After considering the vote on both here and other sites that I published this plot, I have decided to go forth with the rewrite. This first chapter- as you can see- is much different from the original. I have fleshed out parts of the plot and changed certain aspects, but this story remains the same- roughly.

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Order of Realisation: The Rewrite

Summary: AU 5th year onwards. Harry goes after Sirius to the ministry alone and when he is cornered by Voldemort hidden secrets are revealed, shocking all. "Well this changes everything." Voldemort finds out that Harry is a Horcrux and chaos ensues. A rewrite of "Order of Realisation"

Disclaimer: Characters and basic plot structure from beginning belong to J.K. Rowling, all else= mine.

Warnings: Voldemort.

Harry stared at the great hall doors in frustration before pacing once more, grabbing at his messy black hair, his green eyes unfocused behind his glasses- To say that Harry was more than a little stressed would be an understatement. Only an hour before, Harry Potter had hurried from the hall, his scar burning and images of Sirius rolling on the ground under Voldemort's wand running through his mind. As he fled, Harry ignored the weight of some curious glances from his two best friends who were still tackling their History of Magic papers with vigour.

Hermione had given him a look that had screamed 'find us later. We need to talk.' So without anything else to do and his mind racing with horrible possibilities Harry had come back to the exam hall to find it empty, Ron and Hermione nowhere in sight.


Harry swore colourfully, wishing he could throw something. He didn't know what to do, anyone that could have helped him was gone, Dumbledore in hiding from Umbridge and his two best friends unavailable to calm him down and make him think rationally.

His scar throbbed again and Harry could faintly hear Sirius screaming in his mind, refusing to yield to Voldemort who was becoming more and more vicious. Harry screwed up his eyes and clenched his fists together and tried to sort his thoughts out. The vision had hit him hard, making him fall to the ground in the middle of his exam. The pain had been horrible but only lasted seconds, leaving behind mental anguish at the thought of Sirius being- No, he couldn't think like that, there must have been a purpose to the vision.

To scare him?

Probably, and it had worked quite well. Harry couldn't take a breath without shaking; he couldn't focus his gaze, walking like a zombie through the halls of Hogwarts- trying to decide whether this was like the vision with Ron's dad. If so Harry had to act, and soon. However, he couldn't figure out a way to get to his Godfather.

The room Voldemort and Sirius and been in was surrounded by orbs on shelves, there seemed to be hundreds of them and apart from that detail, the room didn't have any distinguishable features- apart from the green marble floors that reminded him of his trial at the ministry...

"The ministry?" Harry whispered to himself as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Harry's head shot up and in his mind the dreams that had been plaguing him for months returned. The long corridors and passageways, how could he have been so blind?

Harry had stopped pacing now, his mind whirling with thoughts and plans, each one coming as fast as they were scrapped for being delusional or downright idiotic. Harry could almost see Hermione's scowl as she told him he was getting ahead of himself. What would she have suggested if she were here? Harry frowned,

"She'd probably want me to check if Sirius was really gone." Harry muttered, still keeping the cold feeling of panic behind a wall of rationality, which was slowly slipping away. How could he check? The last time Sirius had spoken to him his face had almost been clawed off by Umbridge. Didn't she realise how annoying it was when other people pried into her business? Harry snorted to himself; her fireplace was probably protected from other nosy buggers like her.

Hang on...

Harry almost jumped at his sudden eureka moment. He could use her fireplace in her office to check on Sirius before he did anything stupid.

Harry turned sharply and walked with determination towards the defence against the dark arts office, hoping that she wasn't around to stop him. At this thought, Harry slowed. What if she was there? Harry couldn't exactly ask to borrow her fireplace to communicate with a "convicted criminal" without expecting an interrogation. No, he needed a distraction, and a good one. Luckily, Harry seemed to have stumbled upon the perfect solution.

Peeves was currently wrecking havoc along the passage way towards DADA. Most of the students were avoiding the corridor like the plague and the unfortunate ones hurried away, soaked through and cursing Peeves as they went. Harry ignored all of this and walked towards the prankster. Peeves was giggling and it took him a moment to realise that Harry was staring up at him patiently.

"Hello there Peeves." Harry said off handily, trying to remain impassive. He needed something from the ghost and letting him on to that would not help his chances.

"Well well well, what have we here Potty?" Peeves replied cheekily, snorting at his joke. Harry frowned at the name but brushed it aside.

"I was just wondering about something, but it seems unimportant now that I think more about it." Harry said, looking away and pretending to think about something in great detail while ignoring the strange look he got from the ghost in return.

"So Potty does have a brain!" Peeves shouted in a mocking tone, making Harry fidget in annoyance, he didn't need this, while he was here his Godfather may be enduring terrible torture, perhaps moments away from- No. Harry focused once more and looked up at Peeves, a look of disappointment on his face.

"Not up to scratch are you Peeves?" He said in a bored tone and turned away; hoping that his plan was working out and that he would take the bait.

"Oi Potty- what you talking about?" Peeves called after him, following him in the air and crossing his arms, glaring. Harry silently grinned and turned around, giving the ghost a once over.

"I think Umbridge has tamed you- shame." Harry said mildly, waiting for the ghost to explode.

"WHAT?" Harry smirked,

"yeah, uh-huh, you've lost your originality. In fact, some people have been saying that you are getting a bit boring. I mean- come on Peeves? Water?" Harry widened his eyes in mock fright, "What will they do?"

Peeves was getting a little darker around the cheeks and Harry guessed he could have been blushing.

"I am not boring! That stupid pink lady won't stop me!"

Harry leaned in; he'd been waiting for a line like that.

"Prove it!"

Growling, Peeves gave him one last glare before disappearing, his cackling echoing off down the halls, in the opposite direction of Umbridge's office.


