Todd thought about all the times he'd wanted to say I love you to Blair. He'd had his opportunities, and he blew almost every one of them. It wasn't entirely his fault- Blair was far from blameless in their relationship. There was no doubt that she was the love of his life, and he always hoped that she knew it. Thinking back, he almost had to laugh- sometimes their great love affair seemed more like a comedy than a romance, for it was by trial and error that they discovered that they truly did love each other. But today was the one day that he needed her more than anything, for it was the day (a year ago) that he discovered that he'd lost his precious grandchild, Hope.

Hope. How fitting that that was her name, for she had given him, in the little time that they'd shared together, hope of course. She'd held so much promise for the future, and it was so unfair that she was taken so soon from them. He only hoped that she didn't fear for anything in the end. That was his job- to make sure that she never feared anything during her short little life. But as it turned out, he wasn't there when she needed him the most, and for that he would never forgive himself.

And there was Starr- Shorty. It didn't matter how old she was she would always be Shorty to him. Even though he loved his kids a lot, he knew that he would always have a special place in his heart for his eldest. They'd been through so much for each other, they covered up each other's lies, cleaned up their messes, shared a secret bond that even Blair could not understand. Yes, during the past year she was angry with him, and he couldn't blame her. He had killed Victor, so of course she would resent him for that. Man, Shorty could hold a grudge.

But today was the day that he was going to make up to his family all of the wrongs that he had committed. Today was the day to end all days, it was going to be enough to make his family (even Starr) forgive all of his wrongs. There was no doubt in his mind that today he would be seen as the savior that he'd sometimes thought of himself as. Yes, today was about to make history in the Manning family, and he was sure to savor every moment of it.

He'd tried everything to get Blair to forgive him. He'd tried begging and pleading, protecting their family (when he could), arguing and protesting , but it seemed like in killing Victor Lord Jr. he'd managed to permanently alienate his family. But today was different. For once, he would be the hero, and he deserved to be seen as it. For what he'd managed to accomplish, he knew that his family would always remember.

On that note, it was time for the plan to reveal itself. Revenge was sweet, but this was not about revenge. It was about redemption, and Todd knew that there was no turning back.

"'s Manning. Are you ready? Let's do this thing…"