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"Hey Ryuzaki, have you got any leads on Kira?" Light asked.

Light and Ryuzaki were sitting on the couch in the high teach apartment that was specifically reserved for the investigation on Kira.

Ryuzaki looked at Light.

"It doesn't seem like my brain is working right now, is there any sweets that I would be able to snack on?" Ryuzaki asked.

Light sighed. He got up from the couch on which he was sitting beside Ryuzaki.

"You know Light, you don't have to go all the way to the kitchen to find something" Ryuzaki said to Light as he grabbed his wrist.

"What are you talking about Ryuzaki?"

"I've got something sweet right here."

"What the-! MMPH!"

Light was cut off as Ryuzaki grabbed his cardigan and pulled Light over him then proceeded to pull Light into a kiss. And they were there for a good ten seconds before Light realized what was happening and began to pull away.

Ryuzaki licked his lips.

"That was sweet, do I get any seconds?" Ryuzaki seductively said to Light, clearly hungry for more.

Light instinctively moved his hands over his mouth as not to leave himself off guard as a blush crept across his face.

"Ryuzaki, w-what the hell?"

Ryuzaki just chuckled a bit-

…and Light saw why.

Light immediate noticed his position and he looked down and realized he was practically straddling Ryuzaki's side. His face then turned an even deeper shade of red. Light began to move himself off of Ryuzaki's lap before he got any other ideas and they were now sitting side by side. Light could see, from the corner of his eye, Ryuzaki's stare and it was making his heart beat faster by the second.

"I-ah-umm-"Light stumbled for words and Ryuzaki pulled Light onto him once again.

"How'd it taste?" Ryuzaki asked.

"It was…sweet" Light couldn't deny it.

"How sweet?"

"Sweeter…than chocolate…" Light admitted and again was pulled into another kiss but this time he didn't hesitate or pull away but lusted for more.

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