Broken Hearts


"I never quit trying; I never feel that I don't have a chance to win."

Arnold Palmer

His past was catching up with him. He didn't know what to do anymore. Everyone he cared about was gone, and he had no where left to go. So he took off away from his home, away from the pain and away from the one wishing to harm him. His life had gone up in flames, and he had nowhere else to go without giving up part of himself. So he flew for hours on end, to the West coast hoping to start something new. Something that can help him move on from the pain and memories of those he loved. The ones he would give anything just to be with them again. He wished that things had turned out differently than they did, but they cracked down on him and blamed him for anything and everything bad that happened that day, and for everything else. He had to get out and run from everyone.

Outskirts of Jump City

1900 hours

Phantom was waiting for the sun to set before setting off again. He had an easier time flying in the dark when no one would be up and about and are only worried about getting to work or going home. He would be able to fly though the sky without drawing attention, especially when it was cloudy and cold out. The wind pounded on his face as it picked up, signs of a storm coming. Phantom sighed knowing that in just a few miles, he would end up in Jump City- home of the Teen Titans. He hoped that maybe he could hide there, and no one would come looking for him there. He was also hoping that maybe the Titans would help him if things got out of hand and out of his control. He didn't want to put them in that position, but if they came looking for him then he would suck it up and ask for their help. After all, they were the 'heroes' and they shouldn't ignore someone who needs help. No matter what's in their past and Phantom never could, but he never knew about if other heroes did. Would they not help because of his past? He helped Dash, and he thought of him as an enemy. Would they treat him as the bad guy instead of the misunderstood hero that he was? Or would they believe the lies of the Government that put him as Public Enemy Number One before really giving him a chance to prove himself? These questions made Phantom falter.

"Are these heroes actually going to help or turn me in?" Phantom asked himself as he came up to the city limits and watched as the sun rose in the east, reflecting off Titan's Tower. A gentle breeze caught the cloak he had added to help hide himself. He still had his Hazmat suit, but now it had a belt that he had created to keep the thermos clipped to and several other little things that meant everything to him. "Can they even help me?" Phantom whispered as he landed on a building that was right outside of the city limits. He slowly started his way to into the city wondering if the trip was even worth it in the end. He was broken, and he was slowly running himself into the ground.

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