Running through the quiet and cold halls, Harry skidded to a halt outside the office and hid in an alcove to wait, the shadows protecting him from being seen by anyone else that happened to walk past.

Harry's plan paid off not five minutes later when Filch, accompanied by his cat, hurried towards where Harry was waiting, without a second thought, the caretaker rushed into the office with a loud shout of alarm,

"Headmistress! Headmistress! There's a disturbance..." His voice getting quieter as the door shut behind him. There was a pause before a shout of annoyance met Harry's ears, slightly muffled, followed by the door slamming open, revealing a very flustered looking and pink clad Umbridge. Who, without waiting for the caretaker, rushed down the corridor in the direction of distant squeals of apparent delight.

Not wasting any time, Harry rushed into the office after he watched a ruffled Filch follow Umbridge, still clutching onto his cat. Taking the stairs up to her inner office two at a time, Harry silently thanked his luck in finding that the door was still open. He burst through the door and slammed it behind him, unaware of anything else in the room apart from the fireplace, which flickered with low flames.

Eyes resting on a pink flower pot on the mantel piece above the fireplace, Harry curled his lip in disgust before leaning forward and plucking it from its place. Taking a handful and kneeling on the ground, Harry thrust the floo powder in, waiting until the fire turned green before leaning forward and whispering Sirius's address. Harry felt weird about putting his face in the fire and disliked the spinning sensation even more, but it was over before he could even begin to feel sick.

Harry stared out at the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, getting his bearings before shouting out his Godfather's name. The silence after made Harry squirm in anticipation. The cold feeling of fear was beginning to take control and before he could stop himself, he shouted again,

"S-Sirius! Are you h-here? SIRIUS?"

Harry couldn't breathe properly and every time he tried to take a steadying breath, ash would go up his nose and make him splutter. Coughing, Harry tried again, desperation leaking into his voice.

"Sirius please! Are you-"

He was cut off when he felt a hand grasp his shoulder on the other side of the fire, where he was kneeling over, with his back to the door and wand sticking out of his back pocket, finally realising how vulnerable his position was. Before he could even blink he was dragged backwards out of the fireplace and onto his back on the floor, looking up at a very satisfied "Headmistress". Harry swallowed loudly, waiting for the worst detention of his life.

Unluckily for Harry, on the other side of the fireplace, Sirius Black had just flown into the kitchen, looking around wildly, before a frown crossed over his face.

"Harry?" He said in a confused voice.


Harry hadn't understood where she had got her strength from, but in no time, Umbridge had hauled him off the floor, pushed him roughly into a chair and used her wand to secure him there with bonds over his wrists.

Looking down at them he frowned, did Umbridge really think he was going to run off when it was obvious who had broken into her office? Remaining quiet, Harry tried to calm himself over his discovery. Sirius had not been home, Harry had called for him, but nobody had answered, confirming Harry's worst thoughts. His Godfather was with Voldemort and Harry had to get to him before it was too late.

Umbridge was pacing before Harry, looking at his wand with mild disgust before putting on her desk, rather near the arm of Harry's chair, making him feel powerless. Harry frowned but only watched, hoping that she would get this over with so that he could escape the school and go after Sirius. Perhaps using a broom? He could hardly escape on Buckbeak, who was at Grimmauld Place, probably wondering where Sirius had gone too.

"I knew it!" The woman in pink finally declared, stopping in front of Harry and looking at him with a gleam in her eye. Suddenly, Harry wished he wasn't alone with the woman.

"Caught in the act Potter and I suspect you were communicating with Dumbledore?" She accused with a smug smile on her toad like face. Harry blinked at her before letting out a laugh that sounded a little nervous to him, but only infuriated Umbridge further.

"Not even close." He said shortly, looking towards the door out the corner of his eye. Umbridge was starting to match her clothes as she stared at Harry, positively seething.

"You will tell me of his location or I will be forced to use-"

"Force?" Harry offered sarcastically. His vision went white and he felt a stinging sensation across his cheek. Opening his eyes, he looked at the women with his eyebrow raised. She was breathing heavily, looking as if she wanted to slap him again, but much harder.

"Shut up Potter!" she almost screeched, raising her wand this time. Harry kept an eye on it, wondering what she would do with it. Harry didn't notice that she had turned over a picture of the minster of magic with her free hand.

"Evading questioning, hiding a man running from the law and being rude to a Ministry official. All quite punishable Potter and I'm not afraid to get a little nasty to get the truth out of you and uphold the law!"

Harry snorted "You're insane Professor." He spat, unable to contain his anger any more. How dare this woman accuse him of breaking the law! He didn't need this; he needed to be free and far away from the pink eye sore so that he could go after Sirius, before it was too late.

His Godfather's torture was replaying in front of his eyes and he felt himself becoming more desperate. He missed the next question directed at him.

"Well?" Umbridge said shortly, unable to contain her anger.


That had done it.

"Oh for- CRUCIO!"

Harry's eyes were wide as the red curse flew across the office and slammed into his chest. The familiar burning pain consumed him as what felt like needles dug into his skin over and over again. Harry let out a scream as his bones felt like they had caught fire. Everything was burning and Harry was vaguely aware that he was thrashing in his bonds, unable to relieve a little of the pain.

Throughout the torture, Harry couldn't help but think that compared to Voldemort's curse, this felt like a caress.

Finally it was lifted and Harry was left breathing heavily in the chair he was tied to. He was slumped and he felt his eyes burning behind his glasses. A wave of exhaustion overcame him and he began to shake. Harry momentarily forgot about why he was there, but instead tried to overcome the fact that Umbridge had used an unforgivable on him, something that was against the law, against the ministry. In his shock, Harry didn't notice Professor Snape standing in the doorway, his face pale and his dark eyes flashing dangerously.

