Title: Pinky Promises, Darlin'

Characters: Lily Luna Potter and Lysander Scamander.

Notes: This was literally just written now, so I hope it went okay! I know that my recently posted things aren't so popular right now, but I would really love to know what you think of my view on these characters and this pairing. And finally, erm, enjoy?

They tend to forget -

as ~dreamers~ do -

that I am more than just a

pretty face;

more than just Miss Lily Luna Potter,

reporting for duty.

My beauty isn't skin deep,

I promise!



I used to be so beautiful,

inside and out,

but poison tends to work too well

and I ended up


and marred and broken and not-so-beautiful.

Such a shame.

I could've been something.



They did this to me;

let the rope c-h-o-k-e me


sweethear', enjoy the view from the skies))

let the water d-r-o-w-n me


don't stop yet, babe, you're beatin' your record))

let the blades c-u-t me


would you like a bandage, ma'am?))

let the arsenic k-i-l-l me




But who am I now,

but a corpse

that isn't so beautiful now

that I'm dead inside

((never looked better, luv!))

I'm kind of tempted to walk with my hands in front of me,

screaming for b!r!a!i!n!s,

and seeing if anyone bats an eyelid,

because that's what zombies are supposed to do,

aren't they?

And I'm dead to them, anyway.


So, if I'm dead, this must be Hell -

best make the most of it,

((righ', gorgeous?))

I wear that tight, devil dress,

paint my RUBY lips,

and don't mourn for the people six-feet-under

my high-heeled, sharp-toed shoes.

I'm the scarlet woman;

my blood doesn't bleed blue.


And what do they care anyway?

They wanted

- subconsciously -

that pretty&&perfect


((shoulda chosen adoption then,

yeah, honey?))

but they seemed to forget that every

princess needs her Prince Charming.


"Sorry, kid, you's ain't on the list."

The name's Lily Luna Potter;




"I'll 'ave a look anyway, kay, kid?

Well, you got Teddy, s'pose,

but he's taken, like,

an' Scorpius is alrigh' for a lark, 'n' all,

but no good for the long-term-commitment jobs,

d'ya know what I mean?

'N after all,

he's got Rose, ain't 'e?"

Don't suppose there's another option?


"If ya willing to have a bit 'o,

oh, 'ow do I put it?

If ya don't mind a bit o' doubling up

on the family tree,

then ya got a few options.

Louis's got the pretty-boy look, ain't 'e,

but we all reckon he plays

for the other Quidditch team;

d'ya get my meaning?

'Course, there's always Hugo,

but he's got his eye on that Muggle bird."

No incest, please.


"Well, alrigh'. Lorcan -

he's an alrigh' chap, not all there,

if ya know what I mean.

But Roxanne's already reserved him, I reckon."

Anyone else?

"Lysander, o' course,

if ya like those types of lads.

He's worked up a bit o' a reputation, like.

D'ya think you could 'andle him?

I'd hate to think o' a

pretty little thing like you

going to waste."


Well, can he handle me?

I'm dead, you know.

"S'probably why you ain't on the list, then,

right, missus?

And course he can;

he's Lysander Scamander,

f' Merlin's sake.

Not exactly Prince Charmin' material."

I'm not exactly princess material, either.


He tends to forget -

as ~realists~ do -

that I am more than just Lily Potter,

and I don't expect him to be

my Prince Charming,

though he insists that my crown of thorns

suggests something different

((do they now, lovely?))

My beauty isn't just skin deep now -

I've been


I promise!

((pinkypromise, darlin'?

Well, ain't that one hell of a commitment)).