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Chapter one


I was sick Edward, his family and all they did. If they only knew what I could do they probably wouldn't let me get close to them as much as I have. They call themselves smart and kind but at the same time they don't see what is right in front of them.

You see, I'm a vampire. But not like Eddy boy and his family. I am what we call the original kind. That one where a stake to the heart kills us and the sun burns us. I was born in 1844 and I was in love with a guy named Damon Salvatore. We were happy until a bitch called Katherine Pierce came along and ruined everything. The sickest part was that she played not only with Damon but with his brother, Stefan, too. Oh, and she is the one that turned little old me. She came to town feeding everyone with her pathetic orphan story of how her house burned down with everyone in it. I think if there is even a drop of truth in her statement it would be the fire but she would have been the one to start it.

One dark gloomy night, the town turned on the vampires, successfully capturing most of them and locking them in a church which they burned down afterwards. As it turns out, that backstabbing bitch got away seducing some guy. She escaped, not caring that she had left Damon and Stefan bleeding to death. When I learned that they had died I was devastated. I wanted to end my life but a friend, who turned out to be a vampire helped me. Clumsy me got myself almost dead, leaving my friend no choice but to give me his blood. Being me, I was dead before the vampire blood had the chance to leave my system.

After years of loneliness I wanted a change. Maybe even find someone to love. After I travelled a bit, I moved to Forks where I met the Cullens. Just one look at them and I knew what they were. I tried to love Edward but I just couldn't. There was no one in my heart but Damon. I acted as I love Edward but it was only that. An act.

One stormy day, the Cullens decided to play vampire baseball. The loud noise drew in three vampires and one of them was a tracker. This said tracker decided that he wanted to go after me. Not good… for him. Because I was so well protected by the Cullens, I didn't have the chance to go deal with James, the tracker, he decided foolishly that the only way to get to me was by kidnapping my 'mother'. I knew the woman was safe so I knew I didn't have to worry about casualties. James didn't realize that he was setting himself in a trap and not me.

And now I was standing in front of a ballet studio.

I entered and immediately saw him smirking at me like he'd won the lottery.

"Looks like the rabbit got itself into a trap." He said.

"And who are we talking about. Me or you?" I innocently asked. "Because as I see it, there is no one stopping me from killing you right now." I said and smirked. James only looked amused.

"Oh, really? Pray tell, what a weak human girl would do to me." He asked with amusement.

"Who said I was human?" I smirked and changed my face. Veins gathered around my eyes that turned blood red and extended my fangs. "What the hell are you?" He asked scared. Good, now I can have a little fun.

I stalked him like a predator stalks its victim. He tried to run but he was too slow, or maybe I was too fast. I was in front of him in a flash.

"And where do you think are going? I hadn't had any fun yet." I smirked and tore his arm from its socket. His agonized screams made me laugh. Oh, how I longed for a fresh kill. I ripped him apart until there wasn't anything left, then I started a fire to burn the remains. I turned to walk out but then I saw the entire Cullen clan standing before me, looking shocked and betrayed.

Great, now I have to deal with them as well.

"Bella?" Edward said my name like he couldn't believe who was standing in front of him. I did look a little differently. I put some nice clothes for a change and did my make up.

"What, honey, don't you like what you see?"

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