"Oh! Severus?" Umbridge said, her voice full of surprise, lacking the anger that had laced her tone seconds before.

"Headmistress," Snape drawled, his lip curled as he glanced over at Harry who was still breathing heavily and looking at him strangely. "May I ask what is going on?" He continued, moving further into the room and coming to a stop near Harry's chair.

Umbridge glanced around before briefly looking at Harry, almost like she was wondering if he was going to tell on her.

Pfft, as if.

"I found Potter trespassing in my office, communicating with someone on the floo network-"

"So you thought it apt to punish him?" Snape cut across her quietly, making Harry frown in confusion. Was Snape defending him?

"He broke the law-"

"I'm sure he did-" Perhaps not then?

"I had every right to get information from him!"

"Of course, I understand, and did you?" Harry shifted slightly, pushing away at his annoyance; of course he wasn't going to give anything away.

"Nothing that made any sense." She said shortly. Harry stilled, his heart racing.

"Oh?" Snape prodded,

"Something about 'Him' having a Padfoot at a place, something was hidden or whatever. He was spouting nonsense." Umbridge said quickly, her eyes darting towards the door and then back at Harry who was gaping at her in shock. Harry didn't even remember shouting anything at all.

Snape moved around to look at Harry, his eyes boring into him for a second. He blinked and then looked up at Umbridge.

"I wonder what caused him to utter such nonsense." Snape said carefully, a dangerous look back in his eyes. Moving backwards slightly, Umbridge opened her mouth to retort but Snape only raised his wand before pointing at Harry- who flinched. However, the potions master only freed him from his bonds before grabbing him by the elbow and pulling him to his feet, a strong grip keeping him from falling over. Harry remembered to pick up his wand from the desk and he slipped it into his pocket.

"At any rate-" Snape continued after an awkward silence, "Potter seems to have something wrong with his breathing, I shall escort him to the hospital wing." And without waiting for an answer, he walked over to the door, practically dragging Harry with him.

It was only when they were out of hearing distance that Snape turned on him, letting go all of a sudden, making Harry stumble before he regained his balance.

"What the hell do you think you were doing in there Potter!" he said accusingly, glancing down at Harry's shaking hands with a funny look on his face. Harry felt his anger rise and he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"None of your business." He muttered, starting to feel humiliated at the predicament his least favourite teacher had found him in.

Snape snorted angrily, "I beg to differ!" he spat, sneering at him. Harry couldn't care less; all that he could think of now was his Godfather and getting away from Snape as quickly as possible.

"What do you care anyway?" Harry said darkly before turning away and walking slowly down the corridor, hoping that his legs weren't going to fall out from underneath him.

"To the hospital wing Potter, I don't want to hear about any more mishaps this evening." Snape called after him, his voice mocking.

Harry gritted his teeth and ignored him, he needed a broom fast and there was only one place he could get one.


When Harry landed in London, roughly around an Hour and a half later, he dismounted the school broom he had borrowed and cursed it. Throwing it down on the ground, he wished he'd had his broom, and then the journey may have not taken as long.

Forgetting about that fact, Harry hurried over to the familiar phone box that he and Mr Weasley had entered at the beginning of the year for his trial. Thinking back, Harry punched in the code to get the entrance to work and a woman's voice filled the small space. Tapping his toes and shifting from one foot to another, Harry waited until it had finished greeting him.

"Please state your name and reason for being here tonight." Sighing Harry stated his name and then paused, unsure of what to say.

"Err- I've come to get my Godfather from a really nasty evil Wizard called Lord Voldemort? Heard of him?"

"Thank you Harry Potter please collect your badge and enjoy your time at the ministry of magic." A rattle revealed a yellow badge with red writing on it saying "Harry Potter- rescue mission". Shoving it in his pocket, Harry let out a breath as the phone box started sinking into the ground.

The main auditorium was silent and nobody was around, not even a night guard. Perhaps Voldemort had already killed them Harry thought to himself as he tried to control his breathing, pushing away at the fear as he thought of the Dark Lord, waiting for him floors below him, taunting and teasing with the screaming of the only family he had left.

Walking across the large hall, Harry suddenly felt very alone and almost wished he had Ron and Hermione with him.


Reaching the lift, Harry paused before getting in and looking at the floors to choose from. When he read "Department of mysteries" something flickered at the back of his mind. Taking this as a cue, he pressed the button and the lift doors rattled as they closed on him, whisking him away and making him topple to the ground. Harry cursed loudly and scrambled to his feet, ignoring his shaking hands and wishing he could banish Umbridge to the pits of hell for messing him up like this.

Not a minute later, the lift let off a ding and announced the floor, leaving Harry staring down the long corridor that had haunted his dreams for the past few months. Taking a steadying breath, Harry walked as quickly as he could to the door at the other end, almost expecting to wake up to Ron's snores. Harry almost wished he could, but the door opened and led him into another room. Recalling the dream, Harry was led by his mind further and further into the dark halls, gripping his wand with all his might and straining his ears to see if he could pick up on faint screams.

However, when he reached a round room with doors surrounding him, Harry came to a halt. Cursing softly he walked forwards to the door in front of him and tried to open it. When the door remained closed Harry huffed in frustration and tried again, but after his second failed attempt, Harry left it, the doors in his dreams opened, not remained closed. Taking the door to his left, Harry was pleased to find that somewhere in his mind he recognised the room lying beyond; it was the one from his vision.

The orbs loomed out from the dark and gave off a blue hue; there were hundreds of them, on tall shelves that continued up until they met the high ceiling. Harry stepped through the door and did not notice as door remained ajar.

