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(Tenten's POV)

I was kidnapped and in a pissy mood. Not only had I been tied up and gagged, but I was forced to watch two idiots spar all night. And before you say anything, I tried to go to sleep on an empty stomach. But hearing people constantly fall and shout their "undying youth and love" for one another kind of prevented that. So here I am, half awake at 7am. Oh joy.

(Normal POV)

"Alright Lee, let's call it a night!" A tall man with shiny black hair smiled at his young student. The man was dressed in a kung fu outfit of pure green with a black sash tied securely around his waist. Underneath the clothes, Tenten could tell that the man was muscular beyond belief.

"Hai, Gai-sensei!" The same boy Tenten had seen earlier nodded enthusiastically to the man before collapsing on the floor in sleep. The man soon followed.

Tenten stared in disbelief. "They're freaks!" She told herself. Just earlier Tenten had seen the two fighting like there was no tomorrow, as if they had all the energy they would ever need at their disposal. Now, only seconds after finishing, they lay like zombies.

Like a ton of bricks, it hit her. Tenten was in a house with a bunch of weirdo's who would probably try to kill and/or rape her. And there would be no one to hear her shout. "Son of a…" It's not like she had her weapons on her, and if she did she wouldn't be able to use them. Her arms were restrained. "…bitch!"

Now lying flat on her back, Tenten looked up at the ceiling. Taking in one big gulp of air, she let out a frustrated scream from the top of her lungs. The murderous scream woke both of the men and anyone within a 2 mile radius.

(With the others)

Ino woke up with a start. She had heard the scream. Everyone had heard the scream. Who couldn't? But that's not what woke her up. There was an invader in her tent and she wasn't sure if she should get up and make a run for it, or fight him off while waiting for someone to save her. Either way, Ino didn't like her current situation. What if he tried to take her hostage? What if he killed her right there? When did he get in here?

While all of this was going on in Ino's head, she didn't notice the intruder inch closer and nudge her. "Ino? Is that you, Ino? I didn't expect you to have actually played the game! I mean, I know that I kind of volunteered for this but…" While the intruder was talking, he didn't notice Ino reel her fist back until she unleashed it on his face. She had chosen to fight back.

Pulling the sleeves back on her dress, Ino stood in the tent causing it to collapse all around them. "I might look like a princess, but I won't stand still and let someone attack me and my friends!" Her voice alerted Shikamaru, who was on watch as everyone else had slept.

Rushing towards the two, Shikamaru shouted to Ino, "What's wrong, Ino?"

"Someone snuck into my tent, Shikamaru!" Ino exclaimed as she rushed to hide behind the man.

"Shikamaru? Wow!" The intruder stood up and surveyed Shikamaru. "Look at you, man! You're so old!"

"And you're just as stupid as always." Shikamaru smirked. He turned to Ino and gave her a look. "Don't tell me that you can't even recognize Naruto now, Ino."

(With Sasuke and Sakura…)

The duo of Sakura and Sasuke had been up since dawn looking for Tenten. It was Shikamaru who had woken them to go look, not that Sasuke minded looking for the girl. It was just that ever since they had been walking, Sakura hadn't stopped talking. She spoke about the sky, friendship, medicine, and other useless things. Now Sasuke wasn't one to complain at every little thing like Shikamaru, but this was beginning to be too much. It seemed that Sakura spoke about whatever was on her mind. And all Sasuke could do (because he didn't want to hit the girl just yet) was listen.

"Sasuke, check out that tree!" Sakura spoke up as she pointed to yet another random tree.

Sasuke gave a long sigh before gazing up at said tree. To his surprise, the tree's branch looked to have been bent to the point of breaking. All that was left of the branch was hanging limp. Someone or thing was obviously stooped on that branch for quite some time.

"Someone must be really heavy." Sakura spoke up. "A branch as think as this wouldn't give under a body like mine or yours."

"It's possible another person was on the branch too." Sasuke said as he touched the piece of evidence. Things were beginning to come together.

(With Tenten, Lee, and Gai)

"What do we do with her now, Gai-sensei?" Lee asked as he surveyed the female elf in front of him. To him, the girl looked fair in beauty and her well-built frame ensured that she worked out. Perhaps Gai-sensei would allow him to take the female on in battle.

"You're not going to do anything with me!" She growled.

Gai bent down to eye level with the female elf ranger. He took her jaw in his hand and turned her face to his. "You were planning on killing Lee, is that right?" The girl snatched her face out of Gai's hands. "Look, it is against our philosophy to harm any living creature, so you don't have anything to worry about."

"That's a lie!" The elf spat.

"Is that so?"

"Your student here," She nodded her head to Lee, "killed a living pig! Is that a part of your philosophy too?"

"There's a difference between killing for fun and killing to survive." Lee spoke up. "We haven't eaten in days, you see. Gai-sensei and I have been traveling across the lands. Before that boar, the last time we ate was about two weeks ago."

"No normal human can live without food for two weeks."

"Well, we aren't your normal humans." Gai gave a hearty laugh.

(With the others)

Sasuke and Sakura had returned to the group of travelers a little later. They were surprised to see Naruto there, but that only made the mood lighter. The two reported the branch, but Sasuke withheld his sneaking suspicion about what had happened. Shikamaru had already formulated his own scenario of what happened to Tenten for the others. Most, of which, Sasuke had already guessed.

"Wait, so Tenten got kidnapped?" Naruto asked.

"Well, that's what we think happened." Sakura said. "It's not like her to up and leave without telling someone."

A moment of silence passed between everyone. "Neji is going to kill us!" Naruto screeched.

Yay! We finally have some sort of development. LOL! I just want you guys to know that I have what I am going to make Neji and definitely will be in the next chapter. Hinata at the very least. But I'm looking forward to it. BTW. In case anyone doesn't know what just happened, Tenten was kidnapped by Gai just before she shot her arrow (thus saving Lee). Sasuke is hot on the trail of finding her. And Naruto is just a bit confused.

Here's a preview for the next chapter just so you're still entertained:

Ino gazed up into the bright light. "What's that?" She shielded her sky blue eyes against the harmful rays. Inside of the rays a silhouette descended to the earth. Wings were on either side of the being, both spread for an easy landing.

"JESUS CAME BACK TO EARTH!" Naruto exclaimed before Sakura gave him a quick punch to the head.

"Naruto, you idiot!" Sakura scolded. "We don't need a national controversy!"

"But," Ino began. "It looks like an angel."