Blair's pov

"AHHHHHHH!" I yelled "im fucking screwed!" while I run down the stairs of the professor's house with kaoru chasing me, the other girls are just laughing! "DON'T YOU DARE EVER SAY I LOOK GOOD IN A SKIRT!" kaoru yelled in pure hatred "BUT YOU LOOK GOOD IN A SKIRT!" I yelled crying; when I looked at my watch I saw it was time to go "BYE!" I said while dashing through the room, you're probably wondering how I meet the ppgz well I was walking down the street with bags full of clothing that looks like what Goths wear (so Goth clothing is cool!), candy, and video games. Then all of a sudden a white light and a black light was coming at me, then WHAM! I became one of the powerpuff girl's z but bad news is…. My outfit is different than theres; I was wearing a witch hat, a black cloak, a top that shows my stomached, a skirt, and blacked heel shoes with thigh high socks. My color is black and purple, anyway when they found me, I joined them

Mojo's pov

"Hahahaha!" soon, I will sneak in this discussing house "AND STEAL THE CHEMICAL Z! MOJO" I yelled but then covered my mouth *30 MINS LATER* BOOM! "I've got the chemical z!" I whispered not wanting to wake anybody up "hmm all this sneaking around is making me hungry, mojo" I said, then I see a pink hearted straw on the table, hmm it smells like blossom…. *looks at trash*Huh? What's in here? Bubbles cotton swab! *looks at couch* ohhhh! Gum! It's those mixed ones! *laundry falls on mojo* "AHHHH!" I yelled but then I looked down….. THIS IS THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Z STUFF! Now I can create 4 people to defeat them! *later at Mojo's house* "ok! Time to-""MOJO! I LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU CANT YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCKING NOISE DOWN! THIS IS GETTING ON MY LAST FUCKING NERVES! SO YOU BETTER- huh? What's this mojo? And WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY GUM!" Blair yelled, gosh she can be such a pest, mojo "I am making people to destroy you girls!" I said "but I just quit the ppgz group" she said, after putting in the ingredients and mixed it "what?* I said while looking pale

Blair's pov

BOOM! HOLY SHIZZ WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT! "AHHHH! IT'S….boys?" I said "they call me brick" the red said "BRICKHEAD!" I said "yo im boomer" the blue said "KABOOM-er?" I yelled, don't laugh Blair, don't laugh "im butch!" the green said "AHHHHHH! HE'S GONNA BUTCHER ME! Lol" I said while giggling "and the name is max!" the purple one said "OMG! ITS MAX THE CAT!" I yelled laughing! "who the hell are you?" said 'brick' " the names Blair! Sup!"