Moving forwards slowly, Harry decided it was time to bring out his wand. His hand shaking in front of him and only the sound of his own breathing to accompany him, Harry squinted into the darkness, fearful of what he might find in the silence. Perhaps Voldemort was waiting for him in the dark, Sirius kept silent under his wand? Or perhaps it was worse than that and he was merely dead and Voldemort was watching him in amusement as he tried to find his Godfather. Shaking his head, Harry looked around to see what row he was passing, he remembered Sirius being at row 97. He cast Lumos with a flick of his wand to make him feel safer and made out '89' on the row he just passed.

Moving forward more quickly, Harry carried on, counting the rows under his breath unconsciously. His dread grew when he reached row 97 and found nobody there, not even a smear of blood or unsettled dust.

Harry started to panic, his breathing getting heavier and his heart racing so fast he thought it would burst. What was going on? Was he wrong? Was Sirius here or was it... A trap?

"Shit" Harry said, his voice unsteady.

Something shifted in the darkness and Harry felt the hairs on his neck stand up. He wasn't alone anymore, that was for certain.

"Language, Mister Potter." A voice hissed out of the darkness, making him whirl around and point his wand out, ready for the green of a killing curse, only to be met with Lucius Malfoy, clad in Death eater robes, his white blonde hair falling around his face and looking like he'd been there for much longer than Harry had realised.

"Where's Sirius?" Fell from his lips before he could stop himself, sounding very uncertain.

In the darkness a woman giggled and moved forward to stand next to Lucius. She was pale and slim, with dark curly hair that fell in her face. Brown eyes gleamed at him under heavy lids and dirty teeth were revealed as she smiled demonically. Harry recognised her from the papers and took a guess,

"Bellatrix Lestrange?" he spat, shifting his wand in his hand, his eyes darting between her and the blonde Death eater next to her.

She giggled again "Very clever ity bity baby Potter" Bellatrix said slowly, her steps light and playful as she made her way over to him. Harry looked her up and down and realised this was one of the people responsible for Neville's misery. This thought fuelled him and Harry decided that if he was going to die tonight, he was going to die fighting.

"But not clever enough, your dear Godfather was never here Potter." Lucius drawled moving to stand with Bellatrix, both of them only one foot away from Harry.

His fears confirmed, Harry backed away a little, his eyes darting around to find an escape route, now that he knew this was a trap he had to get away before Voldemort decided to make an appearance.

"Ooh Potter, you've gone very pale." Bellatrix mocked in a baby voice, smiling at him with twirling her wand in between her hands.

"Bella..." Lucius muttered lowly, but the female Death eater didn't look like she had heard.

"Maybe I could help with that!" and before Harry could blink he was knocked back by a spell hitting him in the chest, throwing him a few meters causing him to land hard, making all the air in his lungs whoosh out of him. Blinking away the stars before his eyes, Harry coughed and rolled onto his side realising in panic that he did not have his wand anymore.

"Bella!" Lucius yelled over the woman's laugh, "We need him unharmed!"

"Ooh okay!" Bellatrix muttered in an overly happy voice, watching him as he sat up slowly, rubbing the back of his head gingerly. Harry was desperately looking for his wand when somebody grabbed the collar of his shirt and roughly pulled him to his feet. Reacting on instinct, he slammed his elbow behind him and was released when the Death eater behind him grunted sharply. Taking his chance to flee, Harry dived down a darker passage through the shelves with the intent of somehow finding his wand and escaping.

"Go after him!" Harry heard both Bellatrix and Lucius yell, making him run faster than before to try and get away. Before Harry had got far, there was a column of black smoke appearing before him, dodging; he turned a sharp corner, causing one of the orbs to fall from a lower shelf a smash at his feet. Harry had moved on before he could hear the voices rasping.

Harry was realising that he needed some help, as at every turn there was a Death eater appearing from black smoke and blocking his way out. Before he could stop himself, he had run headlong into a rather large Death eater, who's had shot out to grab his wrist before he fell. Tugging at the grip, he lashed out with his foot, catching the man in the shin, but instead of letting go, the man growled and backhanded him across the face, splitting his lip and spraying blood to the side.

By the time he had got his vision back the man had grasped his other hand and another Death eater moved towards him with his wand out, moving it through the air and conjuring ropes that bound Harry's hands in front of him.

He glared at the man in black and he stared stonily back. A wand was pushed into his spine and Harry was forced to turn around and walk back to the circle that had formed around Bellatrix and Lucius at row 97.

Harry glared at the pair in front of him, his mind reeling with what they wanted with him and wondering why he wasn't dead yet. His face must have made his thoughts obvious as Lucius offered him a forced smile,

"The Dark Lord won't kill you until you've retrieved what he wants Potter."

Harry spat at the man and sneered, ignoring the pain in his lip at the action,

"Well you're not going the right way about it, are you Malfoy?"

His grey eyes flashed in anger and he strode towards where Harry was being held at wand point, grabbing his chin in a crushing hold, he leant forward and whispered to him,

"Listen here Potter, you will pick up that orb behind me with your name on it, and you will hand it over to the Dark Lord, with or without your free will intact." He leant back and let go of his face, a look of hidden glee in his eyes, "I suggest 'with' your free will intact, it will be much less- painful."

Harry glared at him but was unable to resist looking over at the shelf Lucius had mentioned. A prod in the back made him move forward and when the orb in question came into view, Harry did see his name alongside "The Dark Lord". Frowning, he looked back over at Lucius, who had been watching him closely.

"Why does Voldemort want me to get this for him? Why can't he get it himself?" Harry questioned angrily.

The circle of Death eaters shifted at Harry's use of their master's name. He almost smiled at it, but Bellatrix had screamed angrily before slapping him across the face.

"How dare you!"

"I really wish people would stop doing that." Harry muttered, licking his bleeding lip before looking up at the furious female Death eater.

