"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

-Walter Mitchell

Linden waited in the old games room, wondering when his friends would show up. The boys had to sneak into the place because it had closed down years ago. Now it was just an old abandoned building where they would meet to relive their childhood.

This building was one of the memories of their childhood and the place their fathers used to meet; when the boys were younger their mothers often brought them to this place.

Whenever there was a meeting in the old games room, someone would bring a snack. Tonight it was Zane's turn.

After a few minutes of waiting, Dylan finally showed up, followed by Eammon, and lastly Zane.

Zane had brought a bag of gummi worms, a bunch of fudge coated nuts, and a bag of popcorn.

"So," he started, sitting down,"What first?" He grabbed a gummy worm and dropped it into his mouth. "I leave at five."

"Stupid!" Eammon yelled, frustrated. "Stop mentioning that damn word. It just reminds me that I'll be stuck here while you guys go off and party."

"Which word?" Zane asked. "Leave, at, or five?"

"All," Eammon said.

Dylan grimaced at the thought and frowned. "If you call being with old people partying, then be my guest. By all means, you're welcome to come and entertain my grandparents and party." Zane laughed and ruffled Dylan's hair.

"Hey you know, you should sign your letters with "love from grandma's house", Dylan. I can't wait to see you shopping in frilly shirts. "

"Hey!" Dylan slapped his hand away. Zane elbowed him back and Dylan grabbed the gummi worm from him and popped it into his mouth.

Linden interrupted them. "At least you don't have to stay with someone who you hate."

"Hey," Dylan remarked, still chewing on Zane's worm, "Maybe he left for a reason." Linden shrugged at the comment.

"For all you know he could have found out he was gay," Zane commented.

"Oh God, it would be awkward to find out my father's gay." Linden shuddered at the thought.

"If he was he would have said it before he went, genius, and Linden's mom would have told her son when he was older." Eammon pointed out. Zane shrugged and grabbed another gummi worm.

"Either way, it'll be cool, Linden. So what's the plan with the hoodie?"

"We're all going to share the hoodie, so we could pass it around this summer." Linden answered.

"So, meaning we're all going to wear it and send it to each other when we're done?" Eammon asked thoughtfully.

"The Brotherhood of the Travelling Hoodie has now been established!" Zane declared. "But we need rules."

"Okay fine." Linden brought out a notebook and handed it to Dylan to write because he had the neatest handwriting.

"So," Zane started, "How about we never wash it?"

"That's disgusting," Dylan replied. "Only you could think of that."

"What? If we never wash it, the memories will stay. And I bet you could think of it too."

"That's still nasty, but fine. We'll just kill you if you get it dirty."

Dylan finally agreed and wrote down the first rule.

"Okay, how about never sweating in it?" Linden asked. Dylan scribbled down another rule.

By the end of the hour they had already established a set of rules. Dylan ripped out the sheet of paper containing them.

Never wash the hoodie.

Never wear the hoodie in any stupid or tacky way. That includes tying it around your waist. Seriously, guys don't do that.

Never say the word "ugly" while wearing the hoodie. You may also never think that you are ugly while wearing the hoodie. Although you may call another guy that if he looks that bad.

You must never sweat in the hoodie, or do anything that would make you sweat in it like crazy.

Never let any girl wear the hoodie, no matter how cold she is. Or if it's a guy, then don't let him wear it no matter what.

Remember to write to your friends, even if you're having fun without them.

You must pass the hoodie along to the next brother after you're done with it.

Remember that the hoodie= Brotherhood. Remember your friends, remember yourself. So pretty much, to sum it up, love your brothers, love the brotherhood.

Failure to do so will result in getting kicked or jumping into freezing water. Never lose the hoodie. Doing so will result in cross dressing for a month or jumping off a cliff.

"The Brotherhood of the Travelling Hoodie has now OFFICIALLY been established!" Zane declared again, this time with an emphasis on the officially.

All four of them lay back and stared at the ceiling thinking about their first summer apart, right when Zane grabbed the bowl of gummy worms and brought it down on him and his friends.

"To today," he said holding up a worm while all his friends did the same.

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