I continued walking forward. Towards my un-desired destination. I turned a corner, following the red carpet that streamed along the floor like flowing water, flowing blood. As I turned the corner another corridor stretched onward, I sighed, but kept going. Suddenly a voice stopped me in my footsteps. "Adira"

I spun around at my name to see a man I recognised Oh so well. A man with hazel hair, slightly covering his grey eyes that seemed to pierce right through me. His muscular arms crossed over his toned chest, that certain smile that played on his lips, tugging at the corners. My feet stayed anchored to the floor but he walked towards me, his arms out "Adira, fancy seeing you here..." And with that he wrapped his arms around me.

Panic bells ran in my mind as Logan held me in his arms. I closed my eyes and thought the blue fire, radiating from my body. He instantaneously let go, stepping back "Woah Woah..." He brushed himself off "No need for that now, and a certain important King might see you" He smirked.

I glared at him, anger boiling inside my body and mind. I knew he was just wasting my time, and i didn't have time for time wasters. I just stood there looking at him, wondering how i could get slip of him. As if reading my mind Logan said "There's no use in trying to get away my dear Adira... there's nowhere for you to go, but to be hung, like you should be. The guards are on their way anyways and you'll be back where you belong"

Even the thought of this made my heart beat faster.

A sound of footsteps suddenly grew louder and louder from all around us. Logan smirked at me "I told you...better run Little Lady..." I flinched as he used the old nickname for me.

But I didn't need to be told twice, even if it was a sarcastic remark. I darted around Logan, him making no attempt to move, and ran as fast as I could down the halls.

Windows and paintings and furniture skimming my eyes as I pasted it all. I need to find the King, that was my best and only bet.

I stopped running and closed my eyes, my heart beating against my chest frantically. I concentrated on my destination and where I wanted to go. I opened my eye and at first nothing happened

Then my Blue Fire seemed to ignite into a ball in front of me and started floating forward. I smiled and for a moment forgot my mission, until I heard the running footsteps. I groaned and quickly kept moving, following the Fire to my desired destination.

In an instant I stood in front of large Oak doors, that filled the wall. The brass knocker was a figure head of an eagle, the emblem for the King. I ran my hand over the knocker but then pushed the large door open and slipping inside. Shutting it behind me quickly.

The room inside was elaborate and just what I expected a King's place to be like. I took a slow step forward, being cautious of my surroundings. I knew the security was high around here.

My shoes squashed neatly into the red wine carpet and the sun beating through the windows shone onto me, my dirty hair reflecting vibrantly the light blonde colour that was my hair.

For a moment the mission I had was out of my mind, I was indulged into my own thoughts and away from the much harsher reality.

But I was torn back to actuality at the sound of a voice

"A girl? Running around the Castle? That preposterous and ridiculous"

The voice was so clear and strong it was obvious it was the voice of a King. I relaxed slightly, this was my change to explain. But that thought was shattered when another voice seemed to echo around me. A voice I recognised ever so well.

The voice of Marcus, the Man who had joined in trying to pry the fire out of me that I held so dearly to my heart, it was my weapon and way of survival.

I tensed as he said "Yes, a girl, around the age of 19 with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Your Majesty she can be dangerous so I suggest you leave this castle at once in case she will try to kill you, that's what she wants, just like she killed Xaiden"

Without even thinking a scoffed and then practically choked on air. As if I would ever do that! I needed the King's help, not to kill him!

I instantly clamed a hand over my mouth, knowing that my coughing would cost me. I bit my lip, wondering if they had heard. Silence rang though the walls and echoed through my head, my heart pumping, beating against my chest.

If only I had brought someone with me, I made a mental note in my head to not do these things alone next time. I needed someone to distract them for me to get away. I knew of other Magicians in Sitia, a place I had only ever heard of my Logan when he spoke about the Magicians but I had no way to contact them, and I didn't know their powers or anything.

I shook my head, It wasn't time to think that of that now. I heard the footsteps come closer to where I stood. I seemed to be anchored the floor, unsure of what to do.

I knew this was the end. I had failed and I would be hung the next day for a crime I didn't commit with a magic no-one here understood. I closed my eyes, ready for the future that lay ahead for me. The future of the torture I knew had awaited me since that day I ran away.

Suddenly a crash endorsed the room. My eyes flew open and I was shocked to see the King and Marcus flat out of their backs. I didn't know what had happened until my eyes drew up to a woman. She smiled sweetly and said "You called for help Adira"

My face stayed blank, my mouth open and my eyes widen. Who the hell was she.

She laughed slightly and as if reading my mind said "I'm Irys Jewelrose. Fourth Master Magician of Sitia"