"You filthy half blood, how dare you speak his name! You're dirty mouth has no right!" She screeched in his face, making him wince in annoyance.

"Oh please." Harry groaned to himself, wondering how long it would be before somebody realised that he wasn't in his dorm, or in fact, at Hogwarts at all. Mostly though, he wondered if Sirius was actually home and safe, or just dead within another part of the Department.

"I'm going to ask you nicely Potter, reach up and take the prophecy."

"No" Harry said shortly,

"Well then-"

"What is it about? Why is my name on it?" Harry questioned ignoring the wand pressing deeper into his spine and heating up a little at the contact.

"I'm not surprised you asked Potter." Lucius said slowly, looking as if he was having an internal debate about what he should say next. "Within that orb, lie the secrets to what happened the night your parents died."

Harry went cold inside and his eyes widened in shock. The orb would provide Harry with the answers as to why Voldemort had attacked him that night on Halloween?

"Secrets?" Harry said hoarsely, swallowing heavily.

"Hm yes, the reason for your scar." Lucius said slowly, lifting his wand to trace Harry's scar, which he suddenly realised was aching. "All you have to do is reach out and take it and you'll know everything."

Harry's mind was spinning with the possibilities as he stared almost transfixed at the orb, somewhere in the back of his mind he was screaming his protests, that he shouldn't care what was inside, only that Voldemort wanted it.

Hesitantly, Harry lifted his bound hands, his fingers itching to hold the orb. The Death eaters behind him had moved back into the circle surrounding him but Lucius remained just beside him, watching carefully.

"I- can't-" Harry muttered distantly, his hands stopping momentarily,

"Take it!" Lucius hissed in his ear, silently persuading him, making his mind foggy and blocking the rational part of his brain that was screaming at him to stop. Harry's resolved grew stronger when the images of Voldemort calmly taking the orb from him crossed in front of his eyes. Voldemort would smirk at him, red eyes glinting before casting him away and killing him mercilessly. Harry couldn't let that happen.

Taking a forceful step back and glaring at the blonde Death eater he shook his head,

"If Voldemort wants it, I'm certainly not going to bring it to him." He said his tone hard and determined. No matter what would happen to him, he couldn't let Voldemort get what he wanted. Nothing good could come from it.

Growling, Lucius looked over his shoulder at Bellatrix, whose eyes were sparkling in the darkness. With a sigh, he motioned with his hand,

"If you must, Bella." His voice almost bored.

Giggling she moved forward and took a good hold on her wand, pointing it at Harry's chest in delight.

"My pleasure Lucius."

And not seconds later, Harry was slammed into the ground, rolling under the torture curse for the second time that night, however this time, Bellatrix's insanity fuelled her curse, making it far worse that Umbridge's attempt. He tried to stop himself from screaming, but his jaw gave out and his hoarse screams reverberated around the chamber, amongst the echoes of laughter from the circle of Death eaters around him. Two minutes later, Harry was released and he lay on his side, his hands still bound in front of him, breathing as if he had run for miles. He was twitching and the shaking came back at full force. Groaning, Harry spat out some blood, grimacing at the sting of his lip.

He looked up at the woman standing over him and realised that his glasses had flown off him, landing out of his range of sight. Without his vision, Bellatrix was a blur, but Harry could tell that she was smiling down at him.

"And now Mister Potter, the orb?" Lucius drawled from somewhere behind him. Harry frowned before letting out a weak chuckle.

"The answer is still no Lucy." He mocked his voice raw but still determined, rolling onto his back and taking a few deep breaths.

"How dare- CRUCIO!" Lucius howled and Harry was writhing in pain once more, the burning consuming him and pushing at the barriers of his mind, the void of insanity getting closer and closer with each passing second. His throat and scar throbbed furiously and when the curse was lifted he was drawn into a coughing fit.

A sharp kick to the side turned him over and made him yelp in surprised. Practically blinded and in a lot of pain, Harry flinched when Lucius knelt next to him and shoved his wand in his face.

"We'll do this the easier way." Harry frowned but had no time to react when he twisted his wand and spat "Imperio!"

The familiar feeling of comfort and lightness overwhelmed him and Harry completely forgot that he was lying awkwardly on the cold floor, his arms at an awkward angle and blood running down his lip. Instead he felt as if all of his problems had melted away, his limbs were warm and no longer ached, his head felt free of stress and pressure, making him smile to himself.

It was only when an unknown voice whispered to him that Harry's smile faltered a little.

"Get up"

Harry furrowed his brow but saw no need to resist such a command, after all he was rather uncomfortable on the ground. So he did, leaning on his wrists and struggling to his feet, Harry didn't see the smirk on the man's face in front of him as he shoved his glasses back on his face so he could see once more.

"Take the orb on the shelf in front of you."

The nice feeling that had once enveloped him was now slowly slipping away, making him shiver and wake up from a horrific nightmare, coming back to reality, Harry realised what was going on and what he had almost done. Repulsed he stepped back sharply,

"No!" He shouted, shaking once more and feeling the aches return to his limbs. Lucius looked furious, his wand was up and in his face once more but before he could do anything; there was a loud crash from outside the circle of Death eaters. Silently, they all watched as a red spell flew towards them and knocked three Death eaters over.

All at once, hell broke loose.

Lucius spun around, letting go of Harry and pushing him to the ground. Out of the shadows, Harry spotted his Godfather, a towering rage as he stalked towards Lucius who was nervously shifting from one foot to another.

His wand out and eyes blazing Sirius took him out the muggle way, with a punch to the jaw, throwing him to the side.

"Keep your hands off my Godson!" He threatened in a dark voice.

"Sirius!" Harry called happily, struggling to sit up without looking like an idiot. Sirius rushed over to him and knelt down next to him, putting a hand on his head.

