, you will die. If he doesn't pull through there is no healing blood left."

She looked at Stefan serious. "I don't care."
"I do sweetheart..." Klaus said and she looked at him.

"I won't let you die." she said fiercely cupping his face.
"Get her… out…" Klaus told Stefan.

"I will not leave your side." she said as stern as she could and then looked at Yana and the other two hybrids. "All of you leave."
Yana sternly remained as she was. "I won't leave my Alpha."

"Leave now or I will rip your head off and everyone in your family." Caroline shouted mad.
Yana clasped her lips and looked at Stefan, he nodded at her and she moved her head so that her two men followed her.

Caroline faced the other blonde man. "You too Stefan."
"I have a small family." he tried to ease up the moment.

She didn't allow him. "This is between me and Niklaus, I know that you love him but I want to be alone with him now."
Stefan looked at his old friend. "You better heal, I still need to take you to a Bon Jovi gig."

Klaus smiled at his brother by addition and nodded solemnly, probably saying goodbye to him.
Caroline didn't look at Stefan as he left, she kept stroking Klaus' cheek, wanting to keep his skin warm somehow.

"You know you have spent too much time with me love when you start threatening like me."
She chuckled. "You leave your mark on a woman Niklaus."

"I don't want you to do this Caroline." he was serious.
She shook her head. "It's my turn to chase after you."

He frowned at her. "What do you mean sweetheart?" he asked in a whisper.
She bent down and kissed his perfect raspberry lips. "If you die, I will follow you, chase after you until I find you."

"I will find you sweetheart. That's my job, not yours." he said while his heart finally gave in, the last beats slower and ending his life.
Caroline kissed him again and then bit into her wrist, she rested it against his lips and stroked his cheek waiting for him, hoping that this would work.

Klaus resisted at first but the blood dripped into his mouth, her blood was sweet and like silk on his tongue, he closed his eyes and bit into her flesh.
Caroline stroked his hair while he fed and closed her own eyes moaning as the heat from his werewolf venom came into her bloodstream.

She expected the pain and the fever to come but instead she felt exhilarated and felt a strange taste in her mouth, a taste like blood, she was feeling what he was feeling. She opened her eyes and removed her hand from his lips, she touched her skin and it wasn't the infected wound she expected, she was healing and she looked at Klaus.

He sat up healing as well, the blood in his shirt drying because his wound wasn't bleeding anymore.
"I don't understand…" she said completely baffled.

"There would be a man one day that would join two worlds together, the day and the night..." Klaus said lost in the tale he had heard so many times from his big brother.

Caroline felt the tears sting now in her eyes, this wasn't normal, everything with Klaus had always been intense and even surreal but this…

"The legend spoke of uniting two different worlds, werewolves and vampires, day and night. He was the sun, bound to fear the full moon and she was the moon, bound to fear the sun, together they would complete each other and become equals." Elijah's warm voice came inside the room and both Caroline and Klaus looked at him bewildered.

He smiled at them. "There was always something else about the woman who caught your heart brother." he said crouching in front of Klaus and placing his hand on his his neck. "From the day you came home saying you had met your future wife, I knew she was the one."

"You never told me that her blood… that I…" Klaus didn't finish his thoughts.
Elijah sweetly rubbed Klaus' neck with his thumb. "Some things can't be told Niklaus, I needed you to find out by your own." he looked back at the blonde girl chewing on her bottom lip. "Caroline's blood can heal you and you can't harm her with your werewolf side."

Klaus looked at her and she smiled at him. "Can't get much more epic than that..."
Elijah smiled. "But this stays between us. I'm the only one that has put all pieces together and believed this legend from the start."

He stood up and scooped Elena's body into his arms, she would wake up as a vampire soon. "You should take some time for yourselves, Mystic Falls has taken its tole on you both and after everything, you deserve to be alone for a while. I will take care of Elena and make sure Alaric is safe. You are both linked to each other through destiny and blood, take your time to come to terms with that." Elijah said warmly and smiling.

Finally the prophecy was complete and his brother was free.
He left them alone and Caroline stood up as well, Klaus came near her and touched her cheek, traced it with the back of his hand, was it possible that she looked even more beautiful now? Because she looked like any dream should look like.

"Are you sure that you are all right?" he asked her concerned.
"Yes." she said and showed him her wrist already healed and then rested her hand over his heart. She closed her eyes smiling because it was beating strong and for her, she knew that.

They came outside together, his arm around her shoulders, keeping her close to him, his pack stood before him victoriously and with very little casualties.
Yana smiled happy that he was standing; she looked at Stefan that returned her smile.

Klaus stopped by him and squeezed his shoulder. "Thank you for everything my friend. In the end you were the other man in the prophecy, the one to kill the original evil."
Stefan looked at him with an open mouth and shocked beyond words, the pack parted for the Alpha and his mate.

Rebekah smiled at Damon that wanted to help her out of the car. "I'm back to myself Damon." she snapped when he tried to carry her.
"I can see that." he rolled his eyes but followed her inside the house.

Rebekah huffed that he was glued to her but there was a white envelope on the table in the lobby that stole her attention.

"What's that?" Damon asked behind her.
She started reading the small letter and turned to Damon, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Hey… what's the matter?" he asked cupping her chin and trapping her tear with his finger.
She smiled sadly at him. "Nik and Caroline left."


Phenomenon – Thousand Foot Krutch

Viva La Vida - Coldplay