Been a while since I've been on this end of the fanfiction. Anyway I don't really read Burn Notice fanfiction but this has been rolling around in my head for awhile and wouldn't let up.

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There were three things in the world people who knew Michael Weston knew not to touch.

His family; his Mother Maddy and his little brother Nate, by association Nate's wife and their son, his nephew Charlie, when Vaughn had threatened Maddy Michael's first instinct was to turn himself in to save her. However he turned it around and came out on top, making sure his family remained safe. They were his family; he'd give his life for them in a heartbeat.

His friends; Sam Axe, his oldest friend, the booze swilling, lady charming playboy was one of the most loyal people Michael had ever met. When his friend had been taken by drug dealers Michael moved hell and high-water to get him back. When he had gotten Jessie Porter burned he had felt guilty but the guilt increased tenfold as he and Jessie became friends. They were his friends he'd take a bullet for them any day.

His woman; Fiona Glennane. When he had first met the trigger-happy Irish beauty on assignment to Ireland she had punched him in the jaw. It hadn't exactly been the most blissful relationship but he was happy with Fiona, she soothed him and understood him. He did the same for her. Fiona Glennane was Michael Weston's world. He hated compromising his principals and doing despicable things for Anson but if he had to do it to keep Fi out of jail, so he could wake-up holding her. If he could pull jobs and help people and see Fi give him that I-just-blew-something-up smile, he would gladly put his very soul on the line just for her.

Anson had threatened every person on Michael's small list of people he loved. He did not take that lightly. He had been trying to be subtle about getting out from Anson's thumb, but that had been back when Fiona had been free. But now Anson wasn't holding that bargaining chip anymore. Now it was time for Michael Weston to live up to his reputation and show Anson exactly what sleeping dragon he had awakened.

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