"Are you all right?" He asked with concern clear in his grey-blue eyes. Harry was gripping his arm tightly but he nodded and offered him a smile. He helped him to his feet and ripped away at the bounds around his wrists, swearing under his breath. "Come on, we need to get you out of here." He muttered pulling him gently away from the group of people attacking the Death eaters, dodging the nasty looking curses. Harry stopped when he saw the green light of the killing curse, seeking out anyone that could have been hit, luckily there was nobody, but it still shook him. Harry had led these people into danger! He'd gone to save his Godfather and ended up needing a rescue party. Harry's cheeks burned red in shame, tugging on Sirius's arm to make him stop.

"What is it? Have you been hit? Are you okay?" His eyes were searching for a wound, while Harry could open and close his mouth, unsure of how to express what was on his mind,

"Sirius- I- I'm sorry- I saw you here- I thought-"

"Harry its fine, it's not your fault, Voldemort tricked you." Sirius reassured him, but Harry could only feel worse,

"But I shouldn't have fallen for it!"


"No! I should have known! And now you're here –and – and these people are risking their lives over my stupid mistake!" Breathing heavily, Harry hopelessly looked around before meeting Sirius's gaze, wondering if there would be disappointment in his eyes.

"Harry you're not stupid- far from it, I'm just glad you're alive- I'm sorry we couldn't get to you sooner."

"It's fine, I'm fine-"

"No you weren't Harry! They were torturing you, if anyone should be feeling guilty; it should be me for not getting to you sooner."

"But I-"

"But nothing- we need to leave." Sirius started moving through the shelves again, his grip tight on Harry's arm.

"Sirius- my wand!" Harry remembered, yelled over the noise; looking around to try and see it. Sirius barely stopped as he flicked his wand, muttering Accio bringing Harry's wand to them, flying out of the dark and almost hitting Harry in the back of his head had it not been for his Quidditch born reflexes.

Feeling a little safer with his wand tightly gripped in his fist, Harry followed after his Godfather, defending himself from stray curses and spells, wondering why nobody had realised his disappearance. Surely they would still need the orb? And for that they needed him, why wasn't there anyone following them?

"Sirius!" he called over the noise, "They needed something from me, and do you have any idea why?"

Sirius looked at him over his shoulder and seemed to be thinking about something, he shrugged and slowed his pace; they were far away from the battle now and could only hear the distant shouts of men and women fighting on each side.

"Remember when you came to Grimmauld place at the end of the summer?" he asked, breathing heavily from running. Harry nodded, thinking back to the dinner they had together and how close he had been from finding something out before Mrs Weasley had stepped in.

"Well I mentioned that Voldemort wanted a weapon, and at the time Dumbledore didn't want you knowing of the prophecy; to protect you from darker thoughts." Sirius rolled his eyes and Harry tried to keep a hold on the anger that was bubbling beneath the surface. Dumbledore was keeping something from him? If only he'd told him then maybe he wouldn't have run off to the ministry; unknowingly helping his worst enemy.

"The prophecy is what Voldemort wants and we believe that he thinks it is a method of getting to you and- well-"

"Killing me?" Harry said bluntly, feeling a little guilty when Sirius winced.

"Well-er- I would tell you the contents, but I've never heard of it. Hopefully that is the only copy and Voldemort won't be able to get his filthy hands on it." Harry thought for a while, if he was the only on that could pick it up because his name was on it, didn't that mean that...

"But Sirius, the orb didn't just have my name on it, Voldemort was written there too... Doesn't that mean that he could pick it up?" He asked slowly, wondering if it was really as safe as he thought.

"It's a possibility-" he said reluctantly, "But we know that Voldemort wants to remain off the radar, if he broke into the ministry the public would know and more people could begin to build forces against him." Harry nodded slowly, it made sense, but seeing as Harry wasn't willing to do the dirty work for him, there might be a chance that he could arrive tonight and get it anyway.

"I don't like this Sirius, maybe we should go back there to get it, just to destroy it, and then we know that there isn't a chance of it getting to Voldemort." Sirius was shaking his head, his eyes alert,

"I know it's a risk to take Harry, but you can't go back there, it's what he wants-"

"But if he doesn't want to be discovered then won't he stay away from here tonight? It'll only take a second! You could distract them and I'll just grab it off the shelf and smash it!" Harry took a step back towards the fight but Sirius placed a hand on his shoulder,

"Harry no, that's enough, I'm not risking your safety again, I just got you away from them!" Harry shrugged the hand off his shoulder, taking another half step back,

"I won't be safe if he gets it! If that's what you think he wants it for, with it I'll be in more danger and he'll get stronger!"


"No! Come on Sirius, you know I'm right- let's just get it." Harry looked eyes with his Godfather, willing him to see it the way he saw it. There wasn't another way, it was the best shot they had at keeping Voldemort back. Growling, Sirius nodded tightly, drawing his wand up and tapping him on the top of his head. What felt like an egg cracked and a cold feeling crawled across his body starting from his head.

"I've disillusioned you- it won't make you invisible, but the others won't see you as clearly. Get the orb and then run back this way okay? I'll meet you in two minutes, if you haven't got it by then; I'm getting you straight out of here, are we clear?"

"Yeah don't worry, I'll be fine." He turned around, Sirius just beside him,

"And I mean it Harry- straight back here." He said lowly, his tone hard and to the point, before running back towards the battle, yelling spells at the top of his voice.

Harry ran into a more quiet passageway and made his way back to row 97, snorting when he heard his Godfather taunting the Death eaters like a child. To them it looked like he had got away with Harry, getting him to safety before returning. Harry had to complement his Godfather's acting skills; most would assume that he was acting carefree because his Godson was safe.

Harry moved forward satisfied that he wouldn't have any trouble, unaware of the dark pair of eyes gleaming at him from the next row.


The orb was still there when Harry got back to the thick of the fight, he had to dodge a few misplaces spells but apart from that he had gone unnoticed. Lucius was back up on his feet, throwing curses at Remus Lupin who was calmly defending himself and sending back a few nasty looking ones himself. Behind him Harry could make out Tonks dancing around the hexes with a grin on her face before she warped her face into scary animals, making the Death eaters jump back in fright and lose their concentration, she easily disarmed them, knocking them out before moving on.

Next to her Moody was using a mixture of his gnarled wand and his staff to keep the Death eaters at bay, he was fighting three of them at once and didn't seem to be having any trouble. Harry couldn't see Sirius at the moment, but he tried to let that go, reminding himself that he was waiting for the right moment to distract all of them.

That moment came not one minute later. Sirius rolled across the ground and barrelled himself into Lucius- who was nearest the orb. A frustrated yelled was let loose and the blonde Death eater changed his target, trying to hit his Godfather with all his might. Harry snorted when Sirius managed to turn his hair pink and slipped forward to pick up the orb.

It was lighter than it looked and also a little warm to the touch, it was about the size of his fist and gave out a blue hue, entrancing Harry momentarily before he shook his head and snapped back to reality.

Turning around he made his way back from the thick of the battle; to a passageway between the shelves that looked empty. Harry cast a glance of his shoulder before he raised his hand and threw the orb at the ground with all of his strength.

Harry watched with eager eyes, waiting for the weapon that Voldemort wanted so badly, to smash into a thousand pieces, but just before it hit the ground, there was a whisper to the left of him and the orb stopped falling and jerked away from him, landing in a pale hand. Harry took a step back as his eyes met with Bellatrix Lestrange, who stood with her black robes billowing around her, a wicked grin on her face as she took in Harry's horrified expression.

"Whoops!" She laughed,

"Sirius!" Harry yelled at the top of his voice, his wand out and pointing at the witch before him. She looked over his shoulder and smirked.

"Thanks for that Potter!" She whispered slyly before turning around and gunning for the exit. Harry had expected her to attack him, so when he ended up watching her robes whip out of sight; he did the only thing he could think of, run after her.

"Sirius help!" Harry called over his shoulder, hoping that his Godfather would hear and run after him; Harry need all the help he could get to bring the insane witch down before she got away with her prize.

Running as fast as he could, his feet slamming into the ground and making a lot of noise, Harry began to shoot spell after spell in front of him, hoping to catch Bellatrix off guard, with her back to him.

When he reached the exit, he heard the pounding of feet following him and turned around with his wand out, only to meet eyes with Sirius, who was pale in the face, his hand shaking,

"Harry What-"

"We were followed! Bellatrix- she's got it! We have to after her!" Harry threw open the door and Sirius followed right after him, his gaze determined, anger flashing in his eyes.

"Hang on Harry-"

"What?" He shouted desperately, his legs aching to run after her again,

"Let me go first, I'll take her down and you grab the orb, OK?" Harry nodded and they sprinted after the witch again, just able to make her out as she reached the next door. Behind that was the circular room with the many doors and Harry panicked, if she got in there before they could reach her, they would never know which door she had used.

Sirius was obviously thinking the same thing as he shot a stunning spell at Bellatrix, it missed but it knocked a few books off an old dusty shelf into her path making her slip over, slowing her down. It wasn't long before she was on her feet again but this time Harry and Sirius were hot on her heels. The three of them crashed into the room beyond, Bellatrix avoiding Sirius as she tried to tackle her to the ground and running towards a door that had flown open as soon as they had entered.

Harry helped Sirius to his feet but the door slammed behind Bellatrix and kept them from following. The room started to spin but before they could lose sight of the door, Sirius drew a large cross in the air which appeared in a fiery red across the door, marking it for them.

When the room stopped spinning, they threw themselves at the door and ran into the corridor beyond. Harry ran frantically as he caught sight of Bellatrix behind the lift doors as they closed and moved out of sight. Sirius swore loudly but Harry ran past him and got into the next lift on the right, Sirius followed after a pause and Harry hit the button that would take them to the main auditorium. The lift moved agonisingly slow but finally the large entrance hall came into view with Bellatrix swiftly making her way towards one of the large fireplaces.

On instinct Harry shouted,

"Expelliarmus!" the red light flying towards the retreating Witch who yelped when her wand was suddenly ripped from her grip. Spinning around she glared at Harry, stalking back towards him, unaware of Sirius pointing his wand at her.

"You brat!" She screamed but was cut off when Sirius hit her with a stunning spell, causing her to fall backwards and let go of the orb which smashed on the ground, hundreds of glass shards flying in all directions across the dark green floor.

Harry grinned and looked around at Sirius who was staring at the woman on the floor in shock before he started laughing. Harry's smile widened as they both realised they had stopped Voldemort together, even though it was an accident.

"Nice one James!" Sirius said loudly looking over at him, but before Harry could even register this; his scar split in two and he fell to his knees, a scream ready to burst from his lips. His vision was blurred and he hardly felt Sirius as he knelt next to him, grabbing at his shoulders and calling out his name. The pain reached a peak and Harry's eyes flew open,

"You will pay for that, Black." A cold high voice hissed, echoing through the hall. Harry didn't have any time to react as an invisible force threw him away from Sirius; he managed to roll onto his side to see his Godfather thrown backwards by a much more powerful spell. He flew back and rolled into the open lift, which shut as soon as he entered.

"SIRIUS!" Harry shouted; fear running through his veins like ice. He held his breath until he saw him moving feeble behind the grate that kept Harry away from him. Sirius groaned and sat up and Harry could breathe again.

A cold hand grabbed at his collar and Harry yelled out in pain as Voldemort hauled him from the floor and to his feet.

"Hello Harry." He whispered in his ear, making him shudder. Harry struggled but a vice like grip on his wrist made him yelp and stop. Voldemort chuckled, his grip relenting a little, but leaving a bruising reminder behind.

"I do believe you've just destroyed something that belonged to me." He continued his voice steady but with a cold undertone that made him sound very threatening.

"Yeah-" Harry managed through the sharp pain in his head due to the close contact, "Can't say I'm sorry about that."

Voldemort growled and a hand came away from his collar and pulled his head back using his hair as an anchor, Harry winced as some of his hair left his head. He now looked up at Voldemort, his eyes meeting with red, hungry for something and lavishing in his discomfort.

"We'll see about that Harry." He crooned softly, a smirk on his pale flat face, his nostrils flaring in unkempt anger. Harry jumped when he heard Sirius yell,


Voldemort's eyes remained focused on his face for a few seconds before they flicked upwards. Smiling again he waved his wand over Harry's wrists and they were tied behind his back, satisfied that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, Voldemort let him go and Harry fell to the floor, his head colliding with the hard floor with a sharp thump.

Voldemort then swept towards where Sirius was restrained and looked at him his eyes glittering in amusement.

"And you think that will protect him better Black?" Voldemort asked quietly before he spun around and jabbed his wand in Harry's direction,


And Harry was screaming the second it hit him. Writhing under the anger that rolled off Voldemort in waves, the anger of losing the prophecy burned his bones, sent hot irons against his skin and boiled his blood. Umbridge and Bellatrix had nothing on him Harry decided very quickly as he rolled on the floor, his back arching; trying to release some of the pain.

Distantly he heard Sirius yelling, trying to call Voldemort off but it was a full minute before Harry was released, panting as he lay on the floor in a daze, the sounds around him coming back and the world beginning to focus once more. Harry wasn't surprised to see that one of his lenses in his glasses had cracked.

"Harry..." Sirius said weakly, his voice hoarse

Voldemort ignored his Godfather and walked towards him, his black boots clicking sharply on the floor, he moved past Harry and knelt down, picking up Harry's wand and after a moments inspection he slipped it up his sleeve with a satisfied yet mildly curious look on his snake like face.

Harry glared weakly up at him as he came to stand over Harry, who was struggling to sit up, feeling vulnerable lying down. Voldemort chuckled and with a flick of his wand Harry's arm gave out and he was forced to lie back down. Harry spat at Voldemort's feet but he ignored him, a look of indifference evident in his red eyes.

"Well now Harry, seeing as I have no further use for you-" he raised his wand and Harry blinked, realising what was about to happen seconds before it did.

"Harry no! Wait- please! You can't!" Sirius called desperately making Voldemort hesitate, irritation cross his face.

"Oh? I can't kill him? Why ever not Black? He is lying at my feet, without a wand and at the forefront of my anger. So do tell me what I can and can't do."

Harry glanced over at Sirius and noticed a strange look on his face, as if he was trying to think about something but it kept evading him. His voice was quiet when he muttered,

"No you can't- you wouldn't- by default, of course-" Harry looked up at Voldemort who was frowning, his wand lowering as he moved away from Harry a little. Sirius seemed to come back to himself, confusion clear on his face as he took in Harry lying on the ground and Voldemort staring at him in great interest. He coughed nervously and looked away from Voldemort's demanding gaze .

Suddenly Voldemort was in front of Sirius, reaching through the make shift bars and grasping his chin. He looked deep into his eyes for about half a minute before he blinked. Slowly, he stood back and turned around to look at Harry- who was trying to get up again. Harry stopped when he saw an alien emotion of shock clear on Voldemort's face. Voldemort continued to stare at him for a good full minute, clearly working something out.

"Impossible." He almost hissed, making Harry nervous. He tried to back away as Voldemort strode towards him before kneeling down, but one touch and his scar burst, stopping him from moving. Voldemort was carefully holding his jaw in his hand and looking at his scar. He lifted a hand and traced the lightning bolt shape on his forehead making Harry moan out loud.

"But surely?" He muttered to himself and Harry watched as he let go and sat back on his heels. Finally he seemed to decide something,

"Nagini!" he hissed, and a very familiar snake appeared in a small pop and flash of light.

"Yes Master?" she hissed, slinking towards both Harry and Voldemort, her small black eyes focused on Harry.

"What is Harry to you Nagini?" Voldemort questioned, his eyes never leaving Harry's face, making him feel exposed and uncomfortable.

"The boy?" she questioned and Voldemort nodded, "why he is food of course Master." Harry glared at the snake and Voldemort shot him a smirk.

"No Nagini- what does he smell of?"

The snake moved forward and curled around Harry's arm, he tried to pull away but a hiss from both the snake and Voldemort made him stop. Nagini's tongue flickered out several times before she rose her head to meet Voldemort's gaze.

"He smells familiar." She hissed,

"Familiar?" Voldemort prompted, seemingly on the edge.

"He smells alike to that locket you once possessed- and a little of fear."

Voldemort remained quiet for a while, before he met eyes with Harry. He didn't look as angry anymore; in fact he seemed as if he was considering something entirely new. Harry didn't like that look one bit. Letting a long breath out, Voldemort smiled, showing off his teeth,

"My downfall indeed Dumbledore, you manipulative old fool." He said in English before looking over his shoulder and then back at Harry. "Well this changes everything."

And with that, Voldemort snaked one arm under Harry's legs and the other under his shoulders before lifting him from the ground with little to no effort, his sudden gentle movement threw him and before Harry even had time to struggle, they both disapparated with a sharp